Sunday, May 15, 2011

Issue 30 – Say NO to Demon Exorcist - Part 2

It seems that our investigation is causing a stir in certain circles and we're starting to get a feeling that something just isn't right. Maybe we're seeing the birth of the next Amityville horror myth as efforts are being put forth to protect the demon angle of Sarah Maitland's story.

We've heard reports that there might be a documentary in the making along with possible book and film deals. [Who'll be sharing the profits?] Once again, I need to point out that it's easier to sell demons than a simple poltergeist haunting.

Sarah did have something go bump in her home and that it was fighting with the family but it wasn't anything demonic. The demonic angle is being played here by people who are seeking fame and fortune based on things that are not real. In today's edition we'll expose Dwayne Claud  for being something other than  a "real" demonologist.

Sarah has repeatedly pointed out that Dwayne did a complete investigation. He did interview the family and requested medical reports and psychological records. These are all steps that anyone can learn to do by reading any number of books. But it's easy to act as if you know what you are doing. Remember, he had cameras following him for his TV pilot. If the "Demon Exorcist" is picked up, he could stand to make millions in book sales, the salary from the show, and guest appearances generated by being on the show. The profit motive is there for him to act the part.

Much is also made by Sarah about the strange goings on in the home and people acting oddly. Surely that's proof of demons, right? No. Intense poltergeist activity can cause people to act oddly as they see and hear things that might push them to act a bit off.

Dwayne Claud does not help his case any as he posted the following on his Face Book page:
"What would be a cool way of bringing in Friday the 13th this week? How about tuning into Demon Exorcist on Animal Planet at 4:00 PM EST. If you haven't seen it yet...tune into one of the most talked about paranormal experiences to hit television - a documentary that takes you beyond the evidence and into the human experience."

It's not a documentary if you present things that did not happen. For example, Dwayne claims that Sarah contacted him concerning the fact that she had been attacked by a demon. That call was never made. The show begins to drift into being a docu-drama where you never know what is and isn't real. This show is not a documentary at all.

But the biggest and final blow to Dwayne's credibility comes from the fact that he can't cast out demons. Nor does any house blessing he would perform have power over a demon. If the family claims that after he performed his rite the demon was gone, then there wasn't ever a demon there in the first place.

"Faith plays a big part in what I do but I don't subscribe to any one religion." These are words that Dwayne speaks. Exorcisms were performed prior to the time of Christ and there are non-Christian rites of exorcism. I'm not here to debate that but if you use a Christian rite to remove a demon you must be a Christian to perform it effectively.

The following link does a great job explaining this:

Dwayne does not do a bad job of putting on an act of casting out demons but that is what it is, an act for the cameras and nothing more.

One of the big points raised in this issue concerns an image of a small, human-like hand that CVAPI claims they caught. Dwayne states that it's a demon that lives in the forest, and it's called a pukwudgie. If it is what Dwayne claimed it to be, then a Christian rite would have no power over it. You need to bring in a shaman [Guess Dwayne watched the episode of "Paranormal State" that featured the same demon and didn't realize that they also got it wrong]. Again, he is caught in the act of acting and not being a legitimate exorcist.

A larger issue is raised with this story. If both Sarah and CVAPI were so upset with how their case was presented, then why promote the fact that the show was going to air again? Is this a ruse to keep public interest up?

Once again, Sarah did have something going on inside her home -- it just wasn't demonic. But unfortunately it seems that the drum beats of fame, fortune and the bright lights are drowning out the real story.

POSTSCRIPT - It seems that over the past few days that both Jackie and Sarah posted video blogs. Sarah posted a very long blog defending the demonic aspect of the story. Sarah even went so far as to say that no one can judge whether the situation is demonic because we have not seen all the evidence. But what Sarah, Jackie and Dwayne failed to realize is that we need not see the evidence as a whole. What they showed in Dwayne's program was not demonic. Dwayne and his show sold it to the public and it’s a lie. The viewers aren't buying it and many are starting to wonder just who is behind it.


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