Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Issue 88 Para-Celebrities Gone Wild!

By Kirby Robinson

"Girls Gone Wild" has nothing on these para-celebrities! We take a tongue in cheek look at para-celebs doing what they do best--behaving badly, or causing us to say that we got big boobs as those in "Girls Gone Wild" and para-celebs will show their behinds. Oh, and we don't have to give them a t-shirt to get them to do so!

As an added bonus, we'll dedicate a song as a sign of our appreciation for behaving so badly and going so wild as to make our list!

Will Scoville Needs To Get His Facts Right

Will Scoville, host of Voices of the Unknown, a Blog Talk radio show, is also a sometime actor and paranormal investigator. Due to a 'Ladies of the Paranormal' calendar he has been behind, he claims some of the profits will go to charity. Dude why not give it all to charity? And stop claiming you're the most hated man in the paranormal. That title belongs to none other than this author as we're always asking questions that the paranormal entertainment industry never wants answered. We dig up stories they want to remain buried. We are cursed more everyday within the paranormal and we know of more than one dartboard with our name on it. Due to taking a stance against Muslim lies we're now are hated with in the Middle East. So, Mr. Scoville, you don't own that title.

And your song is:

Chip Coffey Uses 9/11 To Sell His Products/Services

9/11 will always bring tears to our eyes as the importance of that date won't leave us anytime soon. But it seems that has already happened in the mind of Chip Coffey. If one would have been on his site that day, you would have noticed that his normal banner was replaced by one calling for remembrance. He posted a few nice words to remind us of the ones who died that day. But lo and behold, what pops up? A post hawking his services, followed by more 9/11 posts. It didn't stop on the end of the 11th. The next day he posted a shot of the New York skyline featuring the Tribute in Light, followed by the always cheesy "for those who have asked" slogan which means I need business, but don't want to admit it, so I slip it past you like this.

This isn't the first time Mr. Coffey has cashed in on 9/11. He used a trip to the sacred ground of the Twin Towers to peddle his services

His behaving badly earned him this song:

What's Happening Around Father Andrew Calder?

Last week Facebook readers were informed that Father Calder had been give 24 hours to live. Like so many others we pasted it on our page and asked for collective prayers for the man. He may have appeared on the most faked of all paranormal reality shows of all time Paranormal State. [One case, "I AM SIX" was totally faked; the other, "Devil in Syracuse" was real]. Then we started to notice some odd posts showing up on his Facebook page.

I am Evie and I have been maintaining Andy's FB account since February 2011.  Please do not send him emails.
If you are in need of spiritual assistance I must tell you that with heartfelt disappointment I cannot recommend anyone to you at this time. I am deeply sorry. If the situation changes I shall update this Note, so feel free to check back to this Page. Otherwise, do not surrender: Continue your search for assistance and answers.Continue Reading ...

My name is Evie.  Andy has been in a medical facility 24/7 since May 5, 2011.  I have been maintaining his FB account since March 2011.  I do not feel comfortable accepting friend fdc, requests on his behalf from persons I do not know.  
I hope you can understand.Continue Reading ...

If a loved one of mine was given 24 hours to live I doubt I would be worried about emails or friend requests, both of which can be turned off by a person who has a Facebook page.
Yet more odd posts kept popping up on Facebook. Here is one on Chip Coffey's page:

"Hey Chip. I have a favor to ask. Could you ask your friends & fans to send positive love, light, energy, protection & prayer to Andy during today's broadcast of the 2 PS episodes he's in? Please pray for God' Will to be done.
Thank you!"

Again if a loved one is on their deathbed, would you follow TV Guide to know if Father Calder's old episodes are airing?

[Some have said that wasn't from Evie but from Chip as he also was featured in those episodes].

So we have to send this one out put you trust in Jesus and let go of Facebook and your TV Guide.

The Dead Files—Sold Out to the Almighty Dollar?

When The Dead Files came out sometime ago I wasn't that upset with it. But as more and more emails flooded my inbox asking me to take an in depth look into the show, I've got to say that something seems rotten in Denmark.

I tried to watch an episode the other night that dealt with the Lizzie Borden case. I only saw a few minutes as that was enough. Ms. Allen, who appeared not to have washed her hair in days, put on a performance worthy of 10 rotten apples, 20 bad tomatoes and a chorus of boos. When time permits we'll take a long look at the show. Hey, maybe we should do a book--who knows?

But the show and Ms. Allen are behaving badly and her song is:

And two more…

A shout out to all the members of the ever-growing list of child abusers [sexual and physical] and wife beaters, that we and others are uncovering. Why are they allowed in the field? Do the paranormal groups they belong to inform clients of this? Do they work around kids? They are not welcome here and should be a part of a different group …

It seems that Father Jim [former go-to priest on Paranormal State until sex texts came to light] is now renting a room from Lorraine Warren. The pair seems to have time on their hands and are demon hunting together

It's a good thing that cameras are not in tow and nothing in the way of money is asked for from the client. But it seems that if one blessing doesn't do the job the clients are left out in the cold which makes us ask, SAY WHAT?

Their song is:

As long as they misbehave, as long as they act out, as long as try to sneak things past the public we'll be reporting on them…

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