Friday, February 17, 2012

The Paranormal Christian – Spiritual Doors of Our Mind

By Pastor Michael Frisbee, DD/DM

Many people assume that you have to participate in a physical action of some kind, like a séance or Ouija board session, to open a doorway or portal into ourselves for the demonic to come through.  The truth is that people can create doorways by just their thoughts, or through reading or watching materials involving the paranormal.  This usually occurs when a stressor happens in one’s life, weakening the person’s resolve or character.  The Enemy, Satan, and his demonic minions will use that weakness to set a trap and the person will agree to the bait.  The thought and then action to follow seems harmless enough.  Sneaking a look at those porn pictures that popped up in an innocent web search, reading occult material about wiccan spellcraft, etc.  The enemy can disguise itself as a guardian angel or spirit guide, deceiving people easily since they are fallen angels and can appear as “angels of light”.  Before people realize it, the demonic has access to into their lives.

2 Corinthians 11:14, "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

It is critically important to understand how the enemy works, so that we can prepare and arm ourselves to stand against demonic schemes. Paul said that they were not ignorant of Satan's mechanisms - this is something that many churches today cannot claim:

2 Corinthians 2:11, "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."

What I have discovered regarding demonic spirits is that they always present some kind of “golden prize” to get someone to allow access into their lives.  These can come in the form of specialized knowledge (mind control, divination), supernatural powers, healing (through New Age or occult powers), or even a forbidden sexual pleasure.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ, warned us that even evil thoughts can ruin us, leave us vulnerable to spiritual infestation:

Matthew 15:19-20, "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man..."

When demonic spirits gain access to our spirits, they have access to our emotions, our thinking, our will.  Here is a list of the more prevalent demonic spirit types and how they make themselves “appealing”:

New Age Spirits (Yoga, Reiki, etc) - Energy healing along with increased mental and physical health are offered to you, when in reality it's only bait to land you in bondage. Again, when you partake in these practices, or seek energy healing, you open yourself up to these demonics.

Sexual Perversion Spirits – You are enticed into the world of forbidden pleasure. If you begin to indulge in these pleasures, you give notice to the demonic realm that it's okay to feed you more pleasure in that area of life. Once the demonic spirit of lust or sexual perversion takes control, it becomes an obsession, even an addiction.  It then becomes very difficult to resist the strong pull that this demonic has you.

Rebellious Spirits - This demonic seems to take your side and whisper to you, "You need to stand up for your rights…I’ll do that FOR YOU!" This demonic is looking for you to say, "Yes, I need you to do that!"

Divination Spirits (fortune telling/) – This demonic gives you supernatural secrets into the future that others do not have access to. The truth is, only God knows the future, not even Satan has this power.  The demonic can only manipulate others to force the prophecy to come about, but it will never be quite as spoken.  Only God’s prophecies come to bear in perfection. If you begin to seek this sort of power, they are letting the demons know that they are welcome.

It drives me crazy when I see Christian parents that willingly and openly allow their kids to get all caught up reading and watching the Harry Potter books and movies.  This opens the children up to occult spirits, letting these spirits know that they are interested in what the occult has to offer.  It gives them LEGAL RIGHT to move in on the child and I have been witness to the destruction it can bring, just not in the child’s life, but the family overall.  Horror movies, vampire movies, demonic movies, television shows, etc – all these things, all these media, Satan has come to use effectively to gain access to us.

Automatic Writing - This demonic offers gorgeous 'out of this realm' writings you wouldn't otherwise be able to produce. Let us never forget that demonic power is very expensive and lands you in bondage. When you seek this forbidden ability, you open yourself for the demonic to enter.

Occult Spirits - The lure of supernatural power and knowledge of the unknown. When you seek such occult power and knowledge, you open yourself to these demonics.

Bondage Spirits - You may think it's best to make/take a vow, in order to help you stay motivated to do or not do something, however, the Bible is clear that oaths can bind the soul (see Numbers 30), and it's not uncommon to find situations where someone has demonic spirits that entered in through vows that were made in the past. Rash vows can be forgiven (Leviticus 5:4-11), and must be renounced verbally. I also recommend verbally breaking the vow in Jesus' name and declaring it void by the power of the Blood of Jesus.

Addiction Spirits – This demonic often promises an escape from the reality while trying to cope with your life. When you turn to escapism, it can open you up to addictions that grow into a bondage and it seems nearly impossible to break free (without deliverance that is).

Witchcraft & Warlock Spirits – This demonic offers supernatural power to 'gain revenge' againstsomeone that has harmed you. This can be very appealing to somebody who has been rejected or hurt in this world. When you begin placing curses or seeking to learn about witchcraft, or even seek to have a witch place a curse for you, it allows the demonic entry into your life. God's Word tells us not even to seek somebody with occult power, lest we become defiled ourselves:

Leviticus 19:31, "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God."

When we ignore the Word of God, turn a blind eye to it because it becomes unpopular or problematic to follow it, we fall away from God’s protection and grace.  We begin to fall prey to our fractured and sinful nature of our flesh, and it overwhelms the spirit within us, and we start having a hard time hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to us.  When this happens, we open ourselves up to the demonic, and soon we start finding our lives spinning out of control.  We have to keep our focus on God, continuously read His inerrant Word, and faithfully grow our relationship with Christ through daily prayer.  Only in Christ can we live demonic-free!

Tomorrow night on The Paranormal Christian, Rev. Hunnemann and I will discuss his recent article regarding residual hauntings and the truth behind these through the Bible, the failures in the current theories on residual hauntings, and how you can definitely debunk a residual haunting in a biblical manner.  Listen in tomorrow night, Sat 2/18, at 7 pm EST