Monday, September 17, 2012

Bash the Muslims--Go to Jail; Bash the Christians--Get Rewarded

By Kirby Robinson

You can walk any spiritual path you desire, as you have the free will to do so. You can serve the spiritual master you choose, have faith in any eternal reward you wish, and read whatever holy book you want--because that’s your freedom.

What you don't have a right to do is lie to others about what the spiritual path has to say about something. Nor do you have the right to go on the warpath when someone questions your path and the creator of your spiritual path. You have no right to twist the Savior, Our Lord Jesus Christ, into something or someone He is not. When that takes place, the creator of that path isn't getting a message from the GOD above all other GODS. That message is straight from the father of lies, the serpent of old.

Most of you have heard and seen the news out of the Middle East concerning the uprising and riots conducted by people in various Arabic nations over an anti-Islamic movie that was on the Internet. Buildings were burned, compounds stormed, and four Americans were killed over a movie that was critical of the Muslim faith.

Yes, you have the right to freedom of religion and people have the right to challenge that religion – it's called freedom of speech. This freedom is practiced everyday when it comes to the question faith. We constantly see our Bible spit on, its messages misinterpreted, whether Old Testament or New. The Bible is made fun of, and we can't engage in public displays of prayers in schools or on public property. Our Savior is ripped from the cross on a daily basis, yet do you see Christians gathering in a mob storming buildings, burning property and killing people?

Is there now an unspoken rule to not defame the Muslim faith? Yet it's fair game to defame the Christian faith? Yes, there is. The liberal media, the new age movement, the anti-Christian groups and the forces of the antichrist try to keep it from public view or discussion.

I'm so tired of the distortions by the Muslim faith when they try to placate us by saying: "WE RESPECT JESUS HE IS A PROPHET!" And everyone is to feel good. Because they are partially correct, Jesus is a Prophet—but He's so much more—he's a Savior. However, the Muslims don't tell you their other beliefs:

1 Jesus is not the Son of GOD.

2 They don't think He was without sin.

3 His name won't get you into heaven.

4 He didn't die on the cross, descend into hell, nor did he rise at the end of the three days, ascend into heaven and sit by GOD in heaven.

5 Their Prophet Mohammad never has done the following: raised the dead, healed a sick person, cast out demons, made food to feed the hungry, walk on water, or do any of the things that our Lord and Savior has done and still today does in the spirit.

6 Ask them how to get into heaven? Is it by Grace or is it by The Law? And ask them is it the same heaven as the Christians envision?

7 They never speak that why does the Muslim faith exist? It's because their GOD [which is a lesser GOD] claims the Jews got it all messed up, so GOD started the Christian faith. And Christians also messed it up, so now the third time with the Muslims He got it right.

8 They say Christ will return to earth--not to offer peace--but to kill Jews and bring the world to the Muslim faith.

You never hear or read about those things, do you?

The public is told that the Muslim faith is one of peace, not war. The Muslim sects in this nation only want peace and don't stand behind what is going on in the Middle East. Yet we never see the Muslim leaders gather their followers and go to the nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan or even Iran and tell them to stop the war, do we?

If you’re a non-Muslim try to visit Mecca and see if you can get in. And, in many Middle Eastern nations they have religious police who hunt down anyone with non-Muslim feelings.
Check out this article:

If any representative from Christian church even talks about such laws, people would protest, churches would be burned, and leadership jailed.

For years when I was asked if the Muslim faith was the one world religion that we must endure in the End Times I used to say no. Yet the more I see and learn, it just might be. You have to remember it's an antichrist religion. It removes Christ from the cross, promotes a false prophet, a false god, and a false heaven in its place. Does that sound familiar?

What next? There will be laws proposed to outlaw criticisms of a religion as CNN called for last week. In some way, the Christian faith will be blamed. It's already happened when a talking head from MSNBC informed the viewers that the man behind the controversial anti-Muslim movie was Christian. This newscaster said it with a smile. The forces of darkness gather but no worry our GOD [the dude who is Most High] has our back and I keep reminding myself on the last page the devils lose and GOD wins.

[The above is not meant to imply that all Muslims hearts are filled with bloodlust and hate for the Jews, Christians and Hindus. The sect of Sufism within the faith teaches peace].

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