Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Issue 89 – Christianity, Buddhism & "I Am Six" News

By Kirby Robinson

We've never been as busy at the Eye as we have been over the past few weeks. Soon you'll be able to read the results of some shocking things we uncovered—and we don't get shocked easily.

A while back I took part in what was to be a fair and balanced interview but turned out to be an ambush interview on a radio show that I won't name. The group of "ladies" that took part showed their ignorance about Eastern religion and philosophy by making such statements as: the Hindu religion only has one god that they worship. Someone claimed that I couldn't be a Christian and study Tibetan Buddhism. I'd like to address this issue.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama isn't a God-King and he claims to be nothing more than a simple Buddhist monk. To study Tibetan Buddhism you don't worship anyone or anything. It's a system of belief that is meant to train your mind to follow the middle way and to show love and compassion.

I've been attacked by the misinformed, the misguided and those who seek to keep the deceptions going within the paranormal field that I must be a bad student. They allege there is lots of judging that goes on in this blog. Christ doesn't want doormats, He wants warriors who stand up when they witness those who take part in bad deeds.

Here are some books that show a linkage in Christianity and Buddhism:

The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus
By The Dalai Lama

Without Buddha I Could Not be A Christian
By Paul F. Knitter

Living Buddha, Living Christ
By Thich Nhat Hanh

From Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity
By Steve Cioccolanti

If one takes the time to read any the above books, you'll see that a person can embrace the code of ethics and mind training and never violate the teachings of Christ. It's through Christ, and no way other than Him, that can you reach heaven.


Repeatedly I've stated that I was done with publishing books on PRS/Paranormal State. And I meant what I said. But back in August the phone rang at 4 AM and started a journey like no other that I've ever experienced and an investigation that changed my life.

We've heard about the case, watched the episode and heard the spin put on it by the para-celebs. Everyone connected to the case has been profiting from it for the past four years. Later this month, Ryan Buell/PRS will be hosting a 2-night event online for $75. You can watch them spin more tales, tell more lies, and show more fake footage.

Here's a recent post from Ryan Buell's page:

"I Am Six" is one of PRS's most talked about cases even to this day. Find out what happened after the cameras were turned off and how we held it together.
“I Am Six”: The story of Lara and her family’s struggle against darkness. The community rallied together around this family and now is your chance to find out what happened. Join PRS in a two part webinar series, Oct. 19th and 20th, where they will discuss the case, shed some new light on it, and interview some of those who witnessed it. 

In our forthcoming eBook, you'll learn the real story and you won't have to spend $75.

You'll follow us to Quincy, Illinois and read what some of the locals have to say about the case--and about Lara who is known locally as Paranormal Girl. We visited the house, looked around and talked to the neighbors. What did they see and hear during the filming? We break down both episodes like no one else can and reveal the tricks and deceptions. We show the reader how the wounds could have been self-inflicted. We got our hands on a key piece of tape that the public wasn't ever meant to see. Most shocking of all, we stumble onto a secret that PRS and a certain para-celebrity hoped no one would ever discover.

We have returned to our realistic, hard hitting writing style and don't hold back. You'll want to read it from start to finish. And you'll learn why you don't mock GOD … or the devil.

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