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Issue 27 – Demon Exorcist: A DUD for Firecracker Films

Since we exposed "Demon Exorcist" a para-reality TV show pilot which aired on the Animal Planet as being fake, our mail box has been filled by people providing information backing up our claims. The star of the show, Dwayne Claud, has many people questioning his claims of being a "Demonologist". Allegations have been made that many paranormal groups either refuse to work with him, have been put in danger by his actions, or had to step in and clean up paranormal issues he created with clients -- and then left them hanging.

This proves our concerns as being valid that egotistical fake para-celebs seeking fame and fortune are placing the public in harm's way. We will launch a full investigation into Mr. Claud and will keep our readers informed as we gather information. If anyone has anything they would like to share feel free to contact us at: 
Yes, we will protect your identity.
More Chip Coffey Talk
Chip Coffey brings smiles to our faces and causes us to shake our heads -- all in less than 24 hours!

In case you haven't heard this on one of the interviews or read it in our book, we'll repeat it here: we like Chip Coffey. We hold no ill feelings toward him, but some of his actions make us shake our heads and others bring a smile to our faces. 

On the now concealed "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal" Facebook page, a poster chose Easter weekend to attack Ron Tebo and his parenting skills. A person's family should be off limits and any attack aimed at children is wrong. Ron reached out to Chip Coffey and Chip responded. Here's the link detailing what happened.  

For that action we smile when we think of Chip.

Then we are forwarded an article featuring Mr. Coffey promoting his upcoming Coffey Talk tour. We have no issues with him promoting his two-hour infomercial for his telephone readings, but some of his statements made us to shake our heads. Here's the article in question:

1 Mr. Coffey claims that he has a degree in psychology, yet no one has been able to find the college in which it was allegedly earned. 

2 This line from the article concerned us: "Coffey tries to counsel his clients, seeing himself as a catalyst for them to make their own decisions, or as a grief counselor." Does Mr. Coffey hold the proper license in the state of Georgia to be a Counselor?

Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State: Episodes 11-20 Summarized
Whether you think Paranormal State is real or fake, here are some brief summaries of what is uncovered in the second ten episodes of our book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State

Episode 11 "Paranormal Intervention" - PRS fakes proof in this episode and misleads the audience about all the facts concerning this case.

12 "School House Haunting" – The negative things that Ryan writes in his book about Shannon Sylvia are proven untrue.

13 "The Haunted Piano" - Staged scenes, faked evidence, and Sergey's inappropriate behavior are seen here.

14 "The Woman In White" - What kind of booty did Ryan just happen to find in the tunnel? We also come across a misleading timeline.

15 "Requiem" - Dead Times and walkthroughs not done when indicated, so watch closely and see for yourself.

16 "The Sensitive" – This was done to promote Chip Coffey's upcoming Psychic Kids show. The team plants cold beer cans for cold spots and there is other misleading conduct.

17 "Mothman" – Wow, pay close attention and you get Ryan doing the Time Warp, Chip giving two versions of the same story and later he reveals something about batteries.

18 "Freshman Fear" - The myth of the team working on murder cases is born and debunked.

19 "The Knickerbocker" - When you don't have a lot of business, pretend your hotel is haunted and invite PRS to investigate. By the time they leave ghosts will be running wild.

20 "The Asylum" - The team uses a broken radio to reach out to demons. But do the demons respond?

Come back next week at some point we will talk about the drive for Chip Coffey to be made a saint. Oh, and Chip, thanks for reading our blog!

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The Darkest Hours of Jesus

Copyright 2008-2011 By Kirby Robinson

Over the past few years there has been an effort by many to alter the story of Jesus Christ, His life, and how he died. These fictitious alterations have more often been wrong than right, and have confused and bewildered people, thus causing inner conflict and doubt.

This Good Friday, I’m going to write about my Jesus, the Jesus that I have grown to love, admire, respect, but never completely comprehend. My Jesus is the only Son of God. Sent here to earth to end the need for the Law of Perfection that the world suffered under until the day He was nailed to the cross. Born of Mary, a virgin, and Joseph, his earthly father, He was not a child of some rabbi or spiritual leader, or of a Roman centurion. Jesus, the child, turned into a man who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Lord himself, was taught all the knowledge to understand and comprehend His role in the struggle of good over evil, of light over darkness, of love over anger, and of peace over unrest.

If He did travel to India and Tibet to study under great masters, that’s fine, but it’s not important. If He didn’t, that’s good as well. If He got caught up in politics and wanted to see Israel free of Roman power, so what? He was a man, He had the power to think, and speak His own thoughts. But none of that really matters. Was he married to Mary Magdalene? Had children, even? Again, that’s not an issue that I hang any great importance upon. For what is the greatest expression of being but a man loving a woman and giving life to a child? So if he experienced this, great. If not, then that act of sacrificing a normal family life so that he could serve all of mankind. Did He come up with totally original and new ideas about the world? Some bold, brave, and new kind of thinking? No. Does that make him less a teacher if His message is simply one of love and compassion? Caring for your fellow man? That there can be victory over illness, suffering, and bondage in this very life and in death? That there is the reward of being one with the Father and being reunited with your loved ones? The most excellent truths we can seek are often the old ones. And when He learned what the final act of His earthy life had to be, the betrayal, the trial, the beatings and floggings, carrying His own instrument of death, and finally, hours of suffering, nailed up on the cross. Nails driven through both His hands and feet. With bones broken, organs bruised, blood flowing from countless cuts, He knew what He had been born to do. Not only had He come to give a message to an unlistening world, but also He came to this earth to live and die for all of us.

Just as His last breath left his body, spoke: “Why hast thou forsaken me?” and “Blame them not for what they do for they know not.” His blood flowing to the ground to pay a price so we can seek healing and salvation. With His breath gone, His body moved into a tomb, the darkest hours of Christ’s life was at hand. There was one final task He had to do. The hardest and most challenging task still lay ahead.

Christ had to descend and stay in hell for 72 hours. Alone, cut off from angels, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord Himself. He had to endure 72 hours of torment. What deepest recesses of hell He must have been cast down into. What manner of demons must have been unleashed upon Him? His spiritual body must have been torn to shreds. The devil, Lucifer and Satan only had 72 hours to force Christ into forsaking His power. Understand that Lucifer has access to the heavens. He knew about Revelation and the final conflict to be played out in Armageddon, and he knew that unless he broke Christ, he was going to lose the battle.

Jesus Christ is and was the ultimate Bodhisattva, (the Sanskrit term Bodhi [enlightenment] and sattva [being], meaning someone who releases all sentient beings from suffering). He had to take on all forms of physical illnesses during those hours on the cross. Every infirmity ever known to man, Christ had to endure. So we could be healed. Think of that, will you? Every form of cancer, every infection, virus, and germ released on his body. Every form of mental illness was unleashed on his mind. Each and every major and minor sin He endured. He had to go to hell and suffer the full might of evil for every single person that had been born, for all times, past, present and future. He paid the price for believers and nonbelievers. This is what grants us the grace of salvation for those who seek it. This is what grants us dominion to cast out demons. If Kirby Robinson’s name were used to cast out a demon, the dark forces would laugh, as I have no spiritual authority. But because of the dark hours that Christ spent in hell, He never gave up. He could have, but He didn’t. He knew that if HE could not withstand the onslaught of evil, then who could? Not you, nor I, but only Him.

Why is it that more and more people are trying to take Jesus off the cross and turn His works and teachings into myths and lies? His life was led to the fullest for every single person that has and will ever inhabit this planet. Some have been insinuating that His life was part of some wild conspiracy. He used the cross as a means of escape. He snuck out of Israel and lived under an assumed name in another country. A wise man once said that the smartest thing that the devil ever did was to convince people that he did not exist. I say, the smartest thing the devil ever did is convince people that Christ did not pay the ultimate price. He may sell that bill of goods to others, but not to me. I have Christ in my heart, spirit, and mind. My Christ lived for me, my Christ taught for me, my Christ suffered for me, my Christ died for me, my Christ rose for me, and my Christ will be there always for there for me. Will yours?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Issue 26 – Demon Exorcist: The Good, The Bad & The What The #$*@?!

We keep getting reminded by God that He is the one that does the planning and we are only along for the ride. We hoped to focus on the drive for Chip Coffey to become a saint. Sadly, it's been postponed until next week due to the fact that we finally had a chance to watch the latest entry into the paranormal reality TV-land. What show superseded the importance of Mr. Coffey's impending Canonization? The pilot for "Demon Exorcist", that's what!

Great Radio Shows

Had a wonderful time on each of these shows and they deserve your support as listeners.

Paradacity was a very lively show! Hear it here:

Other shows include:

Bishop James Long & Bobby Zoeller at

Daniel Bautz at: Grand Dark Conspiracy 

Demon Exorcist: The Good, The Bad & The What The #$*@?!

Animal Planet's latest entry into paranormal programming is a rework of "Paranormal State" minus the college students from PRS and Ryan Buell. The formula is still there: promises of those worst cases, confronting demons, and much more. Strangely, nothing is mentioned of any animals being possessed.

This time we follow a "Demonologist" by the name of Dwayne Claud as he drives around the back roads of the South facing demons at every turn. He's stocked with an endless supply of holy water and the latest gadgets designed to force demons to flee. But the show has some good points, a lot of bad, and a few moments that left me thinking, "What the @%$#?" Since my investigation into "Paranormal State" and all the deceptions it contains, it’s become harder to do. However, this show really brought it out of me.

BAD - The title itself. What is a demon exorcist in the first place? There is no reference in any theological literature that ever uses the term. So Mr. Claud gives himself a title that does not exist.

BAD - Using the term demonologist. This term is really starting to get overused and few really understand the meaning behind the word. There can be a secular use and a use of the word within a religious context.

On a secular level it means a person who has interest in demons. Anyone can use that term if they read up on the subject.

Within the Catholic Church the term can be used as one who has been called by God to take up the study of demons and to use that information to cast them out and help those who have been impacted by them.

Dwayne Claud can feel comfortable using the term in a secular fashion and I have no issues with that. But due to a statement that he makes early on the show, it prohibits him from using the term on the spiritual level, and the show loses all credibility. Dwayne states, "Faith plays a big part in what I do but I do not subscribe to any one religion." This renders the rest of the show as staged and/or scripted. In order to take authority over demons and drive them out you can only do so under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is that plain and simple. If your spiritual authority does not start from that point, it renders the cross useless, the holy water is just water, and your words, even if they are scripture, or from an established rite, have no force behind them. This may seem laughable, as many new agers attempt to blend all spiritual paths into one. Neither Dwayne nor I nor anyone have the power to cast out demons unless that power comes from God. The only way that power flows through a person is their faith in the Lord and to fully accept Christ as their Savior. 

Additionally, if you're following the calling to become a demonologist you have to abandon many trappings of this world and spend time in prayer, mediation, and study of the Bible.

GOOD - Dwayne asks questions and attempts to do an investigation.

GOOD - They tell us that some events in the show are a dramatization, unlike "Paranormal State".

BAD - You never take testimony from a child unless a mental health professional has been called in to gather that testimony.

BAD - You never accept a client's claims blindly. Did he check to see if the flickering lights were due to faulty wiring?

GOOD – It's important to see the topic of satanic ritual abuse brought up. Many in the secular field have tried to sell the concept that all satanic ritual abuse is false. If anyone has spent any length of time within this field one would find that such blanket statements are themselves false and fictitious.

BAD - Just as in "Paranormal State" we see the shadow of lights flicker. Is anyone turning the lights off and on? Then we are shown orbs as proof of paranormal activity.

BAD - Dwayne brings in a psychic and what does she contribute to the investigation?

WHAT THE @#$%$ - The ghost box? This is a reworking of Frank's Box. We are told it allows two-way conversations with the dead and demons! Talk about roaming charges! If you're operating as a demonologist as a calling from God, one of the gifts you'll be blessed with is that of spiritual discernment. You'll be able to see and communicate with demons without the help if any so-called "BOX".

WHAT THE #$%$ - Hypnotism should only be done by a professional. You should never accept information gathered as factual unless you can verify it from other sources.

BAD - He states that a house cleansing is an extreme ritual. False.

BAD – He states the holy water bottle is cloudy. It needs to be cleaned.

WHAT THE @#%$ - Dwayne performs a "baptism". He has no spiritual authority to do so.

Here are two other reviews of the Demon Exorcist.

Coffey Talk Review

What really goes on at one of those Coffey Talks? Read about it from a blogger who attended the show in Austin, Texas. The writer has no ties to the paranormal so be prepared for an interesting take on it.

I'm not sure what we will focus on next week due to all the breaking news and para-celeb hijinks.

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Issue 25 – Paranormal State Should Be Slapped Silly!

Would like to send a big THANK YOU out to the folks at Spooky Southcoast [the archive will be updated later]. Had a great time on their show this past weekend, and thanks for taking time to read our book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State. Hope everyone who joined in had as much fun as we had. To see more forthcoming radio shows, check out the Radio Events page.

Sorry to those coming by expecting to read about the case for Chip Coffey to become a saint as expressed by one of his many followers. We also won't comment on Animal Planet's new reality show "Demon Exorcist" this week. Breaking news requires us to put off those stories until next week.

Paranormal State's Latest Slap in the Face to Ethics

This Monday A&E dumped one of the final episodes of "Paranormal State" on its viewers to prepare us for their forthcoming para-reality show, "Paranormal State: The New Class". By all the reports coming in, it's the same as the old class. They're even bringing in Chip "no one told me anything at least that's what my script says" Coffey.

We saw "Haunted Connection" the first episode of Season 6. This fake-fest began with Ryan Buell speaking in an even lower voice and slowing his speech down for the "Paranormal State" zombies. Attempting a cut-rate Marlon Brando or James Earl Jones imitation is actually comedy gold for those who can see and hear beyond the fakery. 

The episode focuses on a young couple, Kimberley and Eric. Kimberley claims she's psychic and has seen spirits all her life. Since moving into their home in 2007 they have had the following paranormal problems:

~ Hearing voices
~ Hearing footsteps
~ Doors opening and closing
~ A child runs up the stairs and up and down the hallway
~ Lights turn off and on
~ Cabinet doors and drawers open and close willy nilly

We're told the spirit is of a dead girl named Kimmie. She was killed at the tender age of 14 and her body was dumped in a cemetery. This cold case has been left open for 12 years.

We're in familiar territory as this is reminiscent of episodes from the first two seasons: "The Fire" and "Vegas". The deceptions in "Haunted Connection" are even worse.

The team arrives and they do their typical shtick. Everyone gives off the vibe that they don't want to be in Pittsburgh. There is no life behind their actions; they just go through the motions. Dead Time is barely 45 minutes long. [Was this done so they could film two Dead Times in the same night?] Chad pops up out of nowhere to tag along with Ryan. We hear the clich├ęd exclamations: "I hear something!", "Ryan, something moved!" "I see shadows!" The team is so lackluster they don't even bother showing Michelle Belanger's walkthrough. Only a reading from a work bench that was made by the dead girl.

Ryan meets with a man by the name of David who is allegedly the lead reporter on the story concerning the girl's death. If you freeze frame one of the shots of the articles you see that a David was lead reporter. But why does no one affiliated with "Paranormal State" ever offer his last night or give him credit at the end of the program? Legitimate reporters always use their full names. Could this be one more fake expert? In the past, they have included a variety of fake experts on the show.

Nothing is settled. Kimberley, the supposed psychic, is offered a few psychic lessons by Michelle. Nothing is determined about the haunting. The dead girl's sister is given some words of encouragement from Ryan and Michelle. During the closing director's log, Ryan tells us that he hopes this investigation will help solve the case…

Say what?! What just happened here? Or, better yet, what didn't happen? And what did the show, along with Ryan, hope you never learn? From more than one source, we've learned that Kimmie's family had only agreed to participate in the show if they would get help in solving the case. They received no help. They weren't allowed to ask what happened and who killed the girl. They had their most painful experiences paraded around in front of the viewing audience for the sake of ratings. And now they are left to suffer even more.

Shame on you, Paranormal State. Shame on Ryan and his team. What we have learned about this carnival of  fake para-celebs is they have no shame at all. I told a family friend of the dead girl that there is a judge. We all will face this judge who isn't blinded by celebrity status or wealth. A judge who won't buy the excuses he hears endlessly. In the end, Kimmie will get justice and others will learn that the price they pay for riding the fame train is a steep one.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Issue 24 – When Ryan Buell Met Chip Coffey …

Well folks, it's official -- the world will be exposed to the remaining "Paranormal State" episodes beginning Monday, April 11th on A&E. Me and my co-writer, Lisa Maliga, will report on them every Wednesday.

This week's blog is about a silly act of deception on the part of Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey and the faux reality show, Paranormal State. It deals with how Ryan met Chip…

To date, we have uncovered five, count 'em, FIVE, different versions of this meeting of the fake para-celebs. We wonder how something so simple should become so complicated! In fact, we recently happened across the fifth version of this event and the source is none other than the purveyor of fakery himself, Ryan Buell.

Yay and naysayers might be asking why do we keep focusing on the details? It's just a minor detail to the big story. Right there is the reason. If they can't get the story right or feel a need to be deceptive and make up stories about this event, then what other things have they been less than honest about?

The following [in red font] is an excerpt from our book, Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State.

Episode 2 "The Name" is when the general viewing public is introduced to Chip Coffey - Psychic and Medium. But it's not that simple as things never are when it comes to the show. Ryan states the following in his book on page 199: "Recently a mutual friend had suggested a psychic named Chip Coffey, so before the shoot, I gave him a call. As I spoke with Chip for the first time…"

But in "The Name" episode when Chip is first brought in, Ryan says:
"I have decided to call in reinforcements so I am bringing in Chip Coffey a medium and frequent PRS consultant."

Which of the above statements is true? The one written about in Ryan's book? The one seen and heard on air? Maybe neither statement is true. You be the judge.

UPDATE: We now have a third version of the story from Chip Coffey. According to the article "Out of the Psychic Closet" in the February 2011 'Intrepid' magazine, Chip gives this explanation: "I had been doing some events, locally and regionally, and I expanded out to do some national events. I was friends with one of the many paranormal event coordinators out there, who was also somewhat friendly with the Paranormal State people, back when the working title of the show was Paranormal U. They had already filmed the pilot, which had not yet aired, and were in production for thirteen episodes bought and picked up by A&E. They had been using another psychic on the show for eight episodes, and they decided they wanted to switch it up a bit. I was contacted, had a conversation with Ryan Buell, the star of the show, and later that same day, contacted by one of the production people who called to make my flight arrangements. When I asked how much time I had to get ready, they told me “day after tomorrow.” It was that quick. This all took place on a Wednesday, and by that same Friday, I was on a plane to film my very first episode of Paranormal State. That episode was entitled, The Name, and was the episode where Ryan - who had been plagued for some time by this demonic entity – and I named that entity for him during what they referred to on their show as ‘dead time.’ I actually wrote the name down on a piece of paper and handed it to Ryan, which, kind of [long pause]…shook things up a bit."

In the book we show three different versions of When Ryan Met Chip…

We received a fourth version of the story from Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio fame and soon to be featured in a new para-reality show from the folks of Ghost Adventures. Dave states that he is the person that brought Chip and Ryan together. This might support Ryan's book version. However, it would expose Ryan's statements from "The Name" episode as completely false. All this brouhaha is very interesting as Chip Coffey stated on his recent "Darkness Radio" appearance that he would expose any reality show caught lying about anything. Mr. Coffey, we are still waiting on your report on this one.

But wait folks; here is the fifth [and final?] version of how Ryan met Chip.

Story #5 – From Ryan's Twitter Interview [Monday, May 18, 2009]

"I first talked to Chip on our message boards when he came by to introduce himself about a year before the show started."

The "Paranormal State" Twitter Transcript link is here:

So what does this mean to the above versions of the story?

The claims on the TV show back up this version because Chip could have been a longtime contributor to PRS via the boards.

Was Ryan being deceptive in his own book?

Was Chip being deceptive in his interview? Is this the version that Ryan and Chip agreed on trying to sell? If we accept that they met on the message boards, then how much information had Ryan shared with Chip long before the show aired?

Dave Schrader's account is brought into question as Ryan claims he met Chip through the PRS boards.

Stay tuned as versions 6 and 7 are just around the corner and we will be more than ready to report on them …

Ghost B. Gone

Here is a link to an unusual story that Ron Tebo uncovered over at SciFake. As a soap maker, Lisa says that the Ghoul B. Gone Soap will probably smell nice but won't be warding off any ghouls. She also notes an incomplete list of ingredients. As for the other products which allegedly contain "blessing" and various essences of gold, quartz and other stone "essences", be warned that "blessing" is not a recognized ingredient. And plants and flowers have essences, stones do not! So, keep your rocks in your head and your credit card in your wallet. Just say no to scammers.