Sunday, July 5, 2015

Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 8

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In my continuation on the blog series Spiritual Warfare from the last time I discussed the critical aspect of demons and your faith.  In this blog aspect I will now finish off what many refer to as the Spirits.  So from our last blog we have learned the demons are angelic creatures created by God.

Examine this: Demons are like massive freight trains raging down the tracks with you being a toad who has been pinned to the tracks.  That train is racing towards you and nothing you can do about it will stop it.  The only thing that is going to prevent you from becoming a toad splat is a third party who is stronger than the train who suddenly intervenes on your behalf.  That third party is God.  It is not God and an angel, not a whole band of angels, not angels plus your praying friends.  This is GOD alone.

So let me discuss holy angels for a moment.  Do you want to upset God who can protect you from demons during your life?  Do not start glorifying a guardian angel or discuss this. God abhors idolatry and idolatry is the worship of created things.  To avoid a painful lesson in how angry God will get with rebellious Christians, I suggest you need to dump the whole angel platform into the trash can.  Angels serve God and angels have nothing to do with you. 

Angels are not a personal squadron who are just waiting for you to tell them where to fly and go.   This idea that we can direct angels about is yet one more example of how big-headed we are.  God has not directed some angel with the assignment of guarding you in life.  So let me say this “you do not have your own guardian angel in life.”  This is a false superstition which man concocted from comments in the Bible, none of comments are based on fact. 

Psalm 91, King David decorates a ridiculous picture of how God will treat us in life. The point of the Psalm is to talk about how glorious God’s protection can be, and King David personally experienced a wonderful example of it.  Celebrating the miracles God has performed, David starts going off on what I shall say is falseness and ludicrous rants. We do not command any angels to assist, only God commands.

We humans have as much knowledge as a rock and egos as HUGE as the universe.  We state words like, “God has given us all guardian angels to protect us.” People get a grip here, this poem is Psalm 91.   Would you want to be held accountable for every “out of whack” statement you ever wrote down to someone you were captivated with?  No, you wouldn’t.  King David was obviously exaggerating.  David used vivid language to try and communicate his extreme emotions. Go try stepping on a venomous snake and see how that works out for you.  Go kick a boulder with your bare foot and see if an angel swoops down to protect you.  Oh, but Jesus said “we would trample on serpents.”  Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ said that.  Go step on that snake right now you’ll quickly discover you’re misinterpreting this passage and maybe others.

If we’re going to grow past spiritual infancy one needs to recognize that not every word in the Bible is God-breathed truth.  Some of it is man ego-breathed.   Statements about God in the Bible are not meant to be taken literally.  God makes these statements “I will remember your sins no more.”  This is the intricacy of God’s will.  So God has amnesia?  Of course not.  To really understand what God wants to teach us, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to give us the discernment we need.  Not this easy warm fuzzy feeling we acquire and call spiritual awareness.

God is the only One who can protect you from demons, and He will.  God will not entirely shelter you from demons.  On the contrary, God wants the demons to harass you at times. Demons are like snarling dogs who God has chained up so that they can’t reach you, but sometimes God unleashes them upon you.  When God does this act, those demons surge upon you trying to get as much damage done before God flicks them away.  There is only one reason that demons ever attack you: because God wants them to. 

Demons know we are wimps and they can’t wait to get their opportunity to nail us.  They are always hovering around waiting for God to give them permission to attack.  The frustrating aspect for demons is that God never gives them full rights over you.  If God did, they would tear you apart.  Remember:  The train versus the toad?  Terrifying situation isn’t it?  So there is only one source of hope: the mercy of God.  God is good and He carefully limits when demons can access you, how much access they have and what kinds of things they can do against you. 

Every demonic encounter a person has is controlled by God. It is in those moments because God is good.  God will never leave you, nor will He let demons do more damage than He feels is beneficial for the long-term health of your soul.  Okay, so if you’re powerless in this situation and God is the One controlling everything, what do you pray? God isn’t going to take orders from you.   God already knows you want the demons to go away. Here’s what you need to learn: Everything that God does to you in this world is done to draw you closer to Him and strengthen your personal bond with Him. 

How does this work?  Remember the four essential attitudes from the previous blogs?  God uses the demons to help cultivate those attitudes.  Focus on reverence prompts you that God is infinitely stronger than demons are, so do not have to be afraid because God is on your side.  Focus on submission leads you to pray, “Help me to learn everything which you are trying teach me through this experience.”  Focus on dependency steers you away from trying to direct God in your life.  Focus on trust motivates you to keep truths about who God is: He is good, He loves you, and you can count on Him to always do what is best for your soul.

Do you understand spiritual warfare now when it’s explained correctly?  This has everything to do with focusing on God and the desire to fully cooperate with the methods and nothing to do with trying to overcome the enemy. Those four core attitudes are what turn demonic attacks into blessings in your life.  Stay allied to God and allow Him to pour those four values into you.   You shall become more confident, be at peace and not fearful as the oppression by demons envelopes you.  Therefor the feeling of being threatened by demons shall become minimal because of having such deep trust in the One who controls their activity in your life.

I hope you found this blog series helpful.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist