Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where in the Other-World is Sylvia Browne?

By Lisa Grace

On November 20, 2013 fairly famous self proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne died. I'm sorry for her family's loss. It's devastating to lose a loved one.

Now that she is gone from this earthly realm, the question arises, why isn't she contacting someone on this side? She can't because she is dead. Time has stopped for her. The next aware moment for her will be the judgment, as it is for all of us who will die. The rest, will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. At that time, every knee will bow and recognize the one true King.

Taking a step back though, you can see when we look at Sylvia's life time of predictions, she made 115 claims that could be proved or disproved over time. Take a stab at how many she *saw* (using her psychic powers) correctly. 80% 90% is what she claimed she had correct. Wrong. Okay, 50%? Nope, but look for a number that has a zero in it. ZERO.

If a person is receiving or perceiving something supernatural, and that supernatural force is not confirming what has already been revealed by Scripture, you can bet it's evil, and it's messing with you. If Sylvia herself was not an outright fraud, (and maybe a lie detector test could have proved that while she was alive(matter of fact, why don't all empaths submit themselves to one?) all the incorrect information she was given, was to mess with her, and those who believed she was *in tune*to some*special knowledge.* We are told by Scripture, we can have a relationship with God, directly. With no intermediaries. Through Yeshua, (Jesus our Saviour, Messiah, God) we can receive peace that passes understanding. We need look no further than the source.

Why use a soup can and a string to get messages when you can just pick up a phone and talk to someone directly?

Using a medium or empath is the equivalent of using a soup can connected to a string as a replacement for a phone. How reliably is your question going to be answered over a soup can phone? This is why it is forbidden in the Bible, because it is dangerous as any information is bound to be false, or meant to lead you away from God, not closer to Him.

Sylvia herself admitted in an interview when she was confronted about several cases where she told people that their loved ones were dead, (when they weren't) that GOD is the only one who gets things correct 100% of the time. She totally missed the irony of what was coming out of her mouth.

If she knew God was going to give 100% correct answers, then why wasn't she recommending people consult Him in the first and only place???

If she knew her advice was going to be wrong, why give it???

She should have admitted she was being toyed with, and not taken peoples' money.

Sylvia Browne is gone now, eleven years sooner than she had predicted for her own death. I don't know why she did what she did, she hurt many people, caused much anguish, and lead many astray from Biblical truths. Unfortunately, there will be others willing to fill her shoes, going against the very word of God.
Please, do not consult evil spirits or those who talk to them (psychics), but turn to the source that can give you peace to all your questions, the one that even Sylvia Browne admitted was right all the time: God.

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