Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Issue 117 – The Karma of the Jodi Arias Trial

By Kirby Robinson

The Karma of the Jodi Arias Trail – it’s not as cut and dry as you think.

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, Jodi Arias went from being a suspect to receiving a guilty of First-Degree Murder charge, along with a finding of felony murder and premeditation. We felt the public would like to know who stands to collect good and bad karma because of those directly involved with the case.

1 Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry K. Stephens

- She’ll collect good karma as long as her rulings followed the law and doesn’t reflect any unjust bias toward Jodi. Also, if she harbors no ill will to her when it comes to handing down Jodi’s sentence.

- She’ll collect bad karma for making rulings unjustly towards the state case in fear of not seeing the case overturned by a higher court--that type of thinking harms the family of Travis Alexander.

2 Jodi’s Defense team - Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmot

- If they built the case of attacking Travis Alexander on the lies told to them by Jodi they will receive a less than full helping of negative karma for their actions.

- If they decided on their own to trash Travis with claims of child abuse, sex addict, etc., they’ll suffer a full helping of negative karma.

- If they knew that Jodi did it without a doubt they’ll receive a full helping of negative karma.

- If, by their actions, Jodi ever gets out and hurts someone in the future, they’ll carry the full weight of negative karma.

3 The Arias family

- If anyone helped her to plan or carry out the murder of Travis Alexander they’ll get a full load of negative karma--not only in this life but in future lives.

- The people that Travis was to help in the future that he will not be able to do now

- The woman Travis was to marry, the children he was to have who will never marry, the children who won’t be born, the good deeds that was to come from the marriage, and the good deeds the children will never happen. This will spread across the lives of people in the future all that negative karma will flow to them.

- If they kept proof from the court then they will collect negative karma.

- If anyone of them attempt to profit from the murder or the case negative karma will be the result as they are trying to profit off the suffering of others.

4 All the police, DNA experts, the coroner, other professionals that helped build the case

- Good karma for their efforts as long as they didn’t hide, distort, or mishandle evidence that would help Jodi.

5 Experts for the defense

- Good karma if they accurately reported facts.

- Bad karma if they were just hired guns stating things the defense wanted them to say.

- Bad karma if any of these witnesses let their own romantic/sexual interests in Jodi cloud their minds.

6 Travis Alexander’s friends and family

- Good karma for all the pain and suffering that they have endured.

- If they attempt to profit off the death of Travis and possible death sentence for Jodi they’ll collect negative karma. No one should ever attempt to profit off the suffering of others.

- If they harbor hate towards Jodi negative karma can be collected.

7 The jury

- As long as they based their decisions only on the facts presented to them they are collecting neither good nor bad karma. If they allowed a personal dislike toward Jodi then they collect negative karma.

8 Jodi Arias

- Negative karma if she was stalking him and the woman he was seeing.

- Negative karma if she did plan to kill Travis.

- Negative Karma if she enjoyed the killing.

- Negative karma for the cover-up and lies she told.

- Negative karma for pleading not guilty.

- Negative karma for all the pain and suffering she has put the Alexander family, and Travis’s friends through.

- Negative karma for the fact she took Travis away from the possible woman he would marry and the children he would have in this life.

- Negative karma for the woman that was to marry Travis. If she doesn’t get married, and suffers as a result of that choice.

- Negative karma for the kids that Travis as to have. Whether she was to have his children or another woman. Negative karma for all the good things the children will never do.

- Negative karma for the suffering Jodi has put her family through.

- Negative karma for forcing people to take part in carrying out the death sentence on her.

All this negative as well as good karma will be in play for some time and the life to come of all the players.

Next week a start of a multi-part series on the lies of Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. We catch her in lie after lie…and you’ll learn how they trick the viewers.

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