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Issue 103 – Lindsay Lohan Joining Paranormal Research Society?

By Kirby Robinson

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The answer might be yes! Lindsay has enough legal issues swarming around her, a fair share of scandal and deception, along with money issues. What should seal the deal is that PRS has a Mean Girls club deep within the bowels of PRS-Land. If someone should say or write anything bad about Ryan, their name pops up on the Mean Girls club hit list. Some even claim that they love Ryan and Sergey so much they’d let their kids die while they save the shady pair who rule PRS. In the Mean Girls club lingo, PRS really means Protect Ryan & Sergey.

How did this news come out? One of my fine reporters sent me a link to a Rip-Off Report that centers on the dribble of mostly internal complaints in a ghost-hunting group. But as the comments went on, the subject turns to PRS and what they’ll do to you if you don’t drink enough Kool-Aid and refuse to jump down the rabbit hole.

See the Ice Melt! Jim Bakker Proves He’s a False Teacher & Lousy Weatherman

Last week I shared the news that TV preacher Jim Bakker was warning the public that the weather was going to turn so cold across the nation that it would lead to death and mass destruction. Not only that, the deep freeze would last until spring. This was done to sell you more beans and a generator—because you’d make it through if you had enough power to heat up those beans!

Jim must get his news from one of those things who live in a the land of fire and suffering, as the current forecasts call for a warm up across the nation. So what happened to the freeze? It’s just one more sad fable from a sad false teacher sitting in Branson, MO hoping to play in the big leagues but has no true teaching to offer.

Jumping on the Ordained Train--Next Stop--False Teaching-Land

Over the week, a mini debate took place on the blog concerning the subject of ordination. If your mind is really focused on God and you have the ability to see spiritually you’d know this subject is full of crap and is manmade, and not from God. Show me one place in the Bible that mentions the term ordination for any man or woman. Ordination stems from man, organized religion, and the demonic forces.

Here’s a good page that takes an honest look at the ordination process from a religious perspective:

God the Father nor Jesus Christ never mentioned being ordained as a requirement to be a teacher of the gospel or a worker of miracles in the Name of Jesus.

You can walk this path and be filled with the love of Christ and desire to save the world and you can go through this path and be driven by ego, sin, and darkness.

There are online churches that will give you a paper that says you’re ordained. Sometimes there is no cost; sometimes the cost is only a few bucks.

The true purpose of the latter is to have something to brag about and feel important. The bearer of the false ordination can use it to take advantage of the tax laws and by gosh marry folks so you can make some extra cash. Also, there are those who do funeral sermons for some extra jingle.

None of the above really makes you ordained in the eyes of the one and mighty God. He is the only one that can really ordain anyone and only that ordination matters in the end

There will be many ordained pastors standing in front of the Lord and claim to be ordained  but will be found wanting. Here are two examples of their excuses:

“My teachings had to be true I was ordained, I had degrees, I had training. So if I told him them to send me money and they would get it back because of first fruits, I was right.”

“God, I was ordained so if I had sex with some women, some men and some children I was doing it out of love--ordained love.”

Get the message?

You can go through life, be a true man/woman of God, and never have an ordination in front of your name. Conversely, you can be ordained and destined to sit next the devil in hell.

When one of those false ordained preachers dons vestments, perform a wedding, and says the words “let not a couple joined by God be broken by man.” Who has the power to say those words? In some cases, I’d say a false preacher is cursing the couple with failure by performing the service.

Mark Hunneman was attacked over his ordination, as was Michael Frisbee. Go ask Chip Coffey about his ordination. While you’re at it, dig for information about Andrew Calder’s ordination -- you might be surprised.

In our book NeverMock God: The Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State’s “I Am Six”Case we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Andrew Calder wasn’t who he claimed to be. The Episcopal Church never ordained him. And all those fake para-celebs like Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey and Dave Schrader knew it and even helped him sell it.

Andrew Calder performed a wedding service in Nevada. In that state, you have to be licensed to do so. Did he lie about his ordination? That would be a felony. Did he even bother to file for a temporary license? [Try to come after me on this one and I’ll publish a letter that will further prove the facts]. Andrew Calder just went ahead and preformed the service with a list of of well-known fake para-celebs and one or two real ones.

So stop wasting your breath debating who is ordained or not. It’s of man not of God. Just that you are doesn’t make you a true teacher. Who really polices this crap anyway?

Unless you falsely claim to be ordained by man, and aren’t ordained—then it becomes an issue.

By the way Jesus Christ was never ordained by any man and He was the greatest teacher of all!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits St Xavier’s College Mumbai

Mumbai, India, 23 January 2013 - His Holiness the Dalai Lama fulfilled a long-standing invitation and visited St Xavier’s, the venerable Roman Catholic college in the heart of Mumbai. The principal, Fr Frazer Mascarenhas escorted him from his car into the main courtyard, which erupted in cheers as excited students, not only on the ground, but also at the windows and balconies of the upper floors, called out their warm welcome.

When he entered the hall where he was invited to speak, the audience were again welcoming in a way that seemed not just curious, but genuinely pleased to see him.

In his brief words of introduction, Fr Frazer said,

“We share in the Jesuit tradition. We strive not only for academic excellence, but also to enrich the heart and spirit. We are grateful to see you here, for you are one of the few people alive today who are like a conscience for the world. We believe you have a message for the twenty-first century.”

His Holiness responded in a characteristic way, “Spiritual brothers and sisters, young brothers and sisters, when I meet other people like you, I always think we are the same as human beings. This is important. Today, we 7 billion human beings are all the same, emotionally, mentally and physically. We all want to live a happy and successful life and we all have a right to do so.”

He explained that despite this we face many problems and many of them are our own creation. Why? Because we focus on the secondary differences between us - race, nationality or faith and within them whether we are rich or poor, educated or uneducated. At the same time we neglect the fact that we are all members of one human family. We bully, cheat and exploit each other. When this is what goes on, how can we be happy?

He said we are now in the twenty-first century and with our education and all our technical development we ought to be happier, but often even the well-off are unhappy inside. They are stressed, frustrated, mistrustful and suspicious. Yet, we human beings are social animals; we have to live in communities.

Material development alone will not make human beings happier. His Holiness mentioned that he sometimes wonders if animals, when they are not living under threat or danger, are not more content and peaceful than human beings. On the other hand, we have intelligence, this wonderful human brain. And the key to opening up our intelligence is education. But our modern education system often seems to have something missing. It lacks a moral outlook. Today, intelligent, educated people completely devoid of values are not unusual. He mentioned the perpetrators of the 11th September attack on New York as an example. The people who planned that were very sharp. Dull individuals could not have pulled it off, but the result was appalling.

“We need not only a trained intelligence, but also a warm heart. Then a sense of community and a sense of responsibility will arise naturally. Besides imparting knowledge, you Jesuits take care of our moral well being. Christians have made a great contribution to providing an all round education in so many parts of the world. It no longer surprises me to find that in places where people are deeply impoverished, there are Christian brothers and sisters working to uplift the poor and needy.”

Meanwhile, he added, there are also missionaries who explicitly seek to convert others to their faith and of that he does not approve. He says this only leads to trouble. Faith is a matter for personal and individual decision. Fostering harmony among spiritual traditions is one of his life commitments. And in this respect India observes a 1000 year old tradition of different religions live amicably side by side. During his travels abroad, His Holiness often points to India as an example of living religious harmony. This is not just some ancient custom, but something of immediate significance today. The essence of spiritual practice in terms of love, compassion, tolerance and contentment are part of a common message that is supported by various different philosophical points of view.

His Holiness declared that our religious traditions provide humanity with tremendous benefit and he envisages they will continue to do so into the future. However, of the 7 billion people alive today, apparently 1 billion consider themselves to be irreligious. Of the remaining 6 billion, many appear not to be sincere about the faith they profess. Here in India, which is a deeply religious country, countless families make prayers and offerings every day before a religious image or symbol. But when we look at how they lead their day to day lives, we have to wonder if what they are saying is not, “Please bless me that my corrupt and exploitative work is successful. How can you ask god something like that?”

The challenge today, he said, is to convince such people of the value of truth, honesty, compassion and a concern for others. How can we do this? Education has universal appeal. We need to find ways to introduce warm-heartedness into education. One way to do this is to show that warm-heartedness is the source of inner peace, that it brings inner strength and confidence. Today, scientific findings suggest that living in constant fear and anger eats up our immune system, with negative consequences for our physical health.

He also spoke of reading a report that people who tell lies tend to experience greater stress.

“I have some experience of this myself. Between 1952 and 1958, when Tibet was first dominated by Chinese Communist officials, I often had to smile and lie about how wonderful things were. Then in 1959 I escaped from Lhasa and came to India. For nine years I lived like a hypocrite and only shook it off when I reached the freedom of India. “My life has not been easy. At 16 I lost my freedom and at 24 I lost my country. Now in my homeland Tibet, things have if anything got worse. Tibetans continue to place their trust in me, so I carry a heavy responsibility.”

He told the story of one of his attendant monks who was imprisoned for 18 years in a Chinese prison, but who eventually came to India during one of the brief opportunities in the 1980s. During a  conversation with His Holiness this monk mentioned that he had been in danger several times while he was in prison. Thinking he meant a danger to his life, His Holiness asked what he meant and he said that he had been in danger of losing patience and abandoning his sense of compassion for his Chinese gaolers. This His Holiness considers to be an example of spiritual practice in action.

Students asked a series of intelligent questions. The first was about moral values to which he said that what brings joy can be seen as good and what brings pain can be seen as negative. What we have to do is to learn how to abandon the negative and foster the good. Just as observe physical hygiene for our physical health, we need to develop an emotional hygiene for our mental health.

As a proponent of non-violence, His Holiness was asked if the use of force can ever be justified. He replied,

“Violence creates more suffering. War is legalized and organized violence. In ancient times communities could afford to think of themselves as isolated, but today climate change and difficulties in the global economy have no regard for national boundaries; they affect us all. Our interests are bound up with others. For this reason war is out of date. The twentieth century was an era of violence and bloodshed. We should hope the twenty-first century can be different. It should instead be a century of dialogue.

“Theoretically speaking, in the Buddhist view, the difference between non-violence and violence lies in the motivation not so much the action. I hope that young people today can cultivate a vision not only that disputes and conflicts are solved through dialogue, but also that our world in future will become demilitarized.”

Another questioner asked about science and spirituality and His Holiness talked about the six day meeting he has just attended between scientists and monastics at Drepung, one of the monasteries re established in Karnataka. Asked about how to balance materialism and spirituality, he said that spirituality deals with ways to achieve peace of mind, whereas materialism is about physical comfort. We need both. But we also have to address such difficulties as the huge gap between rich and poor.

His Holiness ended with an appeal.

“Young people, those of us here today who are over 50 or 60 years old belong to the twentieth century a time that his gone, that we cannot change. It’s a memory that at best we can learn from. I believe that those of you who belong to the twenty-first century must cultivate a vision that this can be century of compassion, an era in which man made problems are reduce and peace prospers. You are the ones who can act and bring about change; those of us belong to the twenty-first century must cultivate a vision that this can be century of compassion, an era in which man made problems are reduce and peace prospers. You are the ones who can act and bring about change; those of us belonging to my generation will remain only as observers of how you get on. The future is in your hands.”

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Desert Flower

By V.K. Bronz

Ella was raised with her own mammy and with the finest of founding fathers heritage. As a young adult she married an anointed man of God and they settled in a beautiful home on St. Simons Island, off the coast of North Carolina.

When the anointing of God was poured out in the sixties and seventies this couple took young people into their home to bring salvation and set the captive free. Bible studies worship and praise were heard continually throughout the home.

Then the unthinkable but predictable happened; a young lady set about to seduce the man of God. She would pry and question to find out what he liked to eat what was his favorite this or that until she stole him away.

Ella and the man of God were riding in a car when a horrible accident occurred. Ella was thrown through the window; her face ripped off and landed paralyzed on the ground. As Ella lay in critical condition her husband would bring her paperwork to sign having to do with the home finances and the accident, unaware and trusting her husband she signed away all proceeds from the home, accident and finances to him. He left town with the money and the young lady leaving her scarred, paralyzed, broke, no home and children to care for. Thus began her journey in the desert circling the mountain.

When Ella got out of the hospital she attended a Home gathering of saints in her wheelchair. The spirit of the Lord came mightily pouring out upon her, her face was healed and she jumped out of the wheelchair totally healed!

During this time her husband was also being dealt with; he was in a hardware store walking down the aisles when suddenly he went blind. Horrified he cried out to the Lord and the Lord told him to return to his wife, he agreed and the Lord in his mercy restored his sight.

As he returned to his Ella he insisted to her he had to go to the young lady’s house and get his things; Ella was not happy with this idea but couldn’t talk him out of it. Sure enough when he returned to the young lady he never returned to his wife! You would have though fear of the Lord would have taken over but it didn’t.

He stayed with this woman the rest of his life and the presence of the Lord lifted from him. In later years he had cried out to the Lord for the anointing and presence but to no avail. Unaware of these details at the time the Lord sent me with a word for him out of Leviticus about returning what was taken plus fifteen percent. This of course was rejected; it amounted to quite a bit of money, I was attacked and I left. At this point in time the man has been diagnosed with cancer and not expected to live long.

Ella’s life as an anointed wife was stolen, her ministry with him was stolen, her home the security for her and her children all stolen, her union in Christ. Thus began years of deep struggles and suffering, where oh where are you Lord her heart cried.

The Lord still used her she moved around place to place looking without knowing what she was looking for; that union in Christ she once had; going in this and that direction as the world does; seeking, making mistakes but searching for what was lost.

Most of us have similar stories, that one thing that caused us to search for what we felt in the beginning, that union with Christ now seemingly lost; That one thing that sent us to the desert.

The Hebrews wandered in the desert forty years, searching for that city made by God: that place God has for each one of us; the land he has promised that is filled with milk and honey; the land of abundance that land of fullness, the land of peace, our inheritance.

The Lord was with them, showing himself faithful, showing himself strong, showing himself a provider for his sheep, a protector of the helpless, showing himself a loving father. Yes he kept his sheep in the desert; the strangest of places for sheep.

The Lord poured out in the sixties and the seventies, we reveled in our new found relationship and power seemingly unaware of our pride and fleshly strength, but then He took us to the desert. We lived and were used by the Lord in a small degree and our Father began our journey round and round the mountain; the mountain of God! Come to my mountain He cried but the Hebrews said no you go Moses. Come to my mountain cries God.

We have found out who he is; with some he has been a high tower to many a lifter of our head and still more a loving Father. Yes we have been in the desert to learn who our Father is, the great warrior the tender lover…..

Moses was chosen to lead Gods people and in his pride and the strength of his own hand he struck and killed the Egyptian.

Moses ran to the desert to hide. All the years in the desert broke him of the flesh and mans’ prideful strength until Moses said who am I Lord I can’t do that! Yes we have been in the desert being sifted and broken becoming one with our God even though it doesn’t feel that way.

We have learned who our God is, we feel weak and lost because we are no longer walking in our strength. We feel we can no longer fight or no longer want to.

He has not forgotten us he has come to our desert he is calling once again but now, as Moses, we have no strength of our own.

As I come to the end of this article I began worshiping to Robin Marks song “All is Well”

I’m held firmly in his grasp the rock of all ages
All is well with my soul
He is God in Control
I know not all his plans
But I know I’m in his hands

Weeping before the Lord soooo grateful being washed in his presence I saw John the Baptist standing in the desert proclaiming “make straight the way of the Lord” then as I could see the pathway through the desert I heard John say ”can you see him, look he’s coming.”

First Visit During Deliverance

By Stephen Piersall,
God’s Preservation Ministry,

Because of the last three Deliverance’s, I have been involved with I decided to write this particular blog. There may be a right way (through God) and a wrong way (scientific, New Age) of doing a first visit to the client’s home. However, I want to give a particular scenario that I believe could be used or tailored to fit your needs accordingly.


First thing on the phone before going to see her, I would advise her to have someone watch her son at a different location so we may conduct the interview in privacy and no distractions. I would encourage her to have anyone to be there with her to provide support or can relate with the findings that she has reported. I also would not go alone, as to make sure it never could get legal because she could accuse me of anything and I would have no witnesses for myself. The person coming with me would be someone I trust and know is a Christian. We would pray before knocking on the door and make sure all my senses are in alert mode.

I would introduce ourselves and turn on my digital recorder for the duration. We will sit with them and have them complete the consent form, and obtain the questionnaire that I had previously sent them so I can review their responses. I will use all my senses and listen to them tell their story. I would also have a discussion regarding fear to get their perspective, and would advise them of what I know of fear and the demonic. After reviewing the questionnaire, it will reveal all background information I need. I will take notes to document everything necessary.

I will ask permission to take a tour of the home, inside (Attic – Basement) and outside and surrounding area. I would also ask about the neighbors, and neighborhood. We would turn on EMF meter as we do the walk through. If they point out activity at a certain area, we will set the digital video camera in a spot that would be able to capture anything while I am there. My assistant would be taking random temperature, pictures, and EMF readings accordingly as well as humming christian songs throughout the process.

I will always try to debunk things accordingly, but will not tell them straight out that is what I am doing. I will always treat them with professionalism and respect, and accept any answers or comments “their truth” as they show me around and explain what goes on there.

After the walk through, we would sit and discuss the answers on the questionnaire. If they were not Christians, I would witness to them and at least plant the seed of salvation through Jesus Christ. I then would ask their permission to bind any demonic spirits present. If allowed, I would pray for the binding of the demonic spirits. I would also pray the Lord’s Prayer. I would discuss with them about releasing any Legal Rights or attachments and how they can free themselves through praying to God and asking for forgiveness and repent for any sins in their life. If they accept Jesus as their Savior, I would recommend they attend a local church of their choosing and be baptized.

I then would let her know that we will come back for a 2nd interview, which would give us time to go over the information collected and review anything the electronic equipment may have picked up. Once back to our vehicle, I would pray for continued protection and that no evil follow us back in to our lives.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

If you desire to serve Christ effectively in our generation, you MUST understand the essence of New Age thought. I've long known about New Age, but my studies in the paranormal have led me to a profound conviction that our planet is under terrible assault. December 7th was my mom's birthday, but we all know it as the day in 1941 "as a day of infamy." There were certain indicators that a Japanese attack was imminent but they were ignored...2,400 people died. There are much clearer indicators that ancient gnosticism is experiencing a global resurgence but they, too, are being ignored by most Christians. This attack is on the heart and soul of western civilization, and millions of casualties (eternal in nature) have already been sustained.

It is hard to believe that, given all of our modern advances, that we would fall prey to a mythological system which seemed to have gone into the dust-bin of history 1,500 years ago. Nevertheless these two movements resemble one another like two Siamese cats, sometimes even to the smallest detail. We don't wrestle primarily with flesh and blood but against the infernal general himself and his diabolical army; no wonder there is such similarity--the same massive evil intelligence is behind both. Diabolical influence on the earth in general, and human culture in particular, is Satan's standard operating procedure. We have this mistaken notion that demons sole focus is on individual temptation, accusation, and so on. Big mistake: they follow, and sometimes help create, the contours of human culture--national and international.  I have shied away from New Age conspiracy theories in the past because I knew it was beyond human capability to orchestrate such an elaborate global scheme. But I now realize there is an intelligence. (god of this world) capable of pulling it off--all played out on the space-time continuum on earth, but empowered and orchestrated in the paranormal realm.Let us now review the specific similarities between New Age and it's pagan, gnostic predecessor.

Cosmology: let us worship the great green one.This is where the New Age seems to have progressed far beyond the gnostic rejection of the material world. The goddess Gaia or Mother Earth (the bible says that God is our Father, but the earth is not our mother) gives to the universe its basic unity. We have now an earth goddess of witchcraft who is one with the universe, but not distinct from it. Remember how central Gen. 1-3 is to biblical theology...well all of that is being denied or inverted.So, like gnosticism, there is no given creational reality to which creatures must conform.Humans are inherently divine, and we are made up of divine energy, which allows us to be be co-creators. The idea is pantheism, with reincarnation as a result.Sounding like a gnostic master of old, Shirley MacLaine declares, "Birth into the physical is....a limitation of the spirit, and death of the physical is the return of the spirit to its proper domain."

Redemption: mind over matter, female over male. In Aquarian eschatology (end times) the ultimate incarnation of the antichrist may well be a woman.... As with the gnostics, contemporary New Age thinking sees the female principle as holding the keys to salvation. Many, including in the church, are calling for a return to goddess spirituality because of the alleged destructiveness of the male, patriarchal God of the bible. Much of radical feminism, which is largely responsible for the murder of over 50 million.babies since Roe, is borne along by the myth of the woman as the savior. They look to a mythical past (because it never happened) when there was comprehensive peace due to female dominance. The Jewish feminist theologian Rita Gross advocates the borrowing of Hindu traditions in order to effect the "the second coming of the goddess". (the bible is clear about role distinctions in the church, based on God's creation) As with gnostics, New Age teaching is intent on turning Gen.1-3 on its head.The Creator God and Adam were fools, and Eve is enlightened by Lucifer--who is emerging as the true spiritual leader under the New Age umbrella or rainbow.

Christology: Christ, a spiritual state and not a person. Schucman's "A Course in Miracles"  reveals that we are Christ's equals...being already perfect like Him. This is very similar to the gnostic gospel of Thomas where Jesus reveals to Thomas that he is not his master but His equal--twin brother. All we have to do is tap into this Christ consciousness. In New Age thinking, as with gnostics, the historical person and work of Jesus are superfluous.Christ is our higher self. If Irenaeus were alive today, he would certainly condemn New Age Christology as "an abyss of madness and of blasphemy against Christ."

Theology: "I am God in light." As with gnosticism, we all are divine. There is no separate Creator God. We are made of God energy, which means that God is impersonal and unknowable."God" is simply a term used to designate the cosmic energy that makes the universe turn. (This is precisely the lie that Satan enticed Adam and Eve with...becoming as gods) This idolatry has consequnces in sexuality (Rom.1:18-32)

Sexuality: the new androgynous humanity Both gnosticsim and New Age are monistic--they erase distinctions (like male and female, right and wrong, Creator and creation) and the result is that the model human is a perfect mix of feminine and masculine. The distinction between male and female is obliterated, and there logically follows the sexual perversion as seen in New Age ethics.The militant gay rights movement is indicative of this slide into darkness and societal chaos. Sexual perversion is notorious for bringing down civilizations. What was the most noble form of sexuality in ancient Greece...pedophilia. NAMBLA is now seeking to be recognized as part of the democratic ideal. We are playing with fire here and everybody is going to get burned.

Techniques for self-knowledge: going within via a passage to India As in gnosticism, New Age consciousness raising needs "spiritual technology." Instead of Jesus's historical ascension into heaven, the New Age speaks of how various techniques can help our souls or consciousness ascend into higher vibrational levels. The list of techniques used for self-realization and healing are endless. The promise of self-realization through self-knowledge is to be had through meditation.There is a growing sense of union with the universal divine. But, again, this is the old lie of the Devil. Since we cannot become like God, such procedures inevitably leads to the loss of any true identity or even possession.

The bottom line  There is an astounding similarity between the historical and theological parallels in gnostic and New Age thinking, which suggests a common generating source--Satan. All of these diverse elements that come under the New Age rainbow, are designed to be there.In its planetary vision and one-world philosophy, the New Age has far exceeded gnosticism. The gnostic empire is striking back after 1,500 years with renewed and added force. Satan is repeating himself in human history, and as Christians we need to recognize what is going on. This bottom line should alert Christians to take the New Age with utmost seriousness. Every believer needs to understand what is happening so that they don't get caught in one of its many traps, and to rethink their faith and witness in light of this pernicious heresy.This is not just another passing fad...I think this is Satan's last stand.

I am currently in the midst of the darkest nexus of supernatural evil I have ever encountered. The person I am helping has a husband who is a high ranking UN official--he is also possessed  She texted me tonight because, after picking him up from work, they both heard two very loud growls in their car, and they were petrified. Later tonight I read a personal message on Facebook which was threatening: "I have one thing to say--close your church or it will be closed for you." ...based on the Satanic symbols on her page, it would seem she is summoning demons against me. I will not live re-actively -all curses have been trumped by the blood of the Lamb and been declared so... I replied that I currently did not pastor a church, and that Jesus loved her and can liberate her from darkness--I was there if she ever wanted to talk. Love is the final apologetic to those caught in New-Age/occultic bondage.

By the blood of the Lamb, we WILL be victorious. However, it is up to us to have the compassion to understand Satan's schemes and warn others of it.  To God alone be the glory! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Issue 102 – National Bean Week! False Teachers & False Doctrines Stink Things Up!

By Kirby Robinson

If you haven’t smelled it yet let me warn you that the doomsday prepper for profit Jim Bakker has declared that it’s National Bean Week! Apparently, his 60 million dollar debt to the IRS is on his mind.

But first…


We have a few spots open to those who want to blog for us. You can have any opinion you’d like and you don’t have to agree with anyone, including me. You have the right to express your own views. Contact for more details.

They Did a Bad Bad Thing!

Starting in February, every weekend will be a devoted to those who’ve done a BAD BAD THING. You can send in your reports of a bad psychic, bad demonologist, a fake paranormal investigator or a bad experience with a false teacher either new age or Christian. Feel free to share your story and let the public know about those who have done a bad bad thing.


1 Send your story to

2 You can use your name or be anonymous.

3 Send it via a Word document. Keep it under 1200 words.

4 Be sure to check for spelling and grammar as we won’t be editing it.

5 Posts will be posted in order received--so send them in by Thursday.

6 We don’t endorse anything posted about anyone. This is the contributor’s story -- not the blog owners.

7 If someone sends in a report we’ll try our best to contact them [you] to get your side of the story.

Some Appalling Teachings Going on Out There!

The Gospel according to the Beatles?

Yes, a mega church [the only purpose of a mega church is to line pastors’ pockets and get them on TV], has started a series of teachings entitled THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE BEATLES.

I guess I missed the news that the Beatles preached the Gospel of Christ.

There is no mention of their claims that they were more famous than Jesus Christ ever was. Of the “Fab Four” it should be noted that George Harrison was a Hindu, and when he died in 2001, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Ganges River in India. The others followed spiritual paths, and they didn’t lay hands on the sick, raise the dead or cast out demons in Jesus Christ’s name.

Why are we seeing this kind of crap in the church? Are so many pastors in this nation afraid of the gospel? Do they fear talking about sin due to people finding a different church? Do they fear the Holy Spirit as so few have ever been touched by it? These days it seems that many pastors serve the dark master and not the master of light. An example of this is Joel Osteen.

Joel Osteen: “We are in debt to Judas.”

Yes, the pastor who is afraid to offend anyone is actually teaching that all Christians are in debt to Judas for what he did!

Now let’s play this out to the end. Judas once served the Master of Light [GOD] but he fell under the influence of Satan, sold our master out, and lied to Christ. What Osteen is teaching is that Christians are in debt to Lucifer himself. This is similar to the false teaching of Joseph Smith that Christ and Lucifer were brothers and fought for the right to be sent to earth to die. Christ won. By the way, if any Mormon wants to clean your home of demons send them packing. You can’t serve two masters at the same time.

So maybe we see why there are no good fruits coming from Joel Osteen.

The Benny Hinn Family Just Can’t Keep Their Pants On!

The story starts here about Sam Hinn, Benny’s little brother.

But here is the whole story

Jim Bakker

Jim says the USA will go into a deep freeze over the next few weeks and it might remain so for the near future. This according to such sources such as and AccuWeather. We wonder why he isn’t warning the government of his findings? I wonder why CNN, FOX, or MSNBC isn’t reporting on this story?

For those who don’t recall Jim’s past just Google his name and you’ll find the sex scandal that ruled the late ‘80s. He wasn’t the only one at fault as Jessica Hahn set him up, the media sold him out and Jerry Falwell wanted his satellite outlets for political purposes. In Jim’s defense, he did take responsibility for his actions.

Maybe he took a look at the crowded field of TV preachers and noticed that no one was selling survival goods, things like portable generators, 20-year-food supplies, water filters and chips and salsa, so he figured that pond wouldn’t be too crowded. Also, thanks to National Geographic Channel’s reality show, Doomsday Preppers, there is a built-in audience.

Sadly, to sell his doom and gloom scenario, he had to become a false prophet. Jim predicts there will be earthquakes but never pinpoints the location or what it’ll rank on the Richter scale. For example, will it hit America in 2013? Sure, that’ll happen, but where? He never says that a 5.0 earthquake will hit New Orleans, LA on July 4. That would be a genuine prediction and if it does happen then it’s a sign from God. And if he stated such a thing, he’s a prophet. The other thing Jim does is teach the false teaching that the church as a whole has to go through the Tribulation, which the majority of End Times researchers disagree with. This week on the Jim Bakker Show it’s National Bean Week and he’s pushing various types of beans, like black beans, pinto beans [“nutritious, filling and affordable”], and Rio Grande beans. Jim pushes the fact that you can even make burgers out of them. Beanburgers, anyone?

He should be warning his followers with this hilarious clip:

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Buddhism & Democracy

By The Dalai Lama

1. For thousands of years people have been led to believe that only an authoritarian organization employing rigid disciplinary methods could govern human society. However, because people have an innate desire for freedom, the forces of liberty and oppression have been in continuous conflict throughout history. Today, it is clear which is winning. The emergence of peoples' power movements, overthrowing dictatorships of left and right, has shown indisputably that the human race can neither tolerate nor function properly under tyranny.

2. Although none of our Buddhist societies developed anything like democracy in their systems of government, I personally have great admiration for secular democracy. When Tibet was still free, we cultivated our natural isolation, mistakenly thinking that we could prolong our peace and security that way. Consequently, we paid little attention to the changes taking place in the world outside. We hardly noticed when India, one of our closest neighbours, having peacefully won her independence, became the largest democracy in the world. Later, we learned the hard way that in the international arena, as well as at home, freedom is something to be shared and enjoyed in the company of others, not kept to yourself.

3. Although the Tibetans outside Tibet have been reduced to the status of refugees, we have the freedom to exercise our rights. Our brothers and sisters in Tibet, despite being in their own country do not even have the right to life. Therefore, those of us in exile have had a responsibility to contemplate and plan for a future Tibet. Over the years, therefore, we have tried through various means to achieve a model of true democracy. The familiarity of all Tibetan exiles with the word 'democracy' shows this.

4. I have long looked forward to the time when we could devise a political system, suited both to our traditions and to the demands of the modern world. A democracy that has nonviolence and peace at its roots. We have recently embarked on changes that will further democratize and strengthen our administration in exile. For many reasons, I have decided that I will not be the head of, or play any role in the government when Tibet becomes independent. The future head of the Tibetan Government must be someone popularly elected by the people. There are many advantages to such a step and it will enable us to become a true and complete democracy. I hope that these moves will allow the people of Tibet to have a clear say in determining the future of their country.

5. Our democratization has reached out to Tibetans all over the world. I believe that future generations will consider these changes among the most important achievements of our experience in exile. Just as the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet cemented our nation, I am confident that the democratization of our society will add to the vitality of the Tibetan people and enable our decision-making institutions to reflect their heartfelt needs and aspirations.

6. The idea that people can live together freely as individuals, equal in principle and therefore responsible for each other, essentially agrees with the Buddhist disposition. As Buddhists, we Tibetans revere human life as the most precious gift and regard the Buddha's philosophy and teaching as a path to the highest kind of freedom. A goal to be attained by men and women alike.

7. The Buddha saw that life's very purpose is happiness. He also saw that while ignorance binds beings in endless frustration and suffering, wisdom is liberating. Modern democracy is based on the principle that all human beings are essentially equal, that each of us has an equal right to life, liberty, and happiness. Buddhism too recognises that human beings are entitled to dignity, that all members of the human family have an equal and inalienable right to liberty, not just in terms of political freedom, but also at the fundamental level of freedom from fear and want. Irrespective of whether we are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, belonging to one nation or another, to one religion or another, adhering to this ideology or that, each of us is just a human being like everyone else. Not only do we all desire happiness and seek to avoid suffering, but each of us has an equal right to pursue these goals.

8. The institution the Buddha established was the Sangha or monastic community, which functioned on largely democratic lines. Within this fraternity, individuals were equal, whatever their social class or caste origins. The only slight difference in status depended on seniority of ordination. Individual freedom, exemplified by liberation or enlightenment, was the primary focus of the entire community and was achieved by cultivating the mind in meditation. Nevertheless, day to day relations were conducted on the basis of generosity, consideration, and gentleness towards others.  By pursuing the homeless life, monks detached themselves from the concerns of property. However, they did not live in total isolation. Their custom of begging for alms only served to strengthen their awareness of their dependence on other people. Within the community decisions were taken by vote and differences were settled by consensus. Thus, the Sangha served as a model for social equality, sharing of resources and democratic process.

9. Buddhism is essentially a practical doctrine. In addressing the fundamental problem of human suffering, it does not insist on a single solution. Recognising that human beings differ widely in their needs, dispositions and abilities, it acknowledges that the paths to peace and happiness are many. As a spiritual community its cohesion has sprung from a unifying sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. Without any apparent centralized  authority Buddhism has endured for more than two thousand five hundred years. It has flourished in a diversity of forms, while repeatedly renewing, through study and practice, its roots in the teachings of the Buddha. This kind of pluralistic approach, in which individuals themselves are responsible, is very much in accord with a democratic outlook.

10. We all desire freedom, but what distinguishes human beings is their intelligence. As free human beings we can use our unique intelligence to try to understand ourselves and our world. The Buddha made it clear that his followers were not to take even what he said at face value, but were to examine and test it as a goldsmith tests the quality of gold. But if we are prevented from using our discrimination and creativity, we lose one of the basic characteristics of a human being. Therefore, the political, social and cultural freedom that democracy entails is of immense value and importance.

11. No system of government is perfect, but democracy is closest to our essential human nature. It is also the only stable foundation upon which a just and free global political structure can be built. So it is in all our interests that those of us who already enjoy democracy should actively support everybody's right to do so.

12. Although communism espoused many noble ideals, including altruism, the attempt by its governing elites to dictate their views proved disastrous. These governments went to tremendous lengths to control their societies and to induce their citizens to work for the common good. Rigid organisation may have been necessary at first to overcome previously oppressive regimes. Once that goal was fulfilled, however, such rigidity had very little to contribute to building a truly cooperative society. Communism failed utterly because it relied on force to promote its beliefs. Ultimately, human nature was unable to sustain the suffering it produced.

13. Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic human desire for freedom. The hundreds of thousands of people who marched in the cities of Eastern Europe proved this. They simply expressed the human need for freedom and democracy. Their demands had nothing to do with some new ideology; they were simply expressing their heartfelt desire for freedom. It is not enough, as communist systems have assumed, merely to provide people with food, shelter and clothing. Our deeper nature requires that we breathe the precious air of liberty.

14. The peaceful revolutions in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe have taught us many great lessons. One is the value of truth. People do not like to be bullied, cheated or lied to by either an individual or a system. Such acts are contrary to the essential human spirit. Therefore, those who practice deception and use force may achieve considerable short-term success, but eventually they will be overthrown.

15. Truth is the best guarantor and the real foundation of freedom and democracy. It does not matter whether you are weak or strong or whether your cause has many or few adherents, truth will still prevail. Recently, many successful freedom movements have been based on the true expression of people's most basic feelings. This is a valuable reminder that truth itself is still seriously lacking in much of our political life. Especially in the conduct of international relations we pay very little respect to truth. Inevitably, weaker nations are manipulated and oppressed by stronger ones, just as the weaker sections of most societies suffer at the hands of the more affluent and powerful. In the past, the simple expression of truth has usually been dismissed as unrealistic, but these last few years have proved that it is an immense force in the human mind, and, as a result, in the shaping of history.

16. As we approach the end of the twentieth century, we find that the world has grown smaller and the world's people have become almost one community. We are also being drawn together by the grave problems we face: overpopulation, dwindling natural resources, and an environmental crisis that threaten the very foundation of existence on this small planet we share. I believe that to meet the challenge of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for his or her own self, family or nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the real key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace, the equitable use of natural resources, and the proper care of the environment.

17. This urgent need for cooperation can only strengthen mankind, because it helps us recognize that the most secure foundation for the new world order is not simply broader political and economic alliances, but each individual's genuine practice of love and compassion. These qualities are the ultimate source of human happiness, and our need for them lies at the very core of our being. The practice of compassion is not just a symptom of unrealistic idealism, but the most effective way to pursue the best interests of others as well our own. The more we - as nations or as individuals - depend upon others, the more it is in our own best interests to ensure their well-being.

18. Despite the rapid advances made by civilization in this century, I believe that the most immediate cause of our present dilemma is our undue emphasis solely on material development. We have become so engrossed in its pursuit that, without even knowing it, we have neglected to foster the most basic human needs of love, kindness, cooperation and caring. If we do not know someone or do not feel connected to a particular individual or group, we simply overlook their needs. And yet the development of human society is based entirely on people helping each other. Once we have lost the essential humanity that is our foundation, what is the point of pursuing only material improvement?

19. In the present circumstances, no one can afford to assume that someone else will solve our problems. Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction and we must each assume that responsibility. What we have to aim at is the common cause of our society. If society as a whole is well off, every individual or association within it will naturally gain from it. They will naturally be happy. However, if society as a whole collapses, then where can we turn to fight for and demand our rights?

20. I, for one, truly believe that individuals can make a difference in society. As a Buddhist monk, I try to develop compassion myself - not just from a religious point of view, but from a humanitarian one as well. To encourage myself in this altruistic attitude, I sometimes find it helpful to imagine myself, a single individual, on one side and on the other a huge gathering of all other human beings. Then I ask myself, 'Whose interests are more important?' To me it is then quite clear that, however important I may feel, I am only one, while others form the majority.

Washington, D.C., April 1993

Monday, January 21, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Ryan Buell’s Been Caught with his Pants Down…

… or was that a False Police Report in his Hand?

For all those thinking that we don’t have reporters everyplace, please think again. We catch Ryan Buell and his tool crew up to no good.

We have to share what might be Ryan’s new theme song:

Robert Crook, a lawyer and part-time moderator on the message boards, makes sure Ryan and crew only read and hear what they want to. Mr. Crook is always worshiping Ryan and he tries to spin a story to please his dark master. Yet this lawyer named Crook ultimately fails.

Here he spins a story with the help of Ryan:

But here is the truth:

It has come to our attention that Robert Crook, PRS staff and associate attorney at Bradley & Gmelich, has made posts to PRS social sites indicating the following:

“Recently, a number of people have been contacted by a man posing as a law enforcement officer, seeking any information concerning Ryan [Buell] and PRS.  This claim is bogus.  There is no law enforcement organization seeking information about anyone affiliated with PRS.”

He then further indicates that the individual(s) who have brought this activity to his attention wished to remain “anonymous”.

We cannot corroborate the claim that a man impersonating an officer is contacting individuals within the PRS community at random.  However, we can confirm that Ryan Buell, director of PRS, recently contacted Lakeland, FL police and filed a report, the contents of which the investigating officer found to be inaccurate.  In the course of investigating Mr. Buell’s claims, the officer was told about the refunds issue and decided to open an investigation into that matter.

To aid law enforcement in its efforts, we have prepared and provided to police a list of individuals who voluntarily gave us their names and contact information and expressed that they wished to make statements.  Only those people who have given their names should be contacted by police.

While the investigating officer has, at this time, indicated he feels the claims are primarily civil in nature, he has deferred the matter to the FBI (as the purchases occurred over the internet) for further review.

We have been directed by law enforcement to instruct those seeking a refund to file a report using the complaint center.  Your report should subsequently be routed to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

You also have the option to commence litigation against PRS to seek reimbursement of any monies you may be owed.  We are happy to help with attorney referrals, but we cannot give you legal advice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Additional information has come to our attention which warrants a few corrections/clarifications to our post above.

It is our understanding that Mr. Buell’s complaint to the Lakeland City Police was not looked into further after the officer’s preliminary investigation.  The Polk County Sheriff has initiated a separate investigation in response to customer complaints.  Therefore, our previous statement that it was the officer taking Mr. Buell’s complaint that initiated the investigation as it relates to refunds was inaccurate.  They are actually two separate matters.

The sheriff is aware that tickets were purchased through Eventbrite and may have access to a roaster of individuals who have purchased tickets to PRS events.  Thus, there is some possibility that if you have purchased a ticket to a PRS event in the past, you may wind up being contacted.  Further, as more ticketholders file complaints with the FBI and/or their local police offices, there most likely will be more law enforcement officials investigating the matter and asking questions.  We have no control over how the police may conduct their investigation.  It is always wise to make sure you know who you are talking to.  Getting the officer's name, a work phone number where you can call the officer back, and the office where the officer works out of is prudent.

You are still encouraged to file a complaint through the FBI Cyber Crime Complaint site at website if you are owed money.  As an additional measure, you can follow up with your local police department. Be sure to bring your FBI complaint number with you and give it to your local sheriff when you file your local complaint.  The police are viewing the refund of the ticket price as a potential criminal matter, and only ancillary expenses (travel, lodging, time off from work, etc.) as civil.

We sincerely apologize for the errors contained in our statement above and hope this post helps clarify matters.  
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