Wednesday, July 9, 2014

THE Importance of Understanding REAL Science to the Understanding of the Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Many in the scientific community lie. They call “theory”—“fact.”  For the purpose of this article, *real* science is that which is provable, (you can get the same results every time when tested).

Lazy scientists are comfortable misleading people because many of their degrees were earned on the backbone of theory—not fact, and since they are willing to lie to themselves, they are willing to lie to everyone.

Many in the public would flunk a fifth grade test on basic scientific principles as we see so often see on the show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” Is it any wonder they take “theory” as “fact” so easily?

So it’s not surprising that carbon dating, evolution, dinosaurs living before man not during man’s time, the speed of light, the dirt layer theory, big bang theory, etc. are all taught as fact when in reality they are not. They are all theories of which there is *real* science available that disputes and proves they are wrong.

What happens to scientists who disprove that commonly held scientific *beliefs* (which take faith since of course, there is no real science backing them up) are wrong?

Since Galileo’s time, including Galileo himself, THEY GET SHUNNED.

Cut off from the equipment, funding, and academic institutions that they need to continue their real scientific research.

Halton Arp (Hubble’s assistant) found the difference in the z shift anomaly (which is an anomaly itself  in the red shift) fit a formula (the anomaly of the Z shift, not the Z shift itself.)

Any amateur with the right equipment and knowledge can measure this. ALL of Halton Arp’s research (books and books of it, all the numbers, measurements, and  formulas the real data) is based on actual provable measurements and been replicated and confirmed by dozens of others world wide who have a “real” scientific back ground. Thank God for real number geeks.

WHY is this important?
Because it disproves the big bang “theory“, and we know the big bang theory has been taught to be fact. The fact that big bang is wrong (and they’ve known for years there are huge problems with it) is a horrifying concept to all the scientists that were trying to build fact on a quicksand-style theory.

It is so important to get the facts straight in science and use them as building blocks, and not use theory as building blocks.

Many in the science community have forgotten the simple concept of using experiments to get results. The other implication of Harp’s research results (facts) is that it points to our universe as being electric, and also points to the outer reaches as being 3D holographic images.

That is what the results (numbers) of the research indicate over and over again.

If these results (numbers) are correct, and the outer reaches are nothing but 3D images, what does that say about our universe?

You can see now why “real” science is so threatening. Because in every single discipline, real science (based just on measurable, verifiable results not theory) points to a Creator. God bless the science and the scientists brave enough to go where it leads. He created for our universe. He is truly an AWESOME God.

Lisa Grace is the author of the Angel Series which has been optioned for a major motion picture. You can download the first book Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 FREE here: or here in any format:


Jen A said...


H L Wegley said...

As you have said, Lisa, science is often abused, and there's also a lot of pseudoscience masquerading as science these days. But something we should keep in mind is that science is very limited when it comes to finding truth. The scientific method, itself, rests upon a whole set of metaphysical presuppositions which, if not true, neither is science.
In a sense, this makes "scientifically derived" truth a subset of metaphysically derived truth. What I'm saying is that we need to force science to stay within its domain and not let it stray into philosophy. As a retired research scientist, I have to remind myself frequently of that.
Where appropriate, we should use other systems of reasoning. For example, consider the type of reasoning used in a courtroom for evaluating evidence to get to the truth. Rather, I should say, reasoning that "should" be used in the courtroom -- many times there is little logic used there.
Arguments for the self awareness of human beings and for our dual or tripartite nature fall into this category, as does the existence of God. We certainly cannot measure Him.
Science gives us scraps of evidence that are useful, even in a courtroom setting. But, in the end, people must use reasoning outside of science to answer life's most important questions -- questions like was Jesus who he claimed to be? Can his shed blood really pay for a person's sins? How can a good God allow so much evil to exist?

Nike Chillemi said...

Wonderful article, Lisa. I tweeted it.

Lisa Grace said...

Thank you Jen A, Nike for the tweets, and H L Wegley for continuing the discussion.

H L Wegley - I agree we can not measure God because the Scriptures say so.
He exists outside of "time" (which is a construct for our universe and time is simpy a matter of measuring distance from a reference point to another,
which is a concept too many people have problems wrapping their brains around).

I do have articles addressing the supernatural and time

I only have one system of reasoning. The Scriputres are God breathed, ergo 100% accurate, and science (the rules of the universe crreated for us) are created by God 100& and therefore prove His existence, period.
As far as knowing God, we can only know what He has told us about His nature. He gets pretty specific. He always was, is, and will be. We are made in His image.
Earth is a shadow of heaven.
Anyway, I can post several articles on this topic.
He gave us ten commandments written in stone, placed in the Ark of the Covenant, which is in heaven now (REVELATIONS 11), so we have a way of judgin right from wrong.
No human reasoning is needed as God gave us commandments, and discernment (some have scales over their eyes or lie to themselves, but God is clear if you ask Him for discernment He can give it to you.) The two commandments sum up the ten.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Caroline said...

Great stuff, and I agree. Tweeted.