Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My First Blog Post Here and I got a Lot to Say!

My name is Evan Jensen.  You probably have never heard of me and that’s OK.  I’m just little ol’ me, but, I seem to be known by some people who are considered to be celebrities, especially to paranormal enthusiast.  I’m known by others as well for my often outspoken and bold ways.  To some, that makes me a bully.  To other’s a hero. 

Between Kirby and me, we share a lot of the same personality traits and reasons why we do what we do.  Some say I’m the next Kirby and I’m sure some are a bit nervous of that.  Some say, Kirby is gone and retired and yet other’s say, he’s in hiding.  What ever the case is, people assume I’m the guy taking his place and it’s not a good thing.  Now, I can not say what Kirby is doing, I have a confidentiality contract saying I can not divulge this information.  (OK, not really, I just thought I’d throw that bit of gossip out there for the gossipers.)  I can not say what Kirby is doing, as it is just not for me to say.  However, I will say this, if we are both doing it together, some heads may just roll.  He allowed me a spot on his blog, and I gratefully accepted it.

Not only am I known to the celebrities, but, so is Kirby and quite well I might add.  While you are perusing these often enlightening blog pages, little do people know that there have been several of these “stars” not only reading, but, commenting anonymously and may have other’s commenting on their behalf.  I’d expect those loyal fans to show up here and there when they find the page.  When they threaten law suits pertaining to what is here, they give themselves away. 

Apparently these celebrities seem to think that they should be able to stifle negative talk about their shows and any articles on them.  The recent actions of some of these celebrities towards us and comments made towards us that are not only insulting to us, but, to the many fans they have out there, would shock most of their own fans.  I was not issued a warning, but, my colleague, Darlene Watts was by Chip Coffey, although Darlene had actually defended him with me and many others even through the years.  I do not think she is happy about that.

These stars will not be able to sue for opinions or statements based on reasonable assumptions based on sources they do not even realize.  The class actions suit threats against all the people who are out there (as if they can be sued as a group) saying negative things of them and their shows is laughable, ridiculous and makes them look callous to their fans.  It’s just like the comments of being illiterate are when people have grammar and spelling mistakes, or do they seriously think all their fans are skilled writers? If they think those watching these shows agree with everything and never have a negative thought they share, they are expecting too much from the people who watch these shows.

So, on this, I will address these issues.  First, I am Evan Jensen.  I am not Kirby.  I am not Darlene Watts.   I am not some Joe blogging anonymously berating all the stars or some Hugo calling rudely on your radio shows.  Just because you have some people that do not like the show or you, is not reason to think we are all of them or some multi faceted blitz attack base that is so organized we could take the C.I.A. out.  There truly is no organized anything here.  So on that end, we are being blamed for many others, who exist in the world and have every right to not like the shows on TV.  It’s called free thought and free speech. 

Now, I’ve heard that what is written here are all lies.  None of it is true they say.  Well, from my perspective, it’s really just different perspectives and the information here is gathered in a myriad of ways.  You’d be amazed how people come forward when they feel that someone has treated them unfairly.  However, like any good journalist, the sources have to be protected and exposing them would kill the reputation for safeguarding that information.  I am not here to legitimize or to substantiate what Kirby already has written and frankly, I’m not going to put the time in he has to argue for people that are actually not being very fair to me anyway.  What about all of the complaints about the episode, “The Messenger” and yet somebody still got a deal with doing a show afterward, so it certainly didn’t hurt anyone’s reputation. 

There seems to be an issue with some people that influence those stars into thinking things that are just not true and have them react.  Not only did this happen, but, these stars actually shared comments from these people that posted complete lies and set up a fake policing group to slander me and Kirby.  I’m talking completely misrepresented “evidence” and outright lies because of being vindictive, not for any other reason.  One of the pieces of their “evidence” is a Rip Off Report that I made of a writer named Jason Piper.  Now, I placed the picture of the person I made the complaint about.  But, apparently, they thought they could twist that to say Evan Jensen is the guy in the picture and I stole his identity.  Meanwhile, Jason Piper is not happy at being referred as me and is threatening his own law suits against these ladies.  I merely made the report based only on that he did not send the books he promised my audience when we did an interview.  People count on me and that move reflected on me as a show host.  But this is just craziness.

Now, this brings me to mention two fans, which used these para-celebs to their own means and the very reason I am writing for “The Eye on the Paranormal”, two women that were once co-hosts of my radio shows. You’ve seen it out there.  A person leaves a group or is kicked off and the bully tactics start.  What did they do?  First they tried to contact a fraud exposing group, but, being that they were already their subject, they did not really believe them and thought they were spies of mine.  Then, they posted lies about why they left, and it had to do with sticking up for the stars, which was the farthest from the truth as could be.  These two (Judi Giramonti and Rosalind Hennigar) went so far and seem to be obsessively doing so. 

Perhaps this is what needs to change first, the bullying that seem to not just be an accepted behavior in the field, but, with the threats and all coming from the para-celebs and want of stifling people.  It would appear to this writer that perhaps, all is not well in the neighborhood and it needs to start with those we make into stars in the first place.  Either way, I will always fight for others. 

Evan Jensen
Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network

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