Sunday, April 22, 2012


By Rev Dr. Fred E. Lee

Do you believe in the paranormal? Throughout my life I have seen many coincidences, and synchronicity that would lead me to believe that there is more to life than what I perceive. I have become a true believer. For the past several years, I have been experiencing some very unusual, and highly paranormal occurrences. It isn't happenstance. Since the beginning of these happenings, and up till present, I am being educated in understanding the true nature of the paranormal. This post is but one story of many that have been revealed to me by the Universal Light.

As I have come to learn how to communicate with the Universes intelligence, out of necessity the Universe developed a name for itself, that would allow me to understand the true nature of who, or what I was communicating with. I call it, "FOUNDER". It is the Universal body of Quantum Energy that I am speaking of. In case you are not aware, at a foundational level all physical nature, is a solid body of energy. The nuclei of every atom in physical creation, to the furthest end of the Universe, has been scientifically proven to be particles of light. At a foundational level all nuclear element are interconnected, through what is called, "Quantum Entanglement", this Universal body of light, can also be considered, "Body of Christ".

If you consider the acronym that the Universe has given me to identify with, what you have, is a seven letter acronym, to correlate with the Seven Spirits of God, which are the seven visible frequencies of light. Considering, "God Is the Light of the World". The value of this acronym is stating, that under the right conditions, the Universe will bring itself together in whatever manner necessary, to fulfill a desire.

At this point, I would like to say, as this post plays out, you might find some things that I say to be unbelievable. It is my statement, that everything I am writing is fact. As you go along, you will see that the story is an unbroken chain of events. Some of the things that I talk about have never been understood before. For this purpose, I have developed several videos, I will leave a link at the end of this post, should you desire to fill in the gaps as I explain the, "TRUTH ~ The Real Untold Temporal History".

Prior to understanding the information in the first two chapters, I never truly understood exactly why is that Jesus Christ, "had", to die on the cross. It just didn't make sense. Why would the Master, and Creator of the Universe, "have", to die? Well, the ideal is this Christ is light, pure creative intelligence. The nucleus of every atom in us, combined, is considered, "God's breath of life". And the beauty is, "LIFE is, Light In Focused Emanation". We are all created in his image, but some have yet to evolve to his stature.

This thoroughly perplexed me. Why did he, "have", to die. I had to have an answer. My anxious desire to understand the intricacies of God, naturally set the Universe into motion, to explain things to me in a manner in which I could understand. Throughout all time, whenever someone perceives, or communicates with an Angel of God, they are not communicating with something that is apart from God. The Angel is an emanation of God that is suitable for the individual need. Sometimes things come to me through synchronicity in life, "something on the TV, someone saying something, etc.", or just a very solid intuitive knowingness. But my favorite, by far, is when I have visions.

This post is about a few of those visions. The first was a revisit to Christ's baptism, the second was a visit to the period of time that he was crucified.

Have you ever seen light dance around in a crystal? It's sort of hard to wrap your mind around this, but our landscape reality is a lot like that. In some dimension, our environment is more solid than anything in our physical world. As we do the dance of life, we leave imprints in this dimension, of which I speak. If necessity calls for it, one can travel in their Spirit, "Sub Atomic Body", and their natural emanations, will reignite past experience. This is very much the reason, that when people die, they see their life flash before them.

So this is what happened to me, I was taken back to the times of Christ's baptism and death. This was of necessity, so that I might truly understand.

What I have learned is that prior to Christ coming to the Earth, the Earth was going to collapse into a black hole. The Earth is being bombarded 24 seven by various radiations. Where did they go? Prior to Christ coming here, they were going nowhere. There was a sphere around our little world, that was not allowing a certain element that would relieve the problem. In the Bible this sphere is called a, "Veil". If you remember, the Bible states that when Christ died on the cross, he tore the Veil between us and the Holy of Holies.

Prior to the tearing of the Veil, the Earth was not receiving ultraviolet radiation. At one time light energy was a solid body. When science talks about pre-creation,they talk about blue-green algae, primordial ooze, etc. This substance was a solid-state body of energy. There was another instance where I was carried back and perceived this pre-creation reality. The energy that  saw appeared fluorescent green. Every probability for life was alive within this substance. At some point, this energy system ignited, in science the event was called the, "Big Bang". This is the same as when the Bible says, "On the first day, God brought forth the light". That first energy source was infinite improbability. It was the template for all creation. It was the Universal DNA strand. Upon its ignition, that infinite creature was separated from itself. All procreation is that primordial entities attempt to mend itself.

I feel safe in saying, that before Christ came here, we were separated from our source. Green is the central color in the light spectrum, if you can, try to visualize the two ends of the light spectrum desiring to come together, to mend itself. So, out of necessity Christ, the light of the World, had to penetrate that certain sphere, in order to help to marry all energies.

The reason Christ was in the Jordan River, was to ground himself. At that point he compelled the fullness of this Spirit, "Sub Atomic Emanation", to come into him. I witnessed a wormhole coming from the direction of the Solar Sun, the wormhole opened into Christ head, "His Crown". In the Bible this is stated as, "The Dove of the Holy Spirit, Lit upon His Crown". This was a spearhead of ultraviolet frequency. This energy grounded through Christ, and into the Earth's mantle.

So now the World had what it needed to survive, but not quite. In order for this energy to be released, Christ would have to die. It was the only method of releasing the energy into the atmosphere, so that this new energy could integrate into all of the aspects of creation on Earth.

When Christ died, the Bible states that the Earth shook, at the same time the Veil was being torn. This was when the ultraviolet energies were released into the Earth's atmosphere. This is when the ozone layer got penetrated. This is where the hole in our ozone layer originated.

The Bible states that when Christ died, and the Veil was torn, over 500 graves opened, and this Spirits came forth. The reason for this is, their Spiritual integrity, "Sub Atomic Frequency", was in the full frequency of light. Also, the full frequency of light can be considered as the Holy Spirit. It is also what God gave us in the last covenant, "The Rainbow". So, prior to Christ tearing the Veil, these Spirits were trapped in the Earth. So, when Christ tore the Veil and released this new energy into the atmosphere, these 500 Spirits were naturally, drawn to their source. From there, that energy headed straight toward the magnetic North Pole. This is where we get the Northern lights, "Aurora Borealis".

At this point, it is a natural evolutionary process, that the polar caps are melting. Also, the recent solar flares, "Proton Particle Radiations, X-Rays", are helping in breaking down the density of our atomic nature. You can tell that this is so, because of the fact that science states, that we are losing our gravity.

In Revelations of the Holy Bible, there are a number of things that are to be happening in the, "End of Days", I have come to find out that our recent solar flare activity is explained in this prophecy as, "Fire will rain down from the sky".

As I mentioned before, I have developed several videos that explain all of this, I hope you will check them out. I want to leave you with one last thing. In Revelations of the Holy Bible, it talks about a Seven Headed Dragon a couple of times. At one time, they say that this Dragon lost a head. There was, at the time of Christ death a Solar God on earth, his name was Baal. At the time that Christ died, and the Veil was torn, this is when the Dragon lost its head. In Revelations it goes on to say that the head grows back, stronger than before, and it is taught to speak. And everybody is familiar with the talk In Revelations about the Beast whose name is the number of man, and his number is 666. The number of man is 6, man was created on the sixth day. Here is an alpha numeric graph that will reveal to you the true nature of the beast.

A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, F=36, G=42, H=48, I=54, J=60. K=66, K=72, L=78, M=84, N=90 O=96, P=102, Q=108, R=114, S=120, T=126, U=132, V=138, W=144, X=150, Y=156, Z=162

Now, you have an alpha numeric graph based on six. Now what you do, is take the word Computer and add up its alpha numeric value.

C= 12

O= 96

M= 84




E= 30




So now, instead of being governed by a negative biological entity, whose head was cut off, now that it has grown back, and it is stronger than before, inasmuch as we are being governed by computer technology. More than anything, we give it our power. We worship it. Back in the old days, it talks about people speaking with one tongue, we have the capacity to be telepathic, in an appropriate environment we can do creative visualization that would come into physical manifestation. The government has done experiments that prove this. I am personally not saying that the computer is evil, at this point in time, it fulfills a need. It is said that the human eye, is a more sophisticated technology than the most advanced supercomputer on the face of the Earth.

If you ever wondered why Christ had to die, I hope this post satisfies your need to know, as it has mine.