Friday, July 13, 2012

It Is All About Jesus

Rev. Mark Hunnemann

Cuss me…make fun of me….but imply that I don’t believe in JESUS-ALONE and I get upset. That very thing happened a couple days ago on the hallowed pages of Facebook, but I won’t bore you with the details.

First, the bible insists on Jesus alone. He alone can save from God’s wrath, eternal damnation, enslavement to demons, and death. If the Father ever has to choose between our religious whims and the singular honor and dignity of His Son, He will always choose the honor of His Son—He has made that abundantly clear. It is not about is not even about our ministries; it is ALL about Jesus.

It is all about who Jesus IS and what He has DONE....He is the eternal, Second Person of the Trinity, who has joined to Himself, for all eternity, a human body—now glorified. He was incarnated, lived a perfect life, died for us, rose for us, and ascended into heaven.

He may have “sat down”, but not in a lounge chair; a throne. The most significant political event in the history of the cosmos was/is the Ascension—being crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All spirits are subjects of His rule. .The Judge of the universe is also our personal Defense Attorney. He rules…everything that happens to His children must first pass through His heart. He is good…all the time. Not only does Jesus rule from His throne, but He prays for us….by name. (how fantastic)!

Last night I was personally texted by a demon…through a person possessed….this has happened before. Several folks have tried to help this person: investigators and deliverance folks. More often than not they have fared very badly—either dying or getting mysteriously sick. This is all sobering, but IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS.. In comparison, nothing else matters…in spiritual warfare, as in all of life, IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS…our precious Savior and Warrior. Praise His holy name!...