Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Issue 129 – Paranormal Potpourri

By Kirby Robinson

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Things are happening all over the paranormal field. Whether good, bad, or wacky, none of the news is too controversial for us.

Fake Book About a Fake Medium Disappears!

The so-called Theresa Caputo Diaries, written by a nonexistent author, is no longer on the Internet. The photos of Sir Ken Robinson that were being used to help perpetrate the scam are no longer being used on the fake website.

Even the ‘New England Review’ blog that posted a fake review about the fake book about that fake medium has vanished. This is a victory for the truth. But rest assured we have screen shots of the book in order to remind these people who tried to steal $49.98 from John Q. Public not to try it again.

The Conjuring of Greed

Many of you might have noticed this link on my Facebook page

The Sutcliffe family has lived in the home for 25 years and is under siege from fans of the hit summer movie The Conjuring. Note that Norma Sutcliffe doesn’t think ghosts are real. In a phone call, she told me that nothing paranormal has ever happened in the home.

I talked about this on my radio show last week. The next day someone sent me season 2 episode 7 of Ghost Hunters. Guess what? Norma Sutcliffe is discussing a vibrating bed and more. Now, Mrs. Sutcliffe complains that because of The Conjuring, it’s very easy for people to find the house and disturb them. But in 2005 she was singing a different tune. On Google there’s an excerpt from the book Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Go up to page 201 at the start of THE HOUSE WITH A HISTORY June 2005. Here’s the link

All this points in the direction of paranormal fakery. The Conjuring is the new Amityville Horror--a hoax that is still alive today.

Personally, I feel that the Sutcliffes are upset that they got no money from the studio and that’s why they’re complaining.

Bob Larson & His Sexy Female Exorcists are on the Loose Again!

I’ve blogged on this subject in the past and have spoken out against Bob Larson and his deceitful ways. Now, Bob and his girls are getting even more attention. Check out this clip with a very good background:

Less background, more footage

How Much Information did Roger LeRoy’s Paranormal Team Give the Klinge Brothers & Chip Coffey about Fake Murder Bordello?

It seems that no matter how much proof the mayor of Galena, Kansas and the investors of the fake site are given they keep ignoring it. All they see is green. We hear that Ghost Hunters might be investigating the site. A movie about all the ghosts and demons in the house might be made. These ghosts and demons must have low IQ’s as they got the wrong address. When they attempt to pick up their paychecks for haunting the house, will it be there? LOL

How much information was fed to the Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey [who was consulted by Eric Leven a producer on Paranormal State regularly on upcoming cases]? Did something happen at the fake bordello site? Mr. LeRoy posted this comment on Facebook

So today Most of my team Got to meet Chip Coffey It was a very fun Experience Especially for Katrina Hagen.

Roger has been very hyper about anyone suggesting that the house isn’t even the real site. He’s even saying things like “well the murders might not have taken place there but there is no proof that the murdering pimps didn’t consult or help out with the place.”

He even posted this:

So I propose this, We get with Russ and Brian, and we ask each founder from our local groups to hold a lock down at the bordello, and have KSN or Fox news follow us for about two hours or even and all night Investigation. and limit it to 6 founders.
Lauren Woodall, Diego Hinkle Kira Pfeifle. Dar Perry-Counts, Josh Shackles, Roger LeRoy And then get together with the news crew and review the evidence.

There are major issues here. First, you’d have to prove that any of the proof is real. This can only be done by people who aren’t involved in the paranormal field and don’t have a profit motive.  You’d have to prove the devices used are real and actually do what they’re supposed to do. Again, this would have to be conducted by a scientist who isn’t involved in the paranormal field and has no profit motive. Then, you’d have to prove that ghosts are real. Again, no one has ever done that. Finally, you’d have to prove that that house was the site of the murder bordello, which can’t be done. Even the owners have stated this.

Klinge Brothers Yank Away Welcome Mat to Ghost Hunters at Murder Bordello Open House

On the weekend of August 3-4, Galena, Kansas had a Route 66 Festival showing off its tourist attractions. The fake Murder Bordello sought to cash in by offering $10 tours. If you looked or talked like a ghost hunter, or smelled a lie, you weren’t welcome – and that included fans of the Eye on the Paranormal.

Those truth-seeking brothers seem to have lost their way and the only thing they’re interested in is getting that $525 a night ghost hunting fee.

- They claim from 300 to 400 people attended the open house but an onsite source [who was there for both days] informed us that 150-200 is more accurate.

- Roger LeRoy attempted to interview the Klinge Brothers in hopes of quieting the controversy and was told that if he’d wait a few minutes they’d be happy to be interviewed. An hour later, he was told that they’d left and couldn’t be interviewed. We surmise that the Golden Corral Buffet was loudly calling to them.

- A local ghost hunting team that in the past expressed displeasure in having to pay $525 to investigate the site were escorted from the house.

- Ghost hunters who knew the house wasn’t the Murder Bordello were ordered off the property.

- Some fans of the Eye on the Paranormal who mentioned where they learned of the controversy [right here!] were told the law was on its way.

Next week – more paranormal mayhem.

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