Sunday, September 7, 2014

Go Into the Light...A Falseness Exposed, Part 2

Continued from Go into the Light...A Falseness Exposed, Part 1

In this part 2 of the series “Go into the Light” we will embrace how a common practice in the paranormal community and new age ministry of commanding “lost souls/lingering souls” to “go to the light” to be free is dangerous.  The marker for this is biblical knowledge of how God operates. Telling or commanding something like this is a FALSE belief as well as practice.
What some of you may not truly understand is that God is a just and righteous God.  Thus he will NOT take back his words against those who revolted against what he stands for purity and righteousness.  The words spoken against the Fallen Angels (Demons) will stand for infinity against them.

Many false prophets are asserting the same deception in the world.  One can easily do internet searches to find these people to align with.  Even though the intentions come across as sincere, this belief that “lost souls/lingering souls (which are demons) can be saved that one can help those that are in “limbo to cross over to the light” through some combination of extra-biblical insights and apologetics skills, flies in the face of God.

Through these efforts these individuals who practice this “act” seem to believe that they are able to persuade the demons (posing as once living humans) to go to the Glory of God.  In other words you are telling a Demon to repent of their actions, thereby gaining the forgiveness from God that humans feel they should have under an “all loving God.”

We should take heed of the wise counsel of Scripture, for this is God breathed through man to speak to the world back then as well as today.  Scripture counsels that, “And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you.”  Mark 13:5 (KJV).

This is then followed up by the words written and recorded in Scripture found in Ephesians 5:6 (NIV) “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient.”

It is dangerous to propose a false revelation that one can send a “spirit of a loved one into the light” as this contradicts both sacred scripture and 2000 plus years of Church teaching.   I am not saying that all church teachings are accurate, for we know that many churches have false leaders in them.

What is being stated, is that you cannot dispel or discount what Christ stated or what the words of the prophets were recorded as true.  The sacrifice of Christ upon the cross is sufficient along with the acceptance of what Christ did in one’s own heart for true redemption.

Information about this false doctrine and using God to “usher” in those “lost” spirits to the light of God can be obtained and sought out from different sources (false at that).  In searching, one can find if they are willing to work hard enough which claim to be true.  I will not name this source, but one can search this out for oneself.

Many of these people also ask Michael the Archangel to take those into the “light of God” to be set free.  This too is false!  The blessed Archangel Michael is a warrior for God, and does the will of God at the command of God for the Kingdom of God.

One cannot think you can simply command let alone ask the blessed Archangel Michael to take the “these lost souls” into the “light”, thus this practice places Michael the Archangel above God.  So when you do this you openly mock God, thus making you a target now for the Fallen Angels.

The problem is the flawed logic and reasoning used to arrive at the conclusion that St. Michael can usher a demon “into the light” and that demons can be saved.  This false evidence is partially based on readings from the apocryphal Book of Enoch (not in the official canon of Scripture) and a psycho-mystical book’s.  One book that discusses this falseness is Spirit Releasement Therapy which, among other nonsense, teaches “past life regression therapy,” “soul recovery,” and “birth regression”.

It is a very scary situation to see someone engage in a personal relationship as these books teach to do so with a demon to have a discussion over moving the lost souls onward “to the light.”  Christ commands we confront demons in his name to cast back to the pit of Hell, not “meet with them”, let alone tell them to go towards the “bright white loving light” which awaits them.  The entities being engaged are fallen from heaven, thus cursed by God to never return due to their actions.

This aspect is not to be a counseling session with a lost soul (demon), or a talk over coffee so to speak as to why they are present.  This is war!  The task of Exorcists & Deliverance ministers is to cast out the snake from our client, or the house of our client.  If this snake (demon) starts crying and pleading for mercy, we are to not take pity, or that they need help to “get to the light”, we are to cut off its head – show no mercy.

The general public who have bought into this false doctrine of moving souls into the “white bright light” have been seduced just like the woman Eve in the garden. Demons are the ones posing as these once human souls, thus cannot be saved and returned to heaven to be in glory once again.

The next logical flaw is that after we have asked St. Michael to “take them into the light” we presume that the reason we do not see them (demon) again is that they (demon) are now in heaven. Incredible and yet very dangerous to assume this.  The demon has a vested interest in making one think that.  This is a way the demons operate to keep a person in delusion.

Now, there is another possibility to this realm of moving towards the “white light.”  Perhaps St. Michael, under authority of Jesus Christ did take the lost soul (demon) into the light — the light from the fires of hell where the demon is to be at and that is why those doing this never see them again.

So what then really happened?  It’s impossible to know exactly for sure, but one thing is certain – demons posing as lost souls needing help cannot be saved.  Perchance God in the divine mercy and love for the person being afflicted by this spirit caused the demon to leave once and for all.  God is merciful and, in spite of our imperfections and mistakes, God intercedes because he loves us and he knows us better than we know ourselves.

The view of these individuals who are perpetrating this falseness of moving a soul or spirit onward is unbiblical and completely off base in origin.  What this does is supersede God, and that is why this is very dangerous.  Basically you are telling God, I’m more powerful that you, see what I can do in your name.

We will advance this further in the last part of this series.

God’s Blessings.