Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Issue 34 – Lightning, Lunacy & Psychics Make Bad Spiritual Teachers

Does lightning strike twice?

Guess it does! On the heels of our endorsement of John Zaffis' para-reality show "Haunted Collector" we do the same with the Travel Channel's new show "Paranormal Challenge". We aren't saying it's our cup of tea but we have no real issues with the show.

So for those who have said we never have anything good to say about paranormal shows [Paradacity are you reading this?] we hope you enjoy eating your words again.

Demon Exorcist – Lunacy & Publicity-Seeking Rages On
We have not blogged about "Demon Exorcist" for several weeks. Yes, we have new information [confidential files and copies of their so-called EVPS], but we want to focus on other things than debunking fake para-reality shows. Due to the large number of hits this blog gets every week and they just want to keep the flames burning, we weren't surprised that this showed up in our email:

"Ok Kirby, since you won't give it up, here's a hint.. Look up Father Jack Ashcraft Then go back and read your articles about Dwayne not knowing what he's doing or having any power to do what he did.. Kinda funny huh? I'm respecting you by sending it in email and not calling you or Ron Tebo out in public because this totally shows that you and him did not do your homework. EVERYONE else did and has told me to let you guys continue to bash and look stupid. Yes, you and Ron have MANY enemies and have lost a lot of credibility because of the BS you guys write about. I can only hope that the next article you write about comes from you and not Ron Tebo and his OPINIONS in which he claims are facts, who obviously know's NOTHING.. Don't go down with him Kirby. You ARE a good writer, use your talent to do GOOD things instead of throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.
All due respects,

1 Father Jack Ashcraft was an adviser to the show. Not sure what that means. It seems that Father Jack has aligned himself with many fake para-celebs and even writes for a rag that seems to feature one in each issue.
I tend to avoid saying negative things about men/woman of the cloth but it comes to a point that one does need to speak up.

Sarah, keep reading our blog. We aren't going to be talking about you or your show but will be exposing Dwayne and other fake exorcists. They can't do what they claim nor do they know what they are doing.

2 As in the case of our exposés of fake para-celebs and fake para-reality shows, no one has disproven any of our claims. So keep talking to the people who don't know what they are talking about.

3 Ron Tebo and I am not joined at the hip. We haven't ever talked on the phone or IM. In fact, we rarely exchange emails. Nice try but you're way off base.

4 We have enemies! Is that news to anyone?

5 Sarah, we will keep exposing the fakers because of all the harm they are doing.

If these fake para-celebs and all the para-celeb back scratchers speak ill of us then so be it. I sleep well at night and know God loves me. I wonder if they can make such claims.

Phone Psychics Make Bad Spiritual Teachers

We pointed out Mr. Coffey's claims about how salvation comes about. His take: just being a "good" person. Living a "productive" life. God is not really God but just an entity that changes a mask to be God to many religions. According to Mr. Coffey, these are the keys to heaven.

And we are looking into the above issues.

What happens when a person claims to have a special gift? What if that gift is being a psychic? What if via that gift they gain a special knowledge and in turn share the wisdom [not for free] and gain followers? If people seek out that person who makes special claims and make spiritual path choices based on those claims, who is responsible? What if this gifted person is full of crap? What if they are merely spouting ideas gathered from other fake teachers? And if these followers make poor decisions that impact their spiritual life here on earth and on the other side… how does that impact the one with the special gifts? How does it affect everyone involved?

Next week we begin exposing these teachers, psychics, exorcists and demonologist for the fakes they are by 
taking a look at the Gospels.

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