Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cleansings—Personal Deliverance Ministry Standards of Conduct

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Ministry Consultant, Central New York

When you open your door to have a Priest/Pastor/Demonologist/Deliverance Ministry representative come in to your home you want to make sure they are authentic and you might want to question them to make sure they are right with God and you do not have a Para-Celeb showing up just going through the motions. Much damage can occur because of improper behavior or not being a good representation for God. Since they will be coming to get some background info on yourselves, you should consider the following to make sure your bringing in the right team for the job.

Is this just your typical local ghost investigation team with all kinds of equipment and want to be in your home throughout the night asking, “Is there anyone here tonight?” and will leave you and get back with you in a matter of days or weeks? “DANGER Will Robinson!” You want someone there NOW, to help you through this uncertain time. Will these people maintain strict confidentiality? After all, they will be roaming your home and see things in your home you may not want anyone else to know.

You are granting them permission to come into your home; do you want them to conduct this interview/investigation at night or during the day? Nighttime is Satan’s playtime. In addition, the risk of injury or damage to your personal property can and will happen. BTW since the Demonic are master of disguise’s, they might want to play or most likely sit back and just watch the team and make noises that only the equipment can hear. However, when the team leaves, any demonic presence can and will escalate. Are they leaving your residence and never prayed before, during, and afterwards with you? Was anyone with this team really concerned for you and your family’s well-being and ended the night with some sort of plan for resolution?

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when you open the idea of investigators coming to your home. Signing a consent form, confidentiality agreement and a Deliverance Background questionnaire is agreeable with me. Nevertheless, more than the paperwork, I would bring my Bible. I would want to talk with you and pray that the Holy Spirit reveal to you any Strongholds (Legal Right) the demonic has over you. Anybody can do a cleansing, but only you can come clean with the sins in your life, ask God for forgiveness, and repent. Sure Satan’s demonic prowess will still tempt you but use the power of God to bind them and cast them out of your life. We will talk next time about strongholds (legal rights) regarding specific sins.

I leave this with you to seek the Lord’s forgiveness and wisdom. Pray every morning to start your day and evening to end your day. Our country needs help and with the elections coming up, pray that the United States of America Blesses God!