Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Issue 22 – Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey Fails Simple Psychic Test!

When is a psychic a psychic? When is a medium a medium? Is it when someone gives $200 or more for a reading? Or when the cameras are rolling and there's an audience? Do psychic gifts work that way? 

Let’s see what information Merriam-Webster provides.

The word psychic is derived from the Greek word, psychikos which means, "of the soul, mental." A psychic is, "sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences: marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding."

What's a medium? "An individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits."

It doesn't limit itself to time periods so we are led to believe that it is a 24-hour-per-day thing. In daily life you should be able to talk to spirits or at least be in contact with your spirit guides/angels, having them help you get through your life. This is my belief, so I decided to test this on Chip Coffey.

If you don't know who Mr. Coffey is, you can Google his name and read his website, press releases and abundant self-promotional efforts. He is currently prepping to do a series of group events across the nation entitled "Coffey Talk" in which, according to his PR, you will be really impressed by his wit/abilities.
The test was a simple psychological one. False information is given to a person or a group to see if that information might influence the behavior of those receiving the false information. It's like those experiments that are performed to measure the misinformation effect. So I put that concept to use.

I would post a series of false statements on Mr. Coffey's Facebook page in order to observe if he would be able to use his gifts. Remember, he claims to be both a psychic and a medium. If he truly possesses those gifts I would be busted right after the first false statement.

I claimed that I had purchased tickets for his event in Los Angeles. Mr. Coffey should have picked up on the following:

1 I hadn't purchased tickets.
2 I dislike crowds and don't attend such events.
3 I find most new age teachers have no spiritual authority.
4 I wasn't going to be within 50 miles of Los Angeles that day.

Mr. Coffey could have picked up on any of those four points. His spirits could have shared with him even one of the four. But they didn't. At this stage of the experiment he gets a score of zero.

Then Mr. Coffey added an interesting twist to the experiment. I posted a link to a blog post on SciFake by Ron Tebo concerning a disagreement he had with Mr. Coffey. [Ron wrote a story about his stepfather's missing will and how Chip told him to look for it in a pile of papers. In fact, there was no will.] Chip sent me an email scolding me for posting the link, and if I didn't watch my step he would ban me from attending the event. One would think that while Chip was composing this email his gift would have kicked in. Or one of his many spirits would have whispered in his ear the above four points. But they never did. Not even one of the points. So we have to give him a score of zero.

There's more. About two weeks later [in response to my posting on SciFake about my concerns of the ethics of the show "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"], Mr. Coffey posted on the same thread. He publicly wrote that I was no longer welcome to attend his event. Once again, his spirits let him down as they should have whispered in his ear or given him a vision. But they didn't. So, we have to give Chip another 0.

Then Mr. Coffey posted on his Facebook page that I had to get a refund ASAP. Once again his talents fell short. Chip's score? Zero.

I decided to amp it up a bit and wrote that I passed my tickets on to some young ladies thinking he would catch this one! Does he? Nope! Score? Zero.

Mr. Coffey then makes a big effort to contact his tour manager so as to begin the refund process. But nothing is mentioned that I never bought a ticket in the first place. Of course my name doesn't appear. You would think Chip's gift has got to kick in by now. Nope. He then posts a comment wanting to know what name I used to buy the tickets. Again, not even a trick of his psychic powers or a word or two from his spirits. Guess they were on vacation throughout this test. Chip's final score? Zero.

So via this little experiment Chip got nothing right and never a word from his spirits. What does this all mean? You have your opinion, as do I. I believe that if a person is a psychic they are one throughout the day [and night]. If they are talking to spirits one should expect them to be in communication not only while a person is performing and the cameras are rolling, but throughout their life.


Ehren said...

So what you are assuming is that psychics use their abilities at all times and rely on them on a day to day basis. Then, he attempted to help you personally track down a way for you to help you get your money back. The whole time he was unaware of you trying to decieve him?

This seems shady and dishonest. Also, it seems that you haven't actually spoken with many "authentic" psychics. I have and most of them would say that psychics need to prepare and focus. It also tires them out, so if they solely relied on their abilities they would sleep the majority of the day.

I've seen some psychics predict and pick up on some amazing things, and no psychic claims to have 100% accuracy. Much like most people can't pick up on the details of ones appearance without taking a second look. I'm not convinced that this test was accurate. Neat idea, but there are better ways to conduct experiments.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Thank you for commenting, Ehren.

First of all, I'd suggest you go back and reread the blog. Nowhere do I mention that I was enlisting Mr. Coffey's services to hunt down money.

Secondly, I'm very familiar with psychics, have worked around them and have a bit of the gift myself. Mine doesn't turn off and on throughout the day, it's always on. And a person that has a psychic gift, if they're truly psychic, learns to rely on that gift in everyday situations.

Yes, psychics do have peaks and valleys when it comes to their abilities. Mr. Coffey claims to have not only the psychic gift, but he is also a medium. One would expect if one of his gifts was lacking that day the other gift should be readily available for his use.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I misunderstood, but you stated that,"I claimed that I had purchased tickets for his event in Los Angeles" and "Mr. Coffey then makes a big effort to contact his tour manager so as to begin the refund process."

I'm saying that I am an investigative medium, it is my terminology for what I do. I work with an investigative team for their paranormal investigations. I have an ability; although I am not psychic and cannot tell the future, I would have reacted the exact same way. If someone posted on my site (if we charged at all) and wished for help returning their tickets (even if they were not who they claimed to be) I would try and help them in any way I can. I do not rely on my "gifts" all the time, I only use them for client's benefits and occasionally for my own safety. Other than that, I try to maintain a regular lifestyle and ignore much of what I pick up on throughout the day.

Don't get me wrong, I liked your article and found it interesting. But I really don't like the idea of bashing another psychic (real or not real) until I have at least had a chance to meet them in person. When I met Chip; I did not pay for a reading I simply attended one of his lectures and spoke with him afterwords, he seemed genuine and nice. He only wanted to make a living just like everyone else does, and was trying to find a way to make a career out of doing something he loves to do. As for his abilities, my only experience was that I was attempting to read him from the audience (to see if he'd notice) and immediately he looked at me and shook his head. Even though he had been facing away from me. So I apologized because I do not believe in reading people without their consent, but I wanted to see for myself if he had any abilities. He understood and thanked me for my honesty. So in my experience, he seemed authentic and nice.

As for the $200/reading, I don't really agree with it. But honestly, he gets contacted so many times throughout the day that it is simply a business decision. The high cost lowers the amount of times he gets contacted by people while at the same time optimizes his profit so that he can live the lifestyle that he is right now. Many people would do the same thing. If you don't want to pay $200 then there are several psychics or mediums who would be happy to help for cheaper. I know many who only ask for $20 donations and most are under $100. People pay more than that for less entertaining or useful things so when you look in comparison to other services, it really isn't that steep a charge for a chance to get a reading from a "celebrity" if we can call him that. I mean, to book most guest speakers or get a chance to meet other celebrities it would be easily double that if not quadruple that price.

And let us not forget that similar to Chip, Ms. Sylvia Brown charges over $600/reading, and failed to help a family find their child by claiming that their son was dead and where he was buried. He later turned up and had been kidnapped, but was very much alive. She charges to help people with emotional and safety related decisions. I do not approve of that, people should take the advice of a psychic as a suggestion rather than fact and make their own decisions based off of it. Not rely solely on their abilities and risk tonnes of money and potential health on a reading.

Thanks much,

Beatrice Marot said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Robinson, you work in the paranormal field and yet you criticize others in the same field. That is very unprofessional and unethical.

In my opinion, you have proven nothing about Mr. Coffey's abilities. You have shown the world, however, that you are a liar.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you Anonymous, for having the guts to use your real name.

To use your logic, if I was a pediatrician, and I knew of another pediatrician that was molesting children, it would be unethical for me to report such behavior. I need not say anything more.

Beatrice Marot said...
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Anonymous said...

I personally refuse to judge him. I don't know him personally and although someone who posted did once know him and clearly had a bad experience I'm going to reserve my judgments. It seems more personal then what the everyday person would experience with him. He may have a darker side, most people do, you step the wrong way on the wrong persons toes on the wrong day you are bound to have something resembling a bad experience. But these methods of testing a psychic are filled with flaws and really doesn't proove or disproove anything. When I test other psychics I usually take them to a location previously unknown to them where I have historical facts about and let them do their thing. I do not give hints, hits, or misses until the person believes they are done reading. Then I will fill them in on the results. So far it seems to be the best method of verification. We document it all and gauge exactly how accurate they may be. Once you have tested a few that make your jaw drop then you will be less likely to offer any subconcious or unintentional hints. It still has it's occasional hiccup or flaw, but they are limited and often the experiment is attempted more than once to ensure accuracy. After they have been found accurate on several occasions then I will truly call them a psychic or medium. I don't care how they choose to gather their information psychic ability wise, as long as they have not been collecting information by means other than extrasensory.

I would write about something other than celebrity psychics next time. It seems like that by using chip as a catalyst you are attempting to gain reputation. It is working, just not in the right way.


Ps. Good conversation though, I like reading what others have posted.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Ehren,
1. Chip Coffey refuses to "have his gifts tested".
2. Mr. Coffey's involvement with two dubious shows, Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, raises issues about whether he has a gift or not.
3. I would agree with you that what you do, in person, is a great way to test any psychic. But, I feel that if you're psychic you should be psychic 24/7. I have certain spiritual gifts that I'm not here to brag about, and mine operate 24/7. And I've learned, when I listen to my gifts, things work out, and when I don't, things don't.

I don't worry about my reputation. The only person I worry about having a good reputation with is the Man Upstairs.

Ramona said...

I think these people on this show are a disgrace and a slap in the face to the few people out there that are gifited. They make a big drama and a joke out of something that is real.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

F that! I think chip is nothing but a lying angry xxxxx and when he farts I bet his butt lips flap around for 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Also Chip is just one of those type of people I would not trust around my child especially if the child is a boy.

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome. I googled chip coffey butt flap and this page came up HAHA.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciated your comments - when trying to research psychics, so much of what people are blogging is mindless bashing with so called "proofs of fakeness". Just because Chip didn't pick up on your petty lie about tickets, doesn't mean he doesn't have a gift (weak or strong, doesn't matter) There are people out there with talents.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Chip has failed any test ever given him

he is a actor playing a psychic role

ram said...

I think perhaps the issue may be that you aren't considering that each person gathers information differently, has different gifts, and that no, not every person with gifts stays wide open all the time. If a really sensitive person is wide open to everything that comes his or her way, life can get pretty overwhelming. There are techniques that those with gifts who are trained or who figured it out themselves(shamanic training teaches many useful techniques, for example, as does effective energy work training)use to avoid being overwhelmed, worn out, or distracted in daily life or when around many people.

These aren't complicated and can really help them not burn out and allow them to live more normal lives, and when they don't mind or wish to be more open they allow that as well. Different teachers/mentors/disciplines teach the techniques differently, and you are judging others by your own personal experience. So you are "on" all the time and you don't choose to turn things down a bit or close a bit sometimes perhaps? You would always know if a stranger in an email didn't buy a ticket among thousands? And why would you? Why would you care? Would you get tired of people who want to test you all the time and simply live your life? How do you know that is how he receives information in the first place? I know people who hear but don't see things, who just know but don't hear or see, who get energy from emails but not so much voices and vice versa. Some hear songs that relate to the message, some smell or taste things, some find lost objects and others who speak with the dead to bring back amazing messages who can't find their own keys every morning. Does Mr. Coffey charge for readings of whether people in emails are lying? I kind of doubt it, but I can't be sure on that.

I don't know if he is legitimate or not, but your test isn't legitimate, so all you proved was that he doesn't sift through all his email or read posts with the assumption that everyone is lying to him. Why would his guides care if you really bought a ticket? You aren't really a threat, so why would his guides be telling him anything about you? Those he does help (if he does) will tell others and they will believe and see him, or won't if he is usually wrong.

ram said...

I read a few of your other blog posts, and it's easy to see your viewpoint. Why do you care so much who is "real" or not since you have the choice to go see them or not? I ask that sincerely. It looks to me as if you make money writing about how everyone else is a fake, as you have every right to, and I don't see how you are any different than anyone else. Your perceptions and assumptions that all people with gifts work, think and perceive the ways you do or must be fake isn't even reasonable. I am not saying anyone is legit or not, but if you say you "have a bit of it myself", then why would you assume and state as fact that everyone else can't have "a bit of it"? You are making money calling everyone else fakes, yet you list the same types of things for your own profile, and to me that makes no sense. You can't have it both ways and not seem to be bashing people in my opinion, although I see that people who don't want to believe or think what they do can be a good thing would come to you just as others might go to them.

How do you really know that all of the ones you call fakes haven't helped people at all? Do you honestly think no one else does but you? That if someone isn't perfect it couldn't be because of a lot of input at once, lack of focus on the input, a choice not to read people (which, by the way, an ethical person with gifts doesn't go around reading everyone without permission, so why would he be trying to read your comments to see if you were a liar or not?) or physical/mental condition? It must be that they all are fakes?

Yes, some are..many are. But the fact is that some do help people and you appear to have a bias against the idea that people with gifts are as entitled to make a living as you and I are, whether it is by wiring ceiling fans as a really good handyman or doing readings for those who ask. Do you think that perhaps your own religious background and desire to make a living aren't affecting your ability to see this topic with an open mind?

Everyone is biased to an extent, and just as I would report a pediatrician I had evidence to believe was harming kids, I feel the need to mention to you that you may not be right about every single person you claim to know about. If you aren't and people who need help are scared away from people who really might give them a bit of closure, peace, change their lives for the better, or just brighten their day..if you are wrong and you help ruin an honest person's reputation...then are you really doing people a service?

I am not trying to pick a fight here, but am sincerely asking why they are all automatically fake, but you are not according to you? Just as I see people around me that are living and I couldn't tell you what they all look like, all their names, and their life histories, why would a medium? Sure, many use the techniques you list and that isn't right, but some do pick up from others and have messages to give. Some don't get many names...some do. Some are fakes, some aren't. You talk a lot about religion and seem to think what they claim to do is wrong, so how can you be fair and unbiased? You say he didn't catch your lies, but have you talked to all of his clients to see if they all think he is faking? What about Theresa? You know they never helped anyone ever? I don't know...I just wonder if you really researched the topic and the frequency of them helping people. Many who got what they consider proof don't come post on blogs or want to talk about it in public, but why does it matter so much to you? If he is awful, then people will stop coming to him. If she is a fake, then people will tell their friends not to go see her.

ram said...

I think we as humans tend to have the need to convince others that we are the only right ones in the room, but what feels right to one person may be horrible to another.
Just as some solace and comfort in a church and with faith in a higher being, some find help and peace other places and have no interest in church. It isn't a contest and people have good and bad sides and aren't all evil or perfect. Why spend your life trying to discredit others when you may be wholly or partially wrong when you can't be sure? I am not standing up for anyone in particular, but just saying your blog could be full of finding people who do help others and using your "bit of it" to build up those whom you do see as helpful and honest instead of tearing people down on the basis of a "test" or gotcha! opinions. That may not feel right to you and this may be your passion...just a thought.

I intend no disrespect, nor to attack you, but was just a bit confused, and my questions are really more for thought if you feel moved to consider and not for actual answers to me. I value truth and honesty and I understand standing up for that, but this feels like more going on underneath on a personal level. There is room in the universe for churches, psychics, mediums, and everyone else, and it is really nice that there is help for people who have different needs and preferences. Consider the life a person leads with so many deciding to "test" at random times and to challenge and to be better at "having a bit of it" and how tiring that could be. Maybe it would be like writing and having people respond with long and annoying comments:) I would imagine it would be a bit wearing after awhile and I might stop trying to know everything, and maybe I would have to start ignoring them and just live my life with my guides and those I love in my own imperfect human way.

I am finally finished and wish you will.:)

James said...

wow.. ya got him!!!! Although i don't really care for Chip myself,you're test, as you call it,does nothing to prove or disprove anything. It's also obvious that you have no understanding or experience in psychic experiences etc. Also, your comment "refuses to have his gifts/abilities tested".. And?? He, or any other individual that claims they are psychic is somehow required to accept such requests!? I'm curious of your 24/7 psychic abilities!! I would be more then glad to test you,except I would do so in a way that's unbiased and under controlled conditions through multiple trials. :)

Anonymous said...

You must be a sad bitter little man. I dont need my abilities to detect that. Dont assume everyones gift works like yours.

adriana said...

In your last paragraph you ask, What does this all mean? It means you aren't important enough for his spirit guides to bother with. And this is the stupidest 'test' I've ever heard of. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I really like this last post it was great 😀

Unknown said...

I’m not reading these comments to see if this has been covered. First of all, Coffey is an actor first, and somewhere between second and some higher number he’s a psychic/medium. Meaning, I don’t think he is all that he claims. I am of the opinion that if you have the gifts and abilities of “sight” and “healing” you don’t charge for it, or flaunt it around. People once were burned and hung for even hinting of such gifts.
Whatever gifts he has, I am sure they are not on 24/7, like it seems you think.
A psychic can be wrong. Can make mistakes. And many times are working with what the see or feel from the information provided to them.
Your “test” was a set up. Most likely his guides saw through it.
Also, you were not just lying to him by pretending have tickets (and then criticizing him for not realizing you are a liar) you were lying to his guides and whomever else he channels for guidance. Those is dangerous steps to take, I would be cautious.

Unknown said...

I would like add, I live in Quincy, Il. I have met Lara and her dad Bob, from the “I am six” episodes. I am friends with a few investigators who saw through it, and passed on them. I am also friends with a Franciscan Friar who prayed with her and counseled her numerous times, that God is not going to allow this type of possession to take place. (I’ve never understood what he meant by that when he told me..I thought possession is possible)
It would seem her dilemma is delusional, and I agree that they must really have loved the Emily Rose movie to lift so much from it.
I think those parents have a daughter that is confused and misguided and PS showed them “fame and fortune” like pilgrims dazzling the natives with their shiny trinkets.
They had the streets blocked off all day and night, when they were in town filming, I thought somewhere I heard that they were told to stop filming the outdoor stuff after 11pm because of neighbor complaints, which would make me question things. Doesn’t Ryan leave the house and go outside to make a call sometime between 3am and dawn??