Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Issue 152 – Ryan Buell Digs for Gold/Chip Coffey Gets the Shaft!

By Kirby Robinson

Back in 2008 when the big social media site was MySpace, I warned Mr. Coffey that at some point Mr. Buell would use him just as he had used the clients featured on his program, Paranormal State. In response, he laughed his head off, claiming that it would never happen. Unfortunately for Mr. Coffey, it has.

I'd like to share these two videos:

You see folks, Ryan and his team have done this in the past…they sell tickets for an event but there either is no event and no refund is ever issued because it's not canceled but postponed indefinitely. Let's not forget that Chip refuses to do anything unless some green [and in most cases lots of green] is part of the deal.

On April 17, Ryan, or somebody that works for him, posted this on Facebook:

If you haven't already heard, Chip Coffey and I are teaming up for our first major appearance in almost 5 YEARS. And man, do we have a show for you! After some serious consideration, I've decided to open up about certain encounters that I found too terrifying and/or personal to share. Plus, we are going to share with you what really happened during some of our most famous "Paranormal State" cases, in greater detail than ever before. This isn't an advertising gimmick nor is this just another lecture. This will be our most intimate and intense appearance to date. For those of you attending, you'll understand! TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. GOLD & SILVER VIP PASSES ARE NEARLY SOLD OUT! Cities are: DALLAS, BOSTON, CHICAGO, SEATTLE, SAN DIEGO and PHOENIX! Help us spread the word! See you there:

Talk about living in the past! Is Paranormal State the only thing that Ryan and crew can talk about? I bet the old cow of Paranormal State cries out, "Please don't milk me again, my tits are too sore and dried up!"

Seems like the brain dead fans of Ryan, those who buy into his lies, refuse to wise up and see the truth. Chip doesn't care because he wants mo' money.

However, something took place between April 17 and April 22 because Chip posted this on his page:

It is with huge regret that I must announce that due to circumstances completely beyond my control, I will not be a part of the Conversations with the Dead tour that was slated to begin on April 25.

Please be advised that I have not collected any money, had access to any money and will not receive any money from Conversations With the Dead ticket sales. PRS is managing this tour. If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to PRS by contacting them at .

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or problems that may arise from my withdrawal from the tour.

What we've been told is that no green was flowing Chip's way. No expense money—nothing. Pretty odd when PRS claims that the tour is almost sold out.!

This leaves Chip's fans holding the bag, as they can't get a refund unless the event is canceled and PRS has already spent their money. Anyone affiliated with PRS can't tell the truth as this was posted on Ryan's page:

Hey everyone,

As some of you may have heard, Chip Coffey announced that he is unable to attend the Conversations With The Dead tour at this time. We love Chip and hope to do something special with him in the future. In the meantime, we will be emailing attendees with details on how the tour will continue.

Tomorrow, we will be announcing new speakers who will team up with us to deliver the best tour possible. We are happy to announce that Michelle Belanger will co-host some of the dates with yours truly. We are also in talks with other special cast members of "Paranormal State" who will reunite with us for some of the other locations.

Updates will be sent tomorrow and our staff will make themselves available to handle any questions or concerns you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will do everything in our power to make this worthwhile for all those who wish to attend!

Thank you for your patience and talk soon!
Ryan Buell

According to the private forums and sites that fans of PRS with IQ's of less than 50 gather to spew hatred towards anyone who is anti-Ryan/PRS, the tone is less than kind. They claim that PRS has informed them that it's all Chip's fault and the things they are saying about Chip and his personal life are very shocking indeed.

Guess the adage is right—if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. 

Here is a copy of the fourth comment posted on  this entry. It's added here so that you don't have to scroll down:
"I paid $150 to join the PRS Coummnity..I only have borrow time and going to Dallas was a Bucket List for me..One Gold ticket two Silver money is gone best friend flew from NJ to Louisiana....the day we are leaving for Texas...2:00am we receive a message the tour cancel...All I can say is Shame on you Ryan...your Judgement will be with God!"

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