Friday, April 6, 2012

The Paranormal Christian – Capernaum

By Pastor Michael Frisbee

Capernaum will mean little to those that have not studied their Bibles, specifically, the New Testament.  It was a small fishing village that existed from second century BC and thrived until the seventh century AD.  It was located on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee, and it was here that Christ’s first disciples James, John, Peter, and Andrew lived and Jesus chose this village as his “home base” for most of his public ministry.  Matthew also lived and worked here as a tax collector.

It was here in Capernaum that Jesus healed the servant of a Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:5-13).  So grateful was he, the officer had a small synagogue built in Jesus name there in Capernaum, the remains of which can be found under the larger, newer synagogue that was built later.  It was in the local synagogue that Jesus taught on the Sabbath, and where He confronted the demon possessed man (Mark 1:21-28).  It was here that people recognized the authority in Jesus ministry and teachings, and of the man himself, as Son of God.

Today marks Good Friday, which seems to be ironic since today is celebrated the crucifixion of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Why would we celebrate the brutal torture and killing of a man of God, the Son of God?  Does that not seem to be twisted in light that what should be focused on is His resurrection.  The man Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, father whom is God, had that sovereign deity within himself, had to DIE and BLEED because mankind could not follow the commandments and laws of God, given to us in the Old Testament.  He had to bear the sins of not only those that had already come and gone, but of those alive then, and all who were to follow.  That means YOU and ME.

It is that knowledge, that recognition of the immense pain and conflict that Jesus had to endure on our behalf, takes from me any joy of a celebratory nature, and makes me weep inside knowing that none of us are truly worthy of that sacrifice.  Yet – Jesus believed we did.  God believed we did.  And through that elemental and ultimate sacrifice, we have Jesus Christ rising three days later, from the pits of hell, VICTORIOUS!  He broke the chains of sin, broke the chains of rebellion, and arose with a resurrected and glorified body, inviolate and without any sin.  He arose ALIVE – not in spirit, not as a Ghost.

Of course, this Sunday, it is then which we should celebrate with JOY.  When we accept Jesus Christ into our heart and spirit, and make Him our Savior, it is then we receive the Salvation that He promises us.  We have to rebuke our sinful ways, repenting of them, and asking forgiveness for them.  We are washed clean by the blood that Christ spilled for us, and we are covered by grace.  It is so sad that commercial America has had to lessen the message of Easter with this silly Easter bunny business, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It was this victory over death, and Christ’s authority over all things of heaven, earth, and hell – that we who are believer’s in Christ, that seek to walk in His Spirit, and follow the call that God places upon our hearts and souls to lead out and help other Christians oppressed by the demonic, to help teach others how to be armed and guilded for the spiritual battle that many of our churches today have fallen away from teaching.

That’s much of what I try to do within my deliverance and demonology work.  It is why I launched The Paranormal Christian, and I greatly appreciate the Lord putting me in partnership with Reverend Mark Hunnemann.  His work on “Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes” and his knowledge theologically has been a God send to our combined ministry.
We moved to BTVN TV a few weeks ago, and the response has been phenomenal.  It has opened up some doors to allow us to reach out to thousands of new listeners/viewers.  One such door that opened, is my being given a green light to create a Christian content network within BTVN TV.  I have chosen to name this network, the Capernaum Restoration Network.  It will be developing, producing, and airing content for Christians, that will teach, inform, and minister using the FULL teachings of Jesus Christ, not just a few which fit a politically correct notion that seems to be swallowing up our churches.  It will help arm our fellow Christians for the spiritual battle they knowingly and unknowingly enter into when they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The Paranormal Christian will be the first show to cross over and be part of the new Network when it launches May 1st.  I will also be re-launching my weekly church webcast Liberty Gospel Ministries on this new network.  I’m going to be scouting for and recruiting Christians out there that serve the paranormal realm that share a call to help Christians being oppressed by the demonic.  If you know of someone you would like to have considered to be brought to this network and a show created around their work, please feel free to contact me at

This week on The Paranormal Christian we will be welcoming back Patrick Meechan, author of “220 Fifth Street”, to discuss his soon to be released book, “Nightmare in Holmes County”.  The new book covers the eight years prior to events written about in “220 Fifth Street”, and gives a detailed accounting of Patrick’s real life struggle to learn spiritual warfare and to battle the demonic entities that had taken over his home.

Join us tomorrow night, Saturday 4/7/2012, at 7 PM EST.  Go to to link to our show page at BTVN TV.