Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Issue 81 Ghost Adventures & the Galka Case, Part 3

 By Kirby Robinson

Gary Galka begins talking about "after death communication" as though it's a proven fact. This isn't the case at all. What he states as being regular events are not regular at all. [Zak and his team fail to bring up the issue that it might be the family's collective conscious guilt for removing the child from life support.] All this is probably responsible for the events within the home. If it's a case of demonic activity, the demon would want to get their attention quickly.

Two notes:

- Cynthia, the mother, states that on holidays and when good things happen, the daughter shows up. However, the mother doesn't say anything about the spirit appearing during bad/troubled times.

- The parents state that once a ball of energy shows up in the house and they claim it was their daughter. Why manifest as a ball of energy and not Melissa? Also, note that neither parent uses the term soul or spirit.

The staged shots that show her watching the home are very interesting as this is how a demon lurks by standing outside the home watching it and all things around it. It's like it's guarding its prey.

Gary shares an EVP, collected by a device that he builds and sells. Zak mentions this to the audience. Is that done in hopes that grieving parents will run out and buy it?

"Hello Daddy, I love you!" is the alleged EVP. Yet no one has proven that the ghost box, no matter what form, even works. Personally, we tested one of the early Frank's Box models [back in 2008] that Chris Moon had. Chris claimed that only 25 people in the world could operate one. After a week of 24/7 testing, we got nothing from our repeated questions and answers. In one case a demon did speak to me through one, but since then, having encounters with the same demon, have gotten nothing through it. Further proof would be if experts outside of the paranormal field matched up the EVP voice to her voice. [Notice how hard Zak tries to sell her voice on the EVP].

Cynthia has an encounter with her daughter while in her car. The radio went out and when she got it to play again, Melissa's favorite song came on. Since the song was very popular to begin with, performed by one of the top country acts, how is this paranormal? It's called coincidence. [If the song came from the 1940s, performed by an unknown/little known act, then that might be something]. A troubling thing happens when she claims she reaches out to the demon and asks it to hold her hand. That is a direct invitation for the demon to come in.

We are shown a fake image of the child watching Zak and her mom at the memorial…always watching. Why? Because that's how a demon monitors situations. Also, note the phrase on the memorial contradicts Christian teaching. It says we only have today and not forever. This is false.

We are told during a scene with Zak and his team in a van, that Gary has never seen her since passing over. This would be one of the seductions by the demon towards Gary, as his ultimate goal is to see and hold his daughter. This will happen at some point. Alas, it won't be his daughter he holds, but a demon.

The show then takes us to the factory owned and operated by Gary. This appears to be a commercial for his business.

A scene more than likely a continuation of the earlier scene, shows Zak and his team being called by Gary about one more EVP. The demon is eager to show itself. The EVP consists of "Hello." Is that all the demon is capable of saying? Now back up to the first EVP. Does that sound like the same voice? Gary says she is fully aware of what is taking place, which would be true. The demon is about to give us a show and further seduce the family, slowly dragging all the Galkas' to hell.

Zak tells us that this is going to change the face of the paranormal change how we view death and the passing of our loved ones it is called a “hard sell’ the only thing it changes at least for the ones that know gods law that the demon is trying to convince others to buy into the lies of Gary and Zak.

Zak shows the viewers a major failure when it comes to spiritual warfare and a very useful tool to call into question all his claims of confronting the demonic. We see the church service in which Zak is blessed for full protection. This is a mistake, as everyone in that house should have had it done.  He did not show us the signs that this service was legitimate. [Much like Paranormal State's "I Am Six" case that featured Ryan Buell entering a State of Grace in a matter of minutes, the same is true here. Putting on the full Armor of God is not done in one service and requires several steps that EVERYONE on the team and in the family must do]. All that happens here is giving a false legitimacy to the investigation. The demon[s] have the family's full blessing for being in the house.

What follows next is a complete copy of the fakery of Paranormal State. We see the crew setting up equipment [that doesn't do what the viewer is told it does], and we then have power going off on some of the things that have been set up.

Suddenly the batteries on Zak's team's equipment begin to fail. Will it be labeled as battery failure? Nope, never on a paranormal reality show. Melissa is doing this, says Gary, who claims he has been asking Melissa to do this all day.

- This would be great proof if Gary had told the team he was doing this. Yet it's only said after the battery failed. [Note the lack of expression on everyone's faces – this was this a setup].

- If we go with the demonic explanation, this would be a wonderful tool to further allow the demons into Gary's life, and the lives of others affiliated with this episode.

The EVP of "he is my friend" isn't nearly as clear as the two earlier ones. [Those who weren't primed to hear "he is my friend" couldn't agree on what the voice said]. Note the sister is sitting there and is seen texting while everyone else is so excited.

There is a series of EVP's of what we are told is singing and whistling but no one wants to attribute it to Melissa. So who is singing and whistling?

- One of the things I've often encountered when dealing with demons in a home environment, especially since all the deceptive stories and claims concerning EVP's, is that the demon will do this as a way to seduce people. "How can a spirit that is singing or whistling possess any kind of threat?"

- It's also possible that they might have picked up on the presence of angels in the home. It doesn't matter if Gary and family are saved or not, angels will battle demons anyplace they encounter them. Notice that once the voice returns, does it say love mom or dad? No it says ‘"they are gone." Those not primed to hear this claim the voice is saying "Dear God."

- We should also note that the voice doesn't say love mom or mention names of other family members. It's all about relating to Gary.

They never test the spirit and ask it about who is Jesus Christ? What about heaven or hell? They never give it the simplest test of writing down a number on a piece of paper and asking for a correct answer.

In addition, the mother doesn't seem all that thrilled. Is she doing this because she has to? Or is she doing this because she wants to?

Next week we'll finish the Galka Case and take a look at Gary's appearance on David Schrader's show where the deceptions continued to escalate. Part 4 of the Galka case.

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