Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cemeteries, Demons, The Occult And The Dangers Of Innocent Ghost Hunting

Hello my para beauties. I pray everyone had a wonderful weekend and everyone you love is healthy. I hope everyone has some great plans for July 4, 2014. We've had some bad rain in Florida and just this year alone the weather hasn't been great in many places now that I think about it? It's getting worse each year that goes by. Many have theories for the weather and nature becoming more brutal in these last few years but I'll save that for another blog.

The reason for my title of this blog is why I personally believe cemeteries can harbor demonic spirits.... (just my opinion) there is a lot of sadness and despair. Not everyone handles death well. Even after years have passed by we go to pay respects and it can still be difficult for us. Tears can be shed, sadness can creep up on us depending the person. We know Demons feed off negativity and sadness. Going into a cemetery or graveyard after hours is asking for trouble even if your not looking. Many won't come forward but I have dealt with many cases of attachment from harmless hunting or just hanging around these places after hours. In most cases pending on your intentions it gives them a legal right to harass you and worse..follow you and attach to you. Now they are in your personal space.

Also many occult activities take place in these places which give them legal rights to be hanging around. Recently on our local news we've had 3 occult type rituals left behind in a few local cemeteries along with dead chickens with satanic relics in their stomach. It was left cut open so these relics were not hard to notice. It's these type of activities that open doors or allow these demonic beings legal ground to be there to begin with.

If possession is rare, there is something else more common. It is called spiritual obsession, a term not widely recognized. With spiritual obsession a spirit doesn’t possess your body but influences your thoughts in a destructive way. Think of it as spontaneous, irrational, self-destructive impulses that appear from nowhere. Where did that thought come from? Why? It made no sense. If we reject these thoughts, they go away. But if we dwell on them…the negativity will linger, fester and become ingrained as our own.

Occult traditions have some ideas about the topic. Tradition suggests a maleficent spirit (or thought) can try an invasion. Normally we put it out of our mind, and it is gone. However, if we are passive in the face of a negative influence, eventually our connection with our own Higher Self may be severed. Our higher self is that part of our being that coexists with the realm of eternal Spirit. We are normally unaware of our higher self, but it steadily guides us invisibly. Call it our intuition.

A negative entity (or thought) might try to replace our higher self (or intuition) with itself, like a parasite. If we allow it, the entity/thought will become our new, lower self. Then we’d be stuck, unable to access our higher self’s assistance. Once our own spiritual abilities are extinguished we require help from others.

Obsession may be quite common. We don’t need to be devil worshippers, wearing robes and sacrificing animals. People metaphorically sell their souls to the devil everyday. This is a process where people gradually abandon their humanity for some goal they think is more important.

For instance, some are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, even if that includes harming others. Think of a gangbanger involved in a drive-by shooting, or a big businessman who feels no guilt about downsizing, firing employees and harming families. After awhile it gets easier and easier until neither cares anymore. Hey, it's just business I'm not personally making up the rules. Every day people sell their souls, if they realize it or not.

 Written By Jennifer Lori Auld

Special Report - Ryan Buell & the Cancer that is PRS, Part I

By Kirby Robinson

This is a Special Report. The cancer that was and still is Paranormal State, Ryan D. Buell and the Paranormal Research Society – Part I.

NOTE: The staff of the American edition of the Eye on the Paranormal was not responsible for the production or posting of this blog. The staff of the Eye on the Paranormal – European Edition – is solely responsible.

Paranormal State’s lack of credibility as well as the questionable practices of Ryan D. Buell and the organization known as the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) were topics that I had hoped would fade away from my memory as well as the memories of the public. But due to the fact that Ryan and PRS have been scamming people over the sale of tickets for events or webinars that never happen (mind you these problems aren’t new, they were occurring as far back as 2008 when the show was still on the air.) Ryan and PRS are responsible for the cottage industry that was created by misinforming TV viewers of what happens during a paranormal investigation. Far worse was the false perception of what goes on during a demonic case. It motivated certain people with less than honorable motives to copy such actions and continue to damage both the credibility of the paranormal community and the public who turn to these fakers for help and knowledge and get neither in return.

Some of the cast have turned their appearances on the program into other media gigs. Others have not been so lucky. One such cast member is a gentleman now known as Michael Young. Back when he appeared on the show, he was known as Topher Michael Young.

To be fair we need to give you some back story. Topher was a very dedicated lad while affiliated with the PRS and was eager to please Mr. Buell. Topher used to help with monitoring the PRS board to make sure that no one questioned the validity of the show. He even appeared on a few episodes. In October 2008 when the first client told her story on the Eye on the Paranormal, raising questions about the show’s validity, he and a rabid band of attack dogs went on the warpath trying to destroy the client’s credibility. They even went so far as to say she was crazy or had her own credibility issues. Funnily enough, they felt her case was credible when they filmed it. Topher’s mother, who was promoting events in Las Vegas at the time, even approached myself as well as members of the Ghost Divas with offers to speak at an event that had something to do with vampires, S&M, leather, bondage, and kinky sex if we dropped our reporting on the subject. None of us accepted.

Topher was never close to the top of the food chain. He was never a fixture on the show and after a few years he left claiming that his views changed over time and that he became disillusioned with Buell.

Becoming disillusioned with a mentor is something I can understand, as I experienced that with one of my mentors, Dr. Gene Scott. His PhD was earned from Stanford University years ago and the school library had a copy of his doctorate dissertation. While I was around him, I watched a man go from a great teacher to one who no longer taught on any subject other than give me all your money. The last straw came when one Sunday he had the front row of the Los Angeles Theater, the home of his church at that time, filled with playmates, hookers, porn stars and exotic dancers. He later went onto marry one. After his death, Melissa Scott became the leader of the church. Here’s a link about Pastor Melissa Scott:

As I grew older and a little wiser in the Lord, my eyes began to see warning signs. Dr. Scott was a big fan of Ed Warren and communicated with him. Things that were shared from the conversations were things that every beginning demonologist should know. I was always like yeah everyone knows that was the meat from Ed Warren’s teaching. So I can understand his struggles but it seems that Mr. Young speaks and thinks with a forked tongue and mind.

On one hand he disagrees with Mr. Buell’s views and management style, on the other hand he claims that everything was on the up and up on the show and it just might have been exaggerated a little bit.

Exaggeration is when you tell your date that the McDonald’s she is being taken to for dinner is fine dining. Lying is when you tell a client and the viewing public that there are GHOSTS and DEMONS around every corner and in every basement and attic.

He claims that if an error is found in the show that has been all explained away and the record is clear. If you question his or PRS versions of events then you’re jealous, you want your own reality show or you have some kind of agenda.

All are talking points that PRS has used for years.

But Topher is a very dangerous sort of animal as the spiritual cancer that affected the show and all those around it has affected him.

For a while, he has run a Facebook page called Worst Paranormal. Anyone with paranormal and supernatural claims better be able to back them up, which is all well and good. Does he go after well known paracelebrities? No, only mom and pop paranormal groups. Does he go after all Psychics and Mediums including those well known in the paranormal field? Those featured on Paranormal State? No. Only those that the media has decided are far game. It’s like Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, if it had not been for Ron Tebo and Radar Online we would still only get feel good stories about her. Now it is cool to go after her. Does Topher go after big named TV show hosts like Zak Bagans and Amy Allan? No. He does go after minor internet hosts. Now he says demons do not exist. Does he go after some of the big named demonologists and pastors that take on demonic cases? No. He goes after small fry like myself who do not claim to be in the paranormal at all.

Topher suffers from a disease known as Facebook Paranormal Nobody Syndrome. It affects many folks. You get a Facebook page, call it paranormal something or other, get a few hundred friends, maybe a small website, and then your ego starts to grow and you think  you’re somebody.

And if you refuse to play along with Topher and PRS, then you have something to hide.

In the future parts of this series we will take a deeper look into the cancer that was and is Paranormal State, Ryan Buell, and PRS. We will show that Mr. Young’s world falls apart when the light of the truth is shined on it.

Parts 2 and 3 will run July 4 and 5.