Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Issue 55 –Psychic Kids Pilfering!

By Kirby Robinson

Yes we have survived the holidays and are now ready to get back to work exposing the paranormal fakers and false demon chasers out there.

But first let's take a minute to reflect. The EYE ON THE PARANORMAL has gone through many changes in 2011. We've gone from one post a week to new posts every day. We offer a voice to anyone who has the guts to step up and take the chance. Back in 2008 we were on the forefront of exposing paranormal fakers and frauds from psychics to para-reality shows. We did this due to the harm that was being done by those who only have dollar signs in their eyes. Those para-fakers fed off the children featured on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and the viewers who were led to believe the show was authentic.

Our detractors can only run and hide from the truth we are spreading. To date, not one point we raised concerning the fake para-reality shows such as Paranormal State, Demon Exorcist and Psychic Kids have been disproven. We helped stop Chip Coffey's newest fake reality show from being picked up, along with many others. We helped the Face Book page for Psychic Kids get locked down to protect children from the predators who trolled there in search of victims. We stood up to personal attacks lead by Sandra Lynn Sparks and Chip as they refuse to address the truth. Instead, these supposed adults chose to make fun of my failing eyesight or raised questions about my sexuality.

But on a sad note it seems true that has been parked. We are sad to see this happen and wish Ron Tebo the very best in his life. If he would ever want to post here we would make room for him.


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It was bad enough that such fake para-celebs like Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming, Michelle Griffin, and Kim Russo put children's mental and emotional health at risk and used them to make money.  But they keep trying to slip their hands into people's pockets and mess with their souls. How do they do this?

A production company or a TV network often sets up websites to support a TV show or allow like-minded viewers to gather and exchange ideas and ask questions about the show's content. This was the case for Psychic Kids. A Face Book page was established and became very popular for fans of the show, both adults and children. Unfortunately, what the public didn't know was that neither A&E nor the show's producers monitored the activity. This left it wide open for all kinds of predators to troll for unsuspecting victims. People posted questions and would get a comment/answer back from a person like Sandra Lynn Sparks. Was she working for A&E? No. Was she hired by the production company? No. Does she have any training working with kids? No. Who was she working for? Chip Coffey.

Sandra was a moderator on Chip's board and she is also behind two other boards. We'll get to this next week as we take a look into the content. Sandra made sure that links to Chip's services and events were regularly posted. This made it look like the show was backing these events. She also posted links for Chris Fleming's events, along with any that Michelle Griffin hosted.

If a child posted questions about their mental health, Sandra Sparks would jump right in and direct them to her pages. If a parent posted, she directed them to her pages. And if any doubters posted anything negative about the show, the fake para-celebs or the mental health professionals who engaged in questionable actions on the show, she would launch attacks and spread lies about the doubters.

Does this sound like a safe place for the public? Not at all. Safe for kids? Definitely not. At one point a known convicted felon was posting, willing to work with kids. Another individual, a man, was posting that he was willing to work with young children. This man regularly directed the kids into private chat rooms and never once were the words "ask your parents first" ever used.

It's hard to separate a dog from his bone. The same is true of a fake para-celeb and his meal ticket. When the Face Book page for Psychic Kids was locked down and Sandra couldn't pretend to be a moderator, a new Face Book page, Psychic Kids: Afterword was introduced. It's not an official page and the public isn't' informed of this. Again, they are starting to play their games to scam the public.

To date they only have 70 followers. You can catch Sandra Lynn Sparks and her sockpuppet accounts trying to look busy.

Next week we expose more of the Psychic Kids scam.


Every Sunday we have the World Wide Prayer Circle. People from all over the world, and from all faiths, can post their prayer needs, no matter how great or small. This is for you, your friends, family—anyone. Let's bring glory to the powers of peace, love, faith and compassion to all.

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