Sunday, September 30, 2012

Measuring and Attracting Supernatural Creatures

By Lisa Grace

In the old days, the only way to “see” or prove there are supernatural creatures, was to interact and communicate with them directly, which is forbidden by the Holy Scriptures. Why is it forbidden? To protect us, of course.

People in their ignorance would consult “spirits” to make decisions. Unfortunately, when you invite these evil creatures (why do I call them evil? Because they were kicked out of Heaven. Fully 1/3rd of them (Rev 12:4, Revelations 12:7-9), and now they are bound to this earth until the judgment.) to communicate with you, they can attach themselves, or worse—some are capable of possessing their human and/or animal hosts.
The problem is: when you communicate with these creatures they notice you.
It gets worse as the evil creatures then attach themselves to:
Objects, places, events (they exist outside time and seem to be composed of energy and light), animals, and people.
Ask yourself:
Do you want evil entities attached to you?

Paranormal Investigators
We can now “see” glimpses of these intelligent creatures with different types of scientific equipment hence the explosion in paranormal investigators. This can be dangerous when they cross the line from investigating to communicating. It appears these supernatural entities can be tracked by magnetic measurements, temperature, sound can be captured through various frequency measurement devices, and they can appear in the ultraviolet spectrum, which the human eye cannot detect but certain cameras can. Regular digital cameras can also pick up orbs and some manifestations too, that the human eye can’t detect.

Different types of these supernatural creatures seem to “attach” differently and can be detected by different means.

We know from the Holy Scriptures  that only those with a strong correct faith can cast these creatures out permanently. The problem with most mediums and investigators is they are not equipped to drive them out permanently (Acts 19:13-17, Mat 17:19, Mark 9:28). The scriptures warn that in that case these creatures will return with even more. They also warn that if it is a person, they will move right back in if that soul is not saved (if the Holy Spirit is in a person they can not be possessed, otherwise they’re in danger.) Matthew 12:43-45) Playing with the supernatural is dangerous even for believers as evil entities can attach and torment the saved. (Rev:12:13, plus other passages)

Satan even visited Jesus in the desert. They may work mainly through temptation, but can also manifest in depression, fear, and anger. (Mark 1:13)

If you feel you are under attack, accept Christ as your Savior, turn away from your sin, and speak out loud for these creatures to leave in the name of Yeshua (Jesus), on His authority. If it continues, contact a Bible believing preacher who understands attacks from the demonic side. If you don’t believe in Christ, you maybe able to get them to leave or quiet down—but they’ll eventually return, worse than before. (Matthew 12: 43-45)

My fiction book for young adults that shows how evil supernatural creatures can work in our lives Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 by Lisa Grace is now free as an ebook for all formats through:

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sins and the Demonic

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Personal Ministry, Central NY

Not all bad things happen to us because of the Demonic. Sometimes we just trip and fall because of being clumsy, or we get sick with the flu, or God takes a family member home unexpectedly. We should strive to live our lives on the straight and narrow and vested in God’s plan for us; Pray, read Bible, walk the Christian life as examples. However, I strongly believe that all the recent natural disasters across our country are happening because we as a nation have left God out of our lives. No school prayers, no God on our currency, empty pews, increases in the Spiritualism realm, etc. We reap what we sow as individuals as well as nations.

Deliverance Ministry consists of three main parts: Destroying any strongholds, removing legal rights, and casting out any remaining demons. If you try to remove the first two and the person has not made the decision to deal with it and repent, you cannot achieve 100% deliverance.

STRONGHOLDS are a false thinking pattern based on lies and deception. As an example that has happened with me thinking I have to ask forgiveness from everybody I have ever wronged. Guilt sets in and we know how that feels. It is impossible to remember everyone in a lifetime of whom we have wronged. Satan loves to use guilt in our lives, therefore if you truly want to be liberated Confess to Jesus Christ and Repent.

A LEGAL RIGHT is something that gives demons the opportunity to enter your life. When a person allows unholy thoughts to enter our mind it can open the opportunity to a demon of lust, which could lead a person to commit adultery. The demonic tempts us to think the wrong thing then when we accept it and make it a habit it opens the door for the devil to move in further. If we continue down this path, we open more gates to the demonic and we can commit lust, adultery, and even rape because the feelings and desires pushed on us become irresistible.
The following is a partial list of strongholds:

·       Stronghold of Whoredoms; Pornography, Fornication, Materialism, Love of Self…Read Hosea 5:4
·       Stronghold of Lying; Deception, Gossip, Profanity, Lies, stealing, cheating…II Chronicles 18:22
·       Stronghold of Jealousy; Jealousy, Envy, Bigotry, Revenge, Cruelty…Proverbs 6:34
·       Stronghold of Haughtiness; Arrogance, Pride, Rebellion, Vain, Scornful, Self-righteous…Proverbs 16:18
·       Stronghold of Familiar Spirit; Divination, Abortion, Mediums, Spirit Guides, Yoga, Hypnosis…Leviticus 19:31
·       Stronghold of Error; False Doctrines, Twisting Scripture, Suicide, New Age Movement…1 John 4:6
·       Stronghold of Bondage; Addictions, Compulsive Behavior, Idolatry, Insecurity…Romans 8:15
·       Stronghold of Anti-Christ; Heresy, Idolatry, Anti-Christian, Secular humanism…1 John 4:3

If this all sounds familiar to you in your daily life, it is never too late to do something about it. First, if you are an unbeliever of God then you must accept him as your personal savior! (John 3:16) For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”(John 1:12) “But as many as received him, to them gave the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.”

Secondly, you need to repent! Verbally confess and apologize of your sins that have given the demonic entrance in to your life. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any sins (including hidden sins) that are in you. (1 John 1:9 tells us to confess our sins. If we do not confess our sins and instead we hide them from God, it leaves that sin remaining in our lives.

For those that carry out Deliverance ministry, do not cleanse any home of an unbeliever or for someone who does not want to come clean with sin in their life, unless the Holy Spirit leads you to. Remember you will be leaving and going home. They on the other hand will have to deal with any demonic on their own and the devil’s minions can and will be amplified at least “seven times” according to scripture. (Matthew 12:43-45) “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation”.

Take a few minutes and watch this YouTube video “Give Up” The Road to Freedom & Healing by My good friend Michael who goes by Archangel on YouTube.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Isaiah's Vision of the Lord

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Isaiah 6
In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train of his robe filled the temple. 2 Above him stood the seraphim. Each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3 And one called to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!”

4 And the foundations of the thresholds shook at the voice of him who called, and the house was filled with smoke. 5 And I said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!”

6 Then one of the seraphim flew to me, having in his hand a burning coal that he had taken with tongs from the altar. 7 And he touched my mouth and said: “Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for.”
Isaiah's Commission from the Lord
8 And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.” 9 And he said, “Go, and say . . .”

I think the greatest need of the church is to understand the holiness of God. It would have many benefits . . . one of which would be the obliteration of the unholy notion of ghosts.  However, instead of an abstract discussion of this topic, let’s take a look at the close encounter the prophet Isaiah had with God’s holiness.

Notice that this encounter took place in space and time (in the year that king Uzziah died), and not in some mythology. Uzziah was a good king and he reigned for fifty years, until his death around 740 BC. This was a time of national grief and uncertainty, and it was in this time of painful bewilderment that the Lord graciously revealed that the real King was still enthroned. In times of darkness and doubt (such as I just came out of), we do well to call this fact to mind. We see the Lord seated on His throne in all His regal splendor – high and lifted up. Around the Lord are seraphim – angels anatomically designed to be in the presence of the Holy One, two wings cover their eyes from the blinding light – the refulgence of God’s glory, two cover their feet (representing their creature qualities the Creator/creature distinction is intentionally being blurred today) and with two wings they fly. These sinless angels are specially outfitted to minister in God’s immediate presence. That is why the current invisibility of God is a blessing . . . were we to see God’s face in our sinful condition, we would perish.

It is very instructive what they say, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts . . . ” At that time, when the Jews wanted to accent something as especially important, they did not underline, bold, or italicize the words – they repeated the word—HOLY…HOLY…HOLY…. The attribute of God’s holiness is raised to the third level. Nowhere does the Bible say, “God is love, love, love” or “merciful, merciful, merciful” and so on – ONLY the holiness of God is repeated three times to give it maximum emphasis and importance. The three-fold repetition intensifies the superlative (Rev. 4:8).  Energy is not Ultimate reality, as many moderns believe – it is one aspect of reality created by a thrice holy God.

Isaiah was perhaps the most holy man alive at the time, and so if anybody could have merited God’s love it would have been him. And as long as Isaiah walked along and saw himself IN COMPARISON TO OTHERS, he was righteous and everything was fine. Then the Holy One of Israel visited. Did he say, “O wow, I wish I had my cell camera – the Lord is cool looking!”?  Nope . . . he cursed himself “woe is me.”  This self-malediction was based on that he felt as if was going to die. His reputed righteousness immediately appeared as if filthy rags.  He, and the people he lived with, had filthy lips. Psychologically he was disintegrating, due to, for the first time, seeing his true nature as set against the standard of God’s holiness – his infinitely burning purity.  “And all our righteous acts seemed as filthy rags . . . .”(Is. 64:6) This righteous man, when in the presence of true holiness, felt his filthiness, as well as the filthiness of the people around him. Historically, the greatest saints lamented how sinful they still were, because they were in touch with God’s holiness and how far short they fell. The more we grow in holiness, then the more spiritual nerves are exposed.  So to speak, this makes us increasingly sensitive to the deceitfulness of indwelling sin.

What does it mean to say that God is holy? There are two aspects of qadosh (Hebrew for holy). First, it speaks of God’s total “otherness” . . . His God-ness or who He is (His special room in the temple was the holy of holies). His awesomeness was experienced as mysterium tremendum – the eeriness of being in the presence of totally Other. The second meaning has to do with absolute moral purity. All of the OT (and NT) rituals and commandments express God’s own holy character – which being made in His image means we are to mirror holiness to an un-holy world. His burning holy character means He Himself cannot sin, and He hates sin. This is the nature of the one true God . . . the only God who exists in fact, and is not a demonic fabrication. No, it was not a pleasant stroll in the garden of God’s qadosh. If folks grasped a fraction of God’s holiness, then they would be kicking down the doors of the churches seeking salvation.

We can put it like this: an in depth view of God’s holiness, leads to an in depth view of our sinfulness, and an in depth view of our sinfulness before a holy God, propels one irresistibly to the cross. In a pluralistic and relativistic culture such as our own, we desperately need to obtain a fresh view of the holiness of God. Everything stands or falls with one’s understanding (or lack of it) of God’s Holiness.

What does the holiness of God have to do with the gospel? In a word, everything! Once God in His grace decided to save us, He was faced with a “dilemma” – how to forgive our sins and still uphold His holy character that has to punish sin.  “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory (holiness) of God . . . and the wages of sin is death.” (Rom. 3:23, 26)  But praise God, in Rom. 3:26, justice and love/mercy kiss at the cross.  (Ps. 85:10) “Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.” The picture in Isaiah of the single seraph taking the coal from the altar and placing it on his lips is beautiful symbolism of the gospel.

Implications . . .  “So you shall keep My commandments and do them: I am the Lord. And you shall not profane My holy name.” (Lev. 22:31, 32) “You shall be holy to Me, for I the Lord am holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.  A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.” (Lev. 20:26.27 . . . see Deut. 18:9-14) It is unthinkable that such a holy God could condone sin; especially participating in demons, which ghost investigating does. We are indwelt by the HOLY Spirit to effect holiness within us. Daily, let us ask that the Lord’s holiness and love would flow through us, mirroring to a lost and broken world what our God is like! Demons are un-holy, unclean/filthy spirits whom we must daily do battle with. “Greater is he who is in us (God, the Holy Spirit) than he who is in the world.” And did you notice what Isaiah’s response was to God’s inquiry after the gospel application? Please Lord . . . send ME, send ME!! May a deeper grasp of the Lord’s holiness cause us to shout, “Send me . . . send me!”

How do you love a holy God?  You ask His forgiveness, become forgiven by Him . . . the ultimate supernatural activity!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

December 21, 2012 – Coming Soon!

Copyright 2008-2012
By Kirby Robinson

I'm sure that most of you know about December 21, 2012 and all the speculation as to what will happen on that date. The hundreds of books, thousands of web sites, and countless conferences where you can spend up to $200 hearing speaker after speaker pronouncing the forthcoming doomsday, are all warning us about some very big changes. After attending that seminar, you can visit the lobby filled with profiteering vendors offering every imaginable type of survival kit on earth, as well as survival kits that will prepare you to survive in the spiritual realm.

For those of you living under a rock, I'll briefly catch you up on the whole controversy. On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar comes to an end, as well as numerous other religious cycles come to a conclusion. The planets align in a very peculiar manner and December 21st is Winter Solstice. Numerous psychics, scientists, and new agers, predict catastrophic changes, in not only the planet, but also the universe and throughout the spiritual realms. We also face a society that could break into chaos and bloodshed. Alarmed yet? So was I when my spirit guides showed me what will happen.

On the dreaded morning of December 21st, striking Australia first, the ocean waters will begin to rise, and as the water pulls away, the land bridge that at one time connected Australia and its nearby islands will begin to reemerge. When the land bridge thrusts out of the ocean, it reconnects to the Asian continent. The heaving and swelling tsunamis that embroil the Pacific Ocean casts boats, ships, ocean liners, and oil tankers into the air, and mass destruction will follow.

In China, there will be major earthquakes so strong that dams will break, cities will flood, and nuclear power plants will break open releasing toxic gas. The Chinese military assures the populace that the nation is under attack, and will launch missiles at both Japan and Russia, eliminating Japan off the face of the earth. As missiles rain down onto Eastern Russia, the problems will be compounded by large landmasses in Siberia breaking apart and massive steam vents erupting, which will melt the frozen tundra, causing massive flooding. 

India will see colossal earthquakes and volcanoes rising out of the earth in a few seconds. Millions will die as mass rioting and stampedes of whole populations flee. The Middle East finally goes through an all out nuclear war. Israel and the Arab Nations will unleash a nuclear holocaust so great that the entire section of that area will be under a nuclear cloud. The Great Pyramids of Giza will turn to dust, and the mighty Sphinx will be no more. Earthquakes will work their way down to South Africa, unleashing locusts buried so long they are the size of eagles, and they begin attacking the population. Europe will pull apart from Asia and within hours smash into the British Isles. In the Americas, from the tip of Canada to the bottom of South America, it will be utter mayhem on a scale never before witnessed by mankind.

OK, folks, hang on a minute, I can't take it any longer. I must tell you the truth of what will happen on December 21, 2012...

No chaos will hit society in any form whatsoever. Nothing out of the natural will happen outside of normal every day events. People doing their Christmas shopping, going to work, playing in the snow, and living their lives. So please, for your sake, save your money. Say no to those overpriced doomsday books, pass on those all day conferences filled with authors that are preying on our fears and spinning tales of insanity and madness in order to increase their bank accounts. Tell those fear mongers who put together lousy end-of-the-world videos to get lost. Remember how we were told over and over again that the harmonic convergence meant the end of the world? Y2K was supposed to be the end of all mankind, and that 9/11 was the start of the End Times. What horrific events happened on 6/06/06? Oh, and to go back in time, wasn't the world supposed to end in 1958? In fact, check out this helpful site, The Library of Date Setters for the End of the World, where they list more than 200 doomsday predictions! And yet, we are still here. And life goes on. Yes, one day the end will come. And catastrophes will strike the planet. Someday, but not in 2012, or 12/21/21. (Wanna bet a few will claim it was all due to some sort of spiritual dyslexia?) Not even 12/21/75. Spend the next year of your life spreading love and compassion, and set your spirits free from the fear of what will happen on December 21, 2012.

Notice how the world didn't end on May 21, 2011? Or on November 21, 2011? The world will not shake, the ground will not rumble. Things will be just the same as always. That being said, the doomsday sayers, those who sell the notion that death and destruction will sweep upon us on December 21, 2012 have not slowed down their wild tales. Even better, they have now been joined by many within mainstream Christian churches who have been teaching that we are in the End Times. In reality, nothing has happened to date.

It’s all a way for them to sell more books, DVDs, survival kits, conferences, etc. for another year until 2012 then they will have to come up with more reasons why the Rapture has yet to take place.

We now enter the one year countdown to what might be the biggest non event of world history: the supposed end of the world on 12/21/12. The only thing that will take place is those charlatans who know what they teach or forecast is a load of crap, will smile as their bank account grows and their popularity soars.  

How many deaths will take place because people are convinced by all these lies that the world will end on December 21, 2012? How many lives will be harmed because people drop out of school, quit their jobs, or fail to vote in the 2012 elections? How many people will cop the attitude that nothing matters because the world is gonna end?

And on December 22, 2012, what will these merchants of deception say?

~ We missed the date but now we have a new one!

~ The world did end, figuratively, at least. Don't you feel different?

~ God could have ended things but He chose not to.

The above three excuses will be very common when these deceivers miss their mark.

Don't be afraid when you hear that the world is ending on December 21, 2012. Stand up to these idiots!  

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Healing Anger

By The Dalai Lama
The destructive effects of hatred are very visible, very obvious and immediate. For example, when a strong or forceful thought of hatred arises, at that very instant it overwhelms one totally and destroys one's peace and presence of mind. When that hateful thought is harboured inside, it makes one feel tense and uptight, and can cause loss of appetite, leading to loss of sleep, and so forth.

If we examine how anger or hateful thoughts arise in us, we will find that, generally speaking, they arise when we feel hurt, when we feel that we have been unfairly treated by someone against our expectations. If in that instant we examine carefully the way anger arises, there is a sense that it comes as a protector, comes as a friend that would help our battle or in taking revenge against the person who has inflicted harm on us. So the anger or hateful thought that arises appears to come as a shield or a protector. But in reality that is an illusion. It is a very delusory state of mind.

Chandrakirti states in Entry into the Middle Way that there might be some justification for responding to force with force if revenge would help one in any way, or prevent or reduce the harm which has already been inflicted. But that is no the case because if the harm, the physics. injury or whatever, has been inflicted, it has already taken place. So taking revenge will not in any way reduce or prevent that harm or injury because it has already happened.

On the contrary, if one reacts to a situation in a negative way instead of in a tolerant way, not only is there no immediate benefit, but also a negative attitude and feeling is created which is the seed of one's future downfall. From the Buddhist point of view, the consequence of taking revenge has to be faced by the individual alone in his or he future life. So not only is there no immediate benefit, it is harmful in the long run for the individual.

However, if one has been treated very unfairly and if the situation is left unaddressed, it may have extremely negative consequences for the perpetrator of the crime. Such a situation calls for a strong counteraction. Under such circumstances, it is possible that one can, out of compassion for the perpetrator of the crime and without generating anger or hatred, actually take a strong stand and take strong countermeasures. In fact, one of the precepts of the Bodhisattva vows is to take strong countermeasures when the situation calls for it. If a Bodhisattva doesn't take strong countermeasures when the situation requires, then that constitutes an infraction of one of the vows.

In addition, as the Entry into the Middle Way points out, not only does the generation of hateful thoughts lead to undesirable forms of existence in future lives, but also, at the moment that strong feelings of anger arise, no matter how hard one tries to adopt a dignified pose, one's face looks rather ugly. There is an unpleasant expression, and the vibration that the person sends is very hostile. People can sense it, and it is almost as if one can feel steam coming out of that person's body. Indeed not only are human beings capable of sensing it, but pets and other animals also try to avoid that person at that instant.

If we examine how anger or hateful thoughts arise in us, we will find that, generally speaking, they arise when we feel hurt, when we feel that we have been unfairly treated by someone against our expectations.

These are the immediate consequences of hatred. It brings about a very ugly, unpleasant physical transformation of the individual. In addition, when such intense anger and hatred arise, it makes the best part of our brain, which is the ability to judge between right and wrong and assess long-term and short-term consequences, become totally inoperable. It can no longer function. It is almost as if the person had become crazy. These are the negative effects of generating anger and hatred. When we think about these negative and destructive effects of anger and hatred, we realise that it is necessary to distance ourselves from such emotional explosions. Insofar as the destructive effects of anger and hateful thoughts are concerned, one cannot get protection from wealth; even if one is a millionaire, one is subject to these destructive effects of anger and hatred. Nor can education guarantee that one will be protected from these effects. Similarly, the law cannot guarantee protection. Even nuclear weapons, no matter how sophisticated the defence system may be, cannot give one protection or defend one from these effects. The only factor that can give refuge or protection from the destructive effects of anger and hatred is the practice of tolerance and patience. This is an excerpt from the Dalai Lama's book:
Healing Anger: The Power of Patience from a Buddhist Perspective

Thank you to the Vajrayana Institute in New South Wales, Australia for posting the excerpt from the Dalai Lama's book on their website.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cult News Monday– September 24, 2012

By Kirby Robinson

Oprah Winfrey turns a blind eye to slavery in the name of lesser gods:

This faith healer must have put her faith in the man down below

Trust no man and put your faith in GOD. If any pastor comes to you with a message of salvation, redemption and grace--run for your life.

Cults are even terrorizing the Amish:

Will Pat Robertson ever retire?

One more new age money mad leader on the loose

Satanism on the rise everywhere:

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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ghost Hunters ... A Time for Anger

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

“Be angry and do not sin…” (Eph.4:26)

When I mention the TV show The Ghost Hunters, what thoughts or feelings does that show elicit in you? All things considered, I think anger is one of the most biblically appropriate. How quickly this bizarre new reality show back in 2004 has become old hat. Love it, hate it, or – worst of all for a Christian – be indifferent or dismissive. God forbid! Do we realize how electrifying these brushes with the supernatural are to millions of Americans who are hungry for spiritual reality? God forbid that I forget how I almost fell off the couch the first time I saw the show. God forbid that we ever become accustomed to what is profoundly disturbing, wrong, and cruel. Let me illustrate this insidious evil, and the need for righteous indignation, as well as confrontation.

Recently a new season, without Grant, began. Jay and crew went to Charleston to investigate the Old Jail. People, especially women, were being scratched on the tours, and the clients wanted to know who or what was behind the attacks, and if it was safe to stay open for business. During the investigation a young woman on the TV production crew, Hagar, was scratched repeatedly all over her body by the unseen presence, and she was understandably unnerved. Later during the reveal, Jay said that it was the worst attack in the eight years of the show. (It emphasizes in an unusually vivid fashion, the subjective and capricious nature of “ghost hunting” and the ensuing harmful consequences.) Jay got a triple scratch on his neck, as well. I just shook my head when Adam told the ghost (demon) to please leave her alone. At the reveal, Jay spoke candidly about Hagar, and it seemed he was actually going to be real for once regarding the danger. How could he not, given what had just happened? However, as if on cue, Amy pipes in, “No need to be worried . . . just make certain your visitors treat the ghosts with respect, and they will show respect back.” Yeeaaahhh! Another victory for the TAPS gang in putting a client at ease!

These people need to take a class on logic or critical thinking, because there is a glaring disconnect between Jay’s observations and Amy’s advice . . . which I’m quite sure was scripted. Hagar was simply walking through, as a tourist might, and she was attacked. Jay and Amy HAD to have discussed beforehand who was going to say what, and that is what angers me because their advice was foolish to the point of being cruel. At least before the arrival of TAPS, the client had the good sense to be concerned for his patrons, but now he lives with na├»ve optimism for their safety based on foolish advice. Also, at the reveal, Jay stated that many of these human spirits were deranged, based on their mental condition when alive. How does a deranged spirit suddenly acquire the ability to respond appropriately, even if treated with respect? I confess, I wanted to drop Jay after the reveal. That kind of anger is wrong, but certainly we should be angry about this show, and its many spin offs, because it is so thoroughly dishonoring to God, as well as harmful to everyone involved. The text in Ephesians 4:26 tells us to be righteously angry at the appropriate time (be angry and not sin).

If a medical doctor showed such recklessness they would be sued in a heartbeat for malpractice, as would a pest control professional if they gave similar advice. Those who believe in earthbound spirits cannot avoid giving an inaccurate diagnosis of the problem, as well as harmful advice. It has already occurred to tens of thousands of clients . . . all of whom are now living “comfortably” with demonic spirits.

As terrible as the temporal consequences are of Jay and Amy’s advice (folks getting scratched), think of the clients and the millions of viewers who saw this, and how their eternal destinies are being jeopardized? You may really dislike the show, but if you are a Christian you must not be indifferent, forgetful, or dismissive of this demonic madhouse.

Ghost Hunters symbolizes a water-shed issue for evangelical Christians regarding our belief in the inerrancy of the Bible. According to Webster’s Dictionary a watershed is “a dividing ridge between two drainage areas.” On this ridge, rain that falls on one side of the divide goes in one direction, and rain that hits just a few inches away, goes in an entirely different direction.  What good is it to claim to believe in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, if we are not actively confronting this horrible deception of Satan? Confronting evil in all its manifestations in our culture (especially the most serious), is a watershed issue dividing evangelicals today, as Francis Schaeffer points out in The Great Evangelical Disaster.

The belief in earthbound spirits is so coercive and hostile to every doctrine in the Bible, that it is mis-shaping people’s worldviews on a massive scale. That is why it has become a litmus test for our belief in, and submission to, the authority of the Bible—a watershed issue. To say you are a follower of Christ, but believe in ghosts, means one of two things: you are either abysmally ignorant of the Bible, or you simply are not a Christian. Furthermore, professed Christians who know these spirits are really demonic, but are not confronting this issue, are accommodating this demonic deception . . . which makes you no different than those who embrace it. It has the same effect – it assists in the spread of the kingdom of darkness. I am tired of the lying heretics who carry the banner of evangelical Christianity, but who deny the authority of the Bible, by spreading a serious demonic lie. Some errors in belief are so coercive; they have titanic ramifications that ripple out to eternity.

Certainly we must confront in love, but we must confront . . . confront what Ghost Hunters has helped to popularize – the belief in ghosts. With each passing day, ever larger numbers of people are falling prey to this doctrine of demons. It is costly to confront . . . you will notice certain friends on Facebook either drift or run away from your “fanaticism.” But true believers seek to please God and not man, and when the Lord is dishonored they get righteously angry. This is a watershed issue . . . which side of the divide are you on? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Issue 88 Para-Celebrities Gone Wild!

By Kirby Robinson

"Girls Gone Wild" has nothing on these para-celebrities! We take a tongue in cheek look at para-celebs doing what they do best--behaving badly, or causing us to say that we got big boobs as those in "Girls Gone Wild" and para-celebs will show their behinds. Oh, and we don't have to give them a t-shirt to get them to do so!

As an added bonus, we'll dedicate a song as a sign of our appreciation for behaving so badly and going so wild as to make our list!

Will Scoville Needs To Get His Facts Right

Will Scoville, host of Voices of the Unknown, a Blog Talk radio show, is also a sometime actor and paranormal investigator. Due to a 'Ladies of the Paranormal' calendar he has been behind, he claims some of the profits will go to charity. Dude why not give it all to charity? And stop claiming you're the most hated man in the paranormal. That title belongs to none other than this author as we're always asking questions that the paranormal entertainment industry never wants answered. We dig up stories they want to remain buried. We are cursed more everyday within the paranormal and we know of more than one dartboard with our name on it. Due to taking a stance against Muslim lies we're now are hated with in the Middle East. So, Mr. Scoville, you don't own that title.

And your song is:

Chip Coffey Uses 9/11 To Sell His Products/Services

9/11 will always bring tears to our eyes as the importance of that date won't leave us anytime soon. But it seems that has already happened in the mind of Chip Coffey. If one would have been on his site that day, you would have noticed that his normal banner was replaced by one calling for remembrance. He posted a few nice words to remind us of the ones who died that day. But lo and behold, what pops up? A post hawking his services, followed by more 9/11 posts. It didn't stop on the end of the 11th. The next day he posted a shot of the New York skyline featuring the Tribute in Light, followed by the always cheesy "for those who have asked" slogan which means I need business, but don't want to admit it, so I slip it past you like this.

This isn't the first time Mr. Coffey has cashed in on 9/11. He used a trip to the sacred ground of the Twin Towers to peddle his services

His behaving badly earned him this song:

What's Happening Around Father Andrew Calder?

Last week Facebook readers were informed that Father Calder had been give 24 hours to live. Like so many others we pasted it on our page and asked for collective prayers for the man. He may have appeared on the most faked of all paranormal reality shows of all time Paranormal State. [One case, "I AM SIX" was totally faked; the other, "Devil in Syracuse" was real]. Then we started to notice some odd posts showing up on his Facebook page.

I am Evie and I have been maintaining Andy's FB account since February 2011.  Please do not send him emails.
If you are in need of spiritual assistance I must tell you that with heartfelt disappointment I cannot recommend anyone to you at this time. I am deeply sorry. If the situation changes I shall update this Note, so feel free to check back to this Page. Otherwise, do not surrender: Continue your search for assistance and answers.Continue Reading ...

My name is Evie.  Andy has been in a medical facility 24/7 since May 5, 2011.  I have been maintaining his FB account since March 2011.  I do not feel comfortable accepting friend fdc, requests on his behalf from persons I do not know.  
I hope you can understand.Continue Reading ...

If a loved one of mine was given 24 hours to live I doubt I would be worried about emails or friend requests, both of which can be turned off by a person who has a Facebook page.
Yet more odd posts kept popping up on Facebook. Here is one on Chip Coffey's page:

"Hey Chip. I have a favor to ask. Could you ask your friends & fans to send positive love, light, energy, protection & prayer to Andy during today's broadcast of the 2 PS episodes he's in? Please pray for God' Will to be done.
Thank you!"

Again if a loved one is on their deathbed, would you follow TV Guide to know if Father Calder's old episodes are airing?

[Some have said that wasn't from Evie but from Chip as he also was featured in those episodes].

So we have to send this one out put you trust in Jesus and let go of Facebook and your TV Guide.

The Dead Files—Sold Out to the Almighty Dollar?

When The Dead Files came out sometime ago I wasn't that upset with it. But as more and more emails flooded my inbox asking me to take an in depth look into the show, I've got to say that something seems rotten in Denmark.

I tried to watch an episode the other night that dealt with the Lizzie Borden case. I only saw a few minutes as that was enough. Ms. Allen, who appeared not to have washed her hair in days, put on a performance worthy of 10 rotten apples, 20 bad tomatoes and a chorus of boos. When time permits we'll take a long look at the show. Hey, maybe we should do a book--who knows?

But the show and Ms. Allen are behaving badly and her song is:

And two more…

A shout out to all the members of the ever-growing list of child abusers [sexual and physical] and wife beaters, that we and others are uncovering. Why are they allowed in the field? Do the paranormal groups they belong to inform clients of this? Do they work around kids? They are not welcome here and should be a part of a different group …

It seems that Father Jim [former go-to priest on Paranormal State until sex texts came to light] is now renting a room from Lorraine Warren. The pair seems to have time on their hands and are demon hunting together

It's a good thing that cameras are not in tow and nothing in the way of money is asked for from the client. But it seems that if one blessing doesn't do the job the clients are left out in the cold which makes us ask, SAY WHAT?

Their song is:

As long as they misbehave, as long as they act out, as long as try to sneak things past the public we'll be reporting on them…

Keep current and follow us on Twitter:!/eyeonparanormal

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Dalai Lama Visits Hawaii!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Hawai'i in April 2012 marked the launch of Hawai'i Community Foundation's new initiative, "Pillars of Peace Hawai'i: Building Peace on a Foundation of Aloha."

From poems about peace written by fourth graders at Lanai High and Elementary School, Matt Glickstein was inspired to compose "Singing to the World," which the Class of 2020 performs here in honor of the Dalai Lama's visit.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama tours Bishop Museum’s collection of natural and cultural artifacts.  At Iolani Palace, the official residence of Hawaii’s monarchy, he learns more about the history of the Hawaiian people, including the peaceful and powerful response of Queen Liliuokalani, which helped to shape Hawaiian values.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama tells an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 9,000 Hawaii high school and college students that “We are just one big human family.” His messages about peace deeply resonate with the audience of students. Some of them share their reflections about wanting to bring more compassion into their own lives and use their education to help others.

In honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama—one of Jake Shimabukuro’s heroes—and inspired by the notion of “playing with less,” the ukulele virtuoso dedicates a new song using only three strings. The message by the Dalai Lama about the importance of happiness is one that particularly resonates with Jake. “To me, once you figure out how to be happy in the moment, you don’t long to be somewhere else.”

To an audience of 9,000 attendees completely riveted by what he had to say and how he said it, His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaks about the value of looking at a situation from more than one angle, the importance of dialogue, the meaning of aloha, and the power of a smile.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama conducts a blessing of the earth and a consecration of Hokulea and her World Wide Voyage. Amid traditional Hawaiian chants and ceremonies at an ancient and sacred site, the occasion is captured with powerful symbolism and personal moments. Moderator John De Fries connects the call by His Holiness for “universal responsibility” with the responsibility of those in Hawaii to care for the islands.

Kailua High School is recognized for its programs on compassion, conflict resolution, and nonviolence. The Dalai Lama speaks to students about creating a happier world through wisdom and warm-heartedness.

Through the Dalai Lama’s visit, Pillars of Peace aims to inspire people in Hawaii to think about the role of peace and compassion in their daily lives and to inspire people outside the islands to learn from Hawaii’s example of tolerance and diversity.

The visit is part of a new initiative called Pillars of Peace Hawaii, which is sponsored by the Hawaii Community Foundation through a lead grant from the Omidyar Ohana Fund and other funders. The Dalai Lama’s visit is sponsored by the Foundation and its partners as well as by hosts Pierre and Pam Omidyar.

Many thanks to the lovely Pillars of Peace Hawai'i website
Make sure you look at the wonderful slideshow for photos of The Dalai Lama and of the beautiful people and stunning surroundings! Here is a link to photos from the Earth Blessing and Consecration of the Hokulea