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Issue 61 – Disturbing Paranormal Behavior--A Special Report by Reporter X

By Kirby Robinson

Thanks for checking out a very special edition of THE EYE ON THE PARANORMAL. We're fortunate to release the first of many special reports that will be filed by REPORTER X. As stated earlier, we personally have no idea who this person is we haven't spoken to them directly. All communications flow through a third party who changes email addresses every week.


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Due to the notoriety that my name carries within the paranormal community I spend what little free time I have lurking and watching, rather than participating in the activities that occur online by various paranormal groups and discussion sites. Much of what I see is harmless as sometimes they know what they are talking about and other times they have to be making it up as they go. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue because some of it is very disturbing not only in the actions they take but just who is doing it.

Approximately 1.5 – 2 yrs ago, there was a Face Book “war” so to speak between PWSM/TPG (Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael & Taunton Paranormal Group).  Apparently, they were working 4 psychics and for some unknown reason, they parted ways with the psychics.  What I found disturbing was that the members of TPG posted pictures of the psychics defaming them.  Calling them such names as Frauds, fakes, liars.  They seemed to have singled out the leader of the psychics, and posted an isolated picture of her with the caption of “Nut & Fraud”. Not only is this horrible to do to someone but this also opened them up to be sued and/or arrested for cyber bulling.  With this, I decided to check out the website and personal face book pages of the women as I had seen that one being called a nut & fraud along with another woman whose picture was posted and defamed.

I found this behavior very disturbing as these people claim to be doing God’s work yet they had no problem defaming these women on a worldwide forum.  Regardless of their reasons, I found this behavior to be juvenile and to be honest, for those CLAIMING to do God’s work, disgusting. What I truly found disturbing and disgusting was the added comments by their associate Fr. Bob Bailey.  He, as a Priest, should not only have not participated in this behavior.  He should have discouraged it, not encouraged it.

I never commented, but I followed the posts which went on for, if I recall correctly, a couple of months. 

At some point, in the late Spring or early Summer of 2011, a post was made on the wall of Fr. Bob Bailey & the PWSM Network page about these women wearing THEIR team shirts and claiming to be part of this group and they were lying.  Now my curiosity is aroused because the public is getting only one side of the story, so via face book, I contacted both of the women I saw on The Haunted,  Paula O’Brien & Deb Carmone and what they had to tell me was not only astonishing, but appalling.

After hearing what they had to say, I feel that the OTHER side of the story needs to be told and someone needs to know that things are not what they seem with this team and Fr. Bob Bailey.  In the paranormal world, Fr. Bailey has made quite a name for himself and from what I told, he is more focused on being a TV star and certainly does not conduct himself in an appropriate manner as a Priest.  Like I stated above, I was appalled and I felt that this should be brought to the surface as these women have been just about ruined in the paranormal world because of the fact that the public believed what was said about them on the Taunton Paranormal Group’s face book due to the fact that it was authenticated by the comments of a priest.

I am familiar with you trying to expose things such as this through a mutual face book friend and so this email.  Here is the story that was told to me:

As I stated, the two groups parted ways.  The Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael consisted of Fr. Bob Bailey & 4 psychics.  Paula O’Brien, who was the co founder of The Paranormal Warriors along with Fr. Bailey, Deb Carmone, Cyndi Mattison & Rochelle Carmone.  They worked in conjunction with a paranormal group called The Taunton Paranormal Group.  At one point, Fr. Bailey decided that the format which The Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael were using during their investigations was going to change.  He made this decision without consulting the co founder, Paula O’Brien or the other psychics and announced in a meeting he called with the women and 3 members of the Taunton Paranormal Group.  Founder Lou Toledo, Co Founder- Rob Jacobs (who by the way, states on their website that he is Founder of Taunton Paranormal Group. Lie!  Lou Toledo, no longer with the group was) and their newest member Al Fetta (no longer with their group).  The women were not in agreement with the new plan.  

According to Paula, during a meeting, Fr. Bailey stated his new format. Regardless of what the women said, it was going to be HIS way and they had no say. They were so taken aback by all of this, that Paula decided that she wanted to have a meeting with just the 4 psychics and the Taunton Paranormal Group without Fr. Bob to get their opinion regarding his new “regime” because during the meeting, they (TPG) were very quite. Never really stated their opinion and every time one of the women tried to express theirs, Fr. Bob would talk over or over rule so they wanted to have a meeting without him present to get a feel as to how everyone really felt about the changes and then Paula would have planned on sitting down with Fr. Bob, one on one to discuss.  She sent an email to Rob Jacobs requesting such a meeting, the women and the “Taunton Boys” as she called them.  Rob sent the email to Fr. Bob and without even asking for an explanation or talking to Paula regarding, he sent her & Deb a nasty email telling them he was breaking up the group and Paula was no longer the co founder.  Personally, I never heard of someone UNco founding a cofounder but, whatever.  The women took the name of The Paranormal Warriors and Fr. Bob kept the original name of The Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael and combined it with the Taunton Paranormal Group and they are now known as Fr. Bob Bailey & PWSM Network.  Taunton Paranormal Group still have their own website but they still work with Fr. Bob and Rob Jacobs is now his new sidekick.

Fr. Bob would not listen to reason and with a day or so, the pictures of the women went up on face book and the war began.  These women were under defaming attack.  Members of  TPG starting posting comments that were supportive of the defamation and Fr. Bob posted little comments that supported what TPG were claiming and that the women knew were aimed at them.  He would quote things that the women would say. Example:  Paula, who is a Wiccan would say to them, in jest when they would tease her “Do I need to remind you that I can get to you without even being there”. So when they would tease her she would shorten it by saying “Do I need to remind you…”   Rob would make a nasty comment and Fr. Bob would post “Do I need to remind you…”  Rob’s response:  “Yeah...go ahead and remind me”. I escalated so bad that Paula had to get an attorney to issue a Cease & Desist Order to Fr. Bob to stop or an injunction would be started to sue them.  The order was ignored.

The barrage of insults kept on coming and Paula emailed both Fr. Bob & Rob and asked them to remove the pictures and the blogs as she did not want to sue them.  Again, ignored so at that she printed out everything from face book and sent it to the Bishop.  The Bishop’s assistant called Paula, she told him what was going on and he assured they would address it with Fr. Bailey.  They were also reported to Face Book by Paula and Deb Carmone.  The pictures and blogs were removed, so they are assuming Fr. Bob was talked to by the Bishop and, face book may have taken action.  That they do not know for fact.

During all of this, I noticed the women never retaliated by posting anything comparable about Fr. Bailey and/or the Taunton Paranormal Group.  I found that interesting, so I asked Paula why.  She said because they chose the high road rather than stoop to the juvenile level of Fr. Bob and his “merry men” is what she called them. (lol)

Everything was quiet for a matter of months and then in the late Spring or early Summer of 2011, a post appears on the Fr. Bob & PWSM Network face book page.  It mentioned that there is a group of psychics going around wearing their T-Shirts and claiming to be part of their group. It also stated that they (PWSM) were in no way associated with that group.  Obviously, he was talking about Paula’s group and Paula said “I kept my silence long enough.  I went ballistic when someone brought that post to my attention.”  So I posted that “there is a group going around stating that we are wearing their T-shirts.  I said, We paid for them. One of our team member’s business sponsored them so from my point of view, they are wearing OUR shirts.”  She said a number of members wrote back with comments of support for her comment.  People were getting sick of seeing these women bashed.  People were putting comments on PWSM’s face book page telling them to leave these women alone. That they have not posted anything negative about them.

Paula said she sent an email to Fr. Bob telling him that once again, this crap is starting up. That those shirts belong to the women just as much as PWSM even more so as they were sponsored by Deb’s company and that they (the women) do NOT claiming nor have they ever claimed to still be part of PWSM. She said at lectures, they give the history of the group and mentioned that they were all one group but she said she just mentions that the group broke up into two.  She said she told Fr. Bob that whoever his spy is is giving him erroneous information.  She said Fr. Bob answered the email but he never addressed the issue.  He just reiterated why the original group broke up to begin with and then told her he will block her email so he never has to hear or deal with her again.  How ironic!  They start a problem and then he responds like that! 

The other thing I find interesting is according to what Paula & Deb told me, after the 2nd Haunted episode that they did, The Demonic Seduction, Fr. Bob received a call from Betsy (don’t know her last name) & Michal Rosen from Animal Planet and they want to offer the team (they were still together at this time) a series called Demon Hunter.  Paula said Fr. Bob and us were very excited as you can imagine.  She said Fr. Bob told Mike that he had to talk to his Bishop about it. He couldn’t just accept a TV show.  In the interim of Fr. Bob speaking with the Bishop, Fr. Bob went to shoot an episode of Paranormal State.  When he came back, he told  Paula & Deb asked him about his appointment to speak with the Bishop regarding Demon Hunter.  Paula said Fr. Bob told them he never intended to speak with the Bishop regarding Demon Hunter.  He was going to ask permission to go on sabbatical to study Demonology.  Deb said, that’s not what you told us and she repeated what he had said about speaking with the Bishop for permission to do the show.  He said told Deb that she had misunderstood him. She said, you told Paula the same thing.  He said, then both you and Paula misunderstood me. Yeah right! They BOTH misunderstood him.  Paula said that he told her, he couldn’t do a TV series. He has a parish to run.  Now remember, during all of this, he is shooting episodes with Paranormal State just about every 2-3 wks. at this point.

These women are now upset. A chance of a life time is given to them and he turns it down without discussing it with them.  Paula said that it wasn’t about the glamour of being on TV, it was about how it would have made them recognizable and with that, they could have conducted lectures and spread the word on how the evil is crossing into our realm and effecting us all.  She said, of course it would have been fun too.  Who wouldn’t want to have their own series but being on tv wasn’t the main objective.  Why shouldn’t they all get paid for doing what they loved instead of going to jobs that they hated just to pay bills. After all, Fr. Bob was being paid for Paranormal State by that time. Paula has an email where he states that he NEVER wanted the TV show. That SHE did because she wanted to quit her job.  She said, “You’re damn right I did. I was working for a doctor at that time that treated me like he owned me so yeah, I wanted to quit and get paid to do for what I loved instead of what I had to do to survive.”  I find that funny because Fr. Bob was the one on Paranormal State every time you turn around and now the rumor is he is going to be featured on Demon Hunters which is going to be produced by Ryan Buell, which brings up another point.  He and Ryan apparently had a difference of opinion sometime last summer I believe (Fr. Bob posted it on face book) and parted ways.  Now they have made up so he is now going to be doing Ryan’s show.   I also remember seeing a post that Fr. Bob had on his PWSM Network face book page that he was not going to be doing TV shows any more as they were not conducive to his ministry. Guess he changed his mind on that decision.  I even went looking for the blog and apparently he removed it.

I saw on Fr. Bob & PWSM Network face book page that Deb Carmone recently posted a comment stating how it has come to her attention that he and Ryan have reconciled yet he can't seem to find forgiveness for her and others he once called friend.  That post was removed.  I asked Deb if he ever responded via a personal email or face book message and she said no, but a derogatory remark that referred to a quote from Glinda in the Wizard of Oz was posted by him and she believes that is his response to her.

If you go to Taunton Paranormals website, they have a few things that are questionable.  A donation button is one.  They are not registered as a legal business so isn’t asking for donations illegal?  How would the donors know if it was allocated correctly and aren’t donors entitled to a receipt so how does this all work? No other group seems to be asking for donations and I’ve never seen a donation button on any of their web sites. 

Rob Jacobs is claiming to be the founder of the Taunton paranormal group.  According to Paula & Deb it was founded by Lou Toledo NOT Rob. Rob was co founder.  Rob also makes claims that cannot be substantiated. If you look at their website, he mentions something about their being a difference between inhuman spirits and demons.  How would they know?  According to Paula & Deb, demons mask their identity which is where the psychics come in.   They (Paula & Deb) would receive messages and sometimes names of demons that could be verified so without the psychics, how can Fr. Bob and/or TPG be able to discern if they are dealing with a disembodied human spirit, an evil human spirit or a demon? There are pics on the website of Rob Jacobs with a huge cross around his neck and holding one.  He presents like he is some sort of minister. Is he?  Let’s not forget what he did to those women on face book, yet he yields a cross!  Now there’s an irony. 
Fr. Bob’s conduct, from what I was told, is far from how a Catholic Priest should be conducting himself.   You have to wonder, if the rumor is true, while he is away playing ghost hunter, whose running his parish?

I followed all the drama that TPG & Fr. Bob caused with defaming those poor women.  Even if he did believe they were fakes which, according to Paula he had ample proof that they were genuine, he, as a priest, should not have added to their humiliation. 

I still check out the PWSM face book page more so to be nosey than anything else and I saw Deb’s post and once she told me it was not only deleted but completely ignored and then the obvious reference, (can’t be proven but still…)  I had to write.  Forgive me for saying this but his conduct is a disgrace to the Catholic faith.

So ends my first report. As is common here at least since I have been reading and following the work of Mr. Robinson, he will be attacked and ridiculed for allowing me to post this. If this does happen I guess I will be forced to dive back into this matter and take a close look into the relationship Fr. Bob has with PRS and how he accepted money to perform services a priest should do for free, and his role in the botched "The Possession: Return of Six" case.


…THE DAY THE EXORCISM SIDESHOW CAME TO TOWN (probably written by my assistant but I will oversee everything.)

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