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Issue 79 Ghost Adventures Goes 'Paranormal State' in a Bad Way

By Kirby Robinson

Have Ghost Adventures Become God's Messengers in Their Minds?

It finally had to happen but it's now time that the EYE expose the fakery of Zak, the Ghost Adventures crew and their sponsors.

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Ghost Adventures Goes 'Paranormal State' in a Bad Way

We at the EYE have never followed Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures very closely, mostly because few people really take the show seriously. Take a close look at it – it's all just scenery. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin have great personalities; they're athletic looking young men, and are attractive to the ladies. But what is the show really about but a bunch of people locked down [not really they leave the set during filming for breaks]. They scream and run around in the dark and allegedly get themselves in dangerous situations. [Not really, our on-set source tells us these are staged]. They claim to deal with demons [which they don't].

Now they've crossed the line into Paranormal State territory, and they did it in a very bad way. Sure, they take part in the same lies and deceptions as PRS and that includes staged and faked scenes, false information about demonic activity, and running around with a bunch of useless equipment. But they also do a disservice to the viewer as they begin to TELL the viewer that they are authorities on life after death and what that state is.

What they offer is just milquetoast new age crap loaded with lots of sugar to get the audience to swallow it. They don't end their deceptions with their show as they turn to other paranormal entertainment industry outlets. [We'll deal with them in a later segment of this blog series]. But the worst thing of all is that they take part in a deception that if a person falls for it, may lead that person into demonic bondage.

It saddens me that just about everyone in the paranormal entertainment industry is in it for a buck. Most of them know they are fake, and only a few really allow themselves to be totally delusional about what they do. In fact, the field has become so tainted that they're willing to allow convicted child molesters to work alongside them. Making the next car/house payment trumps that. In the end, they'll face a final judge that won't be impressed by the number of shows they were on, or what their ratings were, or the level a book reached on the bestseller list. The only thing that judge will be impressed with is did they glorify God? Did they teach a path that if followed would lead a person from God to the grasp of a demon? And this is where the problem lies--the Ghost Adventures went to the dark side with the Galka case.

So slippery are their deceptions and trickery that it will take a few blogs to expose them…and expose them we will.

Let me clarify my position on life after death. I'm a Christian and my views on the matter of ghosts have changed recently, after much research and prayer. When a person dies, they go to heaven or hell. If you encounter something that goes bump in the night it's not Casper the friendly ghost but a demon. There is nothing in the teachings of Christ that says ghosts are real. Many new agers try their best to distort Biblical passages, but to reiterate, ghosts aren't real, if you follow the teachings of Christ.

The episode features the Galka family, who lost their teenage daughter, Melissa, to a tragic auto accident. Four days afterwards, they removed her from life support.

The producers of Ghost Adventures and the team know they have a very emotional episode on their hands. They know the audience will get involved in the loss of a pretty, intelligent, talented, and vivacious girl. It's terrible and hits close to home--any parent fears that they might lose their child.

Now here is the twist and it's dandy. The child's dad just happens to build devices that can be used to pick up the presence of a ghost and to talk to them. [Neither of these two things have ever been proven to be real ghosts or the ability to pick up their voices EVP's]. Sure go to the conferences, watch the shows, buy or rent the DVD's, but show the public hard scientific evidence that they exist. I have seen attempts, but once you really start to dig into the reports it always traces itself back to people who have a vested interest in the subject.

Gary Galka owns DAS Distribution, Inc. "DAS Distribution Inc. has been a leading supplier of Precision Non-Contact/Contact Measurement Products, Data Acquisition Systems, Automation Sensors and Test & Inspection Equipment for over 20 Years. Industries served include Wire, Optical Fiber, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive Industries and many more." They also build and sell devices such as the Mel-Meter and the SB7 Spirit Box that allegedly detect the presence of ghosts.

Zak makes much of this fact in the episode, repeating that Gary builds the devices and Ghost Adventures uses them. What does this prove? Nothing. It's simply a way to trick the audience into thinking that if Zak uses them they've got to really pick up ghostly activity. In reality who has proven these things pick up the presence of ghosts? Yes, they pick up something--but is it a ghost? It would have been far more legitimate to mention ONCE that Gary builds them, and leave it at that…but they don't.  

The beginning of the episode is taken right from the now cancelled A&E show Paranormal State.  A voiceover of Zak telling the audience what is about to happen. We see the family in different shots grieving over the loss of their daughter. The team shows up and is welcomed into the home.

We see a series of videos and photos of Melissa.

Then we get to the night of September 24,  2004 Gary had a premonition of something not being right. There's a knock on the door and his world was shattered as he learns that she had been driving a car that hit a tree head on. Four days later, they removed her from life support and she died.

We are then shown a deceptive shot of a young girl watching the scene of the accident, [which was staged just for that shot]. Then the girl is seen running through the woods [again staged]. She's running to the home but is that Melissa in the house--or a demon?

Come back next week to get your paranormal world rocked. Galka Case, Part 2

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I was reading your book Paranornormal State Exposed, and I was curious about the author and found your blog. Of course this one interested me as it mentioned PRS. Anyway I just finished reading your section on 'The'The Messenger' in the book, and you really seemed to feel for Kelly (sp)and and Bill the ghost. But then I remembered what i read here of your new position on life. If its true ther are no ghosts, then was Bill a demon and the final count at the end of thag story been demons 2? Would like to here your thoughts on this. My prayers go out to Mr. Buell. Thank you.

Mariea said...

As I have said before I am not as knowledgeable on the topic of the paranormal as some of the bloggers and posters here on this site and it is not a calling of mine to study the paranormal, however, I find this site offers me a variety of information on various perspectives within the field. I am a Christian and have dedicated myself to the Lord since I was 11 yrs. old. However, up until recently I was not sure where I stood on the paranormal. I was taught bits-and-pieces of it in church, however, I think most agree that churches don’t spend an enormous amount of time on the topic and I am not quite sure of the logic behind it. I found Pastor Frisbee’s site very helpful on what the Word of God says about it:
Why can’t people change their mind on it? Why would that make them any less of a person? I disagree with quite a bit of what people write on here, but I still respect their opinion and I still find their information extremely useful. Why? As I tell my students, how are you going to defend your point without being knowledgeable about the other perspectives that may exist on the issue? Quite honestly some of you make such compelling arguments it acquires me to seek out answer to the points that you brought up – and I don’t think that is a bad thing.
Disagreeing with someone’s perspective or actions does not equate with a personal attack on them or implies that you are jealous that they may have made a living off their “actions” that you disagree with. Nor, does it imply that something is lacking in my life or anyone elses for that matter. For most of us - all of these things couldn’t be farther from the truth.
I believe most of these shows are misleading and open many people up to the demonic especially young, impressionable people and I have a problem with that. I personally don’t believe the paranormal should be an industry for people to make money off of. I don’t believe any good can come from anyone constantly communicating (or attempting to communicate) with what they believe is the dead.


Anonymous said...

P.S. All misspellings and grammatical errors are posters fault as she tends to type to fast and not edit as she should. Have a nice day.

mark hunnemann said...

I think a vital indicator of being an honest seeker of truth is the ability to change one's mind. I already had massive respect for you Kirby, but I bow before the Lord in worship that you changed your thinking re trapped spirits/ghosts.With your influence, I am excited about how you will impact many others to re-think Christ's teaching on ghosts...praise God! And tons of respect for you bro...

Rick Rude said...

Didn’t Zak and pals pose for multiple photos inside and out of the Villisca Murder House with axes mocking the killing of children?

Didn't Zak, in accordance with his usual poor taste; dress up like a mortally wounded aircraft carrier deck hand on one of the episodes aboard some naval vessel?

Why is it so shocking that an affiliate of that idiotic, unconscionable Travel Channel show would desecrate the memory of his own daughter to promote some laughably useless ghost busting gadgetry he helped developed and misappropriate?

The simple fact alone that there are morons that proudly display the “Official Ghost Adventures Crew” badge of insipidity alongside the logo of their para-TV team emulating logo (as if this actually increases their credulity) leads one to wonder just how much the intellectual vitality of the community has plummeted and if the damage is irrevocable.

Now we have pervasive shows like “My Ghost Story” where every clueless cow with a 5 MB camera shamelessly tout their dust/insect orbs and breath/smoke ecto photos as irrefutable evidence of ghostly activity and week after agonizing week this goes unchallenged.

Until we start dissecting every one of these dumbed-down shows episode by episode we will continue to see this garbage broadcasted without impunity.

Anonymous said...

The Bible lists/references no ghosts ? So "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy DEMON" then ? by you're logic ?