Friday, May 24, 2013

What Are Poltergeists?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

If you walk into a house and see a book fly across the room, what would be the first words out of your mouth(other than SC-startled cuss!)? Somebody will probably blurt out, "Hey, poltergeist activity!" It has become fashionable for paranormal investigators to speak of any paranormal activity of this kind as poltergeist, even if they are not referring to the actual poltergeist phenomenon. Yes it has become confusing. For example, they might think the activity actually stems from trapped spirits, but ANY activity that is forceful and loud is categorized as poltergeist. But what I want to examine is the theory of poltergeists as PK (psychokinesis) or TK (telekinesis). Here are the four main types of paranormal activity: intelligent haunt, residual haunt, poltergeist, and demonic. It is my firm conviction that the first three in this list are actually demonic in nature--and especially for our purposes, the accounts of genuine poltergeist activity are most certainly a demonic infestation.

"Poltergeist" is from the German meaning noisy ghost. It is important that we define our terms clearly, and this nowhere more important than when discussing this alleged phenomenon. There are different theories as to the nature of this activity, but the generally accepted theory (in parapsychology) is that a troubled pre-teen or teen, who also is sensitive to the supernatural, may unwittingly cause paranormal activity via PK or TK...especially during times of high stress.One writer refers to five stages of poltergeist activity, but it boils down to gradation between mild to deadly. Despite the wide range of possible poltergeist activity, there is one main constant--the activity is not caused by a trapped spirit, but by strangely powerful psycho-kinetic power., which is unconsciously released by a troubled teen....usually a female. It is similar to a residual haunt in this respect: both are non-intelligent phenomena.  

Tracing the history of this notion is not easy because of  divergent definitions of  poltergeist activity (see above). However, it is clear that the notion of poltergeists has undergone a complete identity change. Up till the mid 19th century poltergeist activity was widely thought to be the result of witchcraft or demonic activity. However, in the last hundred years or so--corresponding to the ascendancy of psychology as well prevalence of occult practices--the origin of poltergeist activity shifted away from the demonic and to our alleged innate psychical powers. With the loss of a Christian consensus and worldview, New Age/occult theory and practice as well as psychological categories becoming ensconced in our culture, have downplayed the demonic. Both of these (occult worldview and psychology) contributed to the evolution of the identity of poltergeists as an interior psychic force and not an exterior intelligent force. (ie demon). This is an example of how we are destined to move further and further from reality and truth when we jettison the biblical worldview.   
I want to shift gears and critique what we have said thus far. It does not help matters when inexplicably large numbers of people reflexively shout "poltergeist!" when anything forceful happens...or even simply discernible. 

1. The notion of poltergeists as the unconscious workings of a troubled teen is cruel...especially if it is not true (and it is not). Do we realize the true psychological damage that this theory can cause? Talk about kicking a woman when she is down (generally female teen)--a frightened 14 year old girl/young woman, who is herself being scratched, is told that she is the cause of all the horribly destructive things that are happening to her family. It makes no difference how sincere and lovingly this may be believed and presented to the affected teen, it saddles them with enormous guilt--and no way of correcting the problem. With the demonic already assaulting her in a multitude of ways, the teen may see suicide as the only means of escape for her and her family. Self-destruction plays right into the demons intent. The more emotionally sensitive the person is, the more they are apt to suffer horribly by this miserable "diagnosis from hell". It is little comfort to tell them that the activity is unconscious, because in their mind it is still coming from them--it is their fault her dad broke his arm when pushed down the steps. It is all her fault that the family is unravelling. The cruelty may be unintentional but it is cruel nonetheless. I have three children and the thought of someone saddling them with this diagnosis gets my blood boiling. 

2. There is no evidence that we have this kind of PK abilities, unless you assume the very thing you are trying to prove. There has been extensive research done at Duke and elsewhere and a variable never considered is that when PK occurs it is demonically caused. Nobody has been able to reproduce in the lab what occurs in millions of homes, to various degrees. In allegedly severe poltergeist activity, chairs can fly and tables levitate....and knives fly directly at people. Can that be reproduced in the lab? Nope--so why are we being irresponsible and applying an unproven theory with utter certainty to teenagers?

3. There are unmistakable signs of intelligence in the attacks-- but this theory is wholly incapable of accounting for this. How can non-intelligent psychic energy target someone and throw them down the steps...or throw objects AT THEM? There is discernible intent to can impersonal psychic energy display intent? Once again, this theory involves attributing personal or human traits to impersonal energy. 

4. This unmistakable appearance of intelligence renders this theory as intellectually bankrupt. The only reasonable cause behind such intelligent attacks is the presence of demonic entities. Let me ask this: what criteria does one use to distinguish between poltergeist activity and demonic activity? If demons can mimic anything...if they have intelligence and power, then they can account for every case of alleged poltergeist activity....and do so without emotionally harming someone in the process. The mere presence of a teen in the infested house is enough for many investigators to start their poltergeist wheels turning--God help any oppressed family if they have teens and certain kinds of activity (which differ from person to person) are occurring. If the main reason one attributes this activity to poltergeist is that there is a troubled teen in the picture, then this is circular reasoning. Cannot demons attack a family that has troubled teens in it? To conclude this section, EVERY CASE IN WHICH TRUE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY WAS DIAGNOSED AS POLTERGEIST, IS REALLY DEMONIC IN NATURE..And if you mid-diagnose the problem, then the proposed cure will be way off base as well. 

Like R H, the theory of poltergeist has been repeated so often that folks just assume it is true.  In addition, there seems to be very little self-reflection regarding this theory. In wiser times this notion would never have found a sane audience. This is where the power, for good or ill, of worldview spectacles is seen. The biblical worldview, which has the true God as ultimate reality, has been displaced by an energy-centric worldview. This has provided fertile ground for non-biblical theories like poltergeist to flourish. We have a soul, but nowhere in the bible are we said to have psychic abilities.waiting for us to tap.

The way folks determine that a haunt is poltergeist in nature is disturbingly subjective. What one investigator determines is poltergeist, the next will likely call it an intelligent haunt that is very active. And since there is no way to PROVE that the teen is the cause, it becomes a guessing game...only the stakes are enormously high.

As with residual haunt and aliens, it is instructive how rebuking/cleansing in the name of Jesus will cause poltergeist activity to cease--often with signs of demonic capitulation. Merely psychic powers, like r h, should not respond to this...but in every case I have been involved in, they have fled.

Again, as with r h, Satan knows a good thing when it sees it.It (Satan) has a vested interest in keeping the theories of r h and poltergeist alive and well--and will do everything to make them appear plausible...even temporarily vacating a house after occult cleansing has been done. Satan has both means and motive to commit this crime...and in my judgment, the theory of poltergeists is a crime against humanity.