Sunday, July 15, 2012

Introduction To Paranormal 101

By Paula Sevenfold
*WARNING* Negative spirits is not something to be entered into casually or as a hobby!
Demonologists, priest,  pastors, minister and bishops  have devoted their lives to the field of theological study. They have spent years in study and working with people and helping people be delivered of oppression through demons or evil spirits. 
If you do not have the proper studies, qualifications etc, do not think you are prepared to deal with demons, wraiths, and any other type of negative force… This is something real professionals handle and they do not glorify it anywhere on which to become rich and famous .
The spiritual world does exist and is not meant to be fun and games.... The real risk could lead into oppression , obsession, false doctrines, attachments, run - ins , push - ins, possessions, sudden illness, sudden death, sleep deprivation, anger, divorce, sudden misfortune , fights, health issues, accidents, bad break ups, time loss and the list goes on!
     I am going to be doing a lot of venting in this blog because there seems to be a huge increase with today’ so- called “Ghost Hunters “.These so-called “Ghost Hunters”  do not stick to any type of protocol whatsoever and some even  steal other’s  hard work!
This is the Do’s and Don’ts of the Paranormal Field when learning before ever taking on some sort of client or clients. I am sorry but I am mind boggled that a large number of these so  “Paranormal Teams” Do Not and I mean DO NOT do any sort of paper work.” Yes, you read that right and it gets even more disgusting:  they take people’s money and walk out on the families. Clients are supposed to trust us and they call us in for some sort of help. We are supposed to be professional and take what we do seriously. It is very sad some do not and it can be very nerve wracking to a client.
  When dealing with a client you need to have paper work already for them to fill out such as legal rights, insurance liability, insurance bonding, non-disclosure agreements, copyright/intellectual property waivers etc. this paperwork is important and must include liability insurance etc. for the priest, reverend, pastor, minister, deacon ad infinitum., when they go into a home to do an exorcism, house cleansing and also just to begin and to complete an investigation. The aforementioned is the proper protocol l for all areas of this field.
Many frauds argue what is and what is not professional and they come back as if they were professional. A lot of clients do not do back ground checks and even teams do not do background checks! This field is very dangerous in all aspects. You never know if you are walking into a house that someone could be a huge drug dealer or serial killer. There is also the possibility if your team is not properly bonded, that the team could be accused of Grand Theft among other pitfalls of not following proper protocol.
There are kid teams out there too, that do not know the risk and dangers. Some teams even call themselves  experts but we are all equal and no one is an expert in this field.
There are red flags if a team does not have their stuff together and just evidence collecting :
·         *No paper work (Liability, Bonding, NDAs et al.,)
·         *Charging Money
·         *Demanding donations
·         *Walking out after 15 minutes
·         *Bragging  (giving into Pride, rather than the humility to serve the clients’ needs)
·         *Bringing in occult tools for a cleansing
·         *Lying and/or not acting in a professional manner
·         *Faking evidence
·         *Stealing people’s, teams’, crews’ evidence
·         *Bringing  their kids on investigations*
·         *Drinking or partaking in any illicit drug while investigating
·         *Not takng any notes or questioning the clients before going in
·         *Provoking without the proper training and the long list goes on
·         *No thrill seeking
·         *No privet Donations
·         *Not publicly showing Exorcisims and esspecially not haven any documentation backing it up! The list goes on and on!
   These are the ones that charge, screws up on cases and give in to their own pride. Bashing other teams publicly and humiliating others, harassment, threats and that is just the beginning.  This is not a plague given to only Paranormal Teams, False Prophets do it too! They think exorcisms are the best thing in the world and they glorify it everywhere.
 I am seeing more and more people turning to the occult side of things and they are doing more harm than good. Satan wants you to think any way he wants , he can tempt you into falling for his spiritual tramps. Thrill seeking is highly dangerous and there is a high demand for the negative evidence because many believe or choose not to believe in his tricks and games. I’ve seen a large number of victims having  more negative problems in their lives and is turning to God because they are crying wolf. This para-drama must stop .
There is a high number of priests, reverends, ministers, pastors and paranormal teams being sued because they did not do any type of paperwork, walking out on clients scamming them and much worse I’ve heard of horrible cases involving rape and molestation!
 *Investigators* can become the hunted and negative spirits do hide and there is a handful of people that do and do not know this. There are some that use religious materials such as holy water, franken scents,vanilla but what they do not know when using that spirits do manifest and can come after you full force.
If you are not properly trained to do that , it can and will be very dangerious. Families should not be in the home during a cleansing and during a investigation during a exstreme case. There is some teams who fail to obied by this and the case can tend to get worse.
 So if you are a client reading this or an investigator-in-training please read this and remember you are putting someone’s life in your hands , when it comes to taking on clients. Clients please beware there are a high number of frauds out there.
There is good news, there is also a good handful of teams out there, doing their  job well!    They get the churches involved , keep things to themselves no para-drama,  collecting evidence in the correct and professional manner. They are not lying to their clients and not exploiting the “coolness” of exorcisms. There is nothing cool about them. It’s very sad that frauds are running rampant and they do ruin it for the good teams out there! I Know a lot of good teams and if I named them all, it would be a book!
So I give Hugs through the Lord to them and they know who they are! The Lord knows who they are. Please be aware and alert and if you are Paranormal Team, continue your studies and do your good work.
God Bless !

*Unless that child is in their teens and an investigator-in-training. You are helping a client, find a babysitter!