Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Issue 42 –Fake Para-Celebrities, Child Exploitation, & What the Bleep?

Every week I think I've heard it all, seen it all and reported it all when it comes to those fake para-celebs that are infesting the paranormal community. Yet every week we see things we shouldn't, hear things that should never had been said, and I have to report them because that’s what the Eye on the Paranormal does. We want to protect the public from all their misdeeds – especially when it concerns exploiting children.

Chris Fleming in Meltdown Mode

It seems that Mr. Chris Fleming can't stand up to the tough questions or the bright light of the truth. His reaction to the first of many exposés to come concerning him was not to debate the issues as a rational person would. Nope, he deleted me from his friends list [how can I live?]. Block me from seeing his posts [at least that can help save some of my remaining eyesight], and make nasty tweets like this: "Sick and tired of skeptics that don’t have a f***ing clue nor respect for anyone and make up statements or comments to blatantly hurt people."

What does this show about Mr. Fleming?

1 He has no concern about cursing. How many of Mr. Fleming's Twitter friends are under 18?

2 He's starting to show his nonexistent psychic abilities. Chris thinks I'm a skeptic. If Chris had any psychic abilities he could contact his psychic buddy, Chip Coffey, and would have known that I'm not at all skeptical. I have more faith in these gifts than anyone. What I am skeptical of is the false and outlandish claims you and others make, and then run and hide when others have the guts to say, "Wait a minute!"

3 You are invited to post here or on SciFake anything you wish. All we ask is that you don't later delete your comment/s when you realize you've been caught being less than honest.

Chris, I'll share with you the same advice that Oprah gave to Miss Cleo: write a book. Come clean on everything. You'll make millions and the world will forgive you. And, you might sleep better at night.

Chip Coffey NOT on Dancing with the Stars!

Again, Chip can't admit things as he tries to tango and quickstep around the issues to put him in a better light. This was posted on his Facebook page: "For those who asked: the future of the TV show, Psychic Kids, is uncertain. No new episodes are currently planned. BUT I do have a book coming out in May, 2012 that has much more info (& updates) about the kids from the show plus A LOT MORE!"

If he was being honest, his post would have been: "For those who ask about the future of Psychic Kids the thing was canceled due to bad ratings. The Walking Dead kicked our butts. Those people who kept sticking their noses into our show made A&E jumpy. But I do have a book coming out in May 2012. It will have much more info and updates about the kids and how we are using them to make money. We won't be sharing any of the profits from the book with them. As to Paranormal State -- well that’s a different matter."

Thanks for the lead! In the past 24 hours we've been contacted by a source close to the production of Paranormal State in which Chip's version of how he got the gig is challenged. He knew Ryan Buell, as has been shown, buried in a number of conflicting stories Mr. Coffey states he left the show for personal and professional reasons [that covers just about everything] but the source informs us the departure was not on the best of terms.

1 Since Mr. Coffey left the show there has been no mention of him by Ryan or any of his team. Any events that feature Ryan or anyone associated with the program never feature Mr. Coffey and vice versa.

2 When Ryan claims he left the program, he never brought up Mr. Coffey on any thank you list.

3 When Paranormal State: The New Class called, Mr. Coffey hurried to return to the show.

4 Mr. Coffey played a lesser role in season 3 of Psychic Kids and was replaced by Chris Fleming. Would he have returned for season 4?

By now Mr. Coffey must be blowing steam out of his ears. All we can say is that, just like your website states, "for entertainment purposes only".

Bob Larson's New TV Show Features Teenage Girls as Exorcists!

Yes, just when you could be breathing better thinking that Bob Larson had faded into the woodwork, he's back with the worst idea ever!

We all need to stop this show now!

Idiots Talk About Things They Shouldn't!

Rev. Pat Robertson and Republican presidential candidate, Michelle Bachmann, have spoken out this past week about two major events taking place on the east coast: the 5.8 earthquake and Hurricane Irene. They claim it's God's way of saying He is mad at this nation over gay marriage and other disagreeable social policies.

If these events had been the work of God stemming from His wrath, I can tell you that the quake would have been a 10.0. Buildings and whole cities would have been leveled. As for Hurricane Irene, it wouldn't have made landfall as a category one, but a 4 or a 5 that would have left a path of destruction unlike anything you've ever seen.

Sadly, this world is ruled by Satan due to the fall of man. These sorts of events are not of God but of the darkness. More than likely, it was all the prayers being said that blunted the impact of these events.

Mr. Robertson, just keep taking money out of people's pockets and spreading your brand of hate.  Ms. Bachmann should stay quiet and not contribute to noise pollution. Neither person really knows what they are talking about.

We will close this week with an appropriate blog posted by Jackie Tomlin of CVAPI. I've been vocal concerning her and the show Demon Exorcist but I will sing a person praises when it's due. In her recent blog, I agree almost 99% of what she writes. Take a look:

Next week I hope to get back to exposing fake demonologists. It depends on where God leads me and what those silly para-celebs are doing…

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