Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Issue 23 – First 10 Chapters & Is Kirby Robinson Writing As Lisa Maliga?

By Lisa Maliga

Whether you think Paranormal State is real or fake, here are some brief summaries of what is uncovered in the first ten episodes of our book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State

Episode 1 "Sixth Sense" - Even in the pilot there are staged scenes and false information is shared. And who is the demon interested in?

2 "The Name" – The timeline makes no sense, there are staged scenes, a bogus Dead Time, and Ryan Buell is caught verbally honing his storytelling skills. We meet psychic-medium Chip Coffey. This name makes me think of a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies [with pecans] and a mug of black coffee.

3 "The Devil in Syracuse" - See what we write about this episode … it's something that will surprise anyone who watches the show!

4 "Dark Man" - Staged and scripted scenes rule this one. Also, you're served the 2 for 1 Dead Time Special.

5 "Vegas" - The team knew all about the dead girl that Savannah was allegedly seeing. Of course the viewer was never clued in. Staged and faked scenes are common, including Katrina's 36-hour long client meeting.

6 "Pet Cemetery" – We get a hearty helping of misleading information but we meet Xander, Ryan's cute pet pooch. This episode was filmed in scenic Maine. Nothing scary about it.

7 "The Cemetery" - A botched timeline with scenes presented out of order. The viewer is also tricked into thinking that something happened. If you have trouble sleeping, you might want to view this episode.

8 "Man of the House" - Planted evidence is found, along with staged scenes and deceptive editing. On the plus side, this is a must-see for those who enjoy watching Victorian home renovation. Oops, wait a minute; This Old House is better.

9 "Beer, Wine & Spirits" - The producers had to be tipsy when they agreed to film in this Long Island location. Did they think they could fool anyone with this error-filled episode?

10 "Shape Shifter" - Deceptive editing, misleading scenes and events that defy logic are common in this one.

Putting That Rumor to Rest!

I'm doing a guest blog in order to clear up a rumor floating around that Kirby wrote Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State all by himself. Nope, I had to sit through all those episodes of Paranormal State in order to help write the book. Other than diehard fans, how many people would want to watch this show more than once? I'd rather watch True Blood or Dexter or Californication. But I was writing about this A&E show and research is something I take seriously. So I viewed it – oodles of times.

Sometimes I'd play back a scene eight or nine times so I was certain it was accurately written about in the book. What time does that wall clock show? Did Chip Coffey almost tumble downstairs in the "Haunted Sex Dungeon" episode? Ryan sure has a large collection of shirts! Eilfie has a cool skull and crossbones bandana in "The Ladder" episode. Kudos to Heather for wearing bright colors and lots of different earrings. Look, Chip and Ryan have ping pong balls taped over their eyes! Oh no, not another paranormal gizmo being touted. Reminds me of a some middle school science club geeks, I think, noting gadgets that allegedly summon the dead and helmets with dangling wires. Not only are they clunky looking but I question their hefty price tags. But what's scary isn't the stuff that's supposed to be, but that I know each show by name, season and episode number. I've also learned a new term: paranormal celebrity!

As one can plainly see, there are two distinctly different names on the cover. And two distinctly different people wrote the book. But after reading about the first ten episodes, it shouldn't surprise you that some fans have a difficult time filtering information. They've concocted this story that Kirby has written the book by himself and has just added my name to make it look as though he had assistance. Not only has he written about the paranormal field, Kirby is also adept at writing novels, short stories, and books about bath and body products! If we believe these preposterous claims, he also has a separate Facebook page, created Lisa's Library of Writing, a trio of blogs, Everything Shea ... Creates, Notes from Nadir and Leaving Nadir. And from 2004-2009 ran a bath & body products business?! He's done all this in addition to performing house blessings, exorcisms, and spirit liberations.

Kirby should get a trophy for achieving all this! So, let me clarify that I'm the co-author of Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State. I read through pages and pages of emails written in Kirby's own style, and helped correct hundreds of typos, grammar goofs, capitalization and spelling errors. Yes, I was seeing a lot of red underlines. I'd like to mention that Kirby learned to type as an adult. He's also dyslexic, in addition to being legally blind. But I believed this book was worth the intensive editing and rewriting it needed.

Chip Coffey publicly referred to Kirby as illiterate. [See Paradacity's page on March 19th]: "I once noted that spelling, punctuation and grammar are not his strongest suits. He rebutted, saying that he is vision impaired. So...he can see well enough to scrutinize every second of every episode of certain TV shows, but he uses vision impairment as an excuse for illiteracy??? REALLY?!?!?"

First of all, Kirby has access to a large screen TV and laptop. I also checked anything onscreen that he questioned.

As to questioning Kirby's literacy, being legally blind coupled with dyslexia does affect his writing. However, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Flannery O'Conner and Jane Austen were all either dyslexic or poor spellers.

Hopefully this clears up the rumors and helps Mr. Coffey understand a little more about various handicaps. He is indeed very blessed to be able to write clearly and concisely. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Issue 22 – Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey Fails Simple Psychic Test!

When is a psychic a psychic? When is a medium a medium? Is it when someone gives $200 or more for a reading? Or when the cameras are rolling and there's an audience? Do psychic gifts work that way? 

Let’s see what information Merriam-Webster provides.

The word psychic is derived from the Greek word, psychikos which means, "of the soul, mental." A psychic is, "sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences: marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding."

What's a medium? "An individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits."

It doesn't limit itself to time periods so we are led to believe that it is a 24-hour-per-day thing. In daily life you should be able to talk to spirits or at least be in contact with your spirit guides/angels, having them help you get through your life. This is my belief, so I decided to test this on Chip Coffey.

If you don't know who Mr. Coffey is, you can Google his name and read his website, press releases and abundant self-promotional efforts. He is currently prepping to do a series of group events across the nation entitled "Coffey Talk" in which, according to his PR, you will be really impressed by his wit/abilities.
The test was a simple psychological one. False information is given to a person or a group to see if that information might influence the behavior of those receiving the false information. It's like those experiments that are performed to measure the misinformation effect. So I put that concept to use.

I would post a series of false statements on Mr. Coffey's Facebook page in order to observe if he would be able to use his gifts. Remember, he claims to be both a psychic and a medium. If he truly possesses those gifts I would be busted right after the first false statement.

I claimed that I had purchased tickets for his event in Los Angeles. Mr. Coffey should have picked up on the following:

1 I hadn't purchased tickets.
2 I dislike crowds and don't attend such events.
3 I find most new age teachers have no spiritual authority.
4 I wasn't going to be within 50 miles of Los Angeles that day.

Mr. Coffey could have picked up on any of those four points. His spirits could have shared with him even one of the four. But they didn't. At this stage of the experiment he gets a score of zero.

Then Mr. Coffey added an interesting twist to the experiment. I posted a link to a blog post on SciFake by Ron Tebo concerning a disagreement he had with Mr. Coffey. [Ron wrote a story about his stepfather's missing will and how Chip told him to look for it in a pile of papers. In fact, there was no will.] Chip sent me an email scolding me for posting the link, and if I didn't watch my step he would ban me from attending the event. One would think that while Chip was composing this email his gift would have kicked in. Or one of his many spirits would have whispered in his ear the above four points. But they never did. Not even one of the points. So we have to give him a score of zero.

There's more. About two weeks later [in response to my posting on SciFake about my concerns of the ethics of the show "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"], Mr. Coffey posted on the same thread. He publicly wrote that I was no longer welcome to attend his event. Once again, his spirits let him down as they should have whispered in his ear or given him a vision. But they didn't. So, we have to give Chip another 0.

Then Mr. Coffey posted on his Facebook page that I had to get a refund ASAP. Once again his talents fell short. Chip's score? Zero.

I decided to amp it up a bit and wrote that I passed my tickets on to some young ladies thinking he would catch this one! Does he? Nope! Score? Zero.

Mr. Coffey then makes a big effort to contact his tour manager so as to begin the refund process. But nothing is mentioned that I never bought a ticket in the first place. Of course my name doesn't appear. You would think Chip's gift has got to kick in by now. Nope. He then posts a comment wanting to know what name I used to buy the tickets. Again, not even a trick of his psychic powers or a word or two from his spirits. Guess they were on vacation throughout this test. Chip's final score? Zero.

So via this little experiment Chip got nothing right and never a word from his spirits. What does this all mean? You have your opinion, as do I. I believe that if a person is a psychic they are one throughout the day [and night]. If they are talking to spirits one should expect them to be in communication not only while a person is performing and the cameras are rolling, but throughout their life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Adventures of Chip Coffey in Paradacity

The night Paradacity turned into Para Dance City

Chip Coffey was the featured guest on Paradacity's radio show on Wednesday, March 16. For those of you unfamiliar with this late night internet radio show on SRN, it features a trio of female paranormal investigators as hosts.

For 90 minutes chatty Chip Coffey demonstrated that he could dance with the best of them. ABC's “Dancing with the Stars” should hold a spot open for him next season. Chippie proved he could waltz, cha cha and do a lively quickstep. Yet he also reinforced many of the negative perceptions held by various bloggers and members of the paranormal field. Mr. Coffey  used vulgar words, refused to give clear answers, outside of scripted ones, and played the gay card and the “Woe is me, I am the victim!” role when it suited him.

The Ladies of Paradacity don't seem to have a clear plan for the interview and the listener walked away with the feeling that much of what was said and done was talked about and planned before the show went live. Not until very late in the show did they start pulling any tough questions from the chat room. When they did, Chip gave very vague answers or he couldn't recall certain episodes of Paranormal State that he had been involved with. Apparently, while Chippie was monitoring the activity in the chat room he had 70 minutes to formulate his responses.

On their Facebook page earlier in the day, the ladies of Paradacity had the audacity to label themselves as para-journalists. This label brings with it much responsibility. They showed a clear lack of living up to it while they tossed softball questions his way. They left a few out; how did his morning bowel movement go and what did he have for dinner? A journalist has a responsibility to dig past the press information that they are given or pulled from a website. They never asked why is there no information about Chip's grandmother who was a Cherokee medicine woman. None can be found on the net nor do any tribal elders know anything about this person. And what has Chippie written that is internationally known? If one does an internet search on Mr. Coffey you realize that the source of most of the information out there is from Mr. Coffey himself.

After only a few questions concerning allegations of misconduct and fakery on Mr. Coffey's part, it was decided that there is nothing to these claims. Again, if the so-called para-journalists of Paradacity did basic searches they would have found that only a few people say this. In fact, Google Chip Coffey and on the bottom of the page you'll discover a section entitled Searches related to Chip Coffey. There you'll see eight suggestions, including: Chip Coffey Fake and Chip Coffey Fraud. 

Mr. Coffey and the ladies also refused to address the issues raised in the book Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State. Mr. Coffey either cursed or had memory lapses concerning anything mentioned in the book about the cases he worked on. He claimed to have forgotten "The Messenger" episode which was one of the most controversial episodes of Paranormal State. Due to Kelli Ryan's allegations, this season 2 episode can no longer be found on the DVD.

Perhaps the most grievous error repeatedly made by the team of para-jounalists of Paradacity was in allowing Mr. Coffey to make frequent false claims concerning my book Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State. In this book it's proven beyond any rational doubt that the show was staged, scripted and most of the paranormal claims were either fake or non-existent. Mr. Coffey was allowed to attack the credibility of our evidence and research by saying, "Claiming to have on set sources I call that bulls***." In response you hear one of the ladies say: "Uh huh." This means she takes the stance that the hosts agree with Mr. Coffey. Did Mr. Coffey and the staff at Paradacity take the time to: 1] actually read the entire book? 2] Cover the same ground that we did in our research of this subject? Unless they did, they aren't ethically allowed to make and/or support the making of such statements. By doing so, the show stopped being an unbiased presentation of information and became an advertorial for Mr. Coffey. It's easy to attack a subject and others' credibility when the other side is not allowed to refute such attacks.

Will there be the other side of this issue aired on this show? This is doubtful. So many paranormal shows have chosen to ignore the misdeeds and misconduct by para-celebs. They want these same guests to keep coming back to do their shows. Rest assured that the Eye on the Paranormal will never blink for any fake para-celeb no matter how nimble they are on the dance floor.

P.S. One wonders why Chip Coffey, who usually never shows any restraint on self-promotion, doesn't mention his radio appearances on any of his websites? Is he afraid that his followers might read or hear something that could cause them to doubt his claims?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Issue 21 - Paranormal Radio, Questions for Paranormal State & Special Report

This was going to be a look into the TV show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and the para-celebs associated with it. It's possible that our next book will be dedicated to this subject. We have families featured on the show talking to us and we are in the process of checking their claims. We'll put this report on hold until later. But don't go away disappointed as we have to say…

Sometimes you take the good with the bad!

We had a great show on Sunday, March 13 with Tony and Carrie of the Maine Ghost Hunters. The questioning was tough but fair and the show's hosts were very kind. They strove to be impartial and they were – a fine trait for paranormal investigators and radio show hosts.

Unlike what happened last Wednesday night, March 9. We were to be featured on a Para X radio show, Ghost Chatter with Jimmy Morris. The start time was 8 PM. I had a busy day of working my cases, trying to finish my current book, and fact checking new information that has been coming in about Paranormal State. I grabbed some fast food, and then organized my notes so I would be prepared for the interview. Then I waited for the host to call.

The clock hit 7:51 and by 7:54 there was still no call. Dashed to the laptop got onto the chat room at 8 on the dot. I had many people tuning in from my various blogs and sites that we had promoted. [Mr. Morris, the host, had done no promotion]. A program from a previous show was playing. I entered my name into the chat room  and stated that I was waiting to be called. Still no call. Finally, at 8:15 Jimmy states that due to technical difficulties they would have to call off the show and reschedule the guest. I understand things happen… parts break, things go wrong…

Now we jump to one week later …

NO email or call from Jimmy saying anything about being sorry that the show didn't air. Nothing about setting a new date for it. Apparently, some people lack common courtesy…

10 Questions About Paranormal State

Here are 10 questions that can be answered if you read the book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State.

1 Did they stage fake exorcisms?

2 Did they film two Dead Times in one night and present them as two separate Dead Times?

3 Did they ever fake evidence?

4 Was evidence ever planted – and then found?

5 Were clients ever ridiculed?

6 Did they plant beer cans to fake cold spots?

7 Did production members masquerade as experts on the show?

8 Did they abandon their clients after filming?

9 Does Ryan Buell unfairly attack a former client in his book?

10 After 5 seasons did Paranormal State produce indisputable proof of ever finding anything paranormal?

We are proud to reveal that, to date, no one connected with the show has the guts to come out and say anything about the book. None of our claims in the book have been disproven. Why? Because they know it's the truth.


Chip Coffey will be the featured guest on PARADACITY on SRN network Wednesday, March 16, 2011. We'll be in the chatroom closely monitoring what is happening. What will be asked? Actually, what WON'T be asked? Later in the week we'll post a special report on the matter. I'm a fan of the show and post a link to their show weekly on my Facebook page. Lately they have been cozying up to the fake para-celebs that have been running the paranormal field into a state of ruin and chaos. The Eye on the Paranormal will not sell out.

We'll be keeping the eye open, seeing what needs to reported on. Because nothing escapes the Eye on the Paranormal.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Issue 20 – Paranormal Radio Shows & Disclaimers

Welcome to this week's Eye on the Paranormal.

Not surprisingly, we've gotten some hate mail. We wish the Paranormal State Zombies would come up with something new to write. After being told dozens of times to eat BLANK, we read of various forms of hell and how we should go there pronto. Yawn. Then I'm instructed to go and do something to myself which I can't figure how it's done to oneself. Actually, these emails are sending more than one message. It informs us that we are hitting home with the truth … because the truth will always cause the fakers in the paranormal community and their supporters severe discomfort.

Three Shout Outs 

Being on the radio is not my most favorite thing. I've always said I have a face for radio and a voice to keep quiet but there is a book to promote so I have to summon the courage and go on the air. I can only say good things about my recent on-air conversation with Dave Schrader on his Darkness on the Edge of Town radio program. I also enjoyed chatting with Steve of Claranormal on the two-plus hour interview this past Saturday. I was unaware of the time as it just flew by. You should support both of these programs and I've included their links on this page.

We noticed some comments about my recent appearance on Darkness Radio from Dave Schrader's Facebook page and would like to mention two of them.

"Have to say, after listening to the show finally, the guy sounded like someone with an axe to grind that was just picking out editing mistakes in each episode to fuel his opinion that it all was faked. You can only go on about timestamps for so long before you start to sound like an obsessive twit, and this guy fits the bill." Trey Janes

Dear Trey,
Sorry you missed the parts about the fake evidence, fake séances, fake experts and staged scenes. Sadly, the stance about editing mistakes has been the mantra of the pro PRS crowd ever since 2008. The public is learning the truth and even more facts are being revealed. For example, in season 2's episode, "The Fire" would it surprise you to know that Dead Time was filmed at 1 PM? And did you know that Ryan Buell borrowed heavily from the spoken word part of Lou Gentile's radio show for the Paranormal State introduction? But keep on repeating the mantra. It's not a mantra that will lead you anywhere…well, maybe further into delusion.

"I was very annoyed by this person. I never trust sources that won't reveal themselves. It is a TV show. I have heard negative "stuff" about all the shows. I could not have been that professional with him as you were." Tammy DelMedico Ellison

Dear Tammy,
As stated in all my interviews, and in the book, when you are a part of a reality show you usually sign a confidentiality agreement. It doesn't matter if you appear in front of or behind a camera; you have to sign one of them. A confidentially agreement states that you won't disclose any information about your work or events that occurred while you worked on the program. If you break this contact you will be sued in civil court and face the loss of thousands of dollars. You also will be blacklisted in the field.

Those people who came forward put their trust into us. Also, each and every source was checked and doubled checked and some cases triple checked. If we couldn't confirm the information they shared, we didn't use it.

And this is from Issue 19's comments section:

"For someone who bashed Darkness Radio and Dave Schrader in earlier posts, you certainly were quick to go on their show for over an hour just to hock your book. Can you say, HYPOCRITE ? Although I may agree that Paranormal State may be faked, I don't watch the show, but I certainly will NOT be buying your book. I respect Dave Schrader and Darkness Radio too much for that." Java and Books

Could you please point out the last time that anyone that was on Dave's show, or any radio show, that did not want to sell you their book, event, film, etc.? That is why people go on those shows. You're correct, I did unfairly bash Dave a few years ago. He was as conned by PRS and the fake para-celebs connected to the show as was the general public. For the record, many press releases were sent out and due to that, Dave asked me to be on the show.

Dishing on Disclaimers

Think about the following scenario next time you visit your doctor or seek help from your pastor. Imagine stepping into their office and seeing a big sign that reads: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PUPOSES ONLY. More than likely you would turn and leave; thanking the Lord you didn't waste your time and money. But you will encounter this warning if you decide to reach out to an online or phone psychic.

It's funny how psychics and mediums claim they are real and their gifts are true and they are there to help you…yet won't stand behind their statement[s]. They happily take your money, tell you what you want to hear and move on to their next victim, um, client. Also, they don't issue refunds. So if you get a bad reading or if none of their predictions happen, you have no way to get your money back. 

One wonders how these fakes and frauds sleep at night. Their gift isn't real and they know it. For the psychic bearing a disclaimer, it's an act. Hookers do play-acting, too. They offer physical pleasure, release, or even an artificial sense of peace. And with a fake psychic, when the said events don't happen for the client, the money is long gone and they can't get a refund.

In the end there is a judge waiting for us on the other side. And I doubt if disclaimers will change His views.

NEXT WEEK – One of the most shocking issues you'll ever read: "PSYCHO PARENTS & PSYCHIC TANTRUMS!"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Issue 19 – Where Have All the Paranormal Heroes Gone?

Hope everyone had the chance to hear me last night on Dave Schrader's Darkness Radio . We had a full hour to talk about the book. If you missed it here is the March 2, 2011 show. 

Will be doing some interviews in the next week. Here is a listing of three upcoming radio interviews, giving you a chance to hear about the book that has been called "shocking" to "the best paranormal book of 2011." 

Join us Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 5 to 7 PM [Pacific Standard Time] for Claranormal Talk Radio's special Saturday show entitled: Close Up on Paranormal State.
Maine Ghost Hunters radio show. Our radio show is held on Sunday nights from 9:00 to 10:00 PM [EST] on Sunday, March 13, 2011.

Wednesday, March 9 on Ghost Chatter from 8 to 9 [EST]. Hosted by Jimmy Morris of Texas Paranormal Research Team. Link forthcoming.

Where Did Everybody Go?

Having faced demons and evil spirits over the past several years and my past battles with para-celebs and fake paranormal reality series, I'm used to going at it alone with only my faith to back me up. But what has happened since my book came out is surprising. All those internet radio show hosts who used to have the guts to stand up to the fakers have remained silent, not even bringing up the name of the book. The hosts of one such program were eager to have me on their show, but now refuse to say anything about it. Even the sites that claim to stand up for the truth remain silent and, gosh darn, they are even mentioned in the book!

Some say folks are just tired of all the drama and want to move on when it comes to gossip about who is sharing a bed and what a person is doing in his or her personal life. Clearly that kind of information should be off limits. But when it comes to conduct that has the potential to harm the public or make false claims or fake evidence or stage fake paranormal events -- that should always be up for public discussion. If we just brush it under the rug or turn our backs, we are just as guilty, if not more guilty, than those who take part in such actions.

Others say it's jealousy, wanting to tear successful people down. They claim we would do it if we had the same chance. Is the moral level of the average person in the paranormal field on the low side? We hope not, as we don't think that everyone would sell their soul for fame. Not everyone would want to cheat people, and not everyone would go on TV and participate in a scripted and fraudulent para-reality show.

When it comes to the Eye on the Paranormal we do not mind going it alone we will keep posting each week what the eye sees and just what we think about it … rest assured!

Frank's Box o' Fakery

Frank's Box is about as useful as a box of dirty socks. Well, at least you can wash those dirty socks and turn them into cleaning rags…

If you had a chance to read Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State, Chris Moon and his broken radio to the dead don't come across in a very good light. One reader took offense with how we expose the thing as worthless as the e-mailer thinks the radio is the best thing since sliced bread and peanut butter. Let's send a challenge to Chris Moon to prove that the radio is a useful tool. If Chris Moon does find any of the four listed below, it would prove that he really has something:

1 Find Jimmy Hoffa's body.

2 Find Natalie Holloway's Body.

3 Locate the Ark of the Covenant.

4 Locate missing boy Kyron Horman.

If he could locate even one, that would bolster claims that the device works. Until then, we assume the radio's broken and the dead aren't talking to him.

Return next week for more news and views.