Friday, February 28, 2014

Soul Care

By Pastor Stephen Piersall
God's Preservation Ministry,

My Grandmother and Grandfather raised me during my first five years, and they were very religious. In fact, they named me “Stephen” from the book of Acts. Grandmother always said that I would be in the ministry one day and was so impressed when I accepted Jesus at the age of 12 in 1964. I know my grandparents are looking down from Heaven and fulfilled of the fact that I achieved a lifelong goal of becoming an Ordained Pastor. For my critics, NO, it was not an online buy a certificate program ministry.

Through the next several years, including 21 years in the USAF and to the present, I have been in and out of many distinctive denominational churches depending where the Air Force sent me and my family. Participation was important in raising our children, as we all got caught up in some sort of capacity with children’s church, Sunday school teacher, youth activities, prison ministries, visitations, etc. I believe that exposure helped me see things in a diverse world view perspective.

As a result, January 2010 God answered prayer and led me to start an online ministry “God’s Preservation Ministry Soul Care” (, which has a focus to help people with Salvation, Repentance, Deliverance, Restoration Healing, and soul care. Soul Care is where many churches fall short as when a person accepts the Salvation, Jesus offers, or members stop showing and perhaps are backslidden. Is there a program like this at your local church? Please contact me. I would love to hear how other churches do so. I am very Blessed; at my local church, they have such a program already in place.

This is the path God has led and has resulted in helping many individuals and families thus far. Sharing with my staff some course material we now have made an advancement to stay focused on our journey on God’s path to be like the apostles through setting up a Rule of Life program for us, and our clients for aftercare follow up. We are striving to attain a balance and the flexibility for all involved and always looking for more experienced people to join with us.

Personal Responsibility for Soul Care really hit home for me. Caring, assisting, volunteering, and reaching out to people has always been a characteristic that God has groomed in me over the years. In addition quiet time is taking our two pugs for walks several times a day, which provides the opportunity to exercise and converse with God. It also provides a friendly reminder of praying for our neighborhood and for the darkness in the homes to leave and let God’s light shine in.

Since striving to be a perfectionist starting from early childhood from years of being an abused child and never meeting the unattainable expectations of my parents, I have always carried the guilt of past imperfections. Learning that it is more important to understand and focus on the progress, and not the perfection has already helped in my spiritual journeys.

Since I am a Disabled Veteran, I have much time available for me, and yet I struggle at times with trying to get everything accomplished. The steps in balancing busyness with my ministry, family, medical issues, local church and continuous ministry course work, are a work in progress. My wife Karen and I do a family Bible devotional around 6 pm each night, and set aside the rest of the evening for each other and our dogs. Family time with rest and relaxation is important to have with everyone’s busy lives. I have come to the conclusion that people today are no different than back in the Biblical days where we want to have our cake and eat it too. I will say, as Christians who doesn't want to be like Jesus? Fewer want to do the work of maintenance to be humble, caring, forgiving and healing. People in general want to accept God into their lives, but offer much resistance to the required lifestyle changes. This has compelled me to be stronger in my faith and seek continued discernment in prayer, so I know how to help them in a way that would be acceptable for them at their season with God. I do not take their rejection personally, and accept that God gave us “Free Will” and not everyone I witness to will accept Christ. Perhaps I am planting the (mustard) seed, and someone else will come along and help cultivate them in their spiritual life.

Accepting each day as a new beginning and thankful for the trials and blessings make me eager to want to learn more and share the Gospel with those in need. Every conversation I have with people I always find a way to speak of God and try to remember to end the visit by telling them “God Blesses." Amazing on how many people will say it back to you and some seemed stumped and do not know how to respond. That leads me to believe there is another lost soul and gives the opportunity to speak with them at length when time and opportunity permits again.

Contemplative spirituality and flexibility go hand in hand. Jesus showed us many times the importance of having quiet time with God. Even before appointing the twelve disciples, Jesus went and prayed to God in solitude. Just as we are to pray for all things, I do much better when I pray and let God control the steering wheel of my life. 2 Timothy 2:15 “be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” This Bible verse reminds me to be like a Berean at times and to seek out the truth, but does not use that truth to condemn others. Learning about Formational reading has opened up another approach to the study of God’s word and has helped me not to feel guilty when I am unable to complete the scripture reading I planned for the day. It is no longer important on how many times reading the Bible in a year are compared to the closeness gained by reading scripture and praying about it.

Jesus, throughout the four Gospels gives us excellent examples to develop a regular habit of finding times for solitude and prayer seeking his guidance and discernment. When reading what Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “pray without ceasing” is more than words. Having God continuously on my mind all day long for me is peaceful, comforting, and secure. God has shown me that continued grace, forgiveness, discernment and the plan that he has outlined and dedication on my part must be consistent. Therefore, going forward my personal goals are to increase my reading time in God’s word, covering more material repeatedly at a quicker pace and set aside time for Formational reading as well. May this find you blessed and in favor of God’s grace

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Discover God's Calling for You

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

In last week's blog, What is God's Calling for You? we discussed that there were two kinds of  "callings" in the bible--Primary calling and secondary callings. I spent so much time focusing on "Primary" that we only lightly touched on the very important secondary "callings". To say that this aspect of calling is secondary relative to the Primary sense, does not imply that it is unimportant. On the contrary, it is exceedingly important because it has to do with how we LIVE OUR LIVES....what we spend so much of our time doing. It  serves as a "job description" of sorts for our lives.

Our Primary Calling is our "purpose in life", which is to love God with all of our being.We noted that it is vital that we keep the relational horse before the cart of service/ministry/work. We must always bear this priority in mind, especially as we begin our discussion of how to discover God's call for your life (secondary sense). In fact, the biggest stumbling block to devotion FOR God, is our fixation on service TO God. That is putting the calling (secondary) cart before the Calling  horse (primary) THIS IS VITAL--everything we discuss today regarding how to discover God's call for you must flow out of our love for God...otherwise our secondary callings become idols. Or it can inflict immense psychological damage on a person..

A person dear to me is experiencing a terrible psychic/emotional meltdown, which has institutionalized them temporarily, because of retirement after a stellar performance in life-long career..Their entire self-image or worth was tied up in their successful career. Only God can meet our longings for security and significance. Perhaps to a lesser degree, some of you are frustrated, bored, scared.or bewildered due to not knowing what your calling is, or your secondary calling has pushed God to the margins.Perhaps some negative experiences have hurt you, or you are confused as to why you have not had an extraordinary revelation from God re your calling as some of your friends claim.

It all began my first year in Seminary. I am referring to my frustrating battles with how to determine with certainty if I was called into the pastoral ministry. You see, as a former Roman Catholic, it took extra persuasion/certainty to be convinced that I was called to be a Presbyterian pastor. And to be honest, I began to really get frustrated when numerous people in seminary spoke in glowing terms of their extraordinarily supernatural experiences of "being called to the ministry." I could NOT relate! I look back now, and I realize that much of that was perhaps sincere, but it was still self-induced is some talk I hear today surrounding one's call to be an exorcist.

One person shared with me today their frustration in determining God's call in light of the tendency to sensationalize. One can read anything INTO a weird dream or odd coincidence or confluence of events. Some folks are what I call "super-spiritual"--.meaning they tend to verbalize everything (including how they discovered what their calling was) in spiritually "over-heated" language. For example, I have heard folks speak of how God called them to be an exorcist because of a dream they had. A dream is a dream is a dream...and I do not know anybody I trust to be an expert dream analyst--as Joseph and Daniel were.Please stop making major life decisions based on some dream you had....unless it is supported with other, more reasonable, input.

First rule of thumb regarding how to discover God's calling for you is that it won't contradict a clear imperative in the bible. I do not care how much you sense God calling you to do something--if it causes you to disobey His Word, then He is NOT calling you to that sphere.This should seem self-evident, but subjective experience holds more weight than God's objective truth with many professing Christians.
Second, I do not think God has not spoken audibly for 2,000 years, so it would be foolish to wait for God to speak with you in that manner.The inner voice is a different story, but its subjective nature behooves us to be cautious in how much weight we put on it re determining discovering God's call.

Third, remember that there is no sacred/secular division in the bible when it comes to what God has called us TO DO.(don't forget, our service FOR God flows out of our Primary Calling--His love for us and our love for Him). God's first words to Adam and Eve were the Cultural Commission--enobling and sanctifying all lawful "vocations" or callings. Cleaning the toilets is just as spiritual as reading the bible or preaching. The larger point is this--we must be gripped with the fact that God delights in all our labor. The actual work itself (not just its potential witness power) delights God. The artist, homemaker or actor brings delight to God, regardless of its potential witness impact. When God peers over the rail of heaven and sees you absorbed in the details of being a police officer, carpenter, accountant (and so on), He smiles at what you are doing. Some folks see their "secular" work as necessary evil until they can get off and "do the Lord's work".. A thousand times NO!! If your calling is a homemaker then that is the Lord's work for is crunching numbers for an accountant.  And God smiles as much at this CALLING as He does ministering to tribes in the Amazon jungle. There are no"little people" in God's family.

The fourth key to discovering God's will or calling for you is is to realize that it is not OUT is not outside of you waiting for you to explore and discover it. It (the key to discovering God's calling) is inside of God wired you. He is ultimate craftsman with a purpose.He wired you a certain way for a certain purpose--so that your calling goes "with the grain" of your inner makeup and not across the grain.  He is not going to call you into a field that you utterly detest. Let me here go into more detail about "motivated abilities".that I mentioned last time. Understanding what these are will be the single most important tool in discovering God's calling for you.

Motivated abilities (both words are important). What are you good at...perhaps really good at doing? (Not talking about being the best in the world).What ability/s has God given you? Have your friends and peers  given you insight here? But, most of us are pretty good at something, BUT we don't particularly enjoy it. That is where the "motivated" comes in. What ability do you have that also really turns you you a deep sense of satisfaction? It seems to flow with the grain of how God wired you.

Let me be personal for a moment--I know that God has blessed me with the ability to write.I am no Pat Conroy, but I truly delight in wordsmithing. Honest feedback has been confirming. A false humility which denies all abilities is not helpful, but harmful. But (and this is important), I also thoroughly enjoy writing. I rarely get writers block, and if I do, it usually because I am "paralyzed" by too many choices of topics to write on! So, writing is my motivated ability.And it took a long time, but I see now how He specifically wants me to write...and what He wants me to focus on. God's callings for us may evolve as our life circumstances change.

Not everybody can do this--exigencies of life force many folks to earn a good living doing something they don't care for.....That is life in a Fallen world ...some folks will not be able to find a job that taps into their calling. But the key to a fulfilling career is to find a job that provides the best opportunity to habitually tap into your motivated abilities.If you have 3 job prospects, factor in (along with other needs) which will tap into your motivated abilities the most. Along with attitude, this is the main key to a fulfilling job/career...for you will be following your calling....going with the grain of how God made you.

Speaking personally, it helped me to have some personal experience as an assistant to my pastor to get my feet wet...which helped to finally confirm my call to the pastoral ministry. To the extent you can, try to get some experience at what you think God is calling you to do. Get feedback from trusted friends--and of course, pray!

Due to time/space constraints,I could not address some issues specific to those who feel called to the deliverance ministry. I do think that there is a consideration to bear in mind--maybe God is calling you, but wants you wait for awhile...and prepare in meantime.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Faith & the Paranormal

By Chris Baricko

I am noticing that more and more groups and people are saying and using God to help. My one question is how many of them really follow there faith? Do they go to Sunday service every Sunday? Are there children going to religion school to teach them about there faith?

I will go on record as saying we are very strong in our faith and stick by it. Our children go religious school once a week we go to mass every weekend support out church. Why do I bet at least 90% of the people or groups who preach faith or about God have not set foot in a church in years? I bet most only know our lords prayer and that is only cause it is on just about every paranormal TV show. Can they tell the client how to say the rosary? Do they know the priest's name of their local church? But yet they will spill out the words of the lord. Anyone can go buy sage or some crosses and show the client they are following God. What would happen if the client started asking more questions?

I fully support everyone's religion. But if you do not do as much with it as you claim stop posting quotes from the bible unless you really know what they mean. I see it almost daily and it drives crazy. The one that really gets me is when I see people only thanking God when they get something. Why not thank God everyday for everything you have not things you want? So many groups and people use the same old claim that they cleansed the house cause they walked through with salt or sage or said a few fancy words. Or you get a Medium who claims they crossed them over. Now if you walk through a person home saying prayers if you do not have as much faith in God as you do walking around saying his prayers guess what the spirit will not listen. They are looking at you and laughing asking why should they listen to you? You don't even practice what you're trying to preach. And in my opinion when I hear people make an excuse why they do not take an hour a week to go to mass or location of their faiths but say God knows. Really does he? How when you don't bother to give him thanks?

So unless you're strong in your faith don't go around claiming you're going to send a spirit on its way. No matter how you say it. God is on the other side of that white light and no one will cross if he doesn't feel they mean it. He will not allow Evil into his kingdom. So either start going to your weekly services or stop talking about God. Wearing a cross is only as good at the support behind it

Issue 148 –'The Dead Files' Debunked, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

We had intended to dedicate maybe one or two blog posts exposing the deceptions of the show. However, due to the fact  that  I was told I'd be killed within the next 3 to 4 months by someone closely aligned to The Dead Files, I figured  I should do a more thorough investigation.

In the past, I've left out what the Christian viewpoint of Ms. Allan's claims are. But now, we're told that she was sent from heaven to do the show and teach us all!

This is a post from her Facebook page:


This is very hard to buy, especially with all the issues facing the Lord these days. Let's try to imagine this scene in heaven.

God watches the spirits of unborn babies descending to earth and He speaks:

"Let the child that will be born as Amy Allan teach things that I have condemned to be false and lead to hell. Let Amy Allan go forth in a show that will be called THE DEAD FILES and let her teach a false doctrine of the new age. Let there be a great following that will lay down My teaching of truth and righteousness for one of eternal damnation."

Am not sure such a scene would ever play out! But this is a common theme within the new age. A popular figure says whatever they think is dramatic enough to keep the ratings going and that means it has to be true. Sadly, the public often buys into it completely—another example of this is TLC's Long Island Medium. The celebrity gets rich with ever-growing fame, and their false claims grow even bigger and bolder. Meanwhile, the distance between the deceived and God keeps getting larger.

We found an outdated bio on a website dedicated to the show that leaves us asking questions.

"Amy’s abilities have been studied and tested by leading para-psychologists. She has worked with private investigators, police agencies and has conducted more than 350 investigations in both private homes and businesses.

"Amy studied Psychology at the University of Arizona and was mentored by world-renowned Para-psychologist, Dr William Roll."

Who has studied her and her abilities? What are their findings?

What are the names of the police agencies she has worked for? Did any case that she took part in ever go to court? If so, did the defense lawyers have a chance to cross-examine her?

This is an often overblown claim by psychics. It has yet to be proven that any psychic ever solved a case for any police department. Nor has one ever testified in court for the prosecution.

We now come to a well known recently deceased psychologist/para-psychologist, Dr William Roll. Here is a bio:

We have reached out to family members but have not yet been able to prove if he actually was her mentor.

In her bio, she claims she studied psychology at the University of Arizona and was a member of the class of 2003. It's unclear if she received a degree in the field. If so, what type?

Nowhere on her website does it list her studies in the healing arts.

Further digging leads us to look into a paranormal organization called Athenadoris. Yet no information can be found about such a company. The only thing we can uncover is its ties to a production company called Painless Productions, located in Los Angeles, California.

It seems that they are producers of The Dead Files and have produced some very low budget shows including Extreme Paranormal.

Next week -- even more doubts and questions about Amy Allan.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dalai Lama Talks About How to Have a Happy Life

By Cornell Barnard

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Thousands of people in the Bay Area are feeling more enlightened after spending part of the day with the Dalai Lama. But his message of peace was met with shouts of protest.

The Dalai Lama's last stop of the day Sunday was the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco. Before that his biggest public event of the day was in Berkeley where he talked about how to be happy, but not everybody there was.

The auditorium at Berkeley High School was packed with those who paid $50 to hear the Dalai Lama speak.

When his holiness took the stage, he complained the lights were too bright; so, with a laugh, he put on a sun visor.

The soft-spoken Tibetan spiritual leader talked about how to live a happy life.

"Mentally, emotionally, physically, we are the same," he said. "And more important, I want a happy life, you also want a happy life."

Achieving happiness, he says, includes forgiveness and compassion for others and society

"We all really need to work together, and a sense of oneness of humanity," said the Dalai Lama. "To me, that is very very important."

The two hour talk left Walnut Creek resident Ugyen Dolma energized. Like the Dalai Lama, she fled Tibet when she was very young.

"I was so blessed to see him," she said. "How wonderful it is we have this wonderful leader of the world, I am ready to die tomorrow with no regrets."

Fellow Walnut Creek resident Robert Mulder added, "The word compassion really tops the list. And to walk out and to carry that notion day in and day out, I feel like he set a journey, a journey for all of us today."

Nearby, protesters who are Shugden Buddhists, we're not as enlightened to see the Dalai Lama. They say he has excommunicated thousands of Shugden Buddhists because he claims their faction harms and divides his followers.

The group provided us with video of protesters confronting the Dalai Lama about religious freedom.

"This is not religion, this is worship of spirit, so that's wrong," said the Dalai Lama in the video.

Earlier in the day on Sunday, a large crowd of supporters came out as the Dalai Lama made a stop in Richmond, where he blessed the Tibetan Community Center. He briefly spoke to the crowd inside, had some tea, and then addressed a larger audience outside.

And later in the day, the Dalai Lama honored local unsung heroes of compassion. An awards ceremony was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The Dalai Lama is scheduled to be in the U.S. for another two weeks.

(Copyright ©2014 KGO-TV. All Rights Reserved.) Watch video and see original link:

Bad Bad Thing Monday – The Dead Files Brain-dead Followers

By Kirby Robinson

Today we "honor" the idiots over at The Dead Files, as we are not sure who posted this winner of a comment on the February 19, 2014 blog where we expose the fakery of the show and its fake psychic, Amy Allan.

Here is the comment:

Dick head,

Love this statement - "What I hate is deception, lies and altered footage"

It's something you do all the time on your blog, lying about yourself and others, to make you look good and they look bad.

Don't worry we have a Private detective doing a background on you and all the so called things you said you have done and worked for. Interviewing people now you have harassed and double checking the so call things you said you have exposed as fraud. Guess what, finding out you have no sources (made up) and there isn't a single thing you personally have exposed or debunked. You rarely even leave your house. Oh yes, we have surveillance footage of you. Cash in the stalking laws, people. Kirby is now being followed, thanks to a very rich man that has gotten fed up with his BS.

In about 3-4 months we will be putting you and your blog to rest- 6 feet under. KIRBY ROBINSON TO BE EXPOSED FOR THE FRAUD HE IS.

Can't wait… grab your popcorn kiddies MR. BIG is about to fall hard.

I laughed about this comment, as it's hard to alter film footage on a blog. It's also funny that they claim that I rarely leave my home as I'm seldom there.

I've asked the neighbors by phone and/or email to play the theme from Shaft as they pull out or arrive home to add flavor to this so-called investigation. Most of my neighbors have a security system or a team to protect them from the press and stalkers. This would make it difficult for a "Private detective" to do their job.

But the zinger, and what will get the poster a trip to the court house, is the following line: "we will be putting you and your blog to rest- 6 feet under." That is a threat of harm as such phrases are considered threats of murder. The FBI and the LAPD have been contacted and are already working the case.

I hope to see these idiots in court. And a note to the commenter: don't try to remove the comment as they have screen shots of it and your IP. 

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Demons And Meth? A Door To Darkness...

Hello my para beauties! I pray everyone had a wonderful weekend and everyone you love is healthy. A lot of bad weather going on and many are in our prayers for safety. I pray all this bad weather passes soon. It's almost summer if you think about it. Wow, before we know it the holidays be will be upon us. I don't like how time flys when were older.

I believe all drugs are a doorway to the negative beings but if you do a random search for "meth and demons" you will be shocked what you read. Meth is (so they say) the most addictive and dangerous drugs out of all of them due to how fast it takes you down. After just 6 months many have a drastic and awful change in appearance due to this mind altering drug. Many claim they are chased by demons, skeletons and they see devils etc... Of course drugs can make one see things that are not real but what is it about this specific drug and thousands claiming to see the same things? Just like during Sleep Paralysis thousands claim to see the same images and the tell of the same events.

A Florida man high on meth who was arrested in a violent confrontation with police after dragging his son into the woods reportedly believed the 11-year-old required an exorcism.

'You are the demon, you are the demon,' authorities say Bryan Adams told his son after taking him from his bedroom. 'I know what I must do with you.'

Okeechobee County police say the 31-year-old showed 'no compliance or showing of pain and abnormal strength.' This is one of many, many horrific stories about the tight connection of these two. (Meth and Demons).

One user posted this warning and cry for help. The following is written by a meth user. "Well lets just say when you do slip into that other 'dimension' its a moment you'll never forget and you can feel those entities looking at your soul when you make eye contact with them. They feed off of fear and most times you can't control your emotions when it happens, the feeling of fear becomes inevitable. Another way to describe it is like a deja vu like state not literally, just the feeling. So my question is has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? It happened to me 2 times now, once when I took a hit of acid, and the second time while smoking, this never used to happen to me only recently, now I've stopped doing it because I seem to always slip into these other dimensions, if I do decide to smoke again I probably won't do it with anyone because I'm afraid my friends will become "possessed" by these demons" this is a very real problem and it's truly happening more and more. Google this for yourself.

Another user stated "When I used meth, I got to a point where I actually sensed, and saw, evil.

I saw evil come across the face of some meth users, and I believed I was seeing meth bringing out the inner evil in people. I also believed I saw evil being "channeled" through meth users, who were out of their minds at the time, and had no idea what was even happening.

THEN,....after I had gotten clean, and had been clean for over a year......I STILL SAW THE SAME THINGS when I was around any meth users.

I still believe it to this day...that meth is a creation of, and a tool of, forces of EVIL.

Whether you call it "Satan", or whatever you call it, by whatever religion's guidelines...this question really doesn't have to do with religion at all, but rather, the basic concept of whatever way that takes form. Every religion on the planet personifies that differently."

Here's another testimony and warning from someone exposed to it but never used it. "I'll tell ya this....Before I knew what meth was, and obviously before I knew my lover was using, I sensed a darkness about him; very literally like a black aura surrounding him. And I've never seen this, or an aura of any color for that matter, on another human being in my life. It was there! And it was also about that time (hope this doesn't offend anybody) that sex started getting weirder and weirder with him as well, that is to say, he started buying the toys and asking me to do things to him that really creeped me out. I hadn't thought about "evil forces" since 6th grade catechism class, but suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about the devil..."

"The last time I saw J. was about 6 weeks ago. I had let him in temporarily to help him out; he had been clean for well over a year, and damn it if he doesn't pass a drug test, get a steady job, start getting paid regularly, get all comfortable here.... and he starts using again. It was so obvious it was ridiculous! It didn't help much that he started leaving his smoking paraphernalia lying around because was he too high to remember to put away. As he left (per my request) I looked at that face of his that I love so much, that I'll probably never see again, and it was as grey as ashes. Sure, we all look pretty bad when we don't sleep, but this looked just like "death." It almost took my breathe away, and I'm getting chills now as I write about it. Too freaking weird, man!!"

This is very scary. I believe all drugs are doorways but this Meth in particular really seems to take people down quick, in a matter of just 4 to 6 months. Please let's be in prayer against this drug and the enemy drawing people in. I've heard all it takes is one time and your addicted. It works fast. The enemy just feeds off this kind of chaos. Let's stand against this drug and any supernatural power taking place so these people have a chance at life. A chance to know peace and to know Christ.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bad Bad Thing Saturday – Stabbing Satanic Mother/Psychic Doctor/Haunted Public School Restrooms

By Kirby Robinson

In this week's edition, you'll read about crazy people in America, South Africa and India.

Katie Nichols, a Knoxville, Tennessee woman, needs to learn the Bible says honor your mother not try to stab her to death. Full story:

Meet Dr. Semba, a South African so-called "Psychic Doctor" who couldn't cure a hang nail.  

Ghost or no ghost in this public school restroom in India when you gotta go you gotta go …

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What is God's Calling for You?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

In differing ways and varying degrees of intensity, we all have some interest in what the bible teaches about the paranormal. We come from all walks of life...different "callings". In fact, it is the notion of CALLING that I would like to examine together with you. As we shall see, this is a vital subject... but there is  quite a bit of confusion surrounding it. What piqued my interest recently was the flood of people who say they feel "called" to be demonologists/exorcists/deliverance (fill in the blank) And it got me thinking about what the bible says about CALLING.  I wanted to ask: what is God's calling for you?

The most important thing we can learn about "calling" is that the bible distinguishes between two types of calling--Primary calling and secondary callings. From my own informal observation, I do not think that many folks know the difference...only because they have not been taught.

There is a CALLING because there is a CALLER. This notion of CALLING is vacuous apart from God. Our callings are inextricably bound up with our Almighty Caller.

According to the bible CALLING, in its primary sense, is virtually synonymous with the word "salvation". Does that surprise you? It is this Primary sense of CALLING that we most urgently need to grasp. Here is just a sampling of dozens and dozens of verses which contain the word CALL in this Primary sense.

"...Including you who are CALLED to belong to Jesus Christ.To all those in Rome who are loved by God and CALLED to be saints."(Romans 1:6-7).

"God is faithful, by whom you were CALLED into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord....for consider your CALLING brothers: not many of you were wise..." (1 Corinthians 1:9,26).

Call, called, calling--if you check your concordance, you will see that dozens of times these words are used to show that we are identified as those whom "God has called." We have been called out of darkness...we have been called to an imperishable inheritance OR HOPE...we have been called into a personal relationship with the Living God. God has called us to live CORAM DEO...before the heart of God, moment by moment.

CALL come from the Greek "Kaleo" (to The word "church", or ecclesia (called out ones) comes from this Greek root. Corporately and as individuals, we are identified as those whom God has called (inwardly). Do you see the centrality of this concept? Is it a vital part of your self-identity, self-image? It should be, and your life is impoverished to the extent that it is not.

So, our PRIMARY calling is not what we DO, rather we are called to Someone. The CALLER has called the called...The Caller has sovereignly called us to Himself.God has first called us into an intimate relationship with Him. "What is your calling?" When we hear that question asked, usually our first inclination is to discuss what vocation or work we believe God has "called" us to. But trouble can creep in if we don't have first things first. Do we find ourselves restlessly trying to make a mark on the world for the Lord...or to make our lives "count"? Our ultimate security and significance can only be found in God--in knowing that we have been CALLED by Him.Have we put the calling horse before the calling cart? If we do not CONSCIOUSLY place primary emphasis on the fact that God has called us into fellowship with Him, then our work will become idolatry. God is jealous for Him to be our first love.

In this primary sense, all of us have the same CALLING--to know and love God intimately.

I do no have time to discuss in detail the notion of effectual calling, which is when the outward call of the gospel is sovereignly internalized in our hearts and we hear the inner call by the power of the Holy Spirit. When people hear the outward call of the gospel, some are inwardly called at that moment through the Almighty power of the Holy Spirit. It is not my calling(!!) to emphasize my reformed distinctives, so I will leave it at that.

Think of the first and greatest commandment--"Make as big an impact on the world as possible", right? Wrong! The entire bible is summed up in these words--LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR BEING. God has never insisted that any of us will change the world, but He does insist that there be excellence in our relationships--first with Him, family, and others. Our primary calling is to love God as intimately as is possible this side of heaven. Is that your primary desire? Your dominant life value? It should be because it is your Primary CALLING!

Our calling is teleological in nature, in that there is a specific end to which we are called...we are being called HOME. The great goal the Holy Spirit is leading God's elect is heavenward to be in the presence of our Lord. But our calling is comprehensive--encompassing all aspects and stages of life. Note these texts show that our calling covers all the intermediate stages before our final destiny. It is a CALLING to--fellowship with Christ (1 Corinthians 1:9); inherit blessing (1 Peter 3:9); to  liberty (Galatians 5:13); to peace (1 Corinthians 7:15) to holiness (Thessalonians 4:7) TO ONE HOPE (Ephesians 4:4) to eternal life (1 Timothy 6:12); and to God's kingdom and glory (1 Thessalonians 2:12).

Do you see how utterly repugnant the notion of "trapped spirits" is to the grandeur of our calling heavenward? Encased within our very salvation is the calling and absolute certainty of our hope. We have been CALLED TO ONE HOPE (Ephesians 4:4..above) Our free-will ends at death. The notion of "turning down" one's call home is a slap in the face of our Almighty/tender Caller. No unfinished premature or traumatic death of any kind is beyond the pale of the Caller. Only in America, when our concept of God has become so anemic, could this monstrosity have taken root. The notion of ghosts flies in the face of God's CALL. Any Christian who has embraced this occultic superstition has turned CALLING on its head, and introduced a contradiction into the heart of their theological system. It causes spiritual instability...and exposes God's CALLED to demonic oppression.

"Beware of anything that competes with loyalty to Jesus Christ...The greatest competitor of devotion to Jesus is service for Him...The one aim of the CALL of God is the satisfaction of God, not a call to do something for Him." Oswald Chamber. How can one ever do better than "My utmost for His highest"? It is such an easy trap to fall into (emphasizing fruitfulness), but our desire to bear fruit for God should flow out of our Primary calling of a childlike love for Him.

There is something wonderfully freeing and anxiety reducing about waking up in the morning and knowing that what counts most is WHOSE we are, and not WHO we are...that we are human beings and not human doings.....that intimacy with the Lord moment by moment is what we have been called to. My  friends, this can change your life! What a stress-buster, as well as bringing substantial healing to those who are obsessively driven to prove they are significant. We ARE loved..we ARE significant...we ARE secure (whether we feel it or not) because the Caller has called us!!

There is such an electrical charge about ministering in things supernatural. That is why I think it is particularly important for those called (in secondary sense, as we shall see) to help those struggling with demonic oppression, to make doubly sure they have first things first. I know from personal experience how exhilarating it is to SEE spiritual SEE shadow demons fleeing in the name of cleanse a house or person of a very powerful demonic stronghold. And while that can be quite a faith builder, it can also quietly become an end in itself...or losing sight of the primacy of loving God. An exorcist is the same as a banker or a homemaker when it comes to what their Primary calling is. Nobody needs to have this straight more than an exorcist, or anyone who deals with the spirit realm in ministry.

How many pastors and missionaries have sacrificed their children and their relationship with God, upon the altar of enlarging their sphere of influence? For some folks seminary turns into a spiritual fascination with knowledge about God slowly replaces personal knowledge OF God.

What of the other type of calling? Let me say that both Catholics and Protestants have consciously or unconsciously adopted a two-tier view of calling. Priests, pastors, missionaries are CALLED, but bankers, truckers, plumbers are ALLOWED to do what they do. The "full-time" ministry is a higher calling in many people's eyes. But remember, all Christians are FULLTIME witnesses for Christ.In addition, there is no sacred/secular division of labor. In God's eyes ALL lawful labor is sacred. It was Martin Luther who re-discovered this biblical truth--thus ennobling all work. If you wish to be an exorcist that is fine, but please do not do it because you think your work will be more significant than the carpentry work you do now.

How do we discover what God's secondary calling is? Find out what your motivated abilities are; things you are good at (not necessarily the best in the world), and they give you immense satisfaction. God has sovereingly wired you in such a way that certain activities really turn you on. I love to write, and writing my book was one of the most intense and protracted pleasurable experiences of my life. I believe God has called me to write, especially to expose Satan's lie re ghosts. All of our callings should bring us pleasure, but they should also benefit the Body, and primarily glorify God. In all things, let us live Coram Deo...before the heart of God.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

Where in the Other-World is Sylvia Browne?

By Lisa Grace

On November 20, 2013 fairly famous self proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne died. I'm sorry for her family's loss. It's devastating to lose a loved one.

Now that she is gone from this earthly realm, the question arises, why isn't she contacting someone on this side? She can't because she is dead. Time has stopped for her. The next aware moment for her will be the judgment, as it is for all of us who will die. The rest, will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. At that time, every knee will bow and recognize the one true King.

Taking a step back though, you can see when we look at Sylvia's life time of predictions, she made 115 claims that could be proved or disproved over time. Take a stab at how many she *saw* (using her psychic powers) correctly. 80% 90% is what she claimed she had correct. Wrong. Okay, 50%? Nope, but look for a number that has a zero in it. ZERO.

If a person is receiving or perceiving something supernatural, and that supernatural force is not confirming what has already been revealed by Scripture, you can bet it's evil, and it's messing with you. If Sylvia herself was not an outright fraud, (and maybe a lie detector test could have proved that while she was alive(matter of fact, why don't all empaths submit themselves to one?) all the incorrect information she was given, was to mess with her, and those who believed she was *in tune*to some*special knowledge.* We are told by Scripture, we can have a relationship with God, directly. With no intermediaries. Through Yeshua, (Jesus our Saviour, Messiah, God) we can receive peace that passes understanding. We need look no further than the source.

Why use a soup can and a string to get messages when you can just pick up a phone and talk to someone directly?

Using a medium or empath is the equivalent of using a soup can connected to a string as a replacement for a phone. How reliably is your question going to be answered over a soup can phone? This is why it is forbidden in the Bible, because it is dangerous as any information is bound to be false, or meant to lead you away from God, not closer to Him.

Sylvia herself admitted in an interview when she was confronted about several cases where she told people that their loved ones were dead, (when they weren't) that GOD is the only one who gets things correct 100% of the time. She totally missed the irony of what was coming out of her mouth.

If she knew God was going to give 100% correct answers, then why wasn't she recommending people consult Him in the first and only place???

If she knew her advice was going to be wrong, why give it???

She should have admitted she was being toyed with, and not taken peoples' money.

Sylvia Browne is gone now, eleven years sooner than she had predicted for her own death. I don't know why she did what she did, she hurt many people, caused much anguish, and lead many astray from Biblical truths. Unfortunately, there will be others willing to fill her shoes, going against the very word of God.
Please, do not consult evil spirits or those who talk to them (psychics), but turn to the source that can give you peace to all your questions, the one that even Sylvia Browne admitted was right all the time: God.

Lisa Grace is the author of the teen angel series, which has been optioned for a movie. You can pick up Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 free here in any format: or from Amazon:

You can reach the author through her email: or on Twitter @lisagracebooks

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Issue 147 – 'Snake Salvation' Updates & 'The Dead Files' Debunked

By Kirby Robinson

Read new Snake Salvation updates, plus The Dead Files keeps spinning the truth to make money and prey on the suffering.

Snake Salvation Updates

This Saturday, February 22, 2014, Cody Coots, Pastor Jamie Coots's son, will be preaching. Those in attendance will include the rattlesnake that bit and killed his father. Something tells me that this week's crowd will be standing room only!

What does the local police chief think about the situation?

"Middlesboro Police Chief Jeffrey Sharpe concedes a Kentucky law makes it illegal to handle or display reptiles in religious services. But Sharpe says he doesn't care what the law says ... as far as he's concerned the government doesn't have any business meddling in religious affairs." Read the full story here:

And even if the law was broken, the man is dead. Who are you going to charge?

The Dead Files -- Dishonoring the Dead by Selling Lies

Back in 2011, The Dead Files debuted on the Travel Channel. The show claims that so-called psychic Amy Allan visits allegedly haunted homes, businesses, and historic sites. Before visiting any location, Matt Anderson, her husband, will remove anything on the premises that may distract his wife. Amy claims that the dead talk to her. Not sure about the bad hair and makeup, along with an odd wardrobe which, according to her posts on Facebook, she has to provide. If she's psychic and has spirit guides, we wonder why they are silent on her choices.

The opening credits claim she sees and talks to dead people, which to the chagrin of the paranormal/new age, has never been proven to happen. If it does happen, Amy like all other psychics aren't contacting the dead but are really in communication with the demonic.

Unlike the show it tries to imitate, Paranormal State, which claimed to help their clients, this show's purpose is selling Amy's psychic skills. The co-star of the show is retired homicide investigator, Steve DiSchiavi. He confirms her abilities by investigating claims via his research and interviewing skills. Meanwhile, the clients are left to fend for themselves. It's fairly obvious that Amy just wants to rush out and get on to the next case or the next public appearance she is slated to get paid for.

The Eye on the Paranormal has an offbeat relationship with Amy and her show. During the first season the show aired, we tried to give all paranormal reality TV the benefit of the doubt when it came to being faked. Now we know better -- they are all scripted and fake. We asked her if she would like to blog for us and made her the deal that she would get a byline and full credit and be able to express her views. Amy gave us the lame excuse that she had to get her producer's permission. And that was it---no response after that.

God kinda told me that would happen and told me to wait a year or two and ask her again and see what would happen. So, in 2013 I asked again. She responded, but what she wrote was far off topic. It had to do with some message to a woman that it was all right for the girl to see some guy as Amy no longer had any claims on him.

This was a sign from God that Amy was full of confusion. I did not need a burning in my bosom to know that Satan was well invested in The Dead Files.

Early on in her emails, she stated that she knew nothing about demons. So how can she identify them? If she can't even identify them, how can she get rid of them? And why does she keep encountering them?

I'm currently breaking down an episode, which will debunk her claims and the owner's claims. Don't just take my word about her lack of spiritual discernment. Many others have seen through the veil and see that Amy Allan is just like Chip Coffey, a third-rate actor playing the role of a psychic-medium.

Here are some links to other articles/opinion pieces about Amy Allan and The Dead Files.

On James Randi's site, the author of the following article compares Amy Allan to Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium.

Another opinion piece:

The responses to the blog are worth reading. Many are highly deluded into thinking that Amy is a real deal psychic and that they would do the same thing.

Finally, we have this article where some of the tricks of the trade are revealed:

Next week we'll blow the lid off of the dread, uh, we mean The Dead Files.

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A Clean Environment Is a Human Right

By The Dalai Lama

Tibet should not be used for the production of nuclear weapons and the dumping of nuclear waste. Tibetans have a great respect for all forms of life. This inherent feeling is enhanced by our Buddhist faith, which prohibits the harming of all sentient beings, whether human or animal. Prior to the Chinese invasion, Tibet was a fresh, beautiful, unspoiled wilderness sanctuary in a unique natural environment.

Sadly, during the past few decades, the wildlife of Tibet has been _most totally destroyed and, in many places, irreparable damage has been done to its forests. The overall effect on Tibet's delicate environment has been devastating - particularly since the country's altitude and aridity mean that the process of restoring vegetation will take much longer than in lower, wetter regions. For this reason, what little is left must be protected and efforts made to reverse the effects of China's iniquitous and wanton destruction of the Tibetan environment.

In doing so, the first priority will be to halt the production of nuclear weaponry and, even more importantly, to prevent the dumping of nuclear waste. Apparently, China plans not only to dispose of its own but also to import other countries' waste, in exchange for hard currency. The danger this represents is obvious. Not only living generations, but also future generations are threatened. Furthermore, the inevitable problems this would cause locally could so easily turn into a catastrophe of global proportions. Giving waste to China, which might have access to large areas of lightly populated land but has only crude technology, will likely prove only a short-term solution to the problem.

If I were actually to vote in an election, it would be for one of the environmental parties. One of the most positive developments in the world recently has been the growing awareness of the importance of nature. There is nothing sacred or holy about this. Taking care of our planet is like taking care of our houses. Since we human beings come from Nature, there is no point in our going against Nature, which is why I say the environment is not a matter of religion or ethics or morality. These are luxuries, since we can survive without them. But we will not survive if we continue to go against Nature.

We have to accept this. If we unbalance Nature, humankind will suffer. Furthermore, as people alive today, we must consider future generations: a clean environment is a human right like any other. It is therefore part of our responsibility towards others to ensure that the world we pass on is as healthy, if not healthier, than when we found .it. This is not quite such a difficult proposition as it might sound. For although there is a limit to what we as individuals can do, there is no limit to what a universal response might achieve. It is up to us as individuals to do what we can, however little that may be. Just because switching off the light when leaving the room seems inconsequential, it does not mean that we should not do it.

This is where, as a Buddhist monk, I feel that belief in the concept of karma is very useful in the conduct of daily life. Once you believe in the connection between motivation and its effect, you will become more alert to the effects, which your own actions have upon yourself and others.

Thus, despite the continuing tragedy of Tibet, I find much good in the world. I am especially encouraged that the belief in consumerism as an end in itself seems to be giving way to an appreciation that we humans must conserve the earth's resources. This is very necessary. Human beings are in a sense children of the earth. And, whereas up until now our common Mother tolerated her children's behavior, she is presently showing us that she has reached the limit of her tolerance.

It is my prayer that one day I shall be able to carry this message of concern fonhe environment and for others to the people of China. Since Buddhism is by no means alien to the Chinese, I believe that I may be able to serve them in a practical way. The last Panchen Lama's predecessor once conducted a Kalachakra initiation ceremony in Peking. If I were to do the same, it would not be without precedent. For as a Buddhist monk, my concern extends to all members of the human family and, indeed, to all suffering sentient beings.

I believe that this suffering is caused by ignorance, and that people inflict pain on others in pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of inner peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved through cultivation of altruism, of love, of compassion, and through the elimination of anger, selfishness and greed.

To some people this may sound naive, but I would remind them that, 'no matter what part of the world we come from, fundamentally we are all the same human beings. We all seek happiness and try to avoid suffering. We have the same basic needs and concerns. Furthermore, all of us human beings want freedom and the right to determine our own destiny as individuals. That is human nature. The great changes taking place everywhere in the world, from Eastern Europe to Africa, is a clear indication of this.

At the same time, the problems we face today - violent conflicts, destruction of Nature, poverty, hunger, and so on - are mainly problems created by humans. They can be resolved - but only through human effort, understanding and the development of a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. To do this, we need to cultivate a universal Responsibility for one another and for the planet we share, based on a good heart and awareness.

Now, although I have found my own Buddhist religion helpful in generating love and compassion, I am convinced that these qualities can be developed by anyone, with or without religion. I further believe that all religions pursue the same goals: those of cultivating goodness and bringing happiness to all human beings. Though the means might appear different, the ends are the same.

With the ever- growing impact of science on our lives, religion and spirituality have a greater role to play in reminding us of our humanity. There is no contradiction between the two. Each gives us valuable insights into the other. Both science and the teachings of the Buddha tell us of the fundamental unity of all things.
Finally, I would like to share with my readers a short prayer, which gives me great inspiration and determination:

For as long as space endures,
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I, too, abide
To dispel the misery of the world. 

Adapted from the chapter Universal Responsibility and the Good Heart in Freedom in Exile: The autobiography of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Hodder and Stoughton. UK 1990. (p 280-299).

Update on 'Snake Salvation' Reality TV Show

By Kirby Robinson

We ran the following story on October 24, 2013.

The world is running out of ideas for reality shows we’ve seen every version of real housewives short of Real Housewives of Skid Row. A production company kicked around the idea of one set in the paranormal field but got no takers from the network. Just about every combination of reality show has aired short of people killing each other. Lately, the Christian faith has become a fertile field for shows of this type.

In the case of the two newest offerings, we end up with show that exposes us to a world most of us have only read about or seen on TV and film. And the other just confirms what many suspect -- fakes and frauds have taken over the church.

Snake Salvation from the National Geographic Channel focuses on two churches, one in Tennessee, and the other in Kentucky, that practice snake handling.

Snake handling has been around for years mostly in the Appalachian area. It’s a very small fringe movement in what is often referred to as the Holiness Movement, a sub group of the Pentecostal church. They draw their spiritual authority from the book of Mark chapter 16 v18.

“They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” NIV

The services that feature handling venomous snakes will also feature poison drinking [lye or strychnine] and fire handling.

They claim that their faith must be tested and as they pass each test, their faith grows stronger, even if they are bitten, burned, or become sick from the consumption of poison. They reject the medicine of man and depend solely on faith healing.

You’ll never find such churches on your Main Street, nor will they advertise, but they are out there.

Is Snake Salvation staged and fake like your common paranormal reality show such as Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters. Well, in one episode a cottonmouth snake bites a preacher while he is out snake hunting.

They are on solid spiritual ground for thinking the way they do. No one holds a gun to anyone’s head to attend their church or think the way they think. It’s their spiritual path and the world, and the law, should allow them the freedom to practice their faith. As to anything being faked, the scenes featuring snakebites are real. Yes, we took very close look at those scenes and could find nothing fake.

We recommend that you watch this show as it’s worth your time.

Sadly, we must share this update to the story:

Unfortunately, at times like these God haters, atheists and members of the new age use such events to mock God and question the faith of some of God's followers.

Pastor Jamie Coots has done nothing wrong. He simply lived a faith that took God at His word. Many ask for healing but die without being healed. That doesn't mean there is no healing. It simply means that God chose to call them home for reasons we can never understand.

This should be an example that matters of faith never should be turned into a reality TV show, as vanity could creep into a believer's heart.

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