Monday, October 1, 2012

New Age Seductions

By V. K. Bronz

I would like to share a personal experience I had about 37 years ago. I realize there are many who don’t believe in God or the supernatural abilities people have, so I ask that you please don’t just dismiss what I have written the minute you see the word God. After all personal experiences should not be pushed aside just because our personal beliefs are being tested.

When I first got saved I was totally ignorant of the gifts the Lord has given each Christian that he might overcome the wiles of the enemy, never the less the Lord taught me quickly.

I had a voracious appetite for the Lord and I wanted to know everything I possibly could regarding the things of the Lord; I read and read everything I could get my hands on, until one day I was reading an auto biography of a turn of the century saint, As I read I felt in my spirit a change of the spirit behind the words. What was even more strange, is I recognized the “feel” of the spirit that was in those words. I know this is a strange statement but as I read that autobiography it was written by one person and the sentence I had just read was written by a different person; I could feel the difference plain as day. I looked at the producers of the book and sure enough it was the “spirit” of the person I had recognized when I read that one sentence!

The producers of that book had changed the wording to have it mean something entirely different than what the original author had intended.

Fast forward thirty years later and I was writing on the holiness of God when I noticed in the footnotes of a very old book a reference to “The Book of Enoch”. Somewhere out there was supposedly another book of the bible that was not included in the bible. This book had been “found” during the second century.

I began to research and quickly found that this “lost” book of the bible had been translated in the seventies. I began to read it and was so blessed by the praises of our God expressed by the Angels and the story of Enoch’s close knit little family sharing the word to each other. What word you say, back then before it was written, the wonderful knowledge the Angels came down and began to share with them. Yes, this book said the Angels came down and began to share all the hidden knowledge of the creation of the world. They introduced themselves giving their names and who they were. I felt a check in my spirit (unease) because it has been my experience Angels never point to themselves they point you to God. I pushed the check aside because their praise of God had touched me so.

As I read my spirit kept feeling a coldness almost like what you see in some of these movies out now that are all black and dark metallic looking and feeling. I pushed it aside and kept reading because after-all the angels were praising God so beautifully. When it came time for the Angels to explain to Enoch (the angels had taken him to heaven to show the wonders of God) who that third person was with God and the Holy Spirit, they didn't say he would be the savior of the world they did say he was the son of god but no mention of the sinless lamb of God. It was like oh that’s the son of God. Period. On to next subject. The red flags flew, the alarm bells rang, yet I still dismissed this by thinking, well this is before the Lord came to earth .

I also took notice that every time the Angels were in heaven with Enoch and they saw God, he was always at a distance and was not approachable. Now if God had sent his Angels to tell this little family of Adam and Eve all the secrets of the universe why would he never have anything to do with Enoch when he came to heaven? Remember Enoch walked with God and was not. God walked with him on the earth their relationship was so close that he took him to heaven without death on a chariot. And God is our Father he has a loving father’s heart, why would there be no fellowship with Enoch like there was on earth.

As I came to the end of the story there was reference to a “Book of Noah” so I quickly read it. I was so put off by the blatant fantastical description of Noah’s son Lemech sitting up at his birth praising god with bazaar looking features of red eyes and snow white hair and skin, but as I read it I felt that same coldness I felt with “The Book of Enoch”.

When I was finished reading the Holy Spirit prompted me to go to the word; as I began to read the word of God I felt the familiar sweet soft loving presence of the Lord who is the word, as I read I immediately knew the cold distant dead word I had just read was NOT from God. Not only did I feel the presence of the Lord as the word, I had a vision; the life that is the word was coming off of the page like a fog and entering into me. I began to cry and thank the Lord for his Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth; at that moment I knew if I had received that false book I would have received the false “demon” or spirit that was attached to it and forever more it would have perverted the true word of God in me. I was and still am shocked at the enemy’s ability to be the angel of light, there seemed to be no difference between him and the Lord. The difference is indiscernible; had it not been for the loving Lord showing me, it would have fooled me.

Oh people, this is what This New Age has done, authors and preachers take what feels good and sounds good twisting the truth just enough to get us to except it, using a different word that sounds close, changing other peoples words to mean what benefits them and in receiving what they say we receive damnation because we are excepting demons unaware. Even the number one bible translator in the world; Wycliffe, has fallen. They have taken the words Father and son out of the bible translations because it offends Muslims. No longer will people read Jesus is the son of God but now they have changed it to he is Lord. No longer will people read God is our Father but it will read Allah. I was tempted to do the same when I wrote this article. I knew the minute I mentioned the word God many would stop reading; but I can’t let the desire to have my experience heard cause me to omit part of the truth. I would be just as guilty. I feel so sorry for those so afraid of having their beliefs challenged that they can’t even respect each other enough to hear what they are saying.

But then again if we read more of other peoples words than Gods we won’t know him, just a shadow of him and The age old trick of Satan, to take the truth and ever so slightly twist it so it no longer means what God said, but now is a pathway to hell, will be effectively used on us.

Anytime we are told there is hidden knowledge or secrets no one else knows BEWARE this is where the Mormons got their religion. The “Angels” told John Smith the secrets of attaining paradise. Anytime anyone such as Rick Warren or any person tries to tell you your purpose is something different than Loving the Lord God with all of your heart soul mind and body run like hell. If there is a supernatural world out there then it stands to reason there has to be the one who created it. There is nothing more glorious and holy then being given the honor and position of Sons of God.