Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Issue 128 – The Murder Bordello, Part 3

By Kirby Robinson

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There’s no blood in the Murder Bordello--but there is LOTS of ego


It’ll be an in depth look into the story of how a community bought into a false account concerning the Murder Bordello in Galena, Kansas. It’ll show how the para-celebrity community jumped on board for fame and profit.

The book will also look into the subject of paranormal ethics, or the lack of ethics, within the paranormal community. Watch for it this fall.

The Klinge Brothers Separate Legends from Historical Fact!

Galenas Murder Bordello
This is Brad Klinge from Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab. My brother and I have visited hundreds if not thousands of haunted locations coast to coast and border to border. We have interacted with real history first hand. We have been able to separate legends from historical fact, and by doing so we have found that most of the time legends are born from fact. We are good at what we do, and our reputation is impeccable. Our goal is to bridge the gap between legend and history—finding those important pieces of unwritten history that complete the puzzle. Museums run by state university systems around the country are currently building exhibits based on our work and research, so even the experts in the mainstream look up to us. The Galena Murder Bordello gained our attention a couple years ago when we first heard the stories surrounding it. But we have seen the same old thing time after time—a old building that has paranormal activity and a story is made up around the true haunting to make sense of it. It is human nature to try to create an ounce of logic to explain the unknown. But the bordello completely blew us away. We found through our own tedious research that the legends seem to point to the truth. You can’t discount over a hundred years of family histories telling each generation about the murderous bordello. Court documents, police records, and newspaper accounts from back in the day also support its stories. This is what interested us in the bordello so much. Finally, here is a place where legend and fact actually meet, and the paranormal evidence support both. We recently filmed a documentary at the bordello that will be released this fall. This is our story of the bordello based on what we found—both tangible and paranormal. Now the story is going to be told on an international stage. This story is more than just a bordello, more than just murders, more than just local politics, and more than just ghosts. It is about ALL of the activities that culminated in the town in such a short period of time that allowed an imprint to made on the environment. So ready or not, Galena and its bordello are about to have a world-wide spotlight on them, and rightfully so. Galena had an important part in the building of this country, and the vices and malice that came along with success are equally important lessons—not to mention it sits right on historic Route 66. Everyone will know the story. Be watching for an official press release on the documentary in a couple weeks and a trailer as well. Barry and I will be in Galena for the Route 66 Festival next weekend (August 2nd). I’m sure we will be by the bordello a time or two while we are there, so drop by and say hi.

So… we have to ask:

1 You claim that your reputation is impeccable. Then how can you explain the times that you’ve been caught faking scenes, making false claims, and multiple cases of fake EVP’s?

2 You claim to have investigated hundreds, if not thousands of haunted sites. How many times were you paid to hunt by the owners of the site?

When you were paid to ghost hunt, how many places did you find that weren’t haunted?

3 How many times did you run into demonic spirits? How did you get rid of such spirits?

4 Please list the names of these museums at the state run universities that are changing displays due to your findings.

5 Please list the names of these experts that are “looking up to you.”

6 Point out any valid historical proof that you found [that no one else has] that the house on Main Street is the Murder Bordello.

Why did you try to cover up the contact you had with Carolyn McLean who knows the truth that that house is not related to the murders?

7 If this research is so tedious, why mince words? Let people know you find research to be boring and monotonous?

8 You state that “legend and fact actually meet…” Is this the first time in your career this has happened?

Russ Keeler admits that there is no “REAL” proof that it’s the Murder Bordello but he has a lot of crap to back up his claims:

Note he says that there is NO proof [historical]. He doesn’t really address the proof [historical] that it isn’t in the house but he sure has a lot of paranormal proof.

What’s paranormal proof? Photos of ghosts? EVP’s [Electronic Voice Patterns]? They are the so-called voices of the dead responding to voices of the living.

Can this be proven to be true? No. If you listen to the majority EVPS, the voices barely manage to croak out a few words. Why can’t the dead speak in complete sentences? Do we suddenly lose our ability to speak when we die?

But we’re putting the cart first here…

1 You’d have to decide if ghosts are for real.

2 Are ghosts completely honest when they talk to us? Look at it from the ghost’s viewpoint. Would ghost hunters respond to a Joe the Plumber? Probably not. But a killer “madam” gets lots of attention.

3 What about the people who say that there are no ghosts--only angels and demons? I find it odd that few, if any, ghost hunters ever capture an angel, GOD or His Son Jesus Christ.

So if you get an EVP from a demon how can you be sure that it’s truthful?

As you can see, there is no real PARANORMAL PROOF that a serious historian will accept. What Russ Keeler, the Klinge Brothers, and others hope you only see is the word proof.


Here’s a blog that backs up much of what is being said here

Katie Mullaly says it very well!

Next week more madness from Galena, Kansas.

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