Monday, March 17, 2014

Double C Monday ~ Chip Coffey and CC The Huntress

By Kirby Robinson

Today we learn more about the following individuals:

World Renowned Cable TV Psychic-Medium Chip "I Do Nothing Without Getting Paid" Coffey and the Queen of Public Access TV--CC The Huntress.

It's St. Patty's Day so as you down a few green beers here are some things to think about!


Due to a very complex case, I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook. I was kinda shocked when I went to the comments page on Eye on the Paranormal and saw two new comments were left on an older blog concerning Chip Coffey.

You can see the comments dated March 14, 2014 at the bottom of the blog. We've copied them for you here:

today on face book Chip posted about how offended he felt and how rude it was for a lady to ask " why don't you help out a regular person like me?? non profit??" he made a big huge ordeal about how he does nothing for free and made all his fans become bullies to this poor lady who simply asked a yes or no question..she should have in no way been degraded by chip and all his fans..I have lost so much respect for him and I stopped following him..for being an anti bully person he sure become one today 

oh yeah RUDE was used a lot he made it perfectly clear he thought this was the rudest question dare someone expect something for free..he needs to take the CHIP off of his shoulder and maybe should have dealt with this poor lady privately like a real professional should.. 

This has always been Chip’s standard operating procedure. Go on the attack let his b#$%h go on the attack, and then sit back and act all holy and new age. If you don't whip out your credit card, you won't get anything out of him. Chip is as greedy and fake, in my opinion, as the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. Like the fake TLC medium, you'll notice that Chip refuses to make predictions. Also, like Theresa Caputo, he gets his tighty whities in a twist if you dare go after him.

So we have to ask how does such a man who must get paid for everything make it through the day?

- Does poor cousin Kenny have to slip money under the door to get Chip’s butt out of bed?

- Does Chip charge White Cloud by the square? [It must be a huge bill due to fact he has loads of s#$t].

- Does he charge Costco and Piggly Wiggly by the minute while he shops?

- When the lights go out just before adult fun time, does his hand go out as he says "no money no lovey?"

When Chip acts like that, we can see that his claims as a light worker are as deceptive as his false psychic claims. Our prayers go out to all who've bought into his claims. For those who have bought his lies, if they believe what he says, if the claims are left unchecked  and unrenounced, they can lead one to the depths of hell.


If you believe the above headline, we have some free oceanfront property in Santa Fe, NM for you!

Our every other Thursday blogger, Chris Baricko, was the first one to bring her to our [and possibly your] attention. CC The Huntress, a/k/a Kadrolsha Ona is also the Queen of the Paranormal and brags about accomplishing many amazing feats in her lifetime.

Often we find people's bios to be short and concise. Not in her case. In fact, CC The Huntress's seems to go on and on. Like the saying goes if you can't win them over with the facts then bury them in deception. Here are some links so you can start asking your own questions.

Facebook page [She's not shy about posting her photo!] Also, notice that the fake psychic Christina George is a friend. Remember, Christina was accused of stealing from a client

Seems CC The Huntress needs three Facebook pages. The second one is entitled CC Huntress and more. She refers to herself as Actor/Director.

And this is her third page:

Want to see more? Below are links to her website and YouTube page.

We'll post more as we keep digging to uncover the truth about this paranormal "queen" of self-promotion.

We'll close with a comment from the Worst Paranormal page on this matter:

Barbara Macdonald "After spending a hour with Cce's my wtf meter (patent pending) is broken. Is she serious? I had to just quote one paragraph: CC is putting the real back in PARANORMAL. Her shows are 100% real action paranormal. Live or Docu or talk formatted CC Carole, is a refreshingly stylish and classy woman. She will blow away with where she goes, the ghosts she communicates with. CC travels the globe to bring you the best in paranormal experiences and topics. CC brings you something different than most ghost shows on TV she hunts for ghosts alone and then heals them! Anything could happen even with her guests.

1: No matter how hard I try I can't put 'real' in 'paranormal', you see theres no E.
2: A stylish and classy woman does not dress like she's gonna steal your wallet afterwards and show the world her brazilian and breakfast whilst climbing through a hole.
3: You cannot hunt 'alone' for ghosts then claim anything could happen with your guests.

Women like this make me ashamed to have orbs!!!

More to come later this month.

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