Wednesday, July 9, 2014

THE Importance of Understanding REAL Science to the Understanding of the Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Many in the scientific community lie. They call “theory”—“fact.”  For the purpose of this article, *real* science is that which is provable, (you can get the same results every time when tested).

Lazy scientists are comfortable misleading people because many of their degrees were earned on the backbone of theory—not fact, and since they are willing to lie to themselves, they are willing to lie to everyone.

Many in the public would flunk a fifth grade test on basic scientific principles as we see so often see on the show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” Is it any wonder they take “theory” as “fact” so easily?

So it’s not surprising that carbon dating, evolution, dinosaurs living before man not during man’s time, the speed of light, the dirt layer theory, big bang theory, etc. are all taught as fact when in reality they are not. They are all theories of which there is *real* science available that disputes and proves they are wrong.

What happens to scientists who disprove that commonly held scientific *beliefs* (which take faith since of course, there is no real science backing them up) are wrong?

Since Galileo’s time, including Galileo himself, THEY GET SHUNNED.

Cut off from the equipment, funding, and academic institutions that they need to continue their real scientific research.

Halton Arp (Hubble’s assistant) found the difference in the z shift anomaly (which is an anomaly itself  in the red shift) fit a formula (the anomaly of the Z shift, not the Z shift itself.)

Any amateur with the right equipment and knowledge can measure this. ALL of Halton Arp’s research (books and books of it, all the numbers, measurements, and  formulas the real data) is based on actual provable measurements and been replicated and confirmed by dozens of others world wide who have a “real” scientific back ground. Thank God for real number geeks.

WHY is this important?
Because it disproves the big bang “theory“, and we know the big bang theory has been taught to be fact. The fact that big bang is wrong (and they’ve known for years there are huge problems with it) is a horrifying concept to all the scientists that were trying to build fact on a quicksand-style theory.

It is so important to get the facts straight in science and use them as building blocks, and not use theory as building blocks.

Many in the science community have forgotten the simple concept of using experiments to get results. The other implication of Harp’s research results (facts) is that it points to our universe as being electric, and also points to the outer reaches as being 3D holographic images.

That is what the results (numbers) of the research indicate over and over again.

If these results (numbers) are correct, and the outer reaches are nothing but 3D images, what does that say about our universe?

You can see now why “real” science is so threatening. Because in every single discipline, real science (based just on measurable, verifiable results not theory) points to a Creator. God bless the science and the scientists brave enough to go where it leads. He created for our universe. He is truly an AWESOME God.

Lisa Grace is the author of the Angel Series which has been optioned for a major motion picture. You can download the first book Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 FREE here: or here in any format:

Buell’s Stalker, Rosalind Hennigar, Queen of the Damned

Of all the people I have ever known online, this lady tops my list as the number one pain in my bunghole and all around self centered egotistical “catfish”.  Many already know her name, from her long drawn out devotional rants on Ryan Buell’s fan page that are daily.  She is the owner of a community Facebook page called “Paranormal View”.

The reason she is such a problem is because, she selfishly protects Buell on one hand, while on the other calling him a crook and even a stalker to her in the past.  It’s fine when she wants to chastise him, but, while she berates ticket holders that have been cheated of their hard earned money from speaking out and just asking what the deal is with the events.  She also attacks me, for standing up and opposing his actions of selling tickets to events that he doesn’t hold.

I’d like to address one of her post, so that people are aware of just a portion of what she does and says and here is a perfect example and these are numbered for illustration purposes;

1. The statement of John Albrecht, whom is a fine journalist for on the subject of the paranormal and well known in circles of the same interest, as having a criminal past that served jail time is false.  John is the person responsible for being the very first journalist who broke the story on Buell’s selling tickets and not having events.  This is an untrue statement and just another form of her ploy to protect Buell by making defamatory statements meant to discredit the person who put the truth out there first in a news article form.  A sort of; don’t look behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz” thinking.  Likewise, the rumor of the having computer viruses that has been propagated first by Buell himself and followed by some of his followers including Rosalind, who takes it to a new level of absurdity.

2. We are calling her a stalker.  I’m not quite sure how this relates unless she thinks I am many, which she often does.

3. Her defense of Ryan which is laughable and her usual type of justifying.

4. Her statement of me having a bigger scam in place has to do with my posting a class action suit lawyer so that ticket holders can get their money back and her campaign to derail that effort by saying that I am stealing money and asking for money, (of which I never have.)  I furnished the lawyer’s office address and phone number and I do not have anything to do with the money end myself as the lawyer is on a contingency basis (expected for class action suits) and ticket holders do not need to send money, nor will be billed and the lawyer gets paid when and if he wins the case.  I have stated this many times.  However, Rosalind insists on the lawyer does not exist and I’m just some thief trying to steal money, which is just not true.  I and others I know, have come to a point where we wonder if Rosalind is just delusional or is she just ok with constantly lying.

5. I have hordes that are framing Buell that includes blackmail?  The movement against Buell is because Buell sold tickets to people that were once his fans (some still are) and kept canceling the events the day of or the day before the event and did so for many events that he promoted.  People got upset and started saying something on his page.  I got involved because of what was already being said by ticket holders on Buell’s own fan page when someone alerted me to it.  This is Buell’s own fault and nobody else’s and he will soon have to pay the piper for his OWN actions.  I will hardly ever stand by and idle while something like this happens in a field I care so much about.  I know many that feel the same way.  However, the type of accusations is exactly why so many in the field do not stand up against these types of abuses.

6. Followed on 7

7. First of all, Kirby is not a medical doctor and has never been.  This is yet another lie.  She WAS calling him an eye doctor.  Apparently when you tell lies, you forget what you say.  This is yet another instance of trying to defame those who come forward to say something.  As for what she says about me being some mastermind of derailing Buell, it seems a bit conspiratorial and persecutory and more in line with someone who suffers from paranoid delusions to me.  The only thing to “derail” is the bilking of innocent people of money for events that will never happen and are not intended to happen.

8. It’s all my fault Ryan Buell didn’t book his venues and didn’t show up for his promoted events he sold tickets for?  WTF?  Hardly.  This is something that Buell has done for years and still owes people for events never held as far back as even three years ago.  He sold tickets up until the lawyer got involved and then Ticket Leap suspended ticket sales.  Coincidence?  As for the events, Buell sold many tickets, but, never booked the venues.  For some venues, someone called and booked the date, but, they never paid to keep it or paid a deposit.  This is true of many dates in many towns across Canada and America for his tour dates.  It is the one thing that is consistent for all his tour dates and events.  Most of the ticket holders were not even informed of cancellations and didn’t know until coming up to doors of the venue and reading notices taped to the doors.  Which was the venue alerting people and not Buell or PRS.  Many people paid for plane fair or traveling and lodging and were out that money as well.  This is not just Canada, but America.  How convenient that Rosalind only says she follows the Canadian tours when she posts to Buell’s page daily and berates and chastises the ticket holders often from the states as well as Canadians.  She is certainly more aware then that.

9. Actually, she would like to make me the object of all the wrong doing then to believe her beloved boy crush did anything wrong and would like everyone else to believe that too.  She has issues.

I am not alone in feeling that this woman, in her long tirades of defending Buell and thinking whom ever disagrees with her is me (see below) or some minion of mine is completely delusional and suffers from delusions of grandeur and is appearing more as a stalker in her continual posts to Buell.

There is a continued problem with stalkers using social media to stalk and it’s happening more and more.  Being the delusional accusations of me and other’s that speak out against Buell that are baseless and her complete and utter ability justify, blame others and even excuse behaviors of the person she stalks, as well as her ability to lie about whom she is and what her background is, makes one wonder just how off seated she is and if she’s much more like one of these people mentioned in this article.

Read this cautionary article…  One wonders… is she dangerous?  I think she may be.

Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network

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UPDATE – July 9, 2014

It seems that over the past few days Ryan Buell and PRS have suffered some major blows and he may be having that sinking feeling for the next several days.

- A former member of PRS and a cast member of Paranormal State have raised questions about the validity of psychics who appeared on the show. In the past, this same cast member has raised questions about the demonic claims made on the show. THE EYE ON THE PARANORMAL supports this person, as now we are able to identify even more fakery on the show.

- On July 8, Ryan Buell and PRS suffered what might be the final blow that will end this cancer on the paranormal.

Michelle Belanger
7 mins ·
Conversations with the Dead
It's Tuesday, July 8th, and the Conversations with the Dead Tour was rescheduled for this month. After Chip Coffey had to bow out of the tour, Chris Edwards handled rescheduling and I was asked to fill in for Chip.
The tour sounded like fun, and I haven't been traveling as much as I used to. A lot of fans really wanted to see me. I've cut down on appearances so I could focus on my writing (my new fiction novel, Conspiracy of Angels, is due out through Titan Publishing next year), but I felt like I could swing a month on the road.
But ... it is Tuesday, July 8th. I have no plane tickets, no hotel reservations, no idea what the plan is supposed to be. That's not for lack of asking. That's just how things stand.
I'm pretty darned easy-going when it comes to schedules and such. I used to tour on a shoe-string budget with a metal band - I've learned to adapt by the seat of my pants. But with the new book series and everything else that is going on in my life right now, I had to give an ultimatum: there is no way I will be able to participate in the Conversations with the Dead Tour if the dates get rescheduled again.
I know my friends from PRS have a great deal of things going on in their lives - I probably know more than most. But there comes a time when one must admit that their life is too chaotic to responsibly make commitments -- especially with other peoples' money. And I won't continue to enable that.
I am very sorry I won't be seeing those of you who signed up for the tour. Please understand that I was asked to come along as a guest, and I have had neither involvement nor access to the business, administrative, nor monetary side of things. So should you need clarifications on rescheduling, refunds, or what exactly is going on, you will have to reach out to Ryan and/or Serge.
As a side note, Chris Edwards was previously handling most of that contact, but Chris Edwards and Eilfie Music have both resigned from PRS as of this month. By the terms of their contracts, they cannot even respond to emails you may send them on this or PRS-related issues. Please respect that.
Thank you all for your patience during the time in which I had no updates or solid answers for you on the matter of this tour -- and thank you all for continuing to understand that I won't be able to offer any further insight into the circumstances and reasons beyond this public statement. All those details are for Ryan and Serge to share, if or when they are able.
-- M

Ryan Buell is clearly the CHIEF--the Chief of one.