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Gutsy Mom Takes on PRS’s Bad Business Practices

What does writing bad checks and/or taking people’s money and not refunding it due to a cancelled paranormal event have to do with paranormal investigating? Well, we at the Eye on the Paranormal know that PRS, Ryan Buell, Sergey Poberezhny and any number of fake ghost hunters, exorcists, priests, psychics and other paranormal investigators are more interested in fame and fortune. These paranormal fakers and lowlifes trick others into giving them money. Unfortunately, once they have the money, PRS guards it like Fort Knox. Neither Goldfinger nor his sidekick Odd Job would have a chance of getting it back.

But one gutsy lady by the name of Susan Grace is not going to take it and is fighting back for what is right and good. We’re posting a link to he her detailed account on the Ripoff Report.

Just a few quick notes:

PRS had an office near Penn State that has been closed for years. PRS never made any effort to inform the public of this fact.

The office in Raleigh, NC is an apartment not an office or a business location. Thanks to Ms Susan Grace for the good report, the public has a right to know the truth about these fakers.

4820 Smith Creek Pkwy., #105 where the business is located
[click photos to enlarge]

Camden Overlook is an apartment complex in Raleigh, NC


Andymatic said...

Wow! What a bunch of crooks!

eyeontheparanormal said...

Here is a comment from the public to the report

The issue is that this poster's research revealed that PRS promotes events it has not booked. Based on what is described above, it appears that after they have collected the funds from ticket purchases, they then purport to "cancel" the unbooked event and then getting a refund for many ticketholders can be difficult. Sometimes PRS does give refunds, if they like you or think you'll continue avidly supporting them. Most others have to fight to get them, or never receive them despite repeatedly inquiring.

The first PRS event I attended occurred almost 2 years ago. Not only was the event completely disorganized, but we were also supposed to get merchandise as part of the purchase price of the VIP tickets. The merchandise was not given to us at the event. Afterwards, we received an email that the merchandise would be mailed. It never was. I tried following up on this, but my emails were ignored. The merchandise was a part of the higher ticket price, and I never got it. My experience echoes that of many others.

The most commonly cited excuse is Ryan's cancer. The event I describe above occurred BEFORE Ryan was diagnosed with cancer. Many people who are owed wages, refunds, and merchandise are owed these things from years ago. Regardless, being sick does not give someone license to engage in deceptive business practices. If Ryan is truly so incapacitated with illness he cannot properly run his business, he should acknowledge his limitations and begin winding up the business. That would be the responsible thing to do, rather than leaving people out thousands of dollars in unperformed services.

I find it difficult to believe they don't have the money to pay back these ticketholders, primarily because it's a refund of the exact same amount of money the ticketholder paid for the event. Presuming PRS is holding the money in their accounts, as they should, it is just a matter of clicking a few buttons on a computer screen to transfer it back. There is nothing complicated or time-consuming about this that it requires more than one person and less than 2 minutes. Ryan regularly brags about signing up 7 digit deals and getting huge book advances... If we are to presume he is truthful, then PRS is a multi-million dollar business, not a "small, grass-roots" organization. Then again, he could be lying...

Each person has their own experience. If yours was good and continues to be good, great. But it is always prudent to fully research a paranormal investigation team that puts on these types of events, as the industry as a whole is loaded with frauds and shysters. If you plan on attending a PRS event, keep in mind that they generally run a couple hundred bucks a pop, and that if the event is postponed or canceled, you may have trouble getting your money back. Whether or not you're willing to take the gamble is up to you.

eyeontheparanormal said...

To everyone who was sent here as a supporter of Ryan and the remaining PRS, please try to actually read the following with an open mind as former supporters like myself have read your comments with the same open mind.

First off, I am not here to attack anyone. I am just frustrated beyond belief of the power that Ryan has with his charisma and his sharp tongue, continue to keep the truth from being told. Most of what I will cover happened before Ryan got sick and was able to use that illness to further confuse the truth.

To start further back, I was very much a PRS supporter back in the day. In fact I went to four full field trips in a row, including one as a VIP/EE ticket holder. The people that I met (fellow field trippers mostly) have changed my life in many ways and have become real friends outside the FT’s. I also became close to some of the past PRS members and cast members from the TV show. Please understand that I feel my money was well spent in regards to the people I got to meet, which very well might include some of the people reading this right now.

That being said, over time I came to know more than the average FT’er about the part of PRS and the FT’s that wasn’t public. I have kept my mouth shut regarding these details for quite a while but I can’t remain quiet any longer as Ryan is hoisted above his supporters without them knowing the true background.

eyeontheparanormal said...

That being said, over time I came to know more than the average FT’er about the part of PRS and the FT’s that wasn’t public. I have kept my mouth shut regarding these details for quite a while but I can’t remain quiet any longer as Ryan is hoisted above his supporters without them knowing the true background.

PRS was and is a business and while it hides behind the organization status, it should be viewed as a business. PRS started the FT’s to connect with fans and build up a following and it did amazingly at that. The first FTs were simple events that went well from all accounts. As PRS continued to do FT’s they became more business like to produce revenue so the team could continue to work on free cases. The problem became that Ryan (who ran the books) would fail to pay vendors for their services.

That is one of the key reasons PRS has gone through so many event planners over the years. They would fire (if they were being paid at all) them and then blame them or the vendors for failures. PRS would also blame their busy schedule when things would slip the cracks. Knowing how life is, the fieldtrippers took this at face value. The problem was that Ryan continued to use the FT money to fund his personal lifestyle and expenses and while some of that is understandable, he and Sergey used more than a small portion of the money coming in. That left the event planners with little to spend and promise after promise that bills would be handled by Ryan himself.

In fact even when money was way past due, Ryan leased a new building calling it Buell Tower 1. Publicly he said he owned it/had purchased it but that was not true. He later was kicked out of this building for past due rent.

eyeontheparanormal said...

PRS then decided to quit their show and focus on FTs full time so they could finally relax after the very involved taping schedule. The problem was that the FTs didn’t produce enough revenue to keep up what had become to be a pyramid scheme—new field trips would be announced so old past debts could be paid, leaving little if anything to actually pay for the events that the money was supposed to be for. About this time some of the original members of PRS were either asked to leave or marginalized when they would bring up issues about money including expenses that Ryan had not reimbursed them for and payroll that he had not paid them. For the sake of respecting privacy, I will not go into more detail about this other than to say that Ryan started really burning through his supporters and his friends at a quick pace.

Starting in FT 9, West Virginia, Ryan and Sergey started arriving late or not at all to events and promised activities were never delivered. PRS started cutting corners whenever possible for FTs. They hosted FT 10 at a hotel in Charleston, SC that was so poorly reviewed online that 75% of guests said they would NOT recommend the hotel. Why would they select such a place in one of the best hotel cities in the US? Because they were given free room access and food in exchange for getting FT’ers to book rooms in the hotel. PRS clearly didn't care about providing the best experience, instead trying to pay the least expenses possible.

The problem became worse as FT attendance continued to drop due to PRS not being on TV any longer and the fact that the regulars started getting fed up at the promises that were never delivered. Big items like the boat cruise that was part of the EE experience that were NEVER booked, even though they were mentioned as part of the ticket up until the actual event. Another of these NEVER booked but promised items occurred during FT 12 in Salam, MA. “Additionally, Field
Trippers will be given a private, FTXII only tour of the famous Witch House!” Many FT’ers were very much looking forward to this as it was one of only two promised activities by name, and yet it was never booked. PRS blamed the failure on the venue but the Witch House staff confirmed that the location was never booked, nor was any deposit placed on the rental. Yet this attraction is STILL being bragged about on PRS’ site for the FT.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Past that, there was and is still a lot of money being misdirected or in the very least, consumers being led to believe their money is going certain places. Even while Ryan was unable to pay his staff or other PRS bills, he personally collected the vast majority of the A&E TV funds for himself—not the society. His book funds went directly to him as does all his webinar classes. That is right, while most would understand SOME of the funds from these activities going to Ryan, it seems odd that none of the funds would support his “baby”, the society or help support future cases.

What should sicken every single person that reads this is what happened with the “charity” funds. During most FTs, Ryan would auction at least an item or two for charity. Bidding would commonly hit the thousands and everyone expected that those funds would find their way to the promised charity. More than one person with inside knowledge has confirmed that these funds never went to any charity. I simply ask Ryan to provide receipts for these donations to quiet this rumor. I know personally that over ten thousand dollars was raised in this method for charity so there is no way you wouldn't document such large thousand dollar plus amounts.

I have nothing against Ryan as a person. I understand that bills can pile up and you sometimes need to adjust things. The problem is that the people supporting him now do not know of this pattern of behavior so they continue to book events not realizing that there is a decent chance they either will be canceled or be dramatically different than advertised. The person that defended FT15, failed to make light of the fact that, regardless of the last minute cancellation, NONE of the venues that were advertised up until the actual even had ANY clue the FT was supposed to happen because nothing had EVER been booked.

Ask yourself this, why in the world would Ryan & Sergey ask attendees of that FT not to publicly say that Ryan wasn't there at all? How about asking Ryan why Eilfie, Sergey and Chris didn't attend the event to still follow through with it. I understand that Ryan may have been unable to attend but he was not in such dire condition that the rest of the now much smaller team couldn't have left for a few days to deliver on what was promised.

eyeontheparanormal said...

That being said, when that FT failed to happen at all, the VERY first thing that should have happened was a refund (not a credit as the “star’s” failing health could impact future events) for those that purchased tickets. The funds wouldn't have hurt the “small business” because they never booked nor paid for anything so ALL of the funds for that FT should have been in the bank, unless my pyramid scheme theory is true. The fact that the camp for the last lock-down said they bounced a check confirms their history of not paying vendors. I would guess from what I have seen and been told, that at least one third of their past debts have never been paid in full.

The fact of the matter is that the financial situation of PRS (not Ryan’s personal situation) is so bad that they cannot possibly pay their past debts without some dramatic change of fortune. That means every time a customer purchases a ticket, they take a lot more risk than a normal event ticket (without knowing that risk because Ryan and friends work very hard to hide such issues).

This isn’t about Ryan being a bad person or me attacking some sick weak person. It is about the business that PRS is and the risk that customers should know when prepaying for events and activities. I think PRS needs to declare bankruptcy and if Ryan and his few cohorts wish to continue to offer such events, the money needs to be placed in trust by a third party and his records need to be opened up. Also I think he needs to honor his commitment to those funds raised for charity, even if that has to come out of person funds—providing proof that he finally made good on that promise.

eyeontheparanormal said...

If you are about to rate this not helpful because you support Ryan, PRS and everything they say, please think about why silencing my comments is useful. My comments are not personal attacks, are not because I am looking for money or any credits and they are not just about the FT 15 or issues after Ryan got sick. If there is ANY doubt that a FT, camp or other activity could be canceled, future customers need to know what they are signing up for.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t have any reason to write all of this except I hate to see the people who supported him but wish to voice THEIR opinions get attacked. I also hate when people brush these situations off, as onetime events when there has been issues for years. The difference is that the pyramid is now bigger at the base which means they will continue to disappoint more, at least on larger items.

If you want to support the PRS society, make sure your funds go to the society and not Ryan and Sergey.

If you won a charity item at a PRS auction, simply ask for proof of that donation.

Understand that future customers should get a chance to see the risk in prepaying for events.

Ask yourself why so many businesses, landlords, past employees, and more would say that PRS & Ryan never paid their bills or placed deposits on locations or ever booked them at all.

If you don’t believe what I and others have said, then call these places yourself and ask. The worst thing you can do is vote that what I say isn't helpful without checking the details out first.

eyeontheparanormal said...

the next set of comments are e mail and messages from PRS to Sue

eyeontheparanormal said...

I am aware Ryan announced on his Facebook in the beginning of August 2012 that he had pancreatic cancer and that Penn State graduate Rennie Dyball ran the story in People quoting Ryan's Facebook as the source of the information. There was no need to mention it because Ryan's medical health had nothing to do with the refunds PRS owed ticketholders.

The Lizzie Borden Lockdown occurred in November 2011, months before Ryan announced he had pancreatic cancer. There are still people who did not receive refunds from that cancelled event. They all complained about not receiving a refund. Some complained on his Facebook as well as sending emails. I have the screenshots. It should not be a requirement to have to complain to get a refund for a cancelled event. If the event is cancelled, the refund should be processed.

Here's some Facebook Messages and Emails concerning Field Trip 15.

Conversation started September 15 10:27pm


Hi there, Ryan...Can you please tell me exactly where The End Field Trip is meeting - what hotel, convention center, location? I can not find where the registration site is either on The End site where you order the tickets or on the actual ticket. I know this is supernatural and paranormal and all, but I'm not psychic and have been unable to divine the exact location. ;)

September 18 10:04pm

Ryan D. Buell

Hi, Susan,

The registration and lectures will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, FL.


~Cereza, PRS Staff



Thank you so much for telling me. I am very relieved. I had called the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday and

the woman in group registration had told me they knew nothing about it. She called me back on my cell on Sunday at 12:38pm from 407-...-.... and said that they've had several calls about it but they knew nothing about it. I could find nothing definitive on the site where I got the ticket to show where and when to go to registration and registration is next week. I appreciate your help

eyeontheparanormal said...

From: PRS - FT #15 Orlando
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 9:01 AM
Subject: Message to attendees of FIELD TRIP #15: THE END

Attention Field Trip 15 Attendees!With the final Field Trip fast approaching we hope that you all are as excited as we are to say goodbye to an era of PRS with a bang! The team has been working tirelessly to make sure that this is one of the most memorable and exciting field trips of them all, but we need your help. We have developed a survey, at the link below, with a few questions that we ask all attendees to fill out. This will help us plan out the small details so that everyone is happy and well taken care of.There is another piece of news to share; due to unforeseen circumstances, we can no longer host FT15 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal. Fortunately we found another venue that is eager to have us. It looks like a really fun place and has a very inviting atmosphere. THE CASTLE! Check out the details of the property: If you have reserved a room at the Hard Rock, please contact them soon to cancel your room.The hotel is not on the Universal property, but the good news about this, is that means the rooms are much more reasonably priced with parking and wifi free to guests. There are also shuttle options available that could be utilized to reach the surrounding parks, including Universal Studios. We are arranging to have a block of rooms at a reserved price, and are looking to see who would be interested in staying here for the event. It is one of the questions on the attached survey. The room rates are $89 a night.With the date fast approaching, we ask that you fill the survey out as soon as possible. If you have any questions, or anything you would like to add beyond the listed questions, please contact us at eventsxxxxx.The last thing we want is to overload our field trippers. The tentative schedule may go through a few changes before the final version is announced. We do apologize for the last minute changes, and know how this can be frustrating. But not to worry, there will be plenty of scares, laughs, memories, learning opportunities and adventures to go around.Link to survey: you everyone and see you in Orlando!

eyeontheparanormal said...

From: Sergey Poberezhny
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 7:42 AM

Dear Field Trip 15 Attendees,I never thought I would have to write this email you everyone, but it is with a heavy heart that I must take on this responsibility. Field Trip 15: The End was supposed to be an incredible event that would bring all of us together to reminisce and celebrate the end of a tradition that started in 2008. But more then that, it was supposed to help us transition into a new era. New friends and old friends, we regret to inform you that Field Trip 15 will not be happening this weekend.The last few months have been nothing we have ever gone through before. What seemed like a constant wave of attacks on our minds, bodies and souls, we have tried to put on our battle gear and go out attacking all the problems and difficulties that we had to face. Unfortunately there comes a moment where we cannot hide our pain and struggle anymore and we have to realize how much more damage is being done while we try to focus on everything but our health.As a group that went out to help those who found themselves alone and confused, Ryan and I are finding ourselves in the same position. Ryan’s health, physical and mental, has reached a critical point late last night where he cannot come to this event without making things worse for himself. I am making the choice, as hard as it is, to stay with him and help him through this. On top of that, two guest speakers who are close to PRS have also not been able to attend the event for personal conflicts. With this much degradation, we have decided to put a stop to this event and push it to another date.The last thing that I want us to do is quit, but I have to make an executive decision to throw in the towel and concentrate my efforts on healing Ryan, myself and the organization. As stated, for now, this event is being rescheduled. Unfortunately, with such a sudden occurrence of circumstances, I cannot give you anymore information other then we are tentatively thinking of holding this in either late December or early January. For those who have already made the effort to travel, or are currently traveling and find yourself in position where its too late to turn around, there will be an attempt to coordinate a meet up.I want to hear all of your concerns and go through the process of how to make this up to you. Please send me an email to events, with the subject FT 15 - (YOUR NAME). Please give me till Friday before I start responding to everyone and outlining a proposal for the new event and detailing out the refund policy.Lastly, I ask that you do not discuss this publicly through the social media. At the moment it is too early to raise any alarm bells and I do not want to cause any unnecessary panic. If you wish to leave Ryan a message, please send it to eventsxxxxxxxx with the subject, FT 15 - FOR RYANAgain, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you and the delivery of this news being so close to the date.

eyeontheparanormal said...

From: Events
To: Sergey Poberezhny
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 1:51 PM
Subject: FT 15 Attendees

Dear Field Trip 15 Attendees, We hope this email finds you well. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may have caused you and the delivery of the news being so close to the date of FT15. To start the process of resolving this situation for all of you, we would like to collect information and feedback in an anonymous survey. Please answer as honestly as you can, as it will help us collect valuable information in regards to rescheduling and what you all are looking for as a group in terms of PRS making it up to you for this change. The link to the form can be found here: In regards to those requesting refunds, we humbly ask for your patience as we work on the most efficient and swiftest way possible to process your request. We thank you all for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.Warmest Regards, Paranormal Research Society


From: Eventbrite
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 7:16 AM
Subject: Order REFUNDED for FIELD TRIP #15 THE END


The following refund has been processed through PayPal: Refund
Event Name: FIELD TRIP #15: THE END
Order Number: xxxxxxxxx
Refund Amount: $308.49

Please allow up to four business days for the refund to appear in your account. If you have any questions about the refund or the event, please contact the event host: Organizer

Thank you for using Eventbrite!

The Eventbrite Team

eyeontheparanormal said...

From: events
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2012 9:40 PM
Subject: RE: FT 15-

We have received your request for a refund. We are sorry to hear that we were not able to meet your satisfaction. PRS will do its best to make it up to you. Please respond with the type of ticket you purchased, and afterward, allow at least 3-5 business days for your request to be processed. Due to recent high volume of requests, the processing time will take longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience. You also have the option of requesting a credit towards a future PRS event or webinar.Sincerely,PRS


Although Eventbrite said the ticket was refunded, it never was. When the bill came due at the end of October, the charge was still on the bill. After the October 8 email, PRS would not answer any other of the many emails sent concerning the refund. Fortunately, the credit card company did the charge back to PRS Paypal account.


For those who are happy paying hundreds of dollars for one event and getting something totally different than what you paid for, or getting nothing at all, I know I will never understand you, but that's great for you. But when I purchase a computer and open up a computer box, I don't expect to find an abacus inside, and I don't expect it to be empty.

eyeontheparanormal said...

From: events
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2012 9:40 PM
Subject: RE: FT 15-

We have received your request for a refund. We are sorry to hear that we were not able to meet your satisfaction. PRS will do its best to make it up to you. Please respond with the type of ticket you purchased, and afterward, allow at least 3-5 business days for your request to be processed. Due to recent high volume of requests, the processing time will take longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience. You also have the option of requesting a credit towards a future PRS event or webinar.Sincerely,PRS


Although Eventbrite said the ticket was refunded, it never was. When the bill came due at the end of October, the charge was still on the bill. After the October 8 email, PRS would not answer any other of the many emails sent concerning the refund. Fortunately, the credit card company did the charge back to PRS Paypal account.


For those who are happy paying hundreds of dollars for one event and getting something totally different than what you paid for, or getting nothing at all, I know I will never understand you, but that's great for you. But when I purchase a computer and open up a computer box, I don't expect to find an abacus inside, and I don't expect it to be empty.

Scifake said...

Thanks for keeping an Eye on the paranormal Kirby! we are running it at SciFake too my friend!

Aanica said...


Mariea said...

I think the above poster’s comments that lasted a few entries did a VERY nice job focusing on the real issues and anyone who has seen his Facebook and Twitter comments always had a suspicion about him boasting about his upcoming adventures and wondering if they were actually followed through based on pictures that were never posted about the event or him never mentioning it ever again. He also tends to colorfully state his words such as his Twitter comments this past summer about the “American Ghost” hunter movie coming to a theater near you. Really? He forgot to mention you could order/slash buy the video to watch on your personal theater at home. Goodness, I am still wondering what happened to the “new “location he had in Hollywood? Anyone know?
I was a little more than annoyed when the original poster on the RipOff Report was scolded for even posting such discontent based on this young man’s illness. I don’t think ANYONE posting does not recognize the hardship that this man has and will be going through, but this is not about that. He had no problem taken the money – he just has a hard time refunding the money. If people were just happy hanging out as the poster to the original report responded and was content with that – Good! However, that was your decision. This young woman truly wanted the services she was promised by the advertisement. If you know conditions could always change and people may not show up – put it in your advertisement and the conditions that you want the public to know BEFORE they purchase rather than ignore them later or chastise them (dropping them from your public accounts, etc.) because they are laying their experience out to others. Ryan has no problem voicing his opinions when he thinks someone has done something wrong in the world. So, why can’t he be under the same scrutiny?
I think many people suspected this was a sort of “pyramid” effect of funds.
However, if you feel a part of the PRS family and are understanding of these issues and are okay with him not showing up (knowing his health is fragile) not receiving promised merchandise, other speakers failing to attend – and you are okay with a “credit” or are okay with hanging out – Fine! However, many people are going to want what they pay for. People are kinda strange like that *eye roll.* Many people go on to recognize that many of us who offer a service operate with the same conditions –we don’t get paid if we don’t provide the service – regardless of any other issue that is going on in our life.
I think I can say with confidence that many people feel for anyone dealing with such an illness and commend such a positive attitude, but it seems more than likely if all what is reported is true – then he needs to stop these kind of activities or state the real conditions you as a consumer may have to consider when purchasing tickets – he may not show up due to his health/leave early, may be cancelled at the last minute, other speakers may not show up, etc. If you still want to purchase a ticket, then both sides are aware of what might actually take place.


Mariea said...


"Those spreading the complaints and rumors and this whole I hate RYAN BUELL and PRS campaign are doing so for the attention of a celebrity. To get to be around
or get recognized by someone who was on TV. When that was not met they went into full out complainer mode."

The above quote was taken off the RipOff Report. Odd, Ryan made mention to this on Facebook. Uhhhhh, has ANYONE seen or could even imagine a "I hate Ryan campaign?" Was he referring to what unfolded on the report (even though he made this comment a week or two ago)Uhhhh, was it Ryan making the comment under another alias.

Could anyone direct me to anywhere on the net to the "I hate Ryan campaign?" Anyone?

Who has time? LOL

Aanica said...

wow someone filed a police report and got their money back, this is a deep hole I am sure more will come to light! :D
consumer complaint number # 12

To: ****
Subject: complaint of photo purchase
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:09:13 -0400

****, I received notification of the complaint you filed against Sergey Poberezhny for failing to send a photo that you purchased off of his website in November 2011. The complaint was forwarded to me since the address listed for Poberezhny was located within my jurisdiction (Patton Township, State College Pa). However, when I went to the residence noted on the complaint (507 Marjorie Mae St) I found that Poberezhny moved from that address at least 4-5 years ago and the current resident was unfamiliar with him. I was then able to locate a potential new address here in State College (324 Homan Ave, State College 16801) which is not in my jurisdiction, but I will attempt contact with him if you still have not received the photo or some other compensation. Please advise me if you have had any further dealings with Poberezhny since the time this complaint was filed (05.31.2012) and whether or not this is still an active case. You may reply directly to this email or you may contact me by any other means listed below.

Thank you,
Detective Erik Haas - #3812
Patton Township Police Department
100 Patton Plaza
State College PA 16803
814/234-0273 - office
814/234-0583 - fax


Perhaps you visited a different address, but the author’s point is that the one they have listed with the Commonwealth is no longer accurate. This is concerning, because registered businesses are required to keep their information up-to-date with the State/Commonwealth where they are registered to do business, as the State/Commonwealth can act as a recipient of service of process in the event of a lawsuit.

You state that the contract indicates that tickets are non-refundable. Although you can write whatever you want into a contract, that does not mean the terms of the contract will necessarily be upheld in court if they are unconscionable. Here, the allegation is that PRS advertises events it has not yet booked. They then cancel the event, and point to the terms of service saying you’re out of luck? Facially, that certainly seems unfair… because it is. Where PRS does not provide the service that forms the entire basis of the contract, of course they have to refund you… no matter what their terms of service say.

I am very happy that you and others have had positive experiences attending PRS events, no matter how irrelevant that point is to people who are rightfully owed refunds for events that never occurred. Whether or not Ryan is sick is also just as irrelevant, as it is irrelevant whether or not you “hate” someone or (the rather humorous default PRS argument for just about everything when they’re backed into a corner) how much you want Ryan’s attention. All that is actually relevant here is that if you pay for a product or service, it should be provided. If it is not, you should be promptly refunded. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

Look at their true colors shining through...

"Susan Grace Warren was banned from this forum because, in part, she made false statements. She is not owed any money by PRS. She is a 57 year old woman who is fixated on Ryan and Serg. That should be clue for you all."

"It's amazing what people are capable of doing ...
People that are not of interest to anyone"

From Ryan Buell himself:
"First and foremost, any f-tard can post a Rip-Off report."

And does this sound like a cult to you...

"Susan Warren is not of this community. She is an outsider whose sole purpose is to cause trouble.

We are a true community. We can talk about things that we are uncomfortable about sharing with other friends and family members. But Susan Warren is not part of that."

Sandra Springer. "Lobofan5" said...

Ahhh, there is the Ryan Buell "she had a crush on me and I discarded her" defense. I figured that one would come out. Classic. I have 2 letters from the man telling me the same thing, dismissing my existance because I "dared" to complain. Susan Grace follows me in the list of people who have wised up. Luckily I realized it before FT15. Ryan, I was there...I know the truth and so do others now. Get over yourself-its bad business not "crushed, scorned fans"

Mariea said...

True, anyone can post there. But, this is not about that. I am sure there are those who "crush" on anyone, but I did not get the feeling this was the case with this woman. I did not feel she is on a hate crusade as she has stayed firm and focused on one issue (and as a compliment to most others on here also - they have too)

Again, people feel for him or anyone having an illness - but, this is not about that and he continues to hold this events.

Sadly, perhaps he feels this is his only real source of consistent income, but there is always his many book deals.


Anonymous said...

everyone who has ever followed PRS KNOWS Ryan and Serge are together so why would Susan want anything to do with either of them? so thats a lie, "scorned fan" please get over your self Ryan and serge!

Anonymous said...

Ryan is the scorned little bitch!

Anonymous said...

Susan Grace raised a complaint about a problem she experienced with PRS. She started with emailing them and messaging them with readily available contact information for the organization and staff. When she was ignored, banned and blocked, she did what any other person would do who is owed money and began looking for other information on the organization. In the process, she uncovered things that were questionable, and she followed her conscience in sharing this information with others, so that people could make an informed choice about their involvement with the organization. PRS now tries to discredit her and dismisses her concerns by resorting to the she’s-obsessed-with-Ryan argument that we all know so well… Dear Ryan: The people you claim are “stalking” you are looking for you, because they are owed money from you. Any self-respecting person who is owed hundreds or thousands of dollars is going to go after it.

PRS gives another silly argument: that by posting her report in a neutral location where both sides can equally participate in the debate, Susan’s report has no legitimacy. Ryan, on the other hand, only posts his comments where he knows he’ll have bias support for his opinions, and he can – and does - delete and ban posters that disagree with him. Dear Ryan: that is exactly what makes Susan’s report so credible. Unfortunately, however, PRS has noticeably failed to show up to the debate. The only commenters who express support for PRS are those who have no first-hand, personal knowledge of PRS’ recordkeeping, who is owed a refund and why it has not been paid.

Another disgruntled person said...

Yes and now Ryan is threatening Susan with a lawsuit and other persons who dare to publish there experiences or her blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now Sci Faked is getting threatened, too. Gee, with all these threats of lawsuits, PRS must have a lot of expendable income laying around to pay all those attorneys fees ... I wonder why they don't just use that money to pay the refunds that are owed and be done with it...

Anonymous said...

These threats that Ryan and Serge are making are simply scare tactics that they use in order to deter people from speaking the truth. People also call these sorts of tactics bullying. Unfortunately, people do fall for it because the word "lawsuit" does scare. But if you were a victim of Ryan Buell, Sergey Poberezhny and the PRS then please do not continue to be one. Let’s all stand up and raise our voices together so that these bullies can be stopped once and for all.

Mariea said...

Oh, I had to laugh when I read Ryan is posting he will sue people for posting any commnts (or something to that effect)...hahahahaha! C ' m o n! Really?

Please someone copy and paste, so I can have another laugh!

Anonymous said...

As a former supporter and Field Trip attendee to five field trips in a row plus an attendee to two other PRS events I can honestly say that I know PRS very well and know all too well of their unprofessionalism.
I understood that the members of PRS was not as professional as some in their fields but I did and still do believe in Paranormal Research so I didn’t have a problem supporting this Society. Because of this I gave PRS chances to rectify their unprofessionalism which is why I went to more than one FT. However, I soon realized their professionalism was getting worse not better.
One instance of this was in New Orleans during FT11. Ryan and Serge’s alcohol consumption was staggering. They were accepting drinks from both men and woman for hours at a bar on the Saturday night we were in the city. Needless to say this trip was not at all about the paranormal but instead about spirits of a different kind. First of all it is unprofessional to accept drinks secondly to do so when you are on the clock is absolutely unacceptable.
A lot of my other experiences echo those that have spoken already. For instance, Ryan and Serge showed up late to events such as FT9 in West Virginia where they missed the entire first day. The crew didn’t have any answers as to why they were late or where they were. As a result the attendees were left in the extremely hot West Virginia heat to wait for instructions. Those instructions never came until later that evening.
Another example of their lack of organization and unprofessionalism came during FT10 in Charleston, SC back in Nov. 2010. The city itself was great but once again the organization was kaotic at best. I had purchased a VIP ticket for this event simply because it was indicated that a dinner cruise would be included. This was something that, above everything else, I was looking forward too. But much to my disappointment, this dinner cruise was canceled by PRS just an hour or so before the dinner was scheduled. Instead we all gathered at a local pub for dinner. No apologies were given or any effort to rectify this very big error.
Ryan also did not show up to the Reynolds Mansion Lockdown in May 2011. This was another instance that no explanation was given and no apologies made.
Fortunately I stopped attending these events before it got as bad as it has in recent months. But because of how things have progressed I hope for everyone’s sake that our experiences can save other’s from being victimized.
And just let it be known to the author of the comment above this one I do not know Susan Warren nor have I ever met “Crazy Kirby” so tell me, what does that say? Please for the future, those of you who want to attack Susan Warren and others please get your facts straight first!
PRS did not willingly give Susan’s daughter her money back. Carol received her refund by involving a third party and doing what is called a credit card charge back…look it up if you don’t know what that is.
And just so that you know, I am my mother’s 29 year old child. And you better believe if anything like this happened to me then my momma would seek justice as well. It’s called being a good mother who protects her child!!! Way to go Susan!!! You have all of our support!!!

Scifake said...


It seems Susan Grace is under attack at the Paranormal State Forums with Ryan & Serge(possible forum name "White Russian"?) leading the way, folks this is what happens when a cult forms and anyone dare question the self- appointed pompous ass in charge.

Reading through the thread I could not help but notice the die-hard fans who yip at Ryan's feet begging for any acknowledgement and agreeing with whatever he says. The funny (and pitiful) thing is he and the others just talk right over them as if they were ignoring a petulant child..

The ripoff report comments Pro- PRS almost match word for word the forum thread, not hard to figure out who wrote what, I think they swim in very shallow gene pools. but just in case they shut it down we took screenshots. ;)

Posted below..btw Chip Coffee has a bigger bitch posse than Ryan I counted maybe 4 die hard fans supporting him at his own place! in fact I think they are so small and broke that this is a sideshow for the very few remaining fans..
*ques debbie-downer theme*

eyeontheparanormal said...

new comments from the report

Reading this has made me want to respond. I too have had my problems with PRS, not getting items I wanted after sending in the money. I wrote to Sergy himself wanting to know where my items were, and never received a response.

I am not made of money, and want a refund. If I do not get the merchandise promised, then that is what I deserve. I am sorry, but that is the way of business. The above poster is just part of a PRS Facebook that had the individual Betsy Craig post on and inform them all to come here and I quote:

"Time to stand up and protect PRS, The Bureau and everything Ryan and Sergey
have done and are doing for us. Please read this -- if you can make it
through the hatred -- and leave the strongest respectful rebuttal you
can. It's our turn to "give back". "

This was her exact posting and it has caused numerous members who "worship" Ryan Buell and PRS to come here and in their anger to send rebuttals just because they feel upset.

I am here because I want the world to know this is happening, people are being told to come here and defend PRS. I have nothing to give back to them, they have done nothing for me except take my money and continue to ask for more. I regret I was roped into this group of zombies and people who now act like cult members who are trying to protect their leader.

I just want my money back, and want the world to know what is going on. PRS has never bent over backward to do anything unless you send them payment for something. This is a scam pure and simple and I refuse to be deceived any longer.

Respond to this report!

eyeontheparanormal said...

Their radio host and new event chick, Alex (I think she also answers FB messages and tweets and whatever), has said to people that Ryan spends the money from PRS on drugs, and maybe even his own cancer treatments (I don't think you can do that). That would explain why the checks keep bouncing!!! And yeah, of course he would deny it and people and fangirls are going to attack, but if you don't know for a solid fact that this is not true, then just stop before you start. If Alex is lying about it to everyone, then she's nuts. If she's not, then only her and Ryan will know for sure. And PRS should think before they hire crazy chicks who can't keep teir big mouths shut about Ryan and Sergys sex life or how much sexy emails they have, or how much crack Ryan smokes. They even hire (well, their not paid) crazy people to be secret "volunteers" and spy on their fans. They have like secret FB groups where they all get together and talk about who is crazy and who should be blocked. And everyone in there is probably nuts to do things like that! What kind of professional business does stuff like that?! Ryan will ask people to do like "investigations" on other people, to find dirt on them. This is not a professional business owner, he is a psycho on drugs who never grew up and has too much money.

Oh and as for the retreat-- I heard people werent fed till like 10 at night and everyone just ordered pizza. LOL!!! I also heard someone got sick because the pork chops weren't cooked all the way through. They could get in big trouble for serving food like that! My dad said you haveto have special insurance for when people get sick.

Anonymous said...

Other reports are being made:

First of all let me state I used to be a huge fan of PRS and Ryan Buell. I took one webinar that was very good and then signed up for another "Demonology" which as yet to be finished over a year later, with LOTS of promises to do so. Not to mention another webinar "I am Six" in which were promised interviews with the family and also that recordings would be posted if we had missed a night of class. This also has never been done. Also I can't tell you how many times we have been left wondering if we have class tonight only to be informed at the very last minute and late I might add.that class is cancelled or whatever. This should have been an indication to me that we aren't important except for our $$. I can live with that but what I can't live with any longer is being ignored about a refund of $600 owed to myself and friend for a "FT 15" that NEVER happened......

Anonymous said...

......In July of 2012 we signed up to attend a field trip put on by PRS in Orlando in September. We opted for a regular ticket making 3 payments for a total of $308 each. These payments were made via Eventbrite and Paypal. The original location for the event was to be the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, we opted to not stay there due to the expense of the rooms, but prepaid for our hotel closeby. We were given a tentative schedule with all these wonderful things planned and were very excited about our trip. The day before the event while we were picking up our rental car we rec'd an email from Sergey stating Ryan was ill and the event was postponed but if we wanted a refund please allow him till the end of the week to give us the information on how to go about it. Being our hotel was paid for already and the car we went ahead and went to Orlando. This incurred way more expenses as we had to pay for more things to do because the event was not happening. Also let me mention that 2 weeks before the event they changed the location from the Hard rock to another hotel which didnt effect us but many other's had booked and paid the deposit on their rooms there.

When we returned from our trip I emailed PRS asking about refund and what we need to do. On September 26th I received the following:

"We have received your request for a refund for 2 Standard tickets. We are sorry to hear that we were not able to meet your satisfaction. PRS will do its best to make it up to you. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for your request to be processed. Due to recent high volume of requests, the processing time will take longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience. You also have the option of requesting a credit towards a future PRS event or webinar. Sincerely,PRS"

I wrote them back and politely told them that we did not wish to attend another events and please refund our $$. Heard absolutely nothing back and when emailed only received automated responses. After about a month or so and feeling I had been more than patient with the situation I contacted Paypal who of course did nothing and then Eventbrite and was told they could do nothing.

Finally on November 25th almost 3 months after the first email I got this:

"As we stated before...We understand that some of you may insist on asking for refunds before the new outline for the postponed event is announced. Unfortunately with the sunk cost for the event, the uncertain count of how many refunds we are to expect and other expenses we are not able to issue to refunds to everyone right away. If you had already emailed us requesting a refund, you do not have to email us again. You are on the list as one who has requested a refund.
Thank you,

I had NEVER been told this information and sunk cost for what? They did nothing? We do not want to attend the event, we don't have the $$ not the desire! Then just like another person who has complained on here I too was banished from facebook pages and attacked for posting questions or comments about refunds. Even told that me wanting the $$ back in time for Christmas was unreasonable.

This is the most unprofessionally run organization i have ever had contact with. They have no concern and have proved that via their lack of consideration and communication. I am sorry if Ryan is sick but that should not be affecting our getting refunds. What really pisses me off is that before they have taken care of this they move onto advertising other events and their precious "Bureau"

I might never get my money back however now that I have an address I will be filing a formal complaint with someone that might be able to help. I just want it known and i'm sure all the PRS worshippers will try and respond to this...what kind of rip off organization this is. Sorry I don't worship at the altar of St. Buell!

Anonymous said...

Another comment:

I paid over $50 for the "I am six" webinars. The details that were provided stated that the family involved would be taking part in it to help understand more completely what has happened to them. To my surprise, forum members were told by a family member who posted quite often that PRS neither asked them to participate or asked their permission. I was horrified that they would further victimize this family.

The webinar was postponed several times over at least a 3 month period. We had also been promised access to the recorded event in case we were unable to attend the actual date after so many date changes. I was unable to attend and could not access or find said webinar.

In addition, we were given another webinar to be hosted by Ryan Buell that was in fact hosted by Sergey poberezhny. It ended up being an hour or so of bs with chatting about random useless blather.

That is not what I paid for. In addition, since I was owed a partial refund for the disaster of the Salem field trip, I was told by the very short term employee, Luke, that it would be free for me and not to worry about it. He would take care of my refund. Luke suddenly stopped answering emails, as did all PRS officers. Then suddenly they stated that he had left them for a better job. I can only surmise that he either was not paid, like other former employees (that Ryan personally told me were "disgruntled") or he realized what type of organization he worked for. That means I am also short $50 and never got what was promised. Again.

Anonymous said...

And another:

I was also in the Demonology class that was never finished. The classes were postponed time and time again. At the time we were all concerned for his health, and actually suggested for him to take some time off in order to get better. He seemed to appreciate the suggestions, and took us up on our offer. That was over a year ago, and we still have not resumed class. Ryan is doing much better, so why haven't the classes resumed?

A few months back he sent out an email stating that Father Bob and Michelle Belanger was going to finish teaching the course for his students. Hallelujah the classes were going to continue, or so we thought. When a close friend asked Father Bob when the class was going to resume, he was unaware of the situation nor had spoken to Ryan about it. Now I am pretty sure that Father Bob did not lie about this.

Other classes have come and gone, yet the Demonology class is still pending. Others might think it is ok to allow empty promises to continue, but I think too highly of myself to not continue to hand over my money to someone who just doesn't seem to give a damn. I'm done.

Mariea said...

Bottom line is if he is sick - he needs to attend to himself and drop this business. This is not me being insensitive or harsh. This is what people have to do in life ALL the time and yes your lifestyle has to change - meaning you have to live in a less expensive place, drive a less expensive car, etc.
If...if what is claimed here to be true than he needs to move on and do something else or do it on a much smaller scale in which he can manage. That is life and what would be expected of anyone in any profession.
I am sure some out there would state - "Oh, but it's his calling!" "He has helped so many." What in the world is he doing that either someone else can't do or hasn't done or won't do? I suppose some like the personal attention or the idea of being part of the "family," c'mon it's a business. Look at it this way - he's not going to continue having YOU at his field trips if you don't pay him. He may offer you charity once or twice knowing he will get more from you in the future!
If you like the group and all that they do - fine. But, most people want what they pay for.
I think what you are also seeing in all of this is what the real reality is - this guy can really sell something! He knows how to inflate things! If what was said in a previous post was true - why would a person/group who is doing great need to be doing the company's finances??? Why is he saying on his forum that group members signed confidentiality clauses??? What would you be doing at these meetings/field trips that I can't tell someone else about? Look, I've seen the pictures and odd comments that he makes on Facebook and Twitter as well as the apologies for various things and I have NEVER been a part of his organization or on a field trip. Many times I said, "Hmmmmmmm, looks like something is always going wrong on these trips and it's someone else's fault. Odd, why wouldn't he look into that before-hand. Wow, he looks drunk in that picture - he's working on these trips- you would think he wouldn't highlight his drinking on these trips on Facebook and twitter." So, people already had a hint of what's going on.

Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors as typed this way too fast on a work break :)


Mariea said...

Just read on the PRS forum that Ryan feels Susan has posted information about him that may put him at risk and he/they have to protect themselves.....LOL...LOL....LOL
C' m'o'n! Why and how would a person who is not a member of your gorup know any personal information about you to expose in the first place??? Oh, oh, oh, perhaps this was mentioned on the forum so he could get people to "solder on" and feel the need to protect him, and cry, and create a sub group to battle this horrible, horrible woman. Really?
If...if it is true that his address is the one that is used for the location of "the business" then that was lame on his part for not at least getting a P.O boxlike other businesses do when necessary. If it is listed as such than it is public information.
If Mr. Buell is able and willing to comment on-line about such things....hmmmm, then he is well enough and capable enough to answer to these things on a higher level in a court of law if it goes to that level.
If all that has been presented is true, again, perhaps he should do something on a much smaller scale.


eyeontheparanormal said...

more great posts from the report

I tried to take one class, and it never got off the ground when it was supposed to. I also attempted to view the supposed taped videos of the few classes that were held and never could find them.

Do not be surprised if the Demonology class never resumes. I have a friend who tells me what is happening on that cultist secret FB site of theirs because I never had the stomach to join. It was all in all too weird for me in the first place.

She informed me that Sergey said another class had been cancelled for last night, some para lab meeting class. Surprise surprise. Yet something else cancelled, and what timing. Have they no shame?
She also mentioned that Betsy Craig has removed her post I mentioned in my rebuttal in here. Not sure why except her fellow cult zombies told her to? This is the only thing I can guess.

Again I do not belong the "secret PRS FB" and never have. I am very proud to say this. It has always struck me as creepy when my pal talked about it and all they discussed there, totally like zombie cult members. Sick and people who have no lives of their own.

Pathetic how they are letting two people who appeared on some petty television show run their lives now, but when you have little to no self worth, and want to get validation for your weird beliefs, you will huddle with others like yourself. They are to be pitied, but they are not to stop the rest of us from trying to get our money back,

eyeontheparanormal said...

A couple of comments that I want to make:

FIRST, it has been repeatedly stated that if you had a good time at a PRS event and are happy with the organization, that is wonderful. No one is denying that you are happy. But you are trying to use your satisfaction with your own experience to argue that people who are rightfully owed refunds should not have them. If you don’t immediately see why this is not helpful, consider that what you are saying is essentially the same as: If I buy a ticket for a Madonna concert that is canceled the day before the event, I should not be refunded because other people like Madonna. I hope you see why that is utterly nonsensical.

Holly, you wonder why some people don’t want to post their names. That would be because in my own experience and in other people’s, certain PRS community members can become so overly zealous in “protecting” and “defending” PRS that things can quickly escalate to the point it legitimately creates true cyber-bullying and safety issues. I believe we are seeing some of that now.


“Fact: Susan Warren has never been owed anything by PRS. She has no legitimate reason to be upset at PRS.” Fact: Anyone can report crime, whether it be the victim or a witness, so your point is sort of lost on me. Regardless, she has legitimate cause to be upset because someone she cares about was caused a great deal of headache by the actions and inactions of the organization.

“Fact: Her daughter, Carol, is over thirty years old. She is not a helpless girl. In fact, she received back all of her money that she spent for the field trip ticket.” Facts: (1) Ryan is over 30 years old, and he sends in – not one person – but multiple supporters to advocate for him. He confers with his legal counsel to advise and advocate for him... By your own logic, we are to conclude that Ryan is helpless because people help him. (2) Carol received her money back, but she and her mother still had an overall negative experience, and they are allowed to say so. Additionally, others are still owed money in various forms for various reasons, so her post opens up a much needed discussion on this topic.

“Fact: Kirby Robinson is only involved in this matter because he has his own quack theories about the bible and paranormal investigations …” Fact: This discussion is open in a public platform, and it is open for any member of the public to participate in, regardless of how much you personally disagree with their theories on unrelated matters.

“Fact: Susan Warren is on a vendetta that makes no sense.” This is not a fact; it is your opinion… and it makes no sense. If I witness questionable conduct, I speak up about it, not because it’s vindictive, but because it is socially responsible.

THIRD, the issue of alcohol and drug use has been raised. I will point out that Ryan states rather plainly on his radio podcast show that he has struggled with an addiction to prescription pain medicine. As of late, whenever this is mentioned, he denies this struggle, but it’s still on a recorded interview that he said that it has been a problem for him. His half-brother, who has organized events on an internship basis, has drug possession charges on his criminal record, and his website administrator has DUI charges on hers, the most recent of which is currently scheduled for a criminal pre-trial on January 24th.

Normally, I would say it's irrelevent to this discussion and that I don’t have a problem with having a few drinks during a business dinner or what is really a social event for field trip/retreat attendees. But when attendees tell me that they are being driven during an event by a PRS staff member they describe to me as “stoned and drunk”, or they are forced to leave an event because the only place for them to sleep is in a common room with strangers who are visibly intoxicated, it does become a point of concern relevant to the issuance of refunds. No one should be denied a refund because they put their safety first and chose to leave a precarious situation

Mariea said...

Yes, he did admit to prescription drug addiction in a live/taped interview on-line I believe with his friend, Chris Edwards. However, I am aware that he did suffer with back pain and perhaps in the beginning stages of his cancer he experienced more pain and just really thought his back pain was getting worse. I can see how this could happen to him (or anyone)So, he just took more medicine.
But, I always thought all the partying and drinking on these trips seemed unprofessional and give people the idea to be intrusive because after all you are partying with them. Also, alcohol makes you quite loose - who knows what "cat-he-let-out-of-the-bag."
***If he is blaming Susan for letting everyone know that he and Sergy were a couple, well, I think that was already understood by many who were near him. Despite his charming comments towards fans and celebrities - he has been with Sergy for quite awhile.

In regard to members on the PRS forum calling everyone to give back - what have they given you that you have not paid for or get somewhere else???

Again, if you are okay with your experience - so be it. Nobody is calling for you to change your memory. But, these people have experienced something different and had no need for a "family." They really thought they were getting what they paid for.


Anonymous said...

I was involved with PRS' General Membership from 2010-2011. During this time I witnessed lies and bullying and unprofessional behavior to an incredible degree. I watched a smear campaign unfold aimed at destroying a friend's life. I read horrific Facebook posts that were aimed at completely crushing others. I saw a friend lose her job based on manufactured complaints. I can only say here that what goes around comes around. While I am saddened by the cancer diagnosis it in no way excuses what can only be described as truly evil behavior done with full intent to harm others. Worse, whatever evil surrounds PRS rubs off on those around them. I have hesitated to say anything about my experiences with PRS, but am glad now to have the opportunity to do so.
Keep up the good work Kirby.

Anonymous said...

I previously wrote about how I felt PRS had become a pyramid scheme. Even though Ryan Buell and the other PRS members are well aware of this page and these issues as proved by their comments about this on their private forum, I see that no one from PRS has responded here.

There is no accountability by Ryan or anyone else. The refunds that may happen because the police are now looking into it will be paid out of ticket sales for FUTURE events. Events that may not even occur or may be different from what is advertised.

A pyramid schemes continues to work as long as the organization has enough income coming in to pay off bad debts. In this case in recent days, Ryan/PRS changed their mind about never hosting another field trip again because since the scope of their bad debts was made public they needed the level of money that only a larger FT (field trip) can provide. They also have a upcoming "camp" for March that others have spoken about. These events were likely planned to attempt to raise funds to pay off the outstanding refunds to keep the police and others at bay.

Anonymous said...

If you purchase tickets NOW for a field trip in May (and maybe for the Camp in March), you won't be able to get a refund from Paypal or your credit company as it would be outside of the normal 45-60 day window that you are able to file a claim.

That means, even if you are the biggest PRS supporter ever going to the May FT, I would purchase my tickets no earlier than 45 days from the event date. I would also not book any PRS events or classes with Paypal as it doesn't offer the same level of consumer protection.

Anonymous said...

Purchasing tickets earlier than 45 days out, is a serious risk given PRS' past issues with canceling, and altering events. Flights (if needed) will likely not increase enough to warrant the addition risk of purchasing a ticket earlier. If you are local to the even or will be driving, I would wait even closer--perhaps 2 weeks out, to make sure you have a clearer view of what the event will be.

I would also require that the event payment page states who from PRS will be attending the event. That way if you are expecting Ryan Buell and he fails to show up, you have rights to receive a refund. Ryan failed to show up during at least one even well before he was sick but no refunds were issued. Other events have had promised PRS cast members not show up even when they were included in brochure photos for that event.

Also, I would ask in advance what their policy is when promised events are adjusted or canceled. PRS FTs have a VERY long history of advertising one thing and delivering another.

You should also make sure you know exactly what meals and/or lodging is included with the ticket price. Past events have promised meals that attendees were forced to pay for. Salem's EE dinner being one example. More recently items that were covered in past FTs have been not included in the ticket price without warning.

If prints or other keepsakes are promised, what is their policy when they are not delivered? I personally have many prints and other bonus items that were promised as part of the ticket price but never delivered. That has become very common with PRS events. I would like to see a 10% automatic refund if such items are not delivered by an agreed to date.

If they cancel events/classes, even as a supporter, you should ask and receive a refund not a credit. Why? Because you have no legal rights in case a credit is unable to be used. If you purchased a ticket for FT 15, but want to go to future events, I would still request a refund now. Then if you later (within 45 days of the new event) purchase a ticket, you have more legal rights (including being able to do a credit card charge back).

I repeat, there is no reason to pre-purchase tickets past 45 days out. None of the PRS FTs have sold out since mid 2010. PRS may claim there is limited tickets but not even the EE/VIP tickets normally sell out.

Anonymous said...

If they claim they can't plan an FT without a certain number of tickets sold, that too is wrong. Any events should be able to be planned and deposits placed by using existing funds. Selling tickets to raise funds for something you can't deliver without XX tickets sold is fraud. They must be willing and able to run the event even if just one ticket sells. That is the risk they take when putting on such an event.

PLEASE take a moment to consider this advice and warn others (not to scare anyone, but to be smart when booking any such events).

-- No purchases past 45 days out (with air travel)
-- No purchases past 14 days out (if you are driving)
-- No purchases paid using Paypal
-- Promises of certain talent being present (if you want to make sure the event includes someone)
-- Promises of exact events, policy if altered or canceled.
-- Promises of included meals and/or lodging, policy if altered or canceled.
-- Promises of included prints, bracelets, etc., policy if altered or canceled.
-- Event hosts should never require a certain amount of tickets sold by a certain date.

Get it in writing before purchasing a ticket. If they are not willing to be clear about what you will get and when, stay away until they will be upfront and share their policies about changes.

OmaW said...

Earlier this morning, I noticed that there were old reruns from the PRS/A&E television show playing. I watched a couple of the shows when I remembered that Ryan was sick and then did a search to find out what was going on with PRS/Ryan today...that is how I stumbled upon the information that Ryan had been arrested on Fraud charges and this blog! (Yes, I know I am late to the party..but this news is still important to a former fans of the A&E show)

Now after reading the comments on this blog, I am so weirded out that so many people have complaints about refunds and the comments toward these people from the hard supporters of PRS/Ryan. It's just crazy how some people do not even recognize the simple fact that people are due refunds from canceled shows/lack of merchandise/etc. It should not be this difficult to refund money unless the money is being used to support someone else lifestyle and drug habits.

So Thank you to all who left their comments here and that it caught someone like me up on the situation they have been facing for all these years.

I am glad to know what has happened to PRS/Ryan. I am not glad to see so many people that were ripped off by PRS/Ryan. This would be the second organization that rips people off stealing their money for services/merchandise not received!