Friday, February 3, 2012

The Paranormal Christian: Paranormal Investigations – A Christian Approach

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

In my past articles, through scriptural application, I have proven there are no human ghosts to find out there.  I have shown that doing EVP sessions in the manner for which the para-reality shows do it and hundreds of teams throughout the world mimick, is no more than a 21st century version of the Ouija Board.

I have shown, again through scriptures, that the real presence out there behind the intelligent haunts that are being experienced is the demonic.  This sounds like I am seeing every case as a demonic case.  I am not.  Well over 85% of investigations of alleged activity can be easily debunked by means of natural explanations.  Of those investigations where natural explanations cannot debunk the activity, well over three-quarters of those prove out to be of the residual variety, energy that was embedded by repetition of activity by a previous resident, or a massive out pouring of energy due to tragedy or intense emotions. Battle ground scenarios, residential homes with long histories, etc.  Some unknown trigger sets the recorded energy into replay mode.  But there is no intelligence behind the haunt.  These are not human ghosts trapped.

The miniscule percentage of remaining investigations, will be one of which an intelligence is behind the alleged activity.  This is when the danger becomes real, for it is not a human ghost as we have shown.  It is a demon, seeking to confuse, to deceive, to draw us in.  They can present themselves as angels and beings of light, or dark, oppressive, gruesome monsters.  They present themselves as little girls that just want to play, or seeking their lost Mommy.  They can pretend to be a guiding spirit to help you unlock the mysteries of life.  They can present themselves as loved ones that have passed on, and tell you secret things that allegedly only they could know.  Remember people, there is no secret in our life that is not wide open and exposed for those in the spiritual realm to see.

A few days ago I was asked, "Pastor, I am a Christian, and I have read what you have written.  I want to help people, and I was wondering, how can I conduct an investigation that doesn’t violate the scriptures?  When is it appropriate for me to do an investigation, especially if human ghosts do not exist?"

To conduct an investigation, on the aspects of, “scientific research to prove the existence of human ghosts” is simply human egotism.  You ignore all that God instructs us to not do and what He informs us of regarding our disposition after death.  Human ghosts do not exist – so why investigate at all?

There is a protocol and a justified reason for doing a Christian, Biblically based investigation.  You are not investigating in this case to prove ghosts exist, but rather to ascertain whether an intelligent presence is at work, a demonic.  The initial procedures are much the same:

1. Interview the clients; get a history from about 3-6 months before the alleged activity began.
2. Try to find any stressors that could be present in the client’s life.
3. Get a breakdown of the alleged activity and the general nature of the activity.
4. Get a medical history, are any of the clients on medication of any kind, or recently had any kind of invasive surgery.
5. Find out if the clients ever had a mental health evaluation done in the last 6-12 months, or if anyone is under the care of a mental health doctor.
6. Is there any history of mental health issues in the family.
7. What is the clients’ religious status, and what are their beliefs.
8. Investigate the background of the property and home.
9. Find out who the previous residents were, interview them.
10. Do a property review and seek out any kind of electrical, plumbing or mechanical explanation of the alleged activity.

Once all of this is done, you can determine if you have simply over imaginative people and explain to them the natural causes for what is being experienced, or if natural explanations do not, recommend an investigation to determine if an intelligent presence is there.

Set up your cameras to record in areas of alleged activity and with each, a digital recorder set to record.  The difference here, YOU WILL NOT instruct any present spirits and so forth to come forward and speak into the red light.  You are not going to sit in groups of two in a dark room and ask inane questions of whatever may be there.

You will however, do a scriptural/Biblical provocation. I only recommend this be done by those who are disciples of Jesus Christ, have been born again and walk in the spirit with Christ.  I recommend two, but three is better.  You will walk around the house, slowly and in lowered voices, pray the Lord’s Prayer, read from Proverbs and Psalms, read of Christ’s ministry, particularly when He excised demons from the afflicted, and read Ephesians 6:10-20.  Keep doing this over and over.  If you have a few or several Christians on your team, do this in shifts with different people.  Your only direct communication with anything there, will be to command it, in the authority of Jesus Christ, to let itself be heard and known.

When it comes to the demonic, hearing God’s Word irritates, causes pain, and creates fear within them.  They cannot but help respond to it.  This is why it is critical non Christians not be present when this type of provocation is done, for they will lash out against those they can easily get to.

When you do your analysis, especially in reviewing the audio, listen carefully to what you do get.  You will not here the usual half spoken, barely uttered meaningless stuff, but clear responses to the scripture being uttered.  If you get this, you know that you do have a presence.  This is now the point the real work begins.  This is where counseling the clients, helping them back on a proper path with Christ, and then helping them to remove the presence from their home.

If a presence is found, a simple house blessing will not remove it.  There will need to be a binding of that presence and casting it out.  Only the Authority of Christ can do that.  Once this has been done and the demonic removed, you can do a blessing and prayer of spiritual canopy.  Help the family find a good Christian, spirit filled church community to attend if they do not have a home church already.  Get them into a habit of reading the Bible daily and praying.

A Christian Paranormal Investigation team is there to bring peace and harmony to a client’s home, and remove the strife caused within it.  The goal is to confirm a true presence, or to negate the fact one exists, and help the clients to come to terms with whichever reality comes to light.

There will not be a live “The Paranormal Christian Radio Show” tomorrow night, since I will be in Orlando, teaching a seminar, “Introduction to Christian Demonology” at the Buena Vista Suites.  The seminar begins at 9 am, registration begins at 8:30 am.  Walk in tickets will be $35 for the seminar.