Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Issue 120 – The Eye on the Paranormal is Coming to the Radio!

By Kirby Robinson

Just as the fake para-celebrities, fake psychics, false preachers, teachers and any other person that needs exposing felt safe---we have bad news for you.


I've been asked by one of the top networks on BlogTalk Radio if I'd be interested in hosting a weekly radio program. In the past, I’ve rejected such offers as I didn't want to be a paranormal only show. I didn't want to be a Christian-only show, either. Just like what we do here at the Eye on the Paranormal, I'll be doing a show which covers a wide range of topics. Here's a preview:

~ Paranormal news and views
~ Christianity and the paranormal
~ Fake psychics
~ Fake religions/cults
~ Book, TV, and movie reviews
~ Listener's questions
~ An overview of last week's blog posts and a look at the weekly BAD BAD THING AWARD
~ Misc. guests -- not all from the paranormal field

The show will air Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST and run for 90 minutes. Once we get all the bugs worked out, we'll extend the show to 2 hours weekly.

More details will be announced when we get our launch date.



I asked Worst Paranormal if it was okay to share this as it does hit it on bulls eye:

"If you are claiming to use science in your investigations, you will be publicly challenged without fail. Here are some things to understand about how science has impacted paranormal research.

First, science has provided valuable explanations for damn near every paranormal claim and piece of evidence.

Orbs - through scientific process, determined to be a number of natural explanations, most prevalent being dust, bugs, moisture, snow, and other particles.

Mist - determined and found to be breath, fog, moisture condensation in the air (see fog), or smoke

EVPs - many explanations can be determined from digital artifacts, radio wave interference, and human interaction.

These are just some quick examples. Science is not about being right, but about being disproven. If you want to prove that orbs exist, you now have to disprove what science has explained and proven thus far to explain orbs. Same goes for EVERY piece of paranormal type data you want to claim as evidence. If there is a logical and rational explanation for it, you better do everything in your damn power to try and disprove what science has already offered as an explanation, otherwise, what you have is complete and utter garbage.

So if you want to label yourself a scientific paranormal research team, you better start playing the part. Running around with gadgets, gizmos, and matching shirts does not make you scientific."


If you’re a parent and you kill your two-year-old daughter trying to perform a exorcism on her, 20 years is not enough--you should go right to death row.

It makes me sick each time I read stories like this:

NEXT WEEK – We'll have even more exciting news from the Eye on the Paranormal.

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