Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Issue 147 – 'Snake Salvation' Updates & 'The Dead Files' Debunked

By Kirby Robinson

Read new Snake Salvation updates, plus The Dead Files keeps spinning the truth to make money and prey on the suffering.

Snake Salvation Updates

This Saturday, February 22, 2014, Cody Coots, Pastor Jamie Coots's son, will be preaching. Those in attendance will include the rattlesnake that bit and killed his father. Something tells me that this week's crowd will be standing room only!

What does the local police chief think about the situation?

"Middlesboro Police Chief Jeffrey Sharpe concedes a Kentucky law makes it illegal to handle or display reptiles in religious services. But Sharpe says he doesn't care what the law says ... as far as he's concerned the government doesn't have any business meddling in religious affairs." Read the full story here:

And even if the law was broken, the man is dead. Who are you going to charge?

The Dead Files -- Dishonoring the Dead by Selling Lies

Back in 2011, The Dead Files debuted on the Travel Channel. The show claims that so-called psychic Amy Allan visits allegedly haunted homes, businesses, and historic sites. Before visiting any location, Matt Anderson, her husband, will remove anything on the premises that may distract his wife. Amy claims that the dead talk to her. Not sure about the bad hair and makeup, along with an odd wardrobe which, according to her posts on Facebook, she has to provide. If she's psychic and has spirit guides, we wonder why they are silent on her choices.

The opening credits claim she sees and talks to dead people, which to the chagrin of the paranormal/new age, has never been proven to happen. If it does happen, Amy like all other psychics aren't contacting the dead but are really in communication with the demonic.

Unlike the show it tries to imitate, Paranormal State, which claimed to help their clients, this show's purpose is selling Amy's psychic skills. The co-star of the show is retired homicide investigator, Steve DiSchiavi. He confirms her abilities by investigating claims via his research and interviewing skills. Meanwhile, the clients are left to fend for themselves. It's fairly obvious that Amy just wants to rush out and get on to the next case or the next public appearance she is slated to get paid for.

The Eye on the Paranormal has an offbeat relationship with Amy and her show. During the first season the show aired, we tried to give all paranormal reality TV the benefit of the doubt when it came to being faked. Now we know better -- they are all scripted and fake. We asked her if she would like to blog for us and made her the deal that she would get a byline and full credit and be able to express her views. Amy gave us the lame excuse that she had to get her producer's permission. And that was it---no response after that.

God kinda told me that would happen and told me to wait a year or two and ask her again and see what would happen. So, in 2013 I asked again. She responded, but what she wrote was far off topic. It had to do with some message to a woman that it was all right for the girl to see some guy as Amy no longer had any claims on him.

This was a sign from God that Amy was full of confusion. I did not need a burning in my bosom to know that Satan was well invested in The Dead Files.

Early on in her emails, she stated that she knew nothing about demons. So how can she identify them? If she can't even identify them, how can she get rid of them? And why does she keep encountering them?

I'm currently breaking down an episode, which will debunk her claims and the owner's claims. Don't just take my word about her lack of spiritual discernment. Many others have seen through the veil and see that Amy Allan is just like Chip Coffey, a third-rate actor playing the role of a psychic-medium.

Here are some links to other articles/opinion pieces about Amy Allan and The Dead Files.

On James Randi's site, the author of the following article compares Amy Allan to Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium.

Another opinion piece:

The responses to the blog are worth reading. Many are highly deluded into thinking that Amy is a real deal psychic and that they would do the same thing.

Finally, we have this article where some of the tricks of the trade are revealed:

Next week we'll blow the lid off of the dread, uh, we mean The Dead Files.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you hate so many people.Did Amy Allen ever say anything bad about you?

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Anonymous,
I love you and all your cousins--you're the #1 family on the 'net.

The people that I expose like Andrew Calder, Ryan Buell & Amy Allan I don't hate at all. Actually, I have great sympathy towards them because in some ways I understand why they do what they do. What I hate is deception, lies and altered footage.

Kirby Robinson

Anonymous said...

Dick head,

Love this statement - "What I hate is deception, lies and altered footage"

It's something you do all the time on your blog, lying about yourself and others, to make you look good and they look bad.

Don't worry we have a Private detective doing a background on you and all the so called things you said you have done and worked for. Interviewing people now you have harassed and double checking the so call things you said you have exposed as fraud. Guess what, finding out you have no sources (made up) and there isn't a single thing you personally have exposed or debunked. You rarely even leave your house. Oh yes, we have surveillance footage of you. Cash in the stalking laws, people. Kirby is now being followed, thanks to a very rich man that has gotten fed up with his BS.

In about 3-4 months we will be putting you and your blog to rest- 6 feet under. KIRBY ROBINSON TO BE EXPOSED FOR THE FRAUD HE IS.

Can't wait… grab your popcorn kiddies MR. BIG is about to fall hard.

-I Spy

Anonymous said...

I SO AGREE WITH I Spy,I know who the evil one .Your got a Messed up head to be like you are,an so does any one who goes along with you.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Me so worried - not

Anonymous said...

Why the personal attack on Amy Allens hair, makeup and clothes? You are making yourself seem like a grumpy old man.

eyeontheparanormal said...

guess your not able to read the whole blog

Bobnoxious said...

Kirby I do believe this "Anonymous" poster directly threatened your life with this statement:

" about 3-4 months we will be putting you and your blog to rest- 6 feet under"...

And oh golly...not another private detective LOL

eyeontheparanormal said...

we noticed that to and the FBI /LAPD have been contacted