Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Issue 75 – The Getcha, Gotcha, Good of the Fake Para-Unity Movement

By Kirby Robinson

The above video will be added to every Wednesday blog from now on, because it's a message and a warning that we all can learn from. If we don't, then the paranormal realm will end up being a bigger circus of frauds, fakes, deceivers and soul stealers than it already is.

If you listen and watch the video, 90% of the false teachers it exposes and warns about were around back in the 1970s and 80s. That was when they started to teach their doctrine of little gods, and success being the only way of entering heaven. They taught that you give and expect to receive. And the counterfeit Jesus doctrines that have filled the church today that the Mormon cult [yes it's a cult, just older and more established] is now accepted as mainstream Christianity.

Why did this happen? Because so few spoke up back then and tried to stop it. Those that did were attacked and torn apart and called a fringe element. They were accused of trying to cause division within the church and the brotherhood of Christ. They were cut out of almost all the televangelism networks.

The same thing is happening today with in the paranormal field. If you point out bad teachings [or outright false teachings], if you expose the fakes, if you warn people that the paranormal entertainment industry is destroying the field, then you're labeled as bad news. You have the Bible thrown in your face "Judge not!" [While they judge you]. They try to stop your voice from being heard. Paranormal radio networks won't allow the shows on their networks to feature you. If a show does put you on, they receive hate mail. Then there are warnings of a guest boycott in the future. If you go public about going to a convention, emails are sent warning that you'll be arrested or you're not welcome! What are they hiding? What is it they don't want you to know?

Last week someone asked what are you going to be talking about on Sacred Division this week? Without thinking, I said I wasn't going to be on anymore, that as we spoke someone was working to have me removed from the show.

Unlike fake psychics, who charge exorbitant fees for personal readings or sucker you into some horse and pony show minus the horse and pony, they're full of crap. Unlike the many fake demonologists who claim to walk and talk with God, the only thing they walk and talk with are lies and deceptions. [Some are even in league with what they claim to cast out]. I do practice the spiritual gifts; I do embrace the Great Commission to preach the good word, to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead [still waiting on that one]. This isn't done by my own powers, for I have none, but only via the grace and powers from GOD that can flow from anyone as long as they believe.

Last Friday night that vision came true and it was interesting when it did, as I was in the middle of an attack from demonic forces relating to a case I'm working on. [Unlike many of the fakers who only get as close to a real case as that paranormal fiction book will get them]. Someone found the time to dig through every single one of the 250+ blogs posted on EYE ON THE PARANORMAL and found something by a former guest blogger [special contributor] that cast Bishop Long in a negative light. [I still feel he's the real deal and have respect for him and his group and have no issues with him or them]. But they knew what his reaction would be.

So I'm a victim of the Getcha, Gotcha Good of the Fake Para-Unity Movement. But they can't win. They can laugh and sound witty in the emails they fire around to each other. [Don't think we don't see them and that we don't know who you are]. They can laugh about the fact that I'm no longer on the radio--ha ha.

THE EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is bigger and better and we're about to become even bolder. Our readership is up, our support is at its highest, [private emails are sent as many fear and know about those para-unity idiots attacking them if they speak up for us]. We publish 7 days a week now and are about to add even more bloggers—and more videos.

The more hate that's sent our way only tells us one thing: we're doing our job. We have no irons in the paranormal fire. We belong to no group, nor do we seek membership to some organization with matching t-shirts/outfits. We're the last voice in the paranormal that reports the truth. We don't give lip service to what those paranormal fakers who support that para-unity movement want you to know, think, and most of all--what to spend your money on. And when they get your allegiance, you money, what else will the para-unity movement want from you? Your soul.

I know Christ wouldn't remain silent, and am pretty sure Paul would have stood up to the paranormal thugs. And so will I.

Answering Karla's Comment

Karla said...
Is Eye on the Paranormal a blog about religion, faith and spirituality? Or a blog that lashes out at others whose beliefs and practices are different. That's what the Westboro Baptist Church does and it's disgusting, sick, ugly and evil. It's wrong and the greatest sin of all. Kirby, you are better than that.


THE EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is a blog about the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. It often gets people worked up and often what one thinks is the truth is actually the forces of darkness masquerading as the truth.

We publish 7 days a week, and our bloggers come from different spiritual paths. They are allowed to write about any paranormal or religious topic they choose. We have Buddhists, Christians, atheists [and in the next few weeks, we'll be adding more paranormal writers as special contributors].

It's not lashing out or attacking when one encounters errors of others who are teaching or preaching a position that if others follow, may lead them off the path or lead them into a bad situation or cause them to believe in things which aren't the truth.

It's interesting to note that you seek to make a tie between me and the Westboro Baptist church, which is a lightning rod for most to automatically generate anger/hate towards anyone associated with such a hate group.

Your last sentence concerning the greatest sin is even in error. The greatest sin is that sin known as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Next Wednesday – Should convicted sexual predators be active within the paranormal field? A special report you don't want to miss!

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