Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Doctor Will See You Now." A Look at The Demon Doctors

By Ryan Harshbarger

Dear Archangels, I, who am deserving of nothing, beseech thee, go now to Our Lord and Our Lady of Good Success and intercede for me, as this poor servant desires to prostrate himself before Them and submit to whatever they desire. As my heart and my entire being belongs to Them, may I, like a small drop of dew, lose myself in the immensity of the Divine Being.  Amen.

Over my 16 years of being involved in the field of paranormal research I have met many people and have come across thousands of theories and methods of contacting and cleansing haunted locations. I have witnessed everything from charlatans take advantage of people's weaknesses and I've been present when valid responses have brought hope to many searching for answers from the other-side. Recently I have noticed a shift in the paranormal community's evidence and their explanations as to what is causing homeowners and business owners to experience things they cannot explain. Perhaps all the recent skepticism that has not only discredited most of the evidence and in some cases even brought shame to many teams has made them look for a new angel that's not so easy to debunk. Whatever the case it seems that demons are the new fashion in paranormal research; everyone seems to be jumping on this bandwagon and trying desperately to ride this crazy train to the very end.

If you are serious about researching the paranormal and have been on more than 5 investigations with a team that actually knows what they are doing, then you're usually aware that almost 99% of the time most of the claims can be explained by natural phenomenon and in many cases just poor upkeep of the locations. Most of the time you're just sitting in dark creepy rooms talking to yourselves for 6 hours without yielding any results at all, “that's just part of it.” In almost all the various spectrum's of this field there is always a group or an individual that claims to be an expert, this I scratch my head on because paranormal research is by no means a perfect science. If it were, then the  legitimate scientific community would acknowledge it as such. Right?

While roaming the Internet I happened to stumble across a team called the “Demon Doctors”. I was floored by this and had to get a hold of these guy's and hear their story, so I sent an email to them and asked if we could do a little interview so I could find out what this mystic and pragmatic pitch was all about. The members are Dr. A. Hasankhani and Dr. J. Dodd. My first question obviously was “are you guy's really doctors?” “Neither of them hold a PhD or an Md” so I was kind of confused. Dr. Hasankhani's explanation to this was “well when you're in need of help and you want someone professional you go see a Dr.” Both gentlemen were very humble and seem like what they're doing is for the benefit of those in need so I gave them praise on that because that's what the world needs more of, “people helping people.” I was curious about how they vanquish the demons and unclean spirits so I asked if they had any affiliation with any church or if their exorcisms were sanctioned by a priest and both denied any affiliation with any church whatsoever. My personal beliefs on this matter are that “the Church should always be involved or at least briefed.”

 Their methods are very unique, Dr. Hasankhani informed me that he uses spirit guides to asses demoniacally infested homes and that him and his partner can actually “call upon the Arch-Angels to enter the homes and vanquish the demons.” They can even do this over the phone, (yes over the phone) they claim to be the only humans on earth that have this gift bestowed upon them to contact and utilize Arch-Angels to engage in combat with demons that are terrorizing families across the U.S.

I asked both gentlemen how they came to have these powers and Dr. Hasankhani's response was that his “spirit guide” informed him of his ability and Dr. Dodd had actually been involved in an accident where he was clinically dead and brought back to life, he later ran into Dr. Hasankhani and he informed Mr. Dodd that he too possessed this ability to call upon the Angels. Both men don't seem concerned with the churches view on people performing these exorcisms and vanquishing demonic forces because both men view their abilities as gifts from GOD. I did go over the Cannon Law 1172 paragraph's 1 and 2 with both men, Dr. Dodd's response was “there are many manmade laws out there and the Churches laws are manmade law, no disrespect to the Church by no means but they are manmade laws.” 

So do these two guy's honestly have a GOD given ability to call upon Angels to vanquish demons? Well, unfortunately I was unable to contact any of their clients to get any sort of validity towards their claims. They do however post many compelling testimonials on their website but by no means can I call that creditable because all the client information is kept sealed tight. I have been a believer in spirit guides for quite some time now and firmly believe that we all do have protectors on the other-side that keep us in check, so that I can buy into but the claims of being able to call upon Arch-Angels without  any theological background nor any deep religious support other than self proclaimed connections I kind of have a hard time buying into. “Personal relationships with GOD is a wonderful thing.” I think that everyone has that connection and if they were not so distracted by all the day to day routines of life we could perhaps hear his calling like those that came before us. Mankind has so many things that push us away from the creator and the theological guidelines that are meant to lead us towards the light, it's sad actually all the deaf ears that have been turned to such a beautiful message.

Obtaining higher levels of consciousness are practices that date back to the first steps of mankind. So if these two gentlemen have somehow managed to tune into a frequency that most cannot, “then why not share this gift with the world?” They don't charge for their services so we can't dub them scam artists by no means, but we can look into a theory of “the power of suggestion” perhaps the clients   that they are helping are not dealing with “biblical demons” but “personal demons” per say, all these clients may need is a guiding voice to somehow use a method of “subliminal rearrangement.” I know that may sound a bit out there as well but look at it like going to counseling. Through a method of breaking down the symptoms and claims, they are able to use a calming voice that somehow convince the clients that what was tormenting them has been cleansed by Angelic intervention. With that refreshing news they are able to take the proper steps of getting a handle on their own troubles. By no means am I saying that this is the explanation of what they are doing, but the human brain does work in very mysterious ways and sometimes a person just needs to be told “everything is OK now” and that can then become the catalyst of a new beginning for them. “So is that a bad thing?”  Are these guy's really calling upon Arch-Angels? That's a question I cannot answer but as long as they are helping people and not making a mockery out of the mission of helping those in need I see no harm done.