Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan Buell & PRS – What Kind of Business…

 By Kirby Robinson

 …are they up to? Is it Monkey business? Is it funny business? Or is it shady business?

For those who haven't enlisted in the PRS Zombie Army, there's a lot going on with PRS and Ryan Buell these days. Being a person that doesn't like seeing questions go unanswered; let's take a look at some of the things that are bothering the good folk of the paranormal…

1 - Recently they announced that the headquarters of PRS would be moved from Happy Valley/Penn State University to Raleigh, North Carolina. This was spelled out in a press release of sorts posted on the PRS website:

2 - Just what is The PRS Bureau? It appears to be a way to get others to pay for a website that Ryan and others stand to profit from [a very common practice with PRS]. According to some well-placed sources, a slogan within PRS is: "never do anything for free when you can do it and make 'em pay."

It seems that Ryan has a very strong habit of identifying with fictional heroes, especially super heroes, yet you never see him identifying with the one true super hero -- Jesus Christ. [Reports from his latest spiritual retreat show it abounded in new age thinking and even Eastern religion was brought up, yet hardly any Christianity was ever spoken about].

Ryan thinks he is Fox Mulder of The X Files looking for the truth and a grand dark conspiracy that has to be unearthed. Claims that the Bureau will uncover evidence of the paranormal are something PRS never did on Paranormal State.

One thing the press release fails to tell the reader is that the office had been closed for some time and they've been operating out of Ryan's home. [It's our understanding the new offices in all three of their locations will be out of people's homes and/or apartments].

3 - PRS claims they split from Penn State in 2008, which is somewhat true. What the press release doesn't tell the reader is that Penn State split from PRS. Why? It was simply a student organization and no students signed up, so they deactivated the group. Additionally, Penn State was catching hate over the less-than-honest actions that PRS was taking part in, such as giving viewers of Paranormal State the impression that PRS was an official part of Penn State. [Seems like they had bigger issues in the football program to worry about. But that seems to be one thing the paranormal entertainment industry has in common with PSU--protecting child abusers].

4 - If you've been on the net this week you would've learned that on August 9, 2012 has an article entitled: Ryan Buell Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

What happened to the person that wanted this kept quiet? He wanted people to stop talking about it and many said the paranormal entertainment industry has arrived with People magazine talking of events within it by focusing on the story. This made us at the EYE really wonder if that was true. So we did some digging of our own. People from [lol] didn't call PRS. Someone connected to PRS called

Notice the person quoted by discussing Ryan's cancer [he loves to see his name posted so we'll disappoint him today]. We wonder why not Ryan's mom, his life partner, his business partner, Chad Calek or even Michelle Belanger? Neither Ryan nor the quoted person has appeared together in several years [not even after a much promised appearance by both at each other's events].

We also wondered about the reference to Ryan's posts about cancer. If you visit the page on Facebook, you'll see the majority is from the Staff.

5A three-Day retreat suddenly turns into a six-day retreat?!

PRS hosted a retreat recently that was supposed to last for three days. Yet on the Facebook page they state that the six-day retreat was much enjoyed. We're left pondering that one…

6 This final bit of news has really left us speechless--for a few minutes.

Several years ago, Ryan Buell and his partner in deception, Chad Calek, made a documentary called American Ghost Hunter. [Everyone knows it's fake except for the filmmakers and their fans]. They've been traveling the highways and the back roads playing to their fan base with exclusive screenings of the movie [can't call it a film] but over the past summer there have been some interesting posts by both Ryan Buell and Chad Calek.

Chad Calek announced on his Facebook page [now it appears to be removed] that American Ghost Hunter would be released to theaters in 2012. Ryan even backs it up with a Facebook post of his own claiming that it would appear in theatres as well. Some time passes and suddenly Chad states that it would make its worldwide premier on his paranormal team's site. But the real kicker is the last post about the film:

American Ghost Hunter will be released on October 30, 2012 exclusively on AGH TV. Don’t miss the opportunity to view the most anticipated and acclaimed movie of the year. Tickets on sale now.

THE MOST ANTICIPATED FILM???  We guess The Dark Knight Rises, Marvel's The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man can't hold a candle to it!


Maybe they're talking about the reviews that came from family, friends other fake para-celebs -- and those paid reviews.

Come back next week and I bet we'll have more monkey business going on in the paranormal entertainment business …

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