Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GHOST WHISPERINGS - Part III - What Are They Saying?

By Skarlet Rae

Ghost Whisperings Part I
Ghost Whisperings Part II

In my last segment I discussed who or what is talking when evp's are captured.  In this segment I will continue, talking about what they are saying.  If you read Part II, you'll see there that they don't say much at all, actually.

Some will say that they don't have energy to say much.  That the reason we only hear one or two words is because they don't have the energy available to them to carry on conversations.  Ok, let's go with that.  Yet I will hear evp's of the same voice saying 'get out' and 'die', etc., over and over again.  Why be repetitious?  If, as they say, these are the souls of passed on humans, and they are trying to communicate, then why not say one word and then another word, when their energy permits.  Why continually say the same things over and over and in a malevolent way?  Why do those voices captured on evp's sound scary most of the time?  Would your passed over family members try to scare you?  If they are trying to communicate with us, left behind loved ones, then wouldn't it make more sense to speak in a different tone?  In the tone and with the personality they possessed during life?  The whole idea of threatening sounding voices just doesn't seem right to me.  Not only that, but what's with all the repetition?

There are those 'experts' who tell us that some of the voices that are collected are passed over loved ones who want to communicate with those they left behind, namely us.  Then again, why do they whisper?  Why do they repeat themselves with the same few words?

Imagine if you were in a conversation with your loved one or friend, today, here, sitting next to you.  You ask him/her a question.  Do you actually think that all you'll get is a two word reply, being repeated over and over again?  To me, personally, what they say means something.  What they say matters.  To me, personally, it goes to show 'who' they are.  Just like in life, what people say, most of the time, goes to show you who they are.  Yet these 'voices', most of the time just answer with a yes or a no.  Now is that how a normal conversation with your family member or friend would go?  Yet most of the time, that's all there is.  Something answering with basically just yes or no replies.  Very strange, if you ask me.

We as humans try our best to distinguish who these voices belong to, but how can we?  Where is proof of who they are?  I have read time and again when an 'entity', during a paranormal investigation, passes through a person, or so they claim.  Let's go with that, again.  Let's say that we totally believe what that person is saying.  That they felt this ice cold feeling actually go through them.  Ok, we'll take that as a reality.  That seems pretty scary, don't you think?  I'd be pretty freaked out, as I'm sure most of us would.  If this 'entity' that passed through is friendly, is someone who has just passed away and is confused, what is that all about?  They, I'm sure, being human at one time themselves realize that we humans can be scared.  So why would they want to scare us?  Especially if they're trying to send a loving message or ask for help?  Why not share with us some information that they too, while alive, were curious about?  For instance why wouldn't they share with us what happens when one dies?  Why not share what it feels like to be in a soul/spirit state?  Why do they never, (well never as far as I know) impart any useful or informative information?  In their state they, presumably, know more about life and death, don't they?  After all they've passed, haven't they?  According to that theory, they could give us SO much new information, don't you think?

Therefore, with all the whispering and unintelligible words, with the repetition of words that sound like they come straight out of a horror film, this all gives me pause to think.  My relatives didn't communicate in that way.  Did yours?

Imagine, being able to actually have a conversation with someone who has passed over.  They could tell us so much.  They could tell us what it's like when the spirit and soul leaves the body.  What one experiences during that process.  What happens next?  Most of us humans are interested in knowing such things.  Yet not one of them has given us any inclination as to what that's all about.  Why?  Have you ever pondered that question?

So with all that said, I, personally am of the opinion that most of the 'voices' that are encountered during paranormal investigations and ghost hunting events are not coming from our passed over loved ones.  I believe that there is something a lot more and different going on.  I believe it's a bit more sinister than we would like to think.  I believe that because our society has turned it's attentions on strictly the scientific for answers and truth, that we are missing a BIG part of the puzzle.  Part of the picture is obscured to us by our own thinking.  Our own belief that we now, with our modern technology are an almost all knowing, intellectual race.  We scoff at any other nation or community who is not as 'modern' as we are.  We giggle at, and call superstitious those who don't stick strictly to what our five senses perceive, or what science has 'proven to us.  But you know what?  As I said before, things that go bump in the night didn't just start happing in the near past.  These things have been happening and going on for centuries, even, as I understand, since the dawn of man.  So WHY are we so arrogant to think that now, because of a few fun gadgets, because we've discovered as much as we have scientifically, that we know it all?  That we can better uncover the truth of what goes bump in the night.  That those ancestors of ours who experienced the same things didn't have the intelligence or ability to discern and distinguish.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that I believe that most of the 'entities' that are captured through our modern equipment are malevolent.  They may not seem so at first, and that's the trick.  We are too naive at times to believe everything that is told us.  Just because it's an entity, a disembodied voice, doesn't mean it's honest.  Even if they seem harmless or even helpful at first (as with those entities encountered through Ouija boards, but that's another topic all together).  What they say is usually a lie, no matter how they're able to, with trickery and clever words fool us to thinking otherwise.  Eventually it's deleterious nature is exposed.

Unfortunately, for many, later than we'd like.  Later than is safe for us.  Then even the most skeptical is made a believer that what we perceive with our five senses is not all there is to our world.  That there is more.  That we live in a much more magical world than we want to, with out modern, arrogant minds, think and believe.