Monday, February 24, 2014

Dalai Lama Talks About How to Have a Happy Life

By Cornell Barnard

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Thousands of people in the Bay Area are feeling more enlightened after spending part of the day with the Dalai Lama. But his message of peace was met with shouts of protest.

The Dalai Lama's last stop of the day Sunday was the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco. Before that his biggest public event of the day was in Berkeley where he talked about how to be happy, but not everybody there was.

The auditorium at Berkeley High School was packed with those who paid $50 to hear the Dalai Lama speak.

When his holiness took the stage, he complained the lights were too bright; so, with a laugh, he put on a sun visor.

The soft-spoken Tibetan spiritual leader talked about how to live a happy life.

"Mentally, emotionally, physically, we are the same," he said. "And more important, I want a happy life, you also want a happy life."

Achieving happiness, he says, includes forgiveness and compassion for others and society

"We all really need to work together, and a sense of oneness of humanity," said the Dalai Lama. "To me, that is very very important."

The two hour talk left Walnut Creek resident Ugyen Dolma energized. Like the Dalai Lama, she fled Tibet when she was very young.

"I was so blessed to see him," she said. "How wonderful it is we have this wonderful leader of the world, I am ready to die tomorrow with no regrets."

Fellow Walnut Creek resident Robert Mulder added, "The word compassion really tops the list. And to walk out and to carry that notion day in and day out, I feel like he set a journey, a journey for all of us today."

Nearby, protesters who are Shugden Buddhists, we're not as enlightened to see the Dalai Lama. They say he has excommunicated thousands of Shugden Buddhists because he claims their faction harms and divides his followers.

The group provided us with video of protesters confronting the Dalai Lama about religious freedom.

"This is not religion, this is worship of spirit, so that's wrong," said the Dalai Lama in the video.

Earlier in the day on Sunday, a large crowd of supporters came out as the Dalai Lama made a stop in Richmond, where he blessed the Tibetan Community Center. He briefly spoke to the crowd inside, had some tea, and then addressed a larger audience outside.

And later in the day, the Dalai Lama honored local unsung heroes of compassion. An awards ceremony was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The Dalai Lama is scheduled to be in the U.S. for another two weeks.

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Bad Bad Thing Monday – The Dead Files Brain-dead Followers

By Kirby Robinson

Today we "honor" the idiots over at The Dead Files, as we are not sure who posted this winner of a comment on the February 19, 2014 blog where we expose the fakery of the show and its fake psychic, Amy Allan.

Here is the comment:

Dick head,

Love this statement - "What I hate is deception, lies and altered footage"

It's something you do all the time on your blog, lying about yourself and others, to make you look good and they look bad.

Don't worry we have a Private detective doing a background on you and all the so called things you said you have done and worked for. Interviewing people now you have harassed and double checking the so call things you said you have exposed as fraud. Guess what, finding out you have no sources (made up) and there isn't a single thing you personally have exposed or debunked. You rarely even leave your house. Oh yes, we have surveillance footage of you. Cash in the stalking laws, people. Kirby is now being followed, thanks to a very rich man that has gotten fed up with his BS.

In about 3-4 months we will be putting you and your blog to rest- 6 feet under. KIRBY ROBINSON TO BE EXPOSED FOR THE FRAUD HE IS.

Can't wait… grab your popcorn kiddies MR. BIG is about to fall hard.

I laughed about this comment, as it's hard to alter film footage on a blog. It's also funny that they claim that I rarely leave my home as I'm seldom there.

I've asked the neighbors by phone and/or email to play the theme from Shaft as they pull out or arrive home to add flavor to this so-called investigation. Most of my neighbors have a security system or a team to protect them from the press and stalkers. This would make it difficult for a "Private detective" to do their job.

But the zinger, and what will get the poster a trip to the court house, is the following line: "we will be putting you and your blog to rest- 6 feet under." That is a threat of harm as such phrases are considered threats of murder. The FBI and the LAPD have been contacted and are already working the case.

I hope to see these idiots in court. And a note to the commenter: don't try to remove the comment as they have screen shots of it and your IP. 

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