Sunday, November 8, 2015

Was Satan Truly Cain's Father?

Recently while I was out of state handling several cases of diabolic possession I was watching TV and the preacher who was on was making a very bold claim about Cain and Abel. This preacher was spot on regarding the Biblical story and discussion regarding Cain killing Abel. However, the clergy member stated boldly that the Bible says that Cain was the offspring of the snake (Satan).

Well this struck me and I was led to listen even more intently to this man preach. After his segment was over I knew in my heart that this was not proper teaching and I wanted to let all of you who follow this page know that the controversy of Cain being the seed of the snake is NOT proper and true.

As many of you know scripture can be misinterpreted by isolating a certain scripture. Therefore using one point or one word in a sentence to determine what the context is to be. As followers we are told to divide the word of truth; which means we cannot disregard the majority of references written on any given subject throughout the Scripture of doctrine as a whole.

Now, there are believers and followers of Lord Jesus Christ who have adopted a cult like interpretation of the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis. This cult like aspect leads a person to believe that Satan is the cause of the fall by intercourse with Eve which resulted in Cain being the offspring of Eve. Thus the eating of the fruit of the tree is symbolic in its meaning.

The truth can only be explained correctly by holding to a literal interpretation about this event, which is how Jesus Christ described Genesis. Those who come to another conclusion do so because they equate or symbolize the event of the fall into a metaphor. This type of interpretation is often found in the new age movement and like cults.  Our Bible makes it clear that fall of man came from the eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge by both Adam and Eve, it had nothing to do with intercourse or "knowing" eve as some followers like to say.

The Bible says this, At a certain time of the day the Lord visits them and said, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?" Then the man said, "The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate" (Gen. 3:11-12).  There are those who insist that Cain is the offspring of the Serpent, (Satan) by Eve’s eating of the tree (symbolic of her having intercourse with the snake). When intercourse is described the phrase (“knew her”) is used. This is completely missing the mark in describing the sin of Eve. If one turns the eating of the fruit into promiscuity on Eve’s part – than what can be said of regarding Adam?

God blames Adam for the sin, not Eve, which would be a necessity if this was a sexual sin by her participation. Adam and Eve were monogamous: it would not have occurred to our first parent to "know" any other than "his wife," and “her husband.” How else could Jesus refer to their marriage in Mt.19:5 as the standard if one was unfaithful, especially in conception (1 Cor.6:16). To make Eve a harlot or anything relating to this scenario is a demonic teaching!

We know the story but let's get definitive shall we. First we need to recognize that Satan is evil with no good, second the word eating is used for food. They were already eating from all the other trees. If eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was intercourse then eating from the other trees is intercourse as well.

The Bible says Adam did not know his wife until after they were put out of the garden. This whole theory is in jeopardy if one reads the word of God carefully and correctly. The “serpent seed doctrine” states that Adam did not know Eve intimately during the time of their stay in the garden but Satan did. This is incorrect.  According to the word of God the conception of Cain took place after Adam and Eve were put out of the garden from the fall (eating of the forbidden tree), but the 'sin' was from eating of this tree which caused the fall took place in the garden.

One has to do some doctrinal cutting and pasting which is incorrect to try and connect Cain’s conception to the encounter with Satan as the tree or fruit. This changes the literal descriptions in Genesis to match this story in nature. This is a literal event - literal trees, literal people and a literal serpent, which is also mentioned several times in the New Testament in these verses (Rom. 5:21, 16:20; 1 Cor.15:21; 2 Cor.11:3-4; 1 Tim. 2:14).

Therefore we can conclude the following according to Gen 4:1: “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, "I have acquired a man from the LORD." Gen 4:1 Adam knew his wife and an ancient word is 'meuo' referring to know - intimately (as in sexual intercourse). When Eve conceived; the Hebrew word is harah; a primitive root; to be (or become) pregnant, conceive (literally or figuratively): KJV-- been, be with child, conceive, progenitor.

Nowhere does the Holy Bible say Cain was conceived by anyone else but Adam. It does not say Satan, the Serpent or any other 'knew' Eve. When Eve bore Cain she said he was from the Lord, not Satan. She saw this child as a gift from God. Certainly this would not be the case if Satan was progenitor of Cain. You don't get a demon child from God or with His help, nor do you praise God for it.

This becomes a matter of whether one wants to get there teaching from the Bible or use their own imagination. The same word Adam knew his wife and she conceived Cain is used in Gen.4:17 that Cain knew his wife.  So there you have it, the falseness of this 'knowing' eve from a sexual standpoint by the snake/satan is FALSE and needs to be thrown away. Cain and Abel were brothers - not twins as this controversy also likes to further add. The Hebrew texts are crystal clear on what brother verses twin mean (see the story of Esau and Jacob for TWINS).

So hopefully you can see now that this teaching of the Snake 'knowing' Eve is a Demonic teaching straight from the pits of HELL! Therefore you will now have a source for combating this falseness if you ever come to a discussion with a person who believes this aspect.

Blessings and hopefully this helped understand more bible truth.

Rev. Bradley Luoma