Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Issue 44 – The Insane Escape from the Looney Bin & Overtake the Paranormal Community

There are reasons why I do the work I do. I help families that are being terrorized by a haunting, or worse, a demonic presence. I give glory to the word of God, seeing the power of light, love and compassion win over the forces of darkness. Or, like Paul, to fight the good fight of faith. Unlike many people that do the same work, I promise the client that when I leave their haunting comes to an end. Or I stay till it does. That’s not my ego speaking, that’s just me standing in the word of God. But the main reason I do it really is expressed when I get emails or comments from a client. You'll read an example at the end of this blog entry.

I don't do this work or walk the path I do to please others or to find favor with the public. It's not done to gain acceptance within the paranormal community. The other day a well known person in the paranormal community said that I have become the paranormal pariah. No one in the paranormal community wants to have anything to do with me. If that's the case I accept such a label gladly. The work that I do is not paranormal but theological.

I don't care what goes on in the paranormal world just as long as the activity doesn't reach out and harm the innocent. When that happens I'll stand up and expose the fakers, deceivers and predators. I know my God is mighty and with Him I can withstand anything.

Such a case is unfolding at a Facebook page and a website for a show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. This show aired for 3 seasons on A&E. Each week three kids and their parents were paraded out for the world to see with claims that they are psychic, the world doesn't understand them and they suffer for their gift. In the span of a weekend, a therapist and a para-celeb step in and give them the tools to handle the gift. In the process they have surprising and shocking psychic experiences on camera.

All the above would be nice if it was real. All the above would be amazing if things worked that way. But it doesn't.

My skepticism over claims of the show/on-air talent has led many to think I doubt the gifts of psychic ability. I don't. What I doubt are the claims made by many that they are psychic [more on that later as both Chris Fleming and Sandra Sparks failed simple tests].

The show is no longer on the air but the para-celebs are still riding the gravy train reminding the world that they saved the kids' lives. Chip Coffey even has a book coming out on the matter. Does Chip plan on sharing the profits with the kids?

One big issue still remains. The A&E website that features message boards where kids who are either psychic or not can place posts for help. There is no monitoring of who responds to such pleas for help like this one presented by

It gets worse. On Facebook there is a page for the program put up by A&E. The network doesn't monitor the page's activity. It seems one of Chip Coffey's para-backscratchers has become the page's gatekeeper. Her name is Sandra Lynn Sparks. If you Google the name you're sent on a very interesting journey that you'll read about in a future blog.

In her own words she claims she would be homeless if not for doing housework in exchange for a roof over her head. Ms. Sparks claims she has no money, no job, and no prospects for gainful employment. One wonders how she can afford such a wide array of sites that are linked through her.

She does everything to promote the show and steer visitors to her websites, which in turn makes her money off of the hits. If the show's popularity and credibility is heavily questioned, then the gravy train is derailed. If you question the show's integrity you'll find yourself attacked. Ask questions and find yourself blocked and hounded.

Such has been the case when concerned people asked about the screening process that takes place for adults posting offers to aid to psychic kids. One such posted stated: "must be under 18" to get help.

Others raised questions about the religious and spiritual issues of such claims. The questions are valid due to the Christian stance on the matter. Are the claims of the gifts legit in the first place? Demons can and do mimic psychic gifts in the people they torment.

Sandra claimed in a post when the site passed 20,000 that "we" passed 20,000. That's odd to be coming from just a person who has no authority over the page. Some have stated that she acts in this role as page monitor in a capacity to please Chip Coffey.

But her wrath has gone over the edge. On September 11, 2011, she posted a 1-star review of my new book Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light. One star reviews don't bug me. You can't please everyone. But make it a legit review. She failed. What Sandra wrote were lies, venom and an attack on my editor, who was only doing a job she was paid to do. [Just like the terrorists who killed thousands of Americans that day 10 years ago never anticipated the blow back that'd follow]. We doubt if Sandra did the same.

"I've been watching Kirby pretend to do research on this topic and gather blog materials for this book for some time, aggravating a lot of people, including me, along the way. He will ask questions that everyone pretty much ignores, because, by now, most people in the paranormal field know about Kirby, don't like him, wouldn't talk to him, and do not care what he thinks. That's it. he wants to be a big name in paranormal circles, and he can't do it. He has become a running joke to many, many people. I have no idea why anyone would want to choose such a position in life, but he has. The information in this book is heavily slanted, and just, sometimes, plain made up. It's not worth the money. It's the ramblings of a demon-obsessed, unrealistic man."

Our lawyer called Amazon, and as of today the review is gone. Very little of the above troubles me. Like Chip Coffey, Sandra failed my little test. It was leaked that this book was going to be about the TV show she dearly loves and defends. In reality it was not [that book will come sooner than later] but this one has a different focus. Sandra's alleged gift failed her as well as her eyesight and her ability to read. In the 263 pages very little references the show. The section that deals with it was originally written in 2008 and was only polished a bit.

The three words that will come back to haunt her are these: "plain made up". This implies that I am a liar, which I am not. My editor, Lisa Maliga, who was hired to do a job, and has nothing to do with the paranormal world, now has her credibility questioned. Her employability as an editor, reporter, etc. has now been damaged.

Sandra fails to point out what was made up, what facts were lied about. The book consists of my views and experiences in the paranormal world that I live in. That she does not mention because it is a lie that she's spreading. Legal action will be taken to correct this.

To show how open we are, here are the following pages from the book that deals with Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

We won't hold our breath or stand on one foot waiting for Sandra to point out what was made up as nothing was.

Throughout the fall we'll keep digging into the story. Next week another Psychic Kids deception will be exposed.

Emails like this are why I do what I do. Anything can be said or written about. God knows the truth-- and that’s what matters.

"Kirby, You are a strong man!! An amazing creature of God!!! I want so bad to leave a comment with the dumb asses that are claiming and sending harsh words your way! But I cant seem to find the leave comment button.... I know that you are the real deal, I have seen it myself, in person!!!!! You and xxxxx gave my family our lives back!!!! It has been amazing here since you left my home!!!! You came into my home knowing very little and validated many things for us, that we already knew!!! Then we battled the fight of our lives!!! We won!!! Please tell me how I can benefit you in this nasty drama bullshit, some people act like they are in high school!!! This is the problem with the paranormal field, there are so many fakes out there that families dont know who they can trust and need people like yourself to weed out the fakes!!!! This is one of my missions in life is to some how jump on your band wagon after Im sure things have stayed calm for quite some time around here. Gets these fakes out of this field, you have these groups that are barley adults going into these families homes really just to grab evidence to piut up on there page and then they leave the home after firing everything up, provoking...then where do these families turn to, who do they turn to? Kirby, you keep up the good work, your words are valued by many many people across the world!!! Dont stop what you are doing, this is Gods way of using you as his tool to give to the world what you can!!! God bless you and peace be still xxxx..... I wanted to place this under the nasty comments that are posted but it didnt give me an option to do so....miss you, thank you again." 

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