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Issue 103 – Lindsay Lohan Joining Paranormal Research Society?

By Kirby Robinson

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The answer might be yes! Lindsay has enough legal issues swarming around her, a fair share of scandal and deception, along with money issues. What should seal the deal is that PRS has a Mean Girls club deep within the bowels of PRS-Land. If someone should say or write anything bad about Ryan, their name pops up on the Mean Girls club hit list. Some even claim that they love Ryan and Sergey so much they’d let their kids die while they save the shady pair who rule PRS. In the Mean Girls club lingo, PRS really means Protect Ryan & Sergey.

How did this news come out? One of my fine reporters sent me a link to a Rip-Off Report that centers on the dribble of mostly internal complaints in a ghost-hunting group. But as the comments went on, the subject turns to PRS and what they’ll do to you if you don’t drink enough Kool-Aid and refuse to jump down the rabbit hole.

See the Ice Melt! Jim Bakker Proves He’s a False Teacher & Lousy Weatherman

Last week I shared the news that TV preacher Jim Bakker was warning the public that the weather was going to turn so cold across the nation that it would lead to death and mass destruction. Not only that, the deep freeze would last until spring. This was done to sell you more beans and a generator—because you’d make it through if you had enough power to heat up those beans!

Jim must get his news from one of those things who live in a the land of fire and suffering, as the current forecasts call for a warm up across the nation. So what happened to the freeze? It’s just one more sad fable from a sad false teacher sitting in Branson, MO hoping to play in the big leagues but has no true teaching to offer.

Jumping on the Ordained Train--Next Stop--False Teaching-Land

Over the week, a mini debate took place on the blog concerning the subject of ordination. If your mind is really focused on God and you have the ability to see spiritually you’d know this subject is full of crap and is manmade, and not from God. Show me one place in the Bible that mentions the term ordination for any man or woman. Ordination stems from man, organized religion, and the demonic forces.

Here’s a good page that takes an honest look at the ordination process from a religious perspective:

God the Father nor Jesus Christ never mentioned being ordained as a requirement to be a teacher of the gospel or a worker of miracles in the Name of Jesus.

You can walk this path and be filled with the love of Christ and desire to save the world and you can go through this path and be driven by ego, sin, and darkness.

There are online churches that will give you a paper that says you’re ordained. Sometimes there is no cost; sometimes the cost is only a few bucks.

The true purpose of the latter is to have something to brag about and feel important. The bearer of the false ordination can use it to take advantage of the tax laws and by gosh marry folks so you can make some extra cash. Also, there are those who do funeral sermons for some extra jingle.

None of the above really makes you ordained in the eyes of the one and mighty God. He is the only one that can really ordain anyone and only that ordination matters in the end

There will be many ordained pastors standing in front of the Lord and claim to be ordained  but will be found wanting. Here are two examples of their excuses:

“My teachings had to be true I was ordained, I had degrees, I had training. So if I told him them to send me money and they would get it back because of first fruits, I was right.”

“God, I was ordained so if I had sex with some women, some men and some children I was doing it out of love--ordained love.”

Get the message?

You can go through life, be a true man/woman of God, and never have an ordination in front of your name. Conversely, you can be ordained and destined to sit next the devil in hell.

When one of those false ordained preachers dons vestments, perform a wedding, and says the words “let not a couple joined by God be broken by man.” Who has the power to say those words? In some cases, I’d say a false preacher is cursing the couple with failure by performing the service.

Mark Hunneman was attacked over his ordination, as was Michael Frisbee. Go ask Chip Coffey about his ordination. While you’re at it, dig for information about Andrew Calder’s ordination -- you might be surprised.

In our book NeverMock God: The Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State’s “I Am Six”Case we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Andrew Calder wasn’t who he claimed to be. The Episcopal Church never ordained him. And all those fake para-celebs like Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey and Dave Schrader knew it and even helped him sell it.

Andrew Calder performed a wedding service in Nevada. In that state, you have to be licensed to do so. Did he lie about his ordination? That would be a felony. Did he even bother to file for a temporary license? [Try to come after me on this one and I’ll publish a letter that will further prove the facts]. Andrew Calder just went ahead and preformed the service with a list of of well-known fake para-celebs and one or two real ones.

So stop wasting your breath debating who is ordained or not. It’s of man not of God. Just that you are doesn’t make you a true teacher. Who really polices this crap anyway?

Unless you falsely claim to be ordained by man, and aren’t ordained—then it becomes an issue.

By the way Jesus Christ was never ordained by any man and He was the greatest teacher of all!

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Rev Mark Hunnemann said...

In the Presbyterian form of church government(which I believe is biblical), we simply affirm that the elders/deacons of the church have to meet certain requirements, and are "ordained" by the laying on of hands by the local church.Pastord, as teaching elders, are peers with the ruling elders.The call to ministry must originate from God but somehow has to be recognized by the visible church. I think you are throwing out the baby with the bath water on this one brother. If folks only knew how difficult it is to become ordained in some denominations they might re-think the issue.Luther was very keen on re-establishing the biblical truth of the priesthood of all believers, but he certainly believed in an educated, ordained clergy. After being so viciously attacked as being a fraud, it is kind of unnerving to be lumped in the same group as all the rest of the guys you mention.And I certainly do not see how this clears up the issue that the raving maniac pursued in trying to discredit me. In a word, the election/appointing of elders in every local church is a form of ordination.

Rev Mark Hunnemann said...

It seems I posted this after the wring article