Friday, May 10, 2013

Residual Haunts & Energy Deconstruction

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

This is the third and final in a series on residual haunts. The most insurmountable hurdle which the theory of residual haunt faces is the second law of thermodynamics. It is an absolute law according to scientists, which means that there are no known exceptions. We must remember that these are God's laws because He created them...when looking at this law we can learn something about its creator. It's absoluteness expresses a finite picture of our infinite God's immutability--God is unchanging just as these laws are unchanging. The fact that they cannot be broken is a faint mirror or God's omnipotence. Romans 1:18ff tells us that some of God's attributes can be seen in nature. I want to touch on a couple of issues before leaving this topic.

1. The tape recorder is a false analogy. We have all heard or said a million times that residual energy acts like a digital recorder. Sounds interesting, but does it? An analogy is an analogy...I recognize that. But if the analogy turns out to be sufficiently dissimilar to the reality it is attempting to mirror, then the mirror is is a false analogy. When we stop for a moment and look beneath the surface we see how the digital recorder (or any human made recording device) is utterly dissimilar. How so? A residual haunt is allegedly a cluster of impersonal energy which gets triggered and plays back some original incident.

It takes a person with intelligence to design and build a digital recorder....try building one! The point is that the creation of a digital recorder is the conscious act of an intelligent human being...or the machines they create to make them. And...someone consciously has to push the start button. The recording material has been chosen and created/formed to collect the data...some kind of magnetic tape or digital equivalent. But, and this is the dissimilarity, residual haunts have none of this--it is all impersonal. One danger of using the recorder analogy is that it tacitly introduces an element of personalness...creative act...intentionality and conscious action--but the medium of nature is where the residual "taping" takes place, and nature is thoroughly impersonal. For example, what causes the action to start? Well, in the case of a digital recorder the person decides to turn it on and presses the on button with his finger..the person/finger is the cause of the effect (recording data or playing it back). However, in the case of a residual haunt there is a causeless effect...there is nothing to start the taping or play back. O there are anniversaries, but anniversaries are substantively nothing--they have no ontological staus (emotional status, but not matter). An anniversary cannot cause anything to happen in the external world as it has no fingers or equivalent.

Well, how do you explain the energy that is often connected to certain objects or parts of a house? "The Haunted Collector" with John Zaffis has this as their thesis behind the show. If the second law applies to paranormal reality then why are there energy clusters connected with these haunted collectibles, which can be detected and measured? Does that not show there are exceptions to these alleged absolute laws? Nope. Satan is a brilliant military tactician. He has brought about this energy-centric worldview, which gave rise to the notion of residual haunt. He also knows a good thing when he sees it--what better way to deceive folks into letting them co-exist with diabolical spirits than to fool them into thinking it is all harmless residual energy? What is causing that clock to light up the EMF? If it is not natural in origin, then a demonic spirit can easily "haunt" an object...making it appear to be innocuous. That is the very sad thing about the theory of residual energy--it has put many, many people into a false sense of security..