Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do We Have An Intelligent Designer?

By Lisa Grace

If you want scientific arguments for an intelligent designer, there are all kinds available.

Many scientists who are atheists or agnostics have found their papers will not be accepted by certain institutions or journals, because unfortunately, the proof flies in the face of having an old earth or the argument for evolution.

NASA has sent the voyager probe over 11 billion miles out, and it only took since 1977.

NASA has discovered that past the edge of our universe, it’s nothing like they surmised.

How much harder is it to believe that beings made of light could travel at the speed of light? Not very.

When you take us (carbon based organic machines) down to our cellular level, you see how complex one cell is. It’s made of mini factories that run quietly and with great precision.

Even Darwin in the Origin of Species admits that if cells are complex, it points to a designer and the evolutionary theory falls apart.

DNA is nothing more than an organic tertiary computer code. None of this just “magically happens”. It would be like saying cars just “magically happen”. Everyone looking at a car knows there was a designer behind that mass of carbon and metallic particles.
One animal cell is infinitely more complex than a car. Yet, people insist by adding the magical ingredient “time”, it assembled itself.

It doesn’t take faith to believe in an intelligent designer. Just an understanding of complexity.